Hier ist kein Warum


Primo Levi:

“Every age has its own fascism, and we see the warning signs wherever the concentration of power denies citizens the possibility and the means of expressing and acting on their own free will. There are many ways of reaching this point, and not just through the terror of police intimidation, but by denying and distorting information, by undermining systems of justice, by paralyzing the education system, and by spreading in a myriad subtle ways nostalgia for a world where order reigned, and where the security of a privileged few depends on the forced labor and the forced silence of the many.”


‘Denying and distorting information…the forced silence of the many’.

Primo Levi called that….Fascism.

 The BBC seeks to deny and distort information about serious occurrences in our lives…..it forces, or tries to force those with ‘unacceptable views’ to remain silent….climate change sceptics and those who believe Islam has played a part in inciting terrorist activities around the world.  The result is a very unbalanced and out of kilter world where half the debate is silenced and a steadying hand at the tiller is missing.


What happens when you have a system that only listens to one side and thinks of itself as the only arbiter of what is good and right in the world, when there is no ‘why’?


An SS guard at Auschwitz was asked why he was doing such things to Jews…he replied ‘Here there is no why.’ ….  a phrase that became symbolic of the Holocaust’s careening away from rationality itself.

For the BBC there is no ‘why’ for Islamic terrorism, no rationality….there is no cause, no inspiration, no one to point the finger at…..excepting US and British foreign policy of course.

For the BBC there is no ‘why’ about Boston….just as there was no ‘why’ for the shooting of US soldiers by Muslim soldier Nidal Hasan. 


If there is no ‘why’ there can be no one to blame.  No one need be embarrassed or their religion questioned.  But that leads to other ’causes’ being blamed and the real cause left unchallenged and of course unremedied.   And so it keeps happening.


I imagine Mark Mardell is already penning a similar pack of lies about Boston as he did about that mass killer at Fort Hood:

The truth is of course cloudy. The alleged murderer was clearly a Muslim, but there is very little to suggest that he adhered to a hard-line interpretation of his religion or that he had political or religious motives.

He may or may not have posted something on the internet defending suicide bombers. But he also appears to have been traumatised by the idea of being sent to a combat zone.

We search for certainty and for answers. Some will go down blind alleys: reports of his “religious attire”, for example, may turn out to be a red herring.

Still, searching for patterns and for answers is part of what it is to be human. I loathe cliche, but perhaps, for once, this is a “senseless tragedy”, devoid of deeper meaning.



It is odd though that Mardell takes a different tack when he wants to…here using Hasan’s now ‘obvious’ terrorist link to condemn the FBI:

‘If a soldier, a Muslim unhappy about waging war on other Muslims, gets in touch with a man well-known for advocating terrorism, shouldn’t that “raise a red flag”? What do you think?’


So, not such a ‘senseless tragedy’ when it suits Mardell’s politics….suddenly it was very clearly an Islamic terorist event that the FBI should have picked up on.


The BBC has been  quick to play down any Islamic motivation  in Boston, and is moving deftly to separate ‘Muslims’ from those it deems ‘extremist Muslims’ in the viewer’s or reader’s mind:

Boston attacks reignite debate on Islam and terror

Boston Muslims on the marathon-attack suspects

Boston bombings: Muslim Americans await bomber’s ID

Boston Muslims react to marathon bombs

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: A lone wolf between two worlds (A lone wolf?   There were two of them just for starters)



But how justified are the BBC’s claims that they do this to protect Muslims from an anti-Muslim backlash?

Brendan O’Neil in the Telegraph asks that and lays to rest some of the BBC’s myths and legends about ‘Islamophobia’:

Where is the mob of Muslim-hating Americans going crazy after Boston? It’s a figment of liberals’ imaginations

Crown Prosecution Service crime figures for 2005-2006, covering the aftermath of the 7/7 attacks, showed that only 43 religiously aggravated crimes were prosecuted in that period, and that Muslims were the victims in 18 of those crimes. Eighteen prosecutions for anti-Muslim crimes – all those crimes are unfortunate, of course they are; but this was far from an “Islamophobic backlash”. As the then Director of Public Prosecutions, Ken Macdonald, said: “The fears of a [post-7/7] rise in offences appear to be unfounded.”




Malcolm X once said ”The media’s the most powerful entity on the earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.’

The BBC’s knee jerk response to any Islamic terrorism is to deny any motive or reason for an attack….as Mardell claims…‘A senseless tragedy’……but you have to ask just how much damage this does to a society when an ideology that is being used to incite terrorism is used  also by an ever growing number of the population.


You can ignore it…but the question is just how long will it ignore you?  And then what?


MPACUK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK) might have the answer on its front page right now:

The Obligation Of Jihad




“Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good. But those who strive and fight hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,”  Quran Chapter 4: The Women, verse 95.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) specifically mentions “Whoever of you…” this implies that the command is directed at every single Muslim, man or woman.

Those who do not observe Jihad are indeed committing a grave sin because there is much harm that emanates into society when it is abandoned. Those that neglect Jihad will be disobeying something God has commanded us all to partake in; they have not aided in protecting the Religion of God, they have not defended the Book of God, its messages and His law, they have not helped the Ummah against the enemy who wants to destroy them.

If any of us find our hearts at this stage; as a matter of urgency we must change for not only are we exposing ourselves to humiliation and harm in this life, but also in the Hereafter; for the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He who dies without having fought in the way of Allah or without having felt it to be his duty, will die having a trait of hypocrisy”


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17 Responses to Hier ist kein Warum

  1. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ will not enter into debate on the very relevant issues about tenets of Islam which Alan raises here.

    Instead, ‘denial’ mode, remains the order of the day.


    • George R says:

      -And the following fits with tenets of Islam, but will not be raised as such in MSM:-

      “Boston jihad bombers and their family got Massachusetts welfare benefits.”

      [Opening excerpt]:-

      “They probably thought that this money was their due. The Infidels should pay the Muslims, as per this verse of the Qur’an: ‘Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.’ — Qur’an 9:29.

      “We recently saw that a jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber lived off Swedish student aid. And as British jihadist Anjem Choudary just said: ‘The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar. You work, give us the money, Allahu akbar.'”



      • london calling says:

        At a certain point, you stop blaming people for taking what is on offer. You start blaming those that offer it. Here the blame belongs to Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, all the same.


    • noggin says:

      the bbc has a consistant undeniable agenda to “doctor” the debate on this, it abuses its unwarranted postion in the media, which actually (if anyone has noticed) is the islamic position in any debate too, always trying to “load” a debate in its favour, what bedfellows they are.
      What you find is ignorance of the facts, even the questions themselves on occasion, in favour of attempting “character” assassination and ad hom attacks … yep! sound familiar 😀

      a perfect example

      why is it that muslims find anyone telling the truth about their religion deeply offensive? …
      mind you, truth about their religion deeply offensive, well thats something we ve in common at least.


  2. Derek says:

    “…BBC’s claims that they do this to protect Muslims from an anti-Muslim backlash”
    probably because
    “…die having a trait of hypocrisy”
    is an idea that makes the BBC very uncomfortable… being killed by Muslims that is, not the hypocrisy.

    See the previous BBC DG’s comments around:
    ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write’



  3. AngusPangus says:

    The real Islam is the Islam that abuses women, that allows men to beat their wives, that imposes penalty tax on the religious minorities, that wants to dominate the world by subduing all the non-Muslims, that calls for Jihad and killing the non-believers until Islam becomes the only dominant religion of the World.

    My rejection of Islam is not based on the bad deeds of the Muslims but on the bad teachings of its holy book and on the bad deeds of its founder. Many cruelties and heinous acts of violence, perpetrated by Muslims throughout the centuries were inspired by the Quran and the Sunnah (the examples of the prophet). That is why I condemn ISLAM for the bad things that Muslims do. Any effort to humanize Islam is a waste of time. The obstacle to any reform is Quran. The enemy is Islam and that is the target of my attacks. I do that, despite knowing that I have become the magnet of the hatred of fanatical Muslims and my own life could be in danger. Yet I know that by eradicating Islam we can save the world from the dangers of a catastrophe that otherwise is looming over our heads and could cause more disaster than the 1st and 2nd World Wars combined. Eradication of Islam means restoring peace among humanity and civility, democracy and prosperity in the Muslim world.

    OK, Mark Mardell, associated BBC snoopers and supporters, are any of you still reading? Is your blood boiling with righteous indignation at that steaming pile of Islamophobic, probably racist, hate-filled, spittle-flecked bile you just read? That sort of thing could only come from a site like this, couldn’t it? Nasty, right-wing, narrow-minded, xenophobic. Disgusting, perhaps? Bias and Lies, maybe?

    Except, except…………

    Those weren’t my words. They’re the words of a Muslim. Or an ex-Muslim, to be more exact. A brave individual who saw sense and who has decided to speak out against this evil ideology. Those first two paragraphs were written some years ago by Ali Sina, in a piece called “Why I left Islam”. You can read it here:


    There are other testimonies from apostates there too, which I would urge everyone to read. They now see Islam for what it really is and reject it utterly.

    But these are not views that you will ever see aired on the BBC. The BBC is fully committed to maintaining the false and dangerous illusion that Islam is a religion of peace. In the corrupt BBC world-view anyone who says otherwise is by definition a right wing nut-job and can (nay, must) be safely ignored. Mark Mardell and his fellow-travellers are nothing but a bunch of fat, white, male, middle-class, not very bright public school fools who delude themselves into thinking that they’re cleverer and better than other fat, white, middle-class men because they superficially hold “caring” opinions.

    Please, BBC, do your job. Spend 10 or 15 minutes of your precious time, paid for with my money, reading some of the material on the apostates’ website Islam Watch that I linked to above. LEARN something. Read the piece “What Motivated the Boston Marathon Terror Atrocity” and discover for the first time who the original Tamerlan was and what he did in the name of Islam. Realise that what we have here is the Islamic equivalent of a white man whose parents’ named “Adolph Hitler” who in his mid-twenties starts to grow a Charlie Chaplin moustache, wearing swastikas and listening to Wagner at high volume and who then goes on to bomb a synagogue. There is absolutely NO mystery as to why he did what he did and IT IS ABOUT BLOODY WELL TIME THAT YOU STARTED REPORTING THIS.

    Thank you for your attention.


  4. stuart says:

    mardelll and co down at stalinist hq in manchester forgets one thing.we pay his wages,we are not biased in exposing bias.question for you marky babe,who did you vote for in the general election,ukip ? and how many of your fellow presenters are ukip and conservative supporters=0.


  5. ROBERT BROWN says:

    Thank you Angus Pangus, best post in ages. The wretched BBC would do well to read; Marked for Death by Geert Wilders…….Islam Dismantled by Sujit Das………Mohammed and Charlemagne re-visited by Emmet Scott……Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali……and many others, most alive today and, indeed, marked for death for their honesty and factual writing, please note the Guardian[ facts are sacred] . The BBC had better hope that if the Muslims gain power in this country that myself and many others ‘deal’ with them for being worthless traitors before the muslims do for being stupid, useful idiots.


  6. dave1east says:

    distortion is their stock in trade


    not only is there no evidence to support the headline `Angolan plane fall man ‘wanted better life’`, they don’t even know who he is


  7. dave1east says:


    see if you can make sense of why the bbc chooses not to carry this


  8. chrisH says:

    There is no BBC employee who actually has the intellect and experience to actually BE worth listening to in any area of BBC output.
    Bunch of low grade public sector ciphers with pisspoor intelligence and no curiosity at all. They spout it for the telly, phone it in for the radio.
    If anyone can even point out a few good people who might still be worth a listen on the BBC, do tell me.
    Time to scrap them….utterly privileged bed blocking prep schooled plinths….hopeless-time to asset strip their “services”.
    Before the pastel fascists reprogramme them…all too easy.


  9. George R says:

    “Let’s call Islam Islam”


    “Imagine, if during past wars, we used terms such as ‘Radical Nazism,’ ‘Extremist Shinto’ and ‘Militant Communism.’ The implication would be that there are good versions of those ideologies, which would then lead some to seek out ‘moderate’ Nazis. Those who use terms other than ‘Islam’ create the impression that it’s some variant of Islam that’s behind the enemy that we’re facing. A term such as ‘Militant Islam’ is redundant, but our politicians continue praising Islam as if it were their own religion.”