MI5 has reportedly ‘bungled’, Harry Palmer has failed.  There will be no film of this one.

MI5 is being accused of allowing the two Jihadis to carry on their lives despite the security services having a good idea about their inclination towards extremism.

That maybe…it will come out in due course.

But what else might come out of any inquiry?

What about the role of the Media, the BBC in particular, in harassing the security services, the police, the military, the courts and politicians whenever they make a move to question, contain, lock up or deport such people.

Do the security services hold back from taking action because of fears of the Media firestorm that will engulf them, as well as the well practised Muslim ‘grievance’ industry,  especially on occasions when it turns out that although they had some indications that looked suspicious and worth checking they turned out to have innocent explanations.

The BBC hasn’t just reported on various cases of extremist Muslims it has interfered in the process of dealing with them…the BBC has frequently ‘campaigned’ by deliberately highlighting these cases and giving them so much airtime to get prisoners released or to limit detention  or control orders, against extending the time limit for holding suspected terrorists without charge and to present the case against Guantanamo Bay.

Lawyers and civil rights spokesmen  such as Clive Stafford Smith have been given massive amounts of airtime and got away without serious challenge to their assertions of abuse or illegal actions by governments.

Moazzam Begg’s father must have had his own car parking space at the BBC the number of times he was on air….and all to get released a man who admitted training to be a terrorist.

Whilst in the training camp in Afghanistan Begg said he “… met men who seemed to me exemplary in their faith and self-sacrifice, and seen a world that awed and inspired me.”

Guantánamo files leaked in 2011 reveal that the Department of Defense had secretly concluded that Begg was a “confirmed member of al-Qaida,” and that he had been an instructor at the Derunta training camp, as well as having attended the al-Badr and Harakat aI-Ansar training camps.


Note that Begg and convicted terrorist Dhiren Barot were both radicalised long before 2001 or the Iraq War in 2003….as was Mohammed Sidique Khan of the 7/7 plot.

What do I mean by ‘radicalised?  Well he saw that the Taliban were fine examples of an Islamic theocracy:

‘Begg wrote in his autobiography that in 2001, the Taliban had made “some modest progress—in social justice and upholding pure, old Islamic values forgotten in many Islamic countries….As The New York Times put it: “Despite the Taliban’s status as an international pariah for its treatment of women and its hospitality toward al-Qaeda, Begg saw it as a fine, inexpensive place to raise a family.”

Begg recalls telling two U.S. agents who visited him in his Guantanamo Bay cell that:

‘I wanted to live in an Islamic state–one that was free from the corruption and despotism of the rest of the Muslim world…. I knew you wouldn’t understand. The Taliban were better than anything Afghanistan has had in the past 25 years.’

So his radicalisation was in fact to adopt a ‘pure’ form of Islam.


Unfortunately, however much  some people may want to, you cannot separate Islam from the subsequent Jihadi actions.


At the end of the day the security services are under enormous pressure…firstly to stop attacks, and secondly not to make wrongful arrests…being then blamed for discrimination and the targeting of Muslims, leading to a mentality of victimhood and grievance…and then …er…radicalisation….and all to be done with limited resources.

The blame is often highly politicised of course, the media targeting certain people.

This is from the Telegraph where an unnamed source is briefing against Cameron:

One senior Westminster source suggested the visit was a mistake. He said: “I just wonder what he was going to thank them for. While they [the Security Services] did tremendously well during the Olympics 10 months ago a number of pieces of information have come to light since then. The interesting question is how much David Cameron knew about the potential intelligence failings when he went to see them.”





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18 Responses to MI5SING IN ACTION?

  1. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Apologies if I’m missing the point, but I wonder if this blog really needs yet another thread about Muslim terrorists with only a tenuous connection to the BBC.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      What is tenuous about it sir? Seems well argued to me.


    • Alan says:

      The point is do the security services hold back on arresting someone for fear of the media backlash?

      Nothing to do with Islam.

      Begg is a classic example of that media pressure on the attempts to control terrorists…the BBC to all intents and purposes campaigning for his release from Guantanamo despite his clear jihadist links and his own intentions.

      If the ‘media’ decide someone is ‘innocent’ that makes life very difficult for the security services.


      • TPO says:

        Members of the Security Service do not have powers of arrest beyond that of a private citizen.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Great point Sir Arthur.

      We’re at war with Jihad and the BBC is acting as a propaganda arm of the enemy. What possible interest could that have for a site like this?


      • The Sage says:

        I think your second sentence should read: We’re at war with Jihad and the BBC (full point).
        And rightly so as they appear to be two sides of the same coin.


  2. chrisH says:

    The BBC(sorry Arthur) are major players in the perceptions of this nation about all things Islamic…indeed they boast about their values, independence etc.
    If Anjem Choudury wanted us out of the EU, or didn`t agree with global warming…he`d not be getting free taxis to the BBC to spout his creed would he?
    But because he`s an Islamic spouting sewer for jihad…you think that`s alright then?
    Certainly the BBC editors and their puppets like Kirsty and Evan think that`s OK…be racist otherwise eh?
    I for one am happy to “bang on about it”….because the BBC etc would rather that we didn`t!
    Sura 9…Sir Arthur…read it…then listen to the full text that Nigerian butcher gave to camera.
    Can YOU spot what the BBC left out then?…Sua al Tawba, I believe it`s called….Sura 9…readit!
    THEN tell me that the BBC have no direct link with shutting down Islamic nasty bits, so we can all go to the cranes with a song in our hearts in due course…


  3. chrisH says:

    Had they arrested them?…racist, prejudicial and the cause of them killing the soldier as a result of targetted persecution by the state.
    But because they did not-complacent,failing to act and complicit in the needless death of a soldier. The green light to the Nigerian lads…so how could they do other than see this as a free ride to their 72 virgins…or raisins etc?
    See what they do there Arthur-Islam is innocent and blameless in both cases…and whitey in uniform has cocked it up again.
    Being Muslim?…means never having to say you`re sorry!
    No wonder the BBC/NHS/Haringey SS love them so…


  4. DJ says:

    You want to know how the BBC would have reacted if these high-spirited young scallywags had been arrested before, rather than after, the attack?

    Think about Toenails Robinson apologising for calling a Jihadist attack a Jihadist attack, and amp that up x100.


    • George R says:

      INBBC behaves like Al Jazeera now; it’s as though INBBC is in preparation for INBBC to be officially taken over as an Al Jazeera offshoot after a further generation of INBBC politically endorsed Islamisation in Britain.


      • Derek says:

        On Al Jazeera I’ve seen some quite interesting pieces on the issue of trade and tariffs between Germany, China and the EU – this possibly has some relevance to Britain’s membership of the EU and any possible referendum.

        If this is any guide then Al Jazeera taking over the BBC might actually make their news more informative.


  5. stuart says:

    david camerons handling and leadership over the woolwich terrorist attack has been a complete disaster for his goverement,in fact, this whole security failure over woolwich reminds me of barack obamas security failure over the terrorist attack in benghazi.


  6. tckev says:

    As probably half the BBC staff are part the UK security apparatus, or at the least informants for them, and the other half are the ones to be watched.
    The great problem as always with the BBC is who is who?


    • Doublethinker says:

      I think that it is unlikely that more than a handful of the BBC staff are interested in the security of the UK when you consider their output. It would seem to me that they have been undermining Britain from within for the past 30 or 40 years and taking great delight while doing so.


  7. Bailey says:

    ‘The point is do the security services hold back on arresting someone for fear of the media backlash?’

    It’s the role of the media to cover these issues in a democracy. That should remain, otherwise the terorists have been successful.


    • Mat says:

      But if the BBC [no idea about other channels not my problem ] only attack the security services then the bad guys win anyway !


  8. Alex Feltham says:

    It’s the usual breathtaking hypocrisy from the BBC.

    MI5 has done a stellar job. But with 4,000 Islamists who’ve graduated terror training camps it’s a big job. And as you say above the BBC least of all would have the stomach for internment.

    Incidentally, there’s a great take on how the blood soaked jihadi was more honest than Cameron in: An Utter Perversion of the Truth” at:



  9. apothecary says:

    Don’t worry the snoopers charter is actually going through now and all it cost was allegedly this one soldier. Apparently he was beheaded but this good samaritan comforted his headless torso and took his pulse. Meanwhile the biggest fuzz house in Europe is within walking distance yet they respond slow enough for the alleged perps to walk around the scene lording it over Woolwich like some Isaac Hayes clone straight out of Escape from New York. Great psyop MI5.