Well then, the Lib Dems narrowly hold on to Eastleigh, with UKIP coming second. The Cons are relegated to third. So a humiliation for Cameron. Or so the BBC has been running all morning.  But there was another major party in this election, erm…can’t quite remember what happened to it, can you? Think they had a comedian as their candidate but again not sure as BBC studiously avoiding any analysis of THAT party! Anyone heard Ed Balls on the BBC this morning? Thought not.

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  1. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC will be reassured by this election. They need the Lib Dem vote to stand up in the south so as to ease the way for their mate Ed come 2015 and that looming little chat about Licence fees in 2016. Just watch and listen to the BBC message to Conservatives – don’t let yourselves be blown off course by those nasty-nasty-party UKIPers. Keep up the ‘gay marriage’ Toryism and we’ll see you in opposition in 2015.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      And another thing…. no word from the BBC on that old hobby horse “PR”


    • Scrappydoo says:

      It is almost as if labour did not loose the last election, with the help of the BBC , they are still in power. Yes the BBC knows which party will give them a good deal next time the TV license comes up for renewal.


  2. DJ says:

    OTOH, nice example of ‘the enemy of my enemy’ in the Gove interview.

    Apparently, people vote UKIP entirely due to immigration, Europe and gay marriage. So nothing at all then about a system where your hospital can kill 1200 people and you get promoted, £100 million can get hosed away on a bungled tendering process and unemployed single mothers can get a custom built £400K house on the taxpayer.

    That’s a relief, otherwise I might have thought the BBC was pushing a tired stereotype of UKIP members as retired Majors down the golf club.


    • aerfen says:

      On the contrary I felt they were trying to play down the role of immigration, while bigging up the considerably more trivial issue of ‘Gay marriage’.

      They dont like putting about the view that anti immigration sentiment is widespread, preferring to portray the silent majority as ‘welcoming’ and ‘tolerant’ , (but still stupid enough to be vulnerable to falling for the ‘lies’ told by ‘the racist far right’).


      • John Anderson says:

        This week’s immigration figured have been well massaged in every mention I have heard on the BBC – tru,mpeting a reduction in net immigration. Cos the net figure sounds good.

        Yes – but outward migration (mostly indogenous Brits ?) was 315,000, inward migration a horrendously large 500,000

        So – net inward migration is still far far too large. And the changeover in the UK population, focussed in London, is a scandal.

        Hopefully the broadcasting rules for parity between parties will now let UKIP spell out these plain facts on the BBC more freely.


        • Aerfen says:

          Indeed. They absolutely avoid even stating the ‘immigration’ figure. They know it is horrific – a city load the size of Bristol! And this is happening year after year, millions of newcomers in the last decade.


  3. Demon says:

    I added this in the Open thread, belongs here really.

    1. Although I’m pleased that UKIP did well as I have little time for Cameron, the Conservatives didn’t do too badly in my opinion: A deeply unpopular government (with the MSM constantly attacking it) in mid-term, a huge upsurge in UKIP support and the fact that it was a Lib Dem seat at the last election with no doubt Labour voters voting dirtilly (I mean tactically) for the Libbies. They were still only some 3000 behind the winner.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I agree. What everyone seemed to be studiously avoiding this morning was what happens in a General Election when a large chunk of the UKIP protest vote goes back to its usual home.


      • Phil Ford says:

        But why do you suppose that all those who voted UKIP are merely doing it to frustrate the Conservatives? It’s as bad as Michael Gove, still chafing from the UKIP turn-out, suggesting on the Today Programme this morning on Radio 4 (in all seriousness) that all those UKIP votes were nothing more than ‘protest’ votes – suggesting that everyone who voted for UKIP actually ‘meant’ to vote for the Conservatives.

        It’s a highly patronising view. One thing the UK electorate do not like is being told by supercilious twits like Gove that their vote wasn’t, somehow, a ‘real’ vote – that, in effect it didn’t matter and that come a ‘real’ election voters will ‘get it right’ (i.e. vote for one of the tired big three mainstream parties).

        People are voting for UKIP in such greatly increasing numbers precisely because UKIP are resonating with the electorate up and down the country. These are not ‘protest votes’, no matter how much self-serving politicians and the determindly socialist BBC want to keep telling you they are. UKIP votes are real votes from people entirely fed-up with the worn-out rhetoric and meaningless gesture politics of the big three parties.

        UKIP represents the ONLY chance of genuinely radical political reform currently on offer to the UK public – and that’s why they keep improving their share of the vote in these by-elections. Still, come the European elections we will hopefully see a total bloodbath amongst the big three as UKIP reflect the popular will of the British public with regard to the hated socialist project known as the EU.


        • Ian Hills says:

          True, the “protest voters” stayed at home this time – turnout was 16% down on 2010. UKIP got the radical change vote instead.


    • Mice Height says:

      Just imagine what it’d be like if The Conservative Party had a conservative as their leader!


  4. colditz says:

    BBC gave Nigel wall to wall coverage this morning.

    As you know the BBC is actually an NHS Green Socialist conspiracy intending to turn the UK into an Islamic caliphate populated by feckless Roma so their current strategy is to push Nigel (a real clown ) so that the Tory vote fragments and Labour can proceed with imposing the True Religion and Sharia law.

    Did I leave any other conspiracy out?


    • Mat says:

      And here I was thinking some of your trolling was beginning to actually have some relevance to the topics up for discussion but no up you pop and prove me wrong with more pathetic childish drivel !


      • Demon says:

        These nazi trolls are getting more stupid by the day. This one almost makes Dezi look intelligent.


        • Rueful Red says:

          Wonder what Hillhunt’s doing nowadays? A troll’s troll if ever there was one. Quite miss him at times.


          • MaxMiller says:

            All British politicians are closet Muslims who must be removed from the gene pool.


            • mat says:

              Maxmiller?? sad you chose the name of a man who was reputed to have been banned off the BBC twice ? I’m sure your just being ironic or is it moronic ?


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          It’s much easier to sneer and taunt than it is to debate the issues. Colditz still can’t admit the BBC censored King’s statement, so has to resort to this sort of thing to make himself feel superior.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Many a true said in jest, eh Colditz?

      You certainly state pretty clearly what Ed Miliband’s spin on the result will be… “current strategy is to push Nigel (Farage)”

      And if you reckon that blowing up UKIP v the Tories is the BBC take on events and that is a considered policy …. well, I bow to your superior insight.

      The more standard BBC defence of their slanted reporting would be to say ‘Don’t like it? Sorry, that’s the news story mate’.

      As always a duff trolly tries to veer off in the wrong direction….


    • Scrappydoo says:

      The BBC is very happy to promote UKIP up to a point because UKIP will take votes from the conservatives. Funny how the BBC always gives labour a voice except when it would embarrass them , the liberals get a good airing most of the time, the conservatives only get an on when they are embarrassed or in trouble.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Ah, but a conspiracy is only a conspiracy if it is secret. We all know that this is what the BBC, Red Ed and Dhimmi Dave are up to.


      • Rich Tee says:

        Colditz also needs to understand the difference between conspiracy and consequence.

        What he describes may not be a deliberate conspiracy, but may happen anyway as a consequence of policy.


  5. Dr Foster says:

    Total nonsense, David. Labour has always been a fringe party in Eastleigh, and actually increased their share of the vote. The Conservatives lost 14%. You don’t have to be a psephologist to see which party had a disappointing result here.


    • Kyoto says:

      Although you automatically undermine the idea that The Quisling Party can call itself a ‘One Nation’ party.

      In the interests of impartial and insightful analysis I look forward to hearing someone from the Quisling Broadcasting Corporation taking apart the Quisling Party’s defence that the result was not a ‘disaster for the Quisling Party as we’ve always been a fringe party in Eastleigh’.

      To which Quisling Broadcasting Corp. interviewer would respond ‘so what you’re saying is that your client-group has pretty shallow routes in Eastliegh. A significant lack of voters on benefits, the state-sector, and not enough enrichers or vibrators. How do you plan to strengthen this client-voting-bloc by the 2015 General Election?’


    • #88 says:

      No it hasn’t.

      They came 2nd in 1994. When the Labour candidate polled 15,234 votes (27.6% share). Yesterday they ‘progressed’ to 4,088 votes (9.8%)


    • aerfen says:

      Labour increased their share of the vote.
      They would, wouldnt they? That will be the immigrants in Easteleigh voting for them.


    • Demon says:

      Dr Foster, is that really you this time?

      Labour did increase their share of the vote, true. In a mid-term where the government is making necessary, but difficult, decisions, and mid-term voters tend to vote for the main opposition party mid-term. Plus the relentless attacks on the government from the BBC and their fellow-travellers; you would expect the opposition party to significantly increase their level of support.

      So please explain why the expected massive increase is only 0.2%. Almost zero! A poor day for Cameron but a disaster day for Milliband.


      • Ian Hills says:

        When Labour’s core immigrant vote stays at home things must be getting really bad. Although the party’s vote share went up a tiny bit the number went down.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      How often did the BBC mention O’Farrell’s support for IRA bombings? Since the vast majority of BBC employees share his disappointment that Thatcher wasn’t killed, you’d think they’d see it as a reason people might want to vote for him, seeing as how Beeboids believe they reflect the majority public view on most issues. Yet I’m struggling to find a mention of it.


      • Dr Foster says:

        Well, let me put my cards on the table, first of all: when I lived in that constituency I voted Conservative, and were I still there I would again.  Secondly, I can’t bear O’Farrell and think he is on the airwaves far too much.   I share your loathing for the lefty hypocrisy which seems to permit wishing death on people if they happen to be your political enemy.  Every time I see Mark Thomas make some vile ‘joke’ about when Maggie is going to die I want to put my foot through the TV screen.
        However.  The outrage about his Brighton bombing remarks strikes me as synthetic.  This book sold hundreds of thousands of copies when it was published without anybody raising the slightest concern about it.  The reason being that it’s a humorous book, and contains lots of sentiments he doesn’t really mean.  If Bill Bryson were to stand for office, would it be fair to trawl through his entire oeuvre looking for tasteless jokes and then claiming them as sincerely-held beliefs?  I think not.
        Demon, I don’t agree with this assertion: “In a mid-term where the government is making necessary, but difficult, decisions, and mid-term voters tend to vote for the main opposition party mid-term.”  Not true.  Mid-term voters tend to register a protest vote, which is sometimes the main opposition party but is often another party entirely; either way, it’s the option most likely to give the government a nasty shock.  In this case Labour was an irrelevance, since UKIP alone offered the chance of a genuine upset.
        Reply to #88 – yes, I was wrong to suggest that Labour have never been a force in Eastleigh.  But they were never expected to be a challenger in the constituency after their showings in the last two elections.  My main point stands, however.  But it would be wrong to say they had been ‘humiliated’ in a constituency where every single pundit acknowledged it was a three-way race between UKIP, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems.


        • Ron Todd says:

          Nobody raised concern about the book propably because the only people who read it were lefties who agreed with him.


        • Kyoto says:

          I take it then you agree it is absurd then for The Quisling Party to call itself a ‘One Nation’ party, and is solely the representatives of its client groups. Is it not then alarming that as far as I am aware the Quisling Broadcasting Organisation never a la O’Farrell mocked Ed Quisling Milliband for his ‘One Nation’ claims, and ridiculed him for his absurd use of Disraeli. A man who clearly stands outside the Labour tradition. Surely a clear sign of intellectual bankruptcy as the only reason to use the claim is to embarrass their main opponents.

          In the spirit of always mocking a political party why did the Quisling Broadcasting Corporation not take the opportunity to use the Quisling Party’s ‘we had no chance here’, as a good example too even the dimmest supporters of The Quisling Party, say most of the shadow front bench, of what the essential purpose of their party is now and how divorced from reality they have become.

          Once again the Quisling Broadcasting Corporation allows its playmates in the Quisling Party another chance to believe that life never gets more complicated than student union politics.

          I have only read one Bill Bryson book but while he may of said I wish all parking attendants were dead, I cannot remember him advocating the murder of a named living person.

          People didn’t raise concerns about the original remark because they knew the cultural establishment would just give them the brush off.


  6. Privatise the BBC says:

    Expect to see plenty of O’Farrell on the BBC as they make amends….


  7. #88 says:

    I don’t support UKIP – I never will, but notice that they were on the receiving end of Gameshow’s old tricks this morning.

    Clearly Campbell doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand the concerns that real people have about their country…or more importantly their democratic right to speak out.

    He repeatedly threw words into the mouths of callers; ‘political correctness, immigration, multiculturalism,’ the purpose a provocative one, from his own and the hive’s towering moral and superior intellectual standpoint, to belittle, A list of concerns from one listener was described ‘as this stuff’. Then, using a technique usually reserved for the Tories, he invited former Labour MEP (and now Von Rumpy Pumpies right hand man in the EU Parliament) Richard Corbett to take a ‘free kick’ at UKIP asking him to comment on UKIP’s beliefs and values.
    Robin Day and the other GREATS of the BBC must be turning in their graves. Real interviewers would never ever do such a thing. If politicians were invited into a studio they were made to ‘work for their supper’ and justify their own positions – they were never, ever invited to comment on their opponent’s position, and woe betide a studio guest if they tried to.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘He repeatedly threw words into the mouths of callers’

      Precisely. He also dredged up a David Cameron anti-UKIP quote no less than three times. Even talking over and cutting off a caller for no other reason than challenging his (Campbell’s) second airing of the quote.

      Biased bastard


      • AsISeeIt says:

        James Walsh ‏@jamesstarsailor
        I like how Nicky Campbell got the ukip lovers to say ‘it’s political correctness gone mad’ at every opportunity. They all did it @fivelive

        3 hrs Nicky Campbell Nicky Campbell ‏@NickyAACampbell
        Jamesstarsailor haha

        [Nicky ‘haha’ Campbell the biased git is anti-UKIP and he’s proud of it]


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It sounds like he does understand, but doesn’t approve and believes it’s his job to change hearts and minds, or demonize those who hold unapproved thoughts.


    • uncle bup says:

      ‘He repeatedly threw words into the mouths of callers’

      Bog-standard droid tactic, and failed gameshow host Nikki ‘Yerve Only Gorra Google Thatcher ‘n’ Paedophile, Campbell is a serial abuser of it.

      ‘So wa’ yer trina say is…’ and its twin sister, ‘If i can sum up yer position’, is invariably followed by the droid stating *their* position and passing it off as the caller’s.

      #corrupt #brain-dead


  8. pah says:

    Trouble is, for those wishing to rubbish the Tories, the facts don’t quite fit.

    UKIPs surge nearly matches the drop in votes for the LibDems and the Tories with only 3% difference.

    What are the BBC and others really saying? If UKIP had not put up a candidate then the Tories would have won? Given past results it is more likely to have been a narrow LibDem victory – tactical voting again plus low Tory turnout.

    Either way what it does show is that in what would be a normally safe Tory seat (held by the LibDems by tactical voting and a massive drop in Tory voters turning out recently) an unpopular government still won a mid-term by-election. Worryingly for Labour the jump against the Coalition went to the Right not the Left.

    See here for details.


  9. Sinniberg says:

    The main news article on the BBC website this morning is appallingly biased and bad.

    I don’t believe that people actually vote for another party just to “punish” another one. I think people vote according to their concerns and convictions.

    The voting figures speak for themselves and yet the BBC simply ignores the thrashing that Labour got.

    As mentioned, they are focusing on UKIP for the simple reason of attacking the Conservatives(who I have no sympathy for).


  10. thoughtful says:

    Off topic from the bBC but to provide some interesting more impartial analysis:

    This by election does not show a result which is at all easy to read the Fib Dems have not done well at all and are actually on course to lose just as many seats as they were before!
    UKIP is of course the big story.


  11. lojolondon says:

    I notice the media harping on about how much the Tories lost and a ‘Stunning’ victory for LimpDims, but no mention that LD vote went from 24,900 down to 13,300 (somehow that translates to a 14% reduction although I am tempted to call it nearer 50% reduction!


    • Cassandra king says:

      And how many of those votes were postal votes? In fact the libdems got less actual real votes on the day than labour and made the rest up using the now popular postal vote fraud, when we see the postal vote breakdown people will be very shocked indeed.


  12. Guest Who says:
    One might query that ‘seem’, besides noting the author is not one prone to the kind of view that would place the spotlight on the BBC as a rule.
    Or that in Eastleigh, at least the voters got a choice.


  13. MaxMiller says:

    The BBC is full of sub-human untermensch socialist vermin.
    They must be given a one way ticket to the gas chambers.


    • wallygreeninker says:

      I see your German is improving, Max, even if you’ve remained a witless piece of ordure.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        He’s a Moby. He’s doing it so people like Scott and dez and Nicked emus can hold this up as proof that this is a hate site because there isn’t a banner disclaimer with flashing bright red lights at the top of the blog for every one of his comments.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Earlscourt rebranded?


          • Demon says:

            I always suspected that Earl’s Court was a Moby (although I didn’t know the term then) and I said so at the time. But this one is even less subtle, not saying that Earl was particularly subtle but some, I believe, were fooled by his inane comments.


  14. chrisH says:

    We all know now what the BBC does.
    1. When a trendy Wendy who writes gags for their bosses and betters gets a pummelling in the by-election…well it was all ironic, sending out messages etc.
    That the no-mark himself has done nothing for years but do Richard Curtis ironing for him is neither here nor there-parachute the fop in for a couple of days, remind everyone what an evil slime mould MIGHT think when it is told of an IRA bombing of an elected Prime Ministers hotel…and then when no one gives a stuff for him or his wretched party, then back to London and the Islington cocktail circuit to sneer at the bumpkins they`d just wanted to vote for them.
    2. When said slime moulds party gets a pasting-ell that`ll be ironic too, rope-a-dope and a strategic feint of victory via retreats. Sad fantasists, talking to themselves-but they write this crap and it`ll be archived for ages as living history.
    When O Farrell is your candidate, and Miliband is your party leader….this is one Busted Bankrupt Cockup of a movement.
    Horsemeat with no end user certificate…mere reclaimed effluent of old tribute acts of socialism.


  15. George R says:

    What BBC-NUJ doesn’t mention about its Labour Party and Eastleigh:-

    “Grotesque myth that Red Ed leads a ‘one nation’ party ”



  16. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Even the Grauniad seems to have got it.
    … the truth is that the Lib Dems lost 14% of their vote, compared to the 2010 election, which was exactly the same as the percentage of votes that the Conservatives lost. The fact that Labour attracted pretty much none of these lost votes doesn’t say much about their prospects, either. Essentially, Eastleigh was a protest vote against both the coalition government and its opposition.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    Nicky Campbell is an animal lover. But don’t run away with the idea that he is just a dewy eyed lovey dovey sentimentalist.

    ‘Elephants have a wonderful MATRIARCHAL society and we humans have much to learn from them’.

    You guessed it. Campbell is back up on his feminist hobby horse. Oh how the girls in the office love him.