Touchy Feely But Out Of Touch


Jim Nocknees accusing Cameron of being out of touch: (08:13)

‘You know that there are  a lot of your MPs and activists and so on, party members, who tramp the streets in your interests and say listen, same sex marriage was not in the manifesto, we didn’t know what was coming along, he’s just charging on surrounded by a metropolitan clique who don’t know what we think.’


Good job we’ve got the BBC then… in touch with popular feeling…on immigration, Europe, welfare, the economy, Islam.

Just as well really…I wouldn’t want to be spending £145 a year to fund an organisation that undermines all the values and beliefs I hold, that denigrates and belittles me, that ignores my concerns or treats them with disdain, that has been ‘captured’ by a metropolitan clique that doesn’t know what I think….and wouldn’t care if it did know.

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15 Responses to Touchy Feely But Out Of Touch

  1. The PrangWizard of England says:

    Correct! The BBC is not fit for purpose, it must be dismantled. It is a subversive organisation, following its own agenda, living off its past reputation which is now dirtied by the Marxists and Liberal Left Elites which run it.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Alan, stop paying them. That’s what I’m going to do come end of August when my current tv licence runs out. I’ve been practising over the past month or so to see if I will have withdrawal symptoms (not from the bbc because I hardly ever watch it, but from socalled live tv) and no, I haven’t. I can watch lots of things via my bluray player and via websites that show the things I like to watch – on demand. It’s win-win. I have an enjoyable night’s viewing and the bbc doesn’t get (or rather after August) won’t get a penny from me.


    • Joshaw says:

      Agree – there are many alternatives.

      I use one of these with a pair of these to stream music and video from my computer to my TV, which is in a different part of the house. The equipment cost is only slightly higher than one year’s BBC Tax. The Western Digital black box is also able to access certain content providers directly.

      Technology is advancing and the BBC Tax is an objectionable anachronism.


  3. As “john in cheshire” says, it’s very easy to cancel the telly tax and carry on as before. The three step method:-

    1. Phone up TV Licensing on 0300 790 6131 and cancel your direct debit.

    2. Put a notice up (handwritten if needs be) outside your front door stating:

    “The implied right of access has been withdrawn for the following companies and their subsidiaries:-

    TV Licensing
    Capita Business Services

    3. If a TV Licensing salesman turns up at your door, point to the notice and tell him he is trespassing and close the door *

    Problem solved.

    Licence free for 4 years and enjoying it.

    * – TV Licensing (Capita Business Services) are a private company employed by the BBC and have no legal right to enter your premises, just like your milkman and any door-to-door salesman.

    Ignore the automated letters – they also have no legal basis and are false threats.


  4. At large says:

    If you want someone to treat your concerns with anything other than disdain Alan, see a psychiatrist.


    • Dave s says:

      Well the BBC could publish the Balen report. This might convince some of us as to it’s good faith.


    • Mat says:

      Oh yes we can see how that worked out for you !lol
      A unpaid [will be the claim !] defender of a sexist /ageist/paedophile protecting /minimum wage staff bullying multi-billion pound corporation employing an army of lawyers and private thugs to criminalise and imprison the dissenters and poor wile paying huge salaries to all of it’s mates !
      Yes it’s us that need the help ? pmsl!


  5. GCooper says:

    Another fine example of the BBC’s PC programme making was on R4 this afternoon: The ‘Listening Project’ – an experiment in creative lying which the BBC is bequeathing to the country in perpetuity (don’t bet on it, chaps!) intended to be a telling snapshot of contemporary Britain.

    The breathless imbecile who presented it, someone calling herself Fi Glover, trilled that it was an antidote to stereotypes of ‘gypsies and travellers’.

    What it actually contained was several minutes of two elderly women babbling about how they were travellers but, late in life, were undergoing further education.

    This is meant to represent… well, what? .Clearly it is not travellers en masse. Rather it’s a miniscule subset, no doubt a fraction of one per cent of them, brandished, trophy-like, for Comrade Glover and her chums by some Marxist academic from a former polytechnic.

    All it represented was what the BBC wished to represent about travellers, not an accurate picture our descendents might want to hear, but a deliberately misleading fragment.

    As such it is a historical record of absolutely no more worth than would be a freak show masquerading as a representation of what the average person looked like in 2013.

    This is how the Corporation goes about its business – which is the creation of ‘liberal’ propaganda. And not much more..


    • uncle bup says:

      A drippy liberal with trendy ideas about ‘gypsies and travellers’ is only a drippy liberal with trendy ideas about ‘gypsies and travellers’ until she wakes up one fine morning to find that the field opposite her house is filled with ‘gypsies and travellers’.


      • Expat John says:

        Find out where she lives and send them there.
        That, and Bono’s front lawn.


    • pah says:

      How very BBC. The Gypsy women have turned from the path and embraced edumacashun so are defo brill. OMG!

      What are they saying? That only Gypsies who abandon parts of their culture are acceptable? That’s a new one!


  6. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Deny them the oxygen of licencefee. Sorted.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    If you work for the Conservative Party as an activist, your leader thinks that you are a swivelled eyed loon, closet clown or a potential fruitcake.

    Well he has issued an official denial, with a load of dishonest PR bullshit contradicting his true and honest opinions.

    But then, I suppose that the Cameroon-Clegg coalition will be renamed the Whig party after the next election.

    A union of the wet upper-class remnants of the Tory party and the what is left of the LibDems.

    Unless you are a toff, your place is now with UKIP.

    The longer the BBC thinks that UKIP cannot beat Labour in the next election, the better.