Yesterday I praised Paul Danahar for his realistic and reasoned analysis of the situation in Syria and compared it favourably against the efforts of Mark Mardell whose reports seem coloured by his admiration for Obama.


But I was looking at this which was published on the 3rd of  May on ‘Jonathan Spyer’ (A well known blog that analyses the Middle East):

Is Assad Winning?


What is striking about it is just how similar it is to Danahar’s report…or rather how similar Danahar’s is to this one….as Danahar’s came out on the 9th.   The similarity is even more striking when you compare Danahar’s radio report which is almost word for word, or idea for idea, the same….Danahar on 5Live Drive  (18:36)

Facts on the ground of course are the same for everyone but how they interpret them is something else…especially for BBC journo’s who often have their own view of the world….could Danahar really have come up with this himself..or has he taken a ‘shortcut’ and borrowed a few thoughts on the Syrian situation?


Talk of ‘vacuums’ being filled, fragmented  forces and command and control, Assad supported by Iran and Russia  knowing he will survive because the West still refuses to take action and the picking off of a divided enemy one by one….and of course that possibly very telling concept, the ‘big idea’ of the piece…that if Assad hasn’t lost he has won:

Spyer:  ‘So Assad isn’t winning, despite the new bullishness of his supporters. But right now, he isn’t losing either.’

Danahar:  ‘Now, by hanging on this long, the regime in Damascus increasingly thinks that by not losing it is winning.’



Could just be coincidence…as I said, the facts are the same for everyone….but its a very close fit.



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7 Responses to Curious

  1. Chop says:

    What’s Jonathan Hari up to at the moment?

    Doing a little work on the side for Paul Danahar by any chance?


  2. k920 says:

    mark mardells lack of impartiality towards the situation in syria is getting quiet worrying just lately.mark mardell is behaving in his tenure like a he is a rebel syrian activist,compare that to mark urban who is the bbcs officiall defense correspondent who is very balanced in his reporting on the syrian civil war,get it mark.


  3. Adi says:

    China is also supporting Assad, they have/had exclusive oil field concessions under him (Assad lost some territory which probably makes China unhappy) and I doubt with the type of govt China has, relying on 5-10 years plan would rather deal with mentally unstable jihadists instead of a ruthless dictator-for-life.

    Don’t overlook the Red Dragon out of the equation and the economic dependance and debt glutton the American Eagle has on it. Assad is hardly out of the picture and the EU willing to sign oil contracts with the “rebels” should better pay attention from where all the money for supposed EU bailouts are coming from.


  4. dave1east says:

    `are we lighting for or against?`

    `against! you idiot`


  5. David Lamb says:

    I could not see any BBC coverage of yesterdays informed discussion on Syria by muslims in London. Easy life for some: out of the mosque on Friday and straight on to the streets.


  6. thoughtful says:

    I suppose we should be very grateful for the Syria situation especially as the French have pacified Mali, and it appears that Somalia is coming under control again.

    Where are these Jihadi’s going to wage war? Well thankfully now they have an outlet for their murderous urges and can go and work them out in Syria rather than Europe.

    As for the statement that the battle hardened ‘Brits’ might return to the UK to wreak havoc, how naïve was the person who said that? It seems that this conflict will rattle on for years, and with Russia & China supporting the regime it will remain a black hole for the world to pour its Jihadist nutters for years to come!


  7. Adi says:

    will remain a black hole for the world to pour its Jihadist nutters for years to come!