It’s What They Don’t Say


You can always tell what the BBC line is on any subject by seeing what they don’t report and of course what they do carefully select to highlight.

Bishop Hill has noticed this:

‘….the comments of Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England at the launch of the Bank’s quarterly inflation report. Environmental policies it seems are an “own-goal”.

Sir Mervyn blamed the Government for the overshoot, claiming that the Coalition had scored an “own goal” by damaging household incomes with a range of environmental and education policies that have pushed up energy bills and tuition fees.

He said: “It’s a bit of an own goal as it looks as if inflation is worse without any change in the underlying behaviour of the economy. And clearly the attempt to put up prices charged by utilities – to pay for green charges, green policies – are pushing up administered prices in a way that [is] … self inflicted in terms of damage done to real take home pay.”


The BBC miss out the ‘environmental costs of green policies’ paragraph and skip to the next one, happy to highlight the government scoring an ‘own goal’ for its economic policies reducing take home pay:

‘Own goal’

Sir Mervyn said that factors outside of the Bank’s control – increases in university tuition fees and utility bills – had added to inflation recently.

“If you like, it is a bit of a self-inflicted goal in terms of the damage done to real take-home pay, perhaps another way of trying to implement fiscal consolidation through moving up the price level,” he said.



And whilst reporting this:

Although economic output has been broadly flat for the past two years, Sir Mervyn said that masked “a more encouraging underlying picture”.

Manufacturing and services – which make up the bulk of the economy – had grown during 2012, seeing a similar performance to that in the US and considerably stronger than in Japan and the eurozone, he said.


They do not give the figures…which say that growth for 2012 was 1.2%….just below the US 1.5%….despite its massive stimulus, Labour like Plan B, spending!

I imagine they prefer you to think along the lines of a measily 0.3% or some such figurethey certainly aren’t going to give the government an inch on good news.


Curious what catches the eye of a BBC journalist.  And what gets suppressed.  The massive inflation in fuel prices cause by green policy is surely something of importance and something that should be discussed.   But that would rasie all sorts of awkward questions not just about the ‘renewables’ policies but about the cause iof it as well…ie ‘global warming…man made or not?’  for instance.


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12 Responses to It’s What They Don’t Say

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC missed a chance to bash Cameron and Osborne. What gives? Poor reading comprehension on their part, or deliberate censorship for ideological reasons? 28-Gate continues to rear its ugly head.

    You know they’re going hear that the BBC is covering for Government mistakes, which will then transmogrify into proof that they’re balanced and impartial as they get complaints from both sides.

    Defenders of the indefensible: ZZzzzzzzz


    • Guest Who says:

      Well, one is out and about, and has forgotten his Tourette’s meds, so you never know. The day is yet young.


  2. london calling says:

    Reorting the news, or rewriting the news to fit their agenda? A bBC news editor – wouldn’t we love to know their name? – “decides” to edit out the Governor of the Bank of England’s reference to the cost of Green policies. Utterly shameless , the BBC is bent, in the pockets of the Green Advocacy Industry, hiding their dirty little secrets. Bit like Saville, more of the same, only more dangerous.


  3. thoughtful says:

    I’ve been saying this for sometime, and it’s a cross party thing so that’s probably why the bBC hasn’t reported it. Fuel poverty is caused by politicians? Never going to hear that when it’s so easy to keep to the party line & blame the big energy companies!

    I wonder if anyone on these forums has tried to find out just how much tax / levies are applied to our energy? I’ve found it impossible, if someone does know would you please pass it on?


  4. chrisH says:

    I`m hopeful that the BBC is only continuing its aimless, lazy vendettas against all that stand in its way, because it knows that the rest of us despise them.
    Words can hardly express the hatred and contempt that many of us have for their 24/7 rolling rubbish…and all so that we get the E.U/U.N world Government with their own damned megaphones and party balloons being used atop the dungheap.
    Does anybody but a public sector dumbcluck…a gasbag from their own political and academic, charity or media entertainment…give a flying drone on Dresdens cuss for a word that they say, by way of opinion?
    Fatuous vacuous paranebbies with a rainbow golf umbrella…halitosis of the psyche due to too much Repton and Oxbridge after a days moocihng at Red Lion Square!
    Time for the bulldozers Bibi!


  5. colditz says:

    What he said:
    ‘Whether it’s on financing education, green policies or other policies, what they have done is push up prices and that clearly makes our job in the short-run more difficult,’ Sir Mervyn said.

    Read more:

    Why did you miss it out?


    • mat says:

      Daily mail ?? you sick right-wing pervert no real BBC true blood would ever stoop so low !!!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The bit you quote from the hated Mail was censored by the BBC. Hence Alan’s post. Try again.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘You can always tell what the BBC line is on any subject by seeing what they don’t report’
        Whilst serious and damning, sadly BBC CECUTT can brush of EOO with a gay (original usage) laugh of derision.
        But this is pretty clear and present in failure.
        Along with the current attempts at silly defence or distraction.
        They’ll need to gets Hugs’ lawyers up to speed on an FoI or simply ‘lose’ the archive if it is too embarrassing.


  6. Alex Feltham says:

    And what about what they haven’t said about the Stafford hospital scandal?

    Shouldn’t the BBC be full of righteous anger against those who have betrayed Bevan’s conception?

    There’s more on this in: “Soul Dead NHS” at:


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I half way had an impression about another reason why the BBC censored King’s criticism of “green” energy policies from the BBC’s choice of phrase in the first line in the “Own Goal” section of their article. They reported that King was talking about things “outside of the Banks control”, which made me assume that his whole statement was some kind of ass-covering line of defense. I didn’t really think much of it at the time because I was really focused on the censorship angle.

    Now I see that my initial impression was correct. “Two Eds” Flanders, a harsh critic of King (not that she’s entirely wrong about that), has written this:

    Mervyn King still ne regrette rien

    So the BBC censored King’s criticism of “green” energy policies for two reasons, and I guess the primary reason is that it would detract from the main Narrative of the piece, which was showing King’s folly. Flanders’ piece is all about how he got it wrong. I don’t have any way of knowing how much she influenced the original article.

    Perhaps the protection of their precious “green” energy agenda was a bonus for the BBC? Either way what they did was wrong, and a display of bias overcoming proper journalism.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of what they don’t say, it can often be a mystery what prompts what they not only do, but put top of the list…
    BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast)
    15/02/2013 06:02
    Our main story: Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell charged with 19 child sex offences.

    Main story? Evidently not a different time. Or channel.