Pakistan’s Election Selection Of Voters

During the recent elections in Pakistan the BBC thought the big story was Imran Khan falling off his election platform…….


Imran Khan ‘recovering’ in hospital after rally fall

Asia / 8 May 2013

Leading Pakistani politician Imran Khan is recuperating in hospital after falling off a makeshift lift that was taking him onto a stage at an…

Imran Khan injured in fall while campaigning

8 May 2013

Imran Khan, one of Pakistan’s most prominent politicians, is recovering in hospital after being injured falling from an elevated platform at an…

7 May 2013

Imran Khan injured in Pakistan campaign rally fall

Asia / 7 May 2013

Leading Pakistani politician Imran Khan has been hurt after falling off a makeshift lift that was taking him onto a stage at an election rally…

Imran Khan injured in fall while campaigning

7 May 2013

Imran Khan, one of Pakistan’s most prominent politicians, has been injured after falling from an elevated platform at an election rally in Lahore.

How will Imran Khan’s fall affect Pakistan’s election?

World / 7 May 2013

In an election called the most unpredictable in Pakistan’s history, the campaign took a turn no-one expected. Imran Khan, a rising political star,…



But there was a far bigger story in Pakistan…one that Khan was deeply involved in…to his discredit……a story ignored by the BBC for some reason during these elections…..that of Amadhi Muslims being persecuted…..though they did report ‘Taliban’ attacks on secular Pakistanis…

 Pakistan election: Taliban threats hamper secular campaign 

By M Ilyas Khan

All these parties are either overtly religious, or are run by right-wing liberals with religious leanings



Fascinated by that description….’Rightwing Liberals’.


The Guardian and The New Statesman reported the issues and revelations that Khan is not the ‘nice guy’ he is presented as: 

In the western press he has reputation for being a secular, former playboy politician,” said Usman Ahmad, a Rabwah resident who moved from the UK nine years ago. “This shows him in a truer light.”


Note that Khan fully supports the discrimination against the Ahmadis….. 

Pakistan election: the 4m votes no one wants 

Ahmadi religious minority vilified by extremists as heretic and shunned by mainstream politicians such as Imran Khan

All of the candidates have given the town a wide berth because the vast majority of its 60,000 inhabitants are Ahmadis, a religious minority vilified by extremists, who regard them as heretics, and shunned even by mainstream politicians such as Imran Khan.

Last week, Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI), vigorously denied he had ever asked members of Pakistan’s roughly 4 million-strong Ahmadiyya community to vote for him.

In an impassioned video statement, Khan promised to protect anti-Ahmadi laws and articles of Pakistan’s constitution that human rights groups have long criticised as deeply discriminatory.

The laws ban Ahmadis from “posing as a Muslim”, meaning almost any public act of devotion is a criminal offence, potentially punishable by death under the country’s notorious blasphemy laws.

In a statement, Khan said the “PTI totally subscribes to the articles of the constitution concerning Qadianis”, using a term most Ahmadis find deeply offensive.

“I have read the Qur’an very closely and I know that those who do not recognise Muhammad as last prophet is not a Muslim,” Khan said in his video statement last week. In Rabwah, the headquarters of the community in Pakistan, Ahmadis reacted with shock, but little surprise.



The Pakistan general election is fast approaching – but one community will not be casting votes 

Samira Shackle talks to members of the Ahmadiyya, a minority numbering 4 million. The Ahmadis are branded as “non-Muslims”, suffer violent attacks on their mosques and will boycott this weekend’s elections. 


The BBC certainly knows that Ahmadis are it reports on that persecution in 2011: 

London mosque accused of links to ‘terror’ in Pakistan

Leaflets circulating in Pakistan calling for the murder of members of the Ahmadi Muslim sect directed readers to a website naming Stockwell Mosque.


As far as I can see there was no mention of the Ahmadis and their persecution by the BBC during the election…or the fact that Khan supports that persecution.

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7 Responses to Pakistan’s Election Selection Of Voters

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The Guardian and the New Statesman not only aren’t more interested in attracting eyeballs and ad revenue from the Asian Subcontinent (and the eyeballs of British residents/citizens with origins there) than in touching on more serious, controversial topics involving a sensitive religious area, but…well…actually, I think that’s pretty much it. I’m also mindful of the fact that the BBC has to be very careful about what they allow online at all, as loose lips could make the Pakistani Government go all China on the BBC website. And we all know how well that worked for China right before the Beijing Olympics.

    I guess it could also be that the BBC News Online editor who decides what gets through and what should be addressed might not think the issue of the Ahmadis is that big a deal, that the violent persecution of certain sects within this religion is what he or she has come to expect from such people. Viewing this sort of thing as “dog bites man” is the kind of soft racism of lowered expectations we’ve become accustomed to from the BBC. So it could be what they view as a sound journalism decision, the kind they have to make every day. Can’t report everything, right?

    My money is still on the first possibility, though.

    PS: What the hell is a “right-wing liberal with religious leanings”? Is it related to Jeremy Bowen’s claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is “conservative, moderate and non-violent?”


    • thoughtful says:

      Well perhaps it might refer to someone like Cameron who claims to be a ‘progressive Conservative’ what ever that might be as it seems as much an oxymoron as a Giant Dwarf!

      On the other had it could refer to the view of those who want to see capitalism let rip , free market anarchism might be another definition?


  2. George R says:

    Muslim Imran KHAN certainly supports Sharia law, and Islamic jihad, and is an enemy of Britain; he should be barred from entry here, despite his political popularity with ‘Today’.

    “Will Hillary Clinton bar Imran Khan?”

    BY TAREK FATAH (Oct 2012).


  3. k920 says:

    projection for 30 years time in the general election in england,troops patrol polling stations in bradford and birmingham after suicide bombers kill 48,15 die in polling station violence in tower hamlets,rival moderate and hard line islamists clash in luton many dead and injured can be seen littering the streets,marshal law introduced by ukip goverment to quell the politacal violence betreem muslim groups,could the happen in england in the future ? i think so.


  4. stuart says: that comment in this blog in even in less than 30 years time due to the rise of islamist extremism in the uk and i think you could be even nearer to the mark than we think.


  5. chrisH says:

    Heard some crap about Syria this morning on Today.
    The Beeboid was telling us all that we here in the outside world really need to intervene-or, for Gods sake do something at least_as he explained that an Omar is to be killed by Sunnis because it`s a Shia name…oh really?…or was it the other way round…who cares?
    Listen Beeboids..for the “outside world” to give a flying f*** , and to do this by putting our gaily-painted butterfly between the Shia Hornet and the Sunni Wasp…just so a BBC heart can show a sad face for the Ten O Clock News is so typical of our BBC.
    Sunni?-Shia?….I`d arm both, and hide the women and kids until somebody sees sense….give it a few hundred years, and we`ll be fine.
    To start with-what were those Oxford Paedos?…arm their opposite…and when things change(another Muslim sect do the next sex-grooming stuff, as they do)…then let`s arm THEIR opponents.
    Works for me!