Yankees Go Home

What’s the US military doing in a remote corner of the Philippines? Kate McGeown’s gone to find out.(12mins 30 secs)

International terrorism brought the US troops to the islands….to advise and assist…‘and its clearly paying off’.

And  look, the Filipino Jollibee restaurant chain is opening up franchises….


The place is a bit safer now but also a bit more American too.’

Do I detect a bit of regret about that?

Gotta celebrate that diversity and cosmopolitan atmosphere generated by all those ‘foreign’ food restauraunts as in the UK where having Chinese, Indian, Thai, Pizza and US burger chains all add to the wonderful multi-cultural mix that is the UK.

Seems a little bit of doubt about that applying to American food chains in non Western countries perhaps?


Much as Western influences were polluting the pure and noble savages of Qatar where the BBC’s Razia Iqbal suggests:  ‘ ‘importing’ Western culture such as orchestras will dilute what it is to be Qatari’……only to be rebuffed with a dose of reality:  ‘No, we have opportunities now beyond our wildest dreams in education and business and in daily life.’

The Qatar Philharmonic was established in 2008, the first western symphony orchestra in a Gulf state, and just one of a number of institutions intended to demonstrate the country’s cultural ambitions.

Razia Iqbal visits Katar, the official cultural village of Doha, and talks to members of the orchestra, many of whom have been imported from Europe. And she interviews the country’s ‘culture queen’, Sheikha Mayassa Al-Thani, daughter of the Emir of Qatar.


No such concerns about diluting British culture and what it is to be British from the BBC.


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18 Responses to Yankees Go Home

  1. The Highland Rebel says:

    Talking about the military there seems to be a lot of ‘outrage’ at Goebells House recently over the use of drones.
    Imagine that. A machine that can take out Islamic terrorists without putting our own boys in danger. No ‘outrage’ of course about Jihadists machine gunning church congregations, firing missiles into schools, roadside bombs or slitting the throats of aid workers though.

    Drones – a blessing to all them virgins waiting impatiently in paradise.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      You can’t use drones, it removes one of the B-BBC’s useful propaganda planks. Using drones means fewer British soldiers dying or being wounded and that means the B-BBC can’t gleefully keep constantly adding up the body count to bolster it’s lefty anti-western propaganda machine.


    • Alex Feltham says:

      What really upsets them though is to remind them as Hannan and Delingpole do in today’s Telegraph that Hitler was a socialist.

      There’s also a hilarious Nazi film from 1943 about the Titanic. I kid you not.

      You can see a clip from that in: “Titanic Lie” at:



      • Louis Robinson says:

        Alex, a special thank you for the link to the dreadful (in every sense) Titanic movie.


  2. wallygreeninker says:

    I notice that edition of FOOC there was one from Sulu (foreigners frequently kidnapped, terrorist activity), one from northern Nigeria (terrorist activity, foreign doctors have their throats cut) and Kosovo (medical student gets out of Europe’s newest Muslim state because it’s not safe) there was not even the slightest attempt by the overall presenter to point out a common thread to these three stories. The conclusions drawn by the three reporters respectively were: American culture is contaminating a pristine Pacific Island, Muslims accused of terrorist activity in Nigeria are being held without trial and immigration to America is a splendid thing for both parties.


    • noggin says:

      “point out a common thread to these three stories”.
      bbc alternative – its a zionist conspiracy – as the jews rule the world


  3. pedro says:

    do you know what is really mugging me of just lately comrades…why oh why does the biased bbc always have these phone ins on the stephen nolan and nicky campbell och aye shows where they give a platform to these angry bitter western hating muslims who do nothing but bitch about how evil and disgusting western culture is,,,i always bang my head the against wall,,,and i do…and ask this question….why would you as a muslim travel 1000s of miles from your superior islamic countrys and cultures to come and live in the dirty disgusting western countrys like england and the usa where that filthy pork is the staple diet of the majority,,,i think that is a fair question to ask…i really do.


  4. stuart says:

    the lefties will accuse you of racism for saying that pedro.


  5. Adi says:

    importing’ Western culture such as orchestras will dilute what it is to be Qatari

    On the other hand importing more Qatari culture will enhance what is to be British.

    BBC-you ROCK! /s


  6. pedro says:

    but of course the leftys as a default will accuse me of racism stuart ZZZzzzzzzzz,, but there are pakistani christians,,arab christians,, black african christians who have no voice in the muslim world but will agree with my sentiments,,,,but lets educate these far left bigots in a bit of history,,,i am a proud englishman with spanish heritage..yes my parents are spanish who fled francos national socalist fascists and there brutality and came to this great country called england,,,they are greatfull for that believe me,,,lets get one thing straight you left wing bigots,,my skin colour is brown by heritage….so dont you dare accuse me of racism you white lefty idiots,,if you leftys read my above comment i did not once mention anybodys race or skin colour,,,here is the problem with you far left bigots,,when you lose the argument you resort to false accussations like racism and islamaphobia blah blah blah…we have had we enough of that crap and wont be silenced by you fascists who dont have a clue what the word democracy means,


  7. Rufus McDufus says:

    But the BBC broadcasting its cultural message all round the world (at our expense) is perfectly OK, right?


  8. chrisH says:

    Lords day of rest..so f*** the BBC!
    But-“just one other thing” to quote Columbo.
    Anybody else notice the the godawful Matthew O Connell and his B.S show(9a.m R4/17.2.13) refer to an interview with a senior deputy judge or whatever to scotch whatever it was that useless May was saying in the Mail today(euggh!).
    “Senior Deputy judge?”…only Lord Carlile no less, Lib Dem Euromonkey and suck up to the whole E.U project lock stock and saddle( horsemeat joke there…dedicated to the Beebtrolls of this site,who are probably still in bed!).
    So-what do YOU think that a LibDem Eurofanatic who`s left his heart in Brussels but his expenses very much with us, would think of us trying to remove the likes of Qatada, Big Issue psychopaths from the Balkans or slave traders from the Baltix?
    No, me neither…
    Next up-that ever so `umble waiter on a cruise liner who worries about the strength of the tables down in steerage for the fuller fella…Lord Prescott of Temple Bard!
    BBC-what`s Arabic for hypocrite…magnifique?


  9. I miss Qatar. A country where all Qataris have free health care, education, housing, water, electricity and telephones. Not a socialist nirvana though – an absolute, but ultimately beneficent, monarchy. Of course the Beeboids must complain.

    The other thing I liked about Qatar was that as a foreign national I was expected to pay for everything myself. I had no rights or entitlements as I was non-Qatari. Quite right and proper.

    The museum of Islam is very ‘illuminating’, but they have a allowed a Christian church to be built.

    Very forward thinking monarchy.

    I do miss it.


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