Rocking The Foundations


The BBC has been tiptoeing around the fallout of the Rochdale and Oxford sex abuse revelations…and has begun to come to terms with there being some connection to religion in the choice of victims and the way they were treated.

Will that translate into a wider and more open discussion about Islam and an examination of its real meaning and consequences just as the BBC does with Christianity?

Investigating and challenging the teachings and values of a  religion is perfectly legitimate…but only if you carry out the same examination of other religions. 

The BBC, in an example given further on  in this post, seems to take sides as it lays out a claim that attempts to undermine Israel’s right to exist….if based upon biblical readings….there can be no more controversial subject than that….and yet the BBC quite happily wade into what is a war zone…and as it says….is basically providing ‘ammunition in an ideological war’ to the Palestinians and those who wish to delegitimise Israel.


I mentioned this programme before, A Womb Is A Weapon, in which the BBC declare that Christians are using babies as a weapon against, in particular, Islam…

‘…encouraging larger Christian families is part of a project to outbreed other religions, particularly Islam, winning back the world for Christ one baby at a time.’

The BBC would never dare say anything like that about Muslims who had just as many children.

The BBC quotes from the Bible to back up its claim that the Christians are producing ‘weapons’ with every birth….

The psalm – where children are compared to arrows for war – is the inspiration for the Quiverfull movement.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They shall not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.”

But how often do we have the BBC quoting text from the Koran as they quote here from the Bible….the numerous Koranic verses demanding Muslims fight the Unbeliever…or demanding Muslims do not make friends with Jews or Christians?


As said, the BBC went out of its way to downplay concerns about the increasing Muslim population in a secular, democratic Europe…so what is the concern about Christians? 

This is of course a familiar pattern…the BBC prepared to insult Christians, to denigrate their beliefs and impose radical re-interpretations of the Bible upon the world….on the other hand they refuse to treat Muslims or the Koran in a similar fashion.


In this series from 2011, Bible’s Buried Secrets, the BBC seems to set out to destroy the Bible along with its teachings and to undermine the authority and the consequent historic outcomes as a result of the accepted reading of the Bible that are still playing out now. 

There are three episodes, here each with the presenter’s introduction…you can see that Christianity and the Bible and the basis for Christian faith are torn apart and blamed for many of the ills of the world…and that religion, or rather Christianity and Judaism, is recognised as having political consequences…something the BBC does not admit as being a fundamental part of the Koran and Islam:

Did King David’s Empire Exist?

The Hebrew Bible is built on shifting sands….it describes how David united the tribes of Israel and made Jerusalem his capital….modern archaeology is challenging the accuracy of the Bible …and this has huge implications for the region…and the world….David’s legacy is ammunition in an ideological war.


Did God Have A Wife?

There’s something about this ancient world that the bible’s not telling us….A very different story that fundamentally challenges the bibles claims.  I’ll be looking at the Bible not as scripture but as literature with a religious agenda that distorts the past…a radical revision which rocks the foundation of monotheism to its core and challenges what its past means to its faith today.


The Real Garden Of Eden

Adam and Eve in Paradise…A story fundamental to Christianity…but is it true?

Their story is our story, their crime our crime…their story has had a devastating effect on history,….human nature being cast as fundamentally bad.…The real story about Eden is too important to ignore.   What’s at stake is the authority of scripture…if Adam and Eve were not real it would undermine faith.


All quite powerful, radical and subversive statements from the BBC attacking the credibility and authority of the Bible, the basis for Christian faith, and the Church….not to mention the legitimacy of Israel’s claim to existence.


Bare the BBC’s attitude in mind when you read the articles linked to below…..which conclude it is necessary and ‘politically correct’ to examine Islam more rigorously…something the BBC might like to consider…..‘Buried  Koran Secrets?’….

George R provided this link:

Brussels as the headquarters of the European Union is the nominal “capital of Europe.” One would expect the city to be the center of enlightenment—the exemplification of political and social tolerance and freedom of speech, assembly and religion, not to mention an advocate of human rights. Disappointingly, recent events have shown that Brussels has increasingly become a place of lies, deliberate disinformation, political manipulation, anti-Semitism and attacks on Israel.


Which led to this one  which says that it is important to talk about Islam and the consequences of its teachings and values and not to ignore it out of some misguided belief that we can‘t talk about ‘that‘…the article is written from a ‘liberal’ perspective:

How much Islamophobia is just enough?

That’s probably the least sensitive way to pose a question that has been bothering me lately.

How many bad apples taint the barrel? The anti-jihadis would argue that it doesn’t matter: Public safety overrides niceties about civil liberties and religious freedom. Liberals, meanwhile, might argue that scrutinizing Muslims, like all forms of racial profiling, is a greater assault on America and its values than are the terrorists themselves.

David Plotz, the editor of Slate, recently noted how both of those responses are unsatisfactory. “At what point do we as a nation actually say something out loud collectively about the people associated with radical Islam [who] are a threat in a way that no other religion appears to be?” he asked on Slate’s “Political Gabfest” podcast. “What is the conversation that we can have about it that doesn’t make conservatives sound like they want to intern every Muslim in the country and doesn’t make the liberals pretend that there is nothing going on?”

So it’s in our interest to have this conversation, and to reconcile our instinct to protect civil liberties with our justifiable fears about religious radicalism.


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37 Responses to Rocking The Foundations

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if some islamists were to get mad at the bBC slagging off the Bible? With some provisos they accept it as the revealed word of Allah before Mo came on the scene.


  2. Paul Weston says:

    The BBC’s high command are progressive revolutionaries. As such, they will never allow the light of truth to shine upon Islam because Islam is crucial to them in revolutionary terms.

    A violently fractured society will need totalitarian correction. BBC leftists still think the correction will come from their ideological base rather than Islam, but I think they have lost control of their revolutionary pawns. The BBC progressives do not think this way though, and still ride shotgun in defence of an ideology that runs totally counter to genuine liberal thought.

    Here is progressive revolutionary Nick Lowles (Hope not Hate) on Muslim rape:

    “The evil that is abuse happens across all areas of society. This is not an issue of race or religion….we need to ensure that the media, and far-right groups, do not promote an anti-Muslim agenda over so-called ‘grooming’ trials either….. Hope not Hate will focus on busting myths that groups such as the English Defence League and British National Party like to promote in their quest for hate and division.”

    This view is shared by his BBC fellow travellers. The result of denying Islamic reality has been the rape, torture and violation of vulnerable white girls, but this is a better scenario, in the eyes of the progressive left, than being seen to agree with “far-right” ideology which thinks Islam is a supremacist, violent, homophobic and misogynistic political/religious cult.

    And so the rape and violence will continue. The BBC and their progressive allies are complicit in this violence and have the blood of our children just as surely on their hands as do the Muslim rapists.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    I agree, there is a profound contradiction in the way the BBC handles Islamic issues. On the one hand it espouses ‘liberal’ values and on the other refuses to recognise the truth about the adverse impact of Islam on British culture and the British way of life. No one could ever believe that Islam is a force for liberalism, it is very reactionary and has a set of beliefs that, if they came from the mouths of white Brits, would be regarded as an extreme right wing creed.
    Of course I think that the BBC shouldn’t be promoting anything other than a reasonable set of current British values and that they should always be slightly behind the curve of public opinion and not trying to lead it down any particular path. But if they do want a liberal society , which they certainly seem to, then denying that Islam poses a danger to the culture of the country is stupid in the extreme and running completely against the evidence.


  4. Derek says:

    I understand that there are many more cases of grooming by Muslims to come before the courts. The BBC will be aware of this, and are slightly changeing their stance. They will no doubt be trying to think of a reason why it is almost always Muslim gangs. The words “downtrodden,” missunderstood,” or “cultural differences” could easily appear in the BBC narative.


    • Joshaw says:

      And the “vast majority” argument (ie: Savile and Hall) will become increasingly untenable.


  5. Dave s says:

    Liberalism has spent the last 50 plus years believing in , and then trying to create, a world in which the enduring realities of our existence can be somehow changed in one swift revolution.
    To do so you have to tamper with history to make it fit. To demonise conservatism as firstly counter revolutionary and then increasingly as perverse and dangerous.
    We are now living with the results of what , in another age, would have been regarded as a dangerous cult.
    There is an element of insanity running throughout the Western world. Maybe this is what happens to an imploding culture.
    Look at parliament yesterday. Insane passions generated over what? Gay marriage.
    The world is facing serious issues and this is what obsesses our leaders. It only makes sense if one understands that this is how societies in decline behave. The irrational takes over.
    Meanwhile a vigorous culture- that of Islam- waits in the wings. It does not matter that it stands opposed to ours. What matters is whether it has the will to win and whether we have the will to defend ours.
    A culture obsessed with political correctness and ,on yesterday’s evidence , arrant nonsense is not in any condition to look at even medium term survival.


    • Maturecheese says:

      I fully agree with your right to an opinion but I strongly disagree that Gay Marriage is a trivial issue. The ramifications to this deviation from cultural norms are enormous and it is yet another step away from our Judeo/ Christian heritage and into a kind of Communist equality for all (well nearly all as we all know some will be more equal than others) Islam is laughing in the shadows biding its time.


  6. George R says:

    “The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Gangs”

    Channel 4 TV, Thursday.


    • Albaman says:

      What is the connection between this programme and BBC bias?


      • noggin says:

        well allbum …
        wheres the bbcs “hunt for”
        paedostani sex gangs?
        or hunt for muslim sex gangs?
        or child rape gangs programme?

        the problem … would mean putting their fave
        ideology front and centre, and tell the truth about it.


        • Stewart says:

          It supports the assertion that the BBC have been censoring news of this appalling race crime for reasons of ‘social cohesion’ since C4 attempted to screen ‘Edge of the city’


      • Wild says:

        That it is not on the BBC.


      • Bodo says:

        The connection?
        Quite simply, one look at the subject of the documentary and it’s obvious that it’s not a BBC programme.
        If it wasn’t for Channel 4 we probably wouldn’t get any documentaries that don’t comply with the BBC/leftist orthodoxy of the wonders of multiculturalism. Undercover mosque is one that springs to mind, as does the one about the epidemic of gang rape in London.


  7. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ’s misleading report on Rotherham Labour Party.

    This is misleading headline:-

    “Rotherham Council apologises over UKIP foster row.”

    The above is not true; the Rotherham Labour Council has not re-instated the UKIP foster parents, nor apologised for its decision.

    And, of course, the BBC-NUJ ‘report’ does not mention once that Rotherham Council is a Labour Council.


    • Ian Hills says:

      UKIP’s Rotherham byelection success was brought about by the resignation of Labour’s Shaun Wright to become the local Police and Crime Commissioner.

      Together with chief childcatcher Joyce Thacker (alma mater, Common Purpose) Councillor Wright made sure that reports of endemic local grooming were kept off the front page.

      Surely Panorama should investigate this worse-than-useless timeserver.


  8. Albaman says:

    It appears that both The Telegraph and Express are colluding with “BBC-NUJ’s” in this instance.

    “Rotherham council apologises over removal of children from Ukip couple”

    “Council apologises after UKIP foster parents row”


    • andy says:

      There on my list for special treatment when the SHTF.


    • Stewart says:

      Will Banardos be forced to apologise as well do you think


    • Expat John says:

      The BBC reports this under a headline that gives the casual reader the impression that a contrite council has seen the error of its ways. Not so.
      What exactly have they aplogised for?
      The headline says that the Council has aplogised over UKIP foster row. Well, that’s technically correct. The article goes on to say that the decision to remove the children was nevertheless valid.
      What they actually apologised for, is for giving the impression that the removal of the children was solely due to their carers membership of UKIP.
      So there it is, an apology for giving the wrong impression in a press release.
      Not an aplogy to the carers.
      Not an apology to the children.
      Not an apology to UKIP.
      Who are they apologising to, exactly?
      And the usual tripe follows when thay say that there were other reasons why the children were removed, but they’re not going to tell you what they were, but it’s all ok, we’re still in charge of looking after the children, we know better than you and we’re not going to say or do anything else. Don’t worry, everything is perfect in Rotherham, nothing to see here, now move along and mind your own business.
      It’s all code for “we’ll nail anyone we think is a racist (ie doesn’t keep a copy of Das Kapital by their bedside) but we promise never to use membership of UKIP as the reason – don’t worry, we’ll soon be holding a community-based multicultural non-gender-specific multi-ethnic gay lesbian transgender animal rights working party (Christians need not apply) to think up better reasons to put in our press releases while we continue to socially engineer this once fine town…”
      And to hell with the welfare of the children.
      Where is the outrage, where is the investigative journalism, where is the truth behind the original decision?
      Move along now…


      • Bodo says:

        Good post. And whilst Rotherham Council was fearlessly protecting children from the nasty clutches of people who support a centre-right party they turned a blind eye to the Asian gangs that groomed and raped hundreds of underage white girls.


  9. Stewart says:

    The subject at hand is the industrial scale sexual abuse of vulnerable white working class girls and BBCs obfuscation and disablement on the subject
    And this is the bourgeois lefts response to act the agent provocateur?
    To what end to ,to discredit any that challenge the BBC,s position? To close down debate?
    you liberals must be twisted up inside to put your ersatz relativist theology before the suffering of these children


    • andy says:

      I am not a lefty or an agent provocateur.
      This is not going to end nice.
      Hopefully the lefty’s will suffer and not anyone else.


      • Stewart says:

        And wishing to bathe in another humans blood will stop this from happening again how?
        No you have the stamp of an agitator


  10. Dave s says:

    You are being absurd and i suspect that this is just a puerile (look it up ) attempt to discredit this blog.


    • Guest Who says:

      The very idea.
      I wonder if, like the Candyman, no matter who utters them (or with what motive), if certain words get uttered enough and logged, wheels get set in motion no matter what?
      If I may cut and paste an oft-repeated phrase often used, if not here yet, ‘What is the connection between this [contribution]… and BBC bias?’.
      Though frankly this does go beyond OT to darker places, for whatever reason.


  11. Tyler says:

    Allow me to point out another example of how the author seems unable to read and understand something:

    ‘The BBC quotes from the Bible to back up its claim that the Christians are producing ‘weapons’ with every birth….
    The psalm – where children are compared to arrows for war – is the inspiration for the Quiverfull movement.’

    The BBC isn’t quoting the Bible to back up the claim, the Quiverfull movement itself uses that psalm as its inspiration. Hence the name of their group.


  12. George R says:

    Will INBBC report on this Muslim woman’s plight in Tunisia?
    ‘Atlas Shrugs’, Pamela Geller:-

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “Gender apartheid. A Muslim woman who wants to be free will be jailed for it under the sharia.

    “Back in March I reported deep concern for a young Tunisian Muslima who had disappeared after she posted topless photos of herself to protest the Shariah oppression and subjugation she suffered as a Muslim girl. One controversial image showed the young Muslimah, Amina Tyler, smoking a cigarette, baring her breasts, with the message in Arabic written across her chest: ‘My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour.’

    “A Muslim cleric in moderate Tunisia called for her stoning death. ”


  13. George R says:

    INBBC censors any link between Female Genital Mutilation,
    and Islamic practice and advocacy:-

    “The NHS clinics helping victims of genital mutilation”
    By Jane Dreaper, BBC News.

    ‘Jihadwatch’ has:-

    “Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States.”

    [Opening excerpt]:-
    “Western news articles about female genital mutilation routinely assert that it is solely a cultural practice, not justified by any religion. Yet again and again we see Muslim clerics justifying it, and it is sanctioned in Islamic law.”


    • George R says:

      Of course, apart from the barbarity of female genital mutilation, the spread of the practice, through mass immigration, to the West, including Britain, is another cost to the NHS, and to British indigenous people.


  14. DP111 says:

    The media continued to hide the fact that the perpetrators were Muslim, and blamed it on “Asians”. Now that the truth is out, they try to hide the evil nature of the crimes by calling it “grooming”. It is not grooming but forcing young girls, very young girls into sex slavery.

    There was a time when Muslim Barbary pirates had to cruise the shores of Europe to white women to be sold in Muslim slave markets. Now they don’t have to do that. They just have to cruise around the streets of Britain and ply the flesh in the home market.

    Latest estimates of the number of little girls used as sex slaves is now in the thousands in just 18 months. Over a decade that means in the tens of thousands.

    I don’t find it all surprising that government, opposition, police , social services, media, judiciary, and even the general public, want to hush this all up. It is too shameful for all of us to acknowledge that this happened in our society.

    We didn’t protect our little children, not just hundreds but tens of thousands, ignored their cries for help. Is it surprising that all of us want this to go away as soon as possible

    Why Muslims and not other religions?

    These sexual attacks on women are not because of race but because Islam grants Muslim men the right to take Infidel women.

    By attacking non-Muslim women and taking them, Muslim men assert their conquest of Infidel lands, and taking the enemy’s women as rightful booty.It is part and parcel of Islam, and that is why no mosque has condemned it, in fact encouraged it.

    The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslim men that white girls are cheap

    As I’ve said before, this predation on young non-Muslim girls is not an aberration of Islam, but part and parcel of Islam.