Bosom Buddies

Anti-Thatcher ringleader told she should be shot


Romany Blythe, 45, a drama teacher, urged thousands to join in “demonstrations of disapproval” around the country after creating a Facebook group called The Witch is Dead.

“In normal circumstances celebrating someone’s death would be reprehensible. But we are generation X, upset people that left school to find hopelessness and despair.”

What she actually found was a council house that she bought and made a whacking great profit on when she sold it and a boob job on the NHS to help her with low esteem issues.

Apparently this was all forced on her by the tyrant Thatcher…..“She was a despot. They danced in the streets when Hitler died too.”

Hitler handed out Living Room, Mrs Thatcher handed out Live-in bras…so alike. 


Not sure why Victoria Derbyshire brought this woman onto her show (11:08)….this is old news…the ‘death threats’ were reported 10 days ago and the rest was nothing she hadn’t said before.

It just seemed an opportunity was given to her to bash the Daily Mail, the Sun and the ‘Right Wing’ Press in general…Derbyshire asking her encouragingly if she would be taking legal action against ‘certain newspapers’.

Blythe laughably bemoaned the fact that she was being ‘vilified and turned into a hate figure’ by the Right Wing Press.   Hmmmm….The woman who compared Thatcher to Hitler and Ian Duncan Smith to a criminal attacking disabled people.

Blythe was allowed to spout her well worn rhetoric about the Coalition for a couple of minutes without interruption…Welfare reform..the ruthless attack on disabled people being ‘criminal’….Derbyshire rapping up with a lame  ‘ Thank you very much for talking to us’.

Amusingly Blythe said she was glad to have created a political dialogue, a national, global conversation….because without her Thatcher’s legacy would have been whitewashed and no one would have spoken up about all the terrible things she did.


She clearly hasn’t listened to the BBC for the last 30 years.







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36 Responses to Bosom Buddies

  1. chrisH says:

    Relentless isn`t it
    Humphrys sneering scattergun and random potshots at an (admittedly useless) Tory Chancellor this morning was just the latest effort by the BBC to smear and vilify the Coalition.
    Humphrys thought the Scottish currency issue a “distraction”-let`s hope the Tartan Raj paste him for using the issue in a patronising, insulting-nay, racist-manner.
    As if…bloody BBC, bloody socialism…


    • Alan says:

      Yes, going on about Welby saying it was a depression and Osborne’s tears….not a good interview from Humphrys.

      Think he has gone off the boil if he was ever on it…living on his past reputation now.

      Should retire from interviewing and do some adverts to top up pension.


      • Doublethinker says:

        I thought that he had been doing adverts for the Labour Party for years!


    • Alex Feltham says:

      Osborne and Cameron are both useless.

      In their endless quest fto be loved they never learned the most important lesson from Thatcher. Necessary tough reform is popular in the long run. After all it got her re-elected 3 times.

      Incidentally, there’s a funny article on how Thatcher beat the BBC and their liberal buddies in: “Drive Them Insane” at:!/2013/04/drive-them-insane.html


      • stewart says:

        Noticed this on guido
        wonder if the BBC will be setting record staight any time soon?
        Tom Newton Dunn @tnewtondunn

        BREAKING: Lady Thatcher’s funeral cost just £3.6million – a THIRD of the £10m tag claimed by critics. Includes police pay.


  2. Span Ows says:

    So let’s have the dialogue! Of course they won’t or only on their terms i.e. you can’t be beastly and point out how the Left were so wrong about EVERYTHING!


  3. paul says:

    thats it enough is enough the telly tax is no more,just told them that i dont need one as i dont want to fund the bbc and sky can go as well .£400 saved.will have to find something to stop my mind off the talking wife kindle and talking books i think.


  4. Alex says:

    Ahhh, the contemporary drama teacher…. where would this country be without the ‘indispensable’ comprehensive drama teacher? Those imparters of such wisdom as freeform dance and improvisatory space exploration are invariably Leftist, outspoken, hippyish and quite frankly a waste of space. They’re about as much use as a pair of glasses on a man with one ear. I remember my school drama teacher; she got us to cycle across a painted canvas and she called it ‘Pause for Thought’ – people like her have nothing to offer but their blood.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Would you like your child taught by her? No? There should be pressure to sack her, chuck her out on the street where she belongs, the country cannot afford stupid, pointless teachers like her. Come on Gove, sort the Left out once and for all, purge teaching of their poisonous influence.


      • pah says:

        Surely everything she spouts is ‘hate speech’?

        Didn’t one council sack some teacher for being in the BNP on the grounds that he might use ‘hate speech’?

        Surely the same applies if not more? Yeah, right.


        • Paul Weston says:

          Lawrence Auster fought for the country he was born into (USA) but over the last couple of years he finally admitted that it was no longer HIS country any more, it was THEIR country now.

          What he meant of course, was that the cultural revolutionaries had won. They now controlled the vital positions in the New World Order, namely education and the media.

          Thus Romany Blythe can wave a Soviet flag and retain her job, but had it been a Nazi flag or a BNP banner she would have been sacked.

          Do people not realise how terrifying this is? It really is THEIR country now, and THEY are of the same political ideology as those who murdered millions in recent times.

          The next 20 years will be nothing like the last 60 years. We either roll over and submit, or we fight back. Interesting times are ahead.


  5. k920 says:…off subject,but ted nugent,one of the greatest american rock guitarists ever.


  6. Chris says:

    She’s had her 15 minutes of fame. She can now go back to seducing schoolboys or whatever drama teachers do best. Mind you, with a name like Romany, I bet she’s a dab hand at sharpening knives!


  7. chrisH says:

    And the BBC are glorying in the failure of the useless Theresa May to remove Abu Qatada…as if they know nothing about rendition( and if they don`t …ask Jack Straw FFS!).
    It`s a defeat for the Home Office according to the BBC….but I`d have thought it more a defeat for the saps like us who pay for this charade, and run the risk of his Chechen friends having a go.
    Not according to the BBC….a triumph for the lawyers. for Shami and for Mansfiled, Robertson etc…and , of course the Guardian -BBC axis of sweet reasons.
    Tory failure though, which is reason for the BBC to crow…if it leads to another Boston, they`ll be squauking about how the Tories failed to lose him, after all that good work by the Bisto Kid(Yvette Balls).


  8. Betty Swollocks says:

    I heard her being interviewed on VD programme this morning, what a pathetic piece of shite that woman is.


  9. thoughtful says:

    Well it seems like she’s royally pissing off her BBC colleagues for refusing to move to Salford, broadcasting nearly all her shows from London with a never ending list of lame excuses, despite her criticising bosses for not moving more of the BBC out of London.

    I had to laugh at one posters comments though:

    “What a total waste of money this Salford move was, £1,000,000,000 of licence payers money thrown away. None of the BBC staff wanted to come to Salford and in a way I don’t blame them, it’s an absolute dump. And as far as Victoria Derbyshire is concerned, I can’t stand a a second of this sanctimonious leftwing harpy. Mkae her move or give her the boot.”


  10. k920 says:

    you might as well hang a hammer and sickle flag outside 5 live headquarters in manchester judging by the amount of left wing bias that comes of of these presenters like ,nicky,vicky,shelagh and co.


  11. Mice Height says:

    Waving a flag under which 100 million have been killed, whilst celebrating the death of a lady who was democratically elected on three different occasions!?
    Any decent journalist/presenter would have grilled her on her support for the most evil ideology ever dreamt up by man.
    Damn, I’m glad I no longer fund these tossers.


    • Justin Casey says:

      I found the latest facebook hideout for her and her most loyal online supporters …..

      She is apparently the groups new Admin…..

      I am currently baiting a guy on there called Andrew Clarke becouse his profile picture shows him and Rolf Harris and two young girls in it and Rolf looks as though he is pointing at one whilst Andrew is laughing…. you really need to judge it for yourselves…. Here`s his profile….

      Is it just me being too ready to judge or what??? whether it`s intentional or not the fact that its`s there isn`t on at all!!!


      • Span Ows says:

        blimey! Maybe he doesn’t read the news! I think he may be disabled too judging by many of his interests but nothing trumps lefty twattishness IMHO.


        • Mice Height says:

          Well the photo certainly looks like it was taken whilst Rolph was visiting his ‘home’.


          • Justin Casey says:

            He didn`t like my my comment that mentioned him wrapping his cock in a mars bar wrapper …So Rolf could use his catchprase “Can ya tell what it is yet?” on the victim before they kicked that old lady to death (I get the feeling he doesn`t like old ladies) Just before they raped that other girl in the photo standing a few feet away… What a sick fuck…. he probably thinks he is being `Generation X` like Romany does ….


  12. stuart says:

    funny how 5 live give so much airtime to these posh sounding born with a silver spoon in there big mouths middle class left wing class war anarchists who live in there £250,000 digs in the leafy surburbs,this woman got such an easy time of victoria derbyshire,and bosum buddies just about sums up this left wing love in betreen these 2 this morning.


  13. johnnythefish says:

    I can only assume the flag is some kind of retro fashion statement, or symbol of mourning for some oppressive, murderous, totalitarian regime brought to its knees by a western, freedom-loving heroine.

    She needs to keep up with her fellow travellers from the staffroom and BBC, they moved on to Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth a good while ago, though she could miss out a step and join Hacked Off, I suppose…


    • Andrew says:

      Once again, the attention given to this non-entity fits in with the BBC’s infantile world view, which I will summarise in short form:-

      GOOD (and thus entitled to speak without challenge):
      nurses, teachers, civil servants, unions, pressure groups, ethnic minorities, people with disability, LGBT, “victims”.

      BAD (and thus to be snarled at and interrupted):
      Tories, City of London people, bankers, UKIP, Armed Forces, Israeli government spokesmen, Christians, Euro-sceptics, deficit realists, etc.


  14. pedro says:

    romany blythe comrades,,,what is she like heh,,,i had to squirm when she said she bought her council house for £150,000 then sold it for £250,000..nice tidy £100,000 capitalist profit there under thatcherism you grade 1 hypocrite and plonker..,,,the woman spent most of her time lost for words and argueing against herself in that pathetic interview,,,, is the thing comrades…the womans a spoilt little rich bitch who would fit nicely at the front bench of the conservative party with her riches,,,what the hell do you know about poverty romany,,,,what the hell do you know about living on a sink hole council estate romany…what the hell do you know about struggling to pay your bills romany,,,well romany,,,that is the difference betreen us and you…we live in the real world and not your dream world,,,and how dare you try and pretend you speak up on behalf of the working classes like us,,,,get it romany….


    • Justin Casey says:

      Actually the purchase price was £74,000 after her discount for years as a tenant were taken off…. She actually sold it and made £150000 once her initial mortgage costs were subtracted along with an undisclosed amount in taxes and legal fees….. She sold it for £250000 (give or take five grand) and then apparently spent it in the years before her NHS funded Boob Job to help with her self esteem (failure as a professional and sucessful actress possibly) Which probably got her that job teaching bearded lesbians expressionless performance techniques at the Community Centre …


  15. Jeff says:

    I think it has proved to be a good thing that these anti Thatcher demonstrators have been given so much air time by the BBC. Most have been exposed as juvenile, deranged or just downright poisonous. One chap informed us that he hated Mrs T because he’d lost his job; not in the 1980’s, but last year! Someone else accused her of being a “war-monger.” This was due to her response when a fascist, south American dictator invaded sovereign British territory. And yet another was moaning about the sale of council houses that led to overcrowding and the escalation in property prices. Of course this overcrowding had nothing to do with the Blair regime allowing in four million foreigners.
    I had to visit the dentist the other day and it cost me an absolute fortune. Know who I blame. Clement Atlee…


  16. Mat says:

    This faceahce page
    Is a laugh as they are kicking the hell out of her and her clan of desperate hangers on !


  17. hadda says:

    How long before she’s on Question Time?


  18. Mark says:

    The people of Poland thought very highly of Maggie, as she supported them and the Czechs, Hungarians and others in Eastern Europe in their desire to make their countries free of the Soviet Union’s evil influence.

    And what does Ms Blythe do ? Wave a banner with the hated hammer and sickle. I’m sure the Poles love her for that.