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Interesting little video from Wyre Davies:

As the conflict in Syria drags on, pro-government fighters near the country’s borders are turning for increasing support to their allies in neighbouring territories.

Shia towns well inside Lebanon are being deliberately targeted by anti-Assad groups because of their allegiance to the regime, and many fear the country is being drawn into the fight.



Two issues are raised here:

The first is that Davies says Hezbollah in Lebanon are being ‘drawn into’ the fighting in Syria…by provocative shelling by Sunni’s in Syria of Shia towns in Lebanon.

No mention that Hezbollah are in effect Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon, and he gives the impression that they are reluctant to fight….their ‘resolve to stay out of the conflict is being tested’.


Davies does not seem to have kept up with his colleagues who report Hezbollah as being heavily involved in the fighting:

Hezbollah’s involvement

They say the Iranians are also funding, training and arming recently-formed local Popular Committee militias, separate from the shabiha militia network, seeing them as a structure they could continue to rely on if the regime should collapse and fall back on the Alawite-dominated areas on the north-west coast and its hinterland.

Iran’s Hezbollah allies from Lebanon are also pitching in on the ground, fighting rebels around the important Shia shrine at Sayyida Zeinab on the southern edge of Damascus, and Shia villages in Homs province to the west.

Well-placed diplomats believe Hezbollah is also providing part of the regime’s inner praetorian guard, as some of the big Alawite clans have become so alienated by the level of casualties they have suffered that their members are no longer regarded as fully reliable.’



Davies’ reporting contrasts starkly with the BBC’s reporting on Israel’s reactions to continuous bombardment by Palestinians in which the Israelis are usually portrayed as overreacting or as being the actual aggressors themselves.


The second issue is that the BBC handles religiously inspired violence differently here.

Islam abroad is no longer the ‘Religion of Peace’ that the BBC et al portray it to be in the UK.

In a Sunni Mosque in Lebanon Wyre reports that young men are being radicalized and fired up by calls from senior clerics for Jihad…Holy War.

A cleric states that ‘This is a legitimate fatwa, a ruling from God, from the Koran….the people of Syria need our help….they [the fighters] will be rewarded by God.’


I can’t see the BBC showing a similar statement from an Imam in the UK should he be so disposed to say such a thing….for instance in regard to Muslim bombers claiming to be acting in the name of Allah to save their fellow Muslims in foreign climes from the unwanted military actions of the infidel Westerners….at least not without the usual warning ….”The Muslim community in XXXXXX wishes to make one thing absolutely clear: These acts are not carried out in our name.”‘

And yet what’s the difference?  Sunni Muslims in Lebanon go to the help of their fellow Muslims in Syria…..but the Sunnis also attack Shia towns in Lebanon….Davies says the Sunnis are recruiting to battle Shia Hezbollah as well…in other words a religiously inspired civil war could easily start in Lebanon.

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13 Responses to Home And Away

  1. sc says:

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2317624/Changing-face-Britain-By-2050-UK-overtake-United-States-ethnically-diverse-Western-nation.html…codeword for majority muslim country,thank god i have no children and will be dead in 2050.


  2. pedro says:

    believe me comrades,,,this is not scaremongering,,,,england will be like syria by the year 2050……city by city are already falling like dominoes into majority muslim populations at the moment,,, ie,,,birmingham,luton, leicester and bradford,,,fast forward to the year 2050,,,,a complete nightmare of sharia controlled england,,,those who accuse me of scare mongering i give you this advice….look at what has happened to libya,,,,egygt,,,,and syria,,,that will be a mirror image of what is coming are way in the very near future… a land of conflict controlled by the muslim brotherhood…..that worrys me comrades,,,really worrys me……………..


  3. George R says:

    Globally, Islamic jihadists use violent means to achieved their ends of Islamic supremacy.

    British non-Muslims must surely resist being used to further any Islamic cause, whether it be in e.g. Syria or Britain, although apparently INBBC would disagree.


  4. Derek says:

    “…in other words a ‘Religion of Peace’ inspired civil war could easily start in Lebanon.”

    Sorry, but I thought that was worth repeating, as we’re not going to be hearing it from our national broadcaster, and as we increasingly have to wonder ‘what does that forebode for the UK?’,

    (I think we’re far more likely to hear the BBC make the nationwide ‘call to prayer’ rather than speak that truth).


  5. john in cheshire says:

    The religion of war, is more appropriate.


  6. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Wyre Davies’s main claim to fame is that he speaks Welsh. It obviously helps him a lot in reporting from the Middle East.


  7. chrisH says:

    I`ve every confidence that we will be OK.
    Reduced, pitied and pauperised…but not under Islam.
    The death wish is endemic in the elites and political classes, but the “civilians” like us will have no choice but to stand up and fight back if crossed.
    It`s beginning I`d say…the BBC can say what it likes, but it`s not fooling us.
    We`ll be a third world basket case that ends up going back to its future…but Islam won`t do it…our political elite will do so,and we won`t easily take it lying dowm.
    Interesting times as ever.


  8. JimS says:

    Does your heading photo show UKIP at prayer?
    It certainly looks like the image our ‘main’ parties paint, a pack of ‘xenophobic fruitcakes’!


  9. Adi says:

    Yes, ‘The Spring’ is springing into Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where there are groups supporting Shias vs Sunnis.

    While I don’t mind those f-tards killing each other (and it seems both sides attract supporters from all countries including Britain), it is a very dangerous situation that can spiral.

    Of course the average beeboid’s mind is trapped into its own Narrative of blaming Israel, US and UK for all the ills in the region. Must be painful for the al-beeb to cover all this.


  10. deegee says:

    Too bad they both can’t lose.


  11. miumiu says:

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