Interesting observation here from our friends at BBC Watch;

On February 6th, the BBC ran a report entitled “Hezbollah hits out after Bulgaria bus bomb report” in which it devoted considerable space to the denials of involvement coming from the organisation’s deputy leader. However, even after the announcement by the Bulgarian officials and despite the fact that five civilian holiday-makers and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed and around 30 people injured  in what was obviously a terror attack, the BBC still insists upon using the word ‘militants’ in all the above reports from February 5

militants 4

It’s not a surprise though – the BBC does not think Hezbollah are terrorists. Just like they did not really believe the IRA were terrorists. Through the BBC prism, the only real terrorists are the likes of US marines or British soldiers,






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  1. deegee says:

    The BBC doesn’t make value judgments … except when it does.


    • Ralph says:

      I wonder if these ‘Bulgarian officials’ used the word ‘militants’ or are the BBC misquoting them?


  2. noggin says:

    hezbollah hits out?, (over the erm … “offence”?) – yikes …
    over intimating, what! … that they islamic facist murderers
    all those innocent Israelli children, better watch out then eh!
    i find it astounding – seem to be flavour of the month, (year?)
    how blase, one can become, about facist murderers eh!

    mind you, no good looking across the pond for any guidance


  3. Old Timer says:

    I expect they were Conservative Militants as well eh?
    Were they led by a Conservative religious person?
    You know the sort.
    No, not the “Peace on earth” sort.
    The “Blow you to pieces”, sort.
    Ali AK47 Ba to you all.


  4. Bonzo says:

    So they reported that someone blew himself up on a bus and killed 6 people and injued 30 and showed pictures of the aftermath…..but you’re concerned with whether they’re called ‘militants’, ‘terrorists’ or ‘giraffes’?

    Hasnt this been explained to you umpteen times before?


    • Old Timer says:

      Now, now don’t get militant.


    • Richard D says:

      If these acts were conducted in their own country (not that Hezbollah have a country, you understand- they may have places where they have a strong base, but they don’t actually have a country), you might get away with calling such an act ‘militant’. But I suspect that would not reflect the views, for example, of the majority in Lebanon, where Hezbollah have a significant presence. In someone else’s country, there can be little doubt that this should clearly be labelled as ‘terrorist’.

      And it matters a great deal how it is labelled – the less accurately and more ‘neutrally’ these acts are labelled, the more ‘de-sensitised’ to the acts themselves the world becomes. And I guess that’s how things started in Germany in the 30’s.


    • stewart says:

      Yes, it has been explained umpteen times before.
      But ,begging yor pardon ,I don’t accept (or believe) their explanation.


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Hezbollah has a fund raising network all over western Europe that is allowed to operate freely because it is not a officially designated as a terrorist organisation by the EU. Whether or not it is a terrorist outfit is of crucial significance.


      • noggin says:

        not designated by the EU – with the willing aid of a certain chuck hagel …
        see video above


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘concerned with whether they’re called ‘
      Well, despite sticks ‘n stones ‘n all, words can matter.
      I also recall the BBC getting pretty excited on more than on occasion on how things get described, and then either copping out, sucking up, flipping the bird to common sense to please a minority crowd or… when all else fails, ignoring their own rules.
      Maybe you could explain to them how rampant hypocrisy isn’t working like it used to?


    • RCE says:

      If it doesn’t matter why does the BBC go to such lengths to avoid the word ‘terrorist’?


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        They do mention it….Israelis are terrorists.

        Maybe they don’t write poetry.


  5. George R says:

    Yes, and in MALI, although Islamic jihad enemy of the Malian people and of the West, in INBBC report below, describe themselves thus :

    “The Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao) has claimed responsibility for the weekend’s violence.”

    -elsewhere in INBBC report the enemy are euphemistically described as either ‘extremist fighters’ or as ‘Islasmist militants’.

    “Mali troops in house-to-house search for Gao militants” [sic]


    • John wood says:

      I would much rather that the reports said “The .,….. have confessed to the weekend’s violence”


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      The BBC are right. But they should have called them Islamic freedom fighters standing up against pensioner and schoolgirl aggression.


  6. George R says:

    For INBBC:

    “Muslim fanatics spouting on British TV: Extremists use fringe stations to call for terror, murder and the torture of gay people”


  7. George R says:

    Those BBC-NUJ ‘militants’:-

    “BBC Journalists To Strike Over Redundancies”

    -BBC-NUJ strikes over any small reductions in posts in the BBC global broadcasting empire, such as at apartheid Asian Network, and at World Service. Licence payers expected to accept BBC-NUJ diktat.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘to chew over an issue that.. already sparked heated debate in the BBC African newsroom. The concerns of journalists there seemed to centre on the use of [a giraffe]’
      Well ain’t that the dog’s doo-dahs banned?


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Erdogan says there is no Islamism and Islam – just Islam and who are we to disagree with him. Personally, I think Islam is a religion of enthusiasm so what is required is merely a fanaticism rating along the lines of the Richter scale for earthquakes and Fujita scale for tornadoes.


    • George R says:


      INBBC ‘Islamists’ win one-sided ‘debate’ scrutinised by top brass of CoJO (also representing Muslim Brotherhood).


  8. Scrappydoo says:

    The BBC is a lost cause , it has been infiltrated by every “militant” group under the sun. It no longer represents this country or those who pay for it.


    • The General says:

      The last time the BBC represented the people who pay for it the license fee was £2.


  9. graphene fedora says:

    We used to have militant shop-stewards, although I don’t recall them blowing up buses. For all the beeboids’ exculpatory semantics, those involved in an atrocity, especially against civilians, are, by their actions, terrorists. They are using terror as a weapon to intimidate. This definition is clearly understood & used by members of the public, without any equivocation. We call a terrorist, a terrorist. No flannel, or soft soap. Bombers may well be militant, but by their willingness to murder brutally & indiscriminately, they have left political activism behind & taken the dark & bloody path of TERRORISM. Whenever the true nature of Islam, its glaring collective failure, its intrinsic savagery, is revealed, the BBC springs reflexively forward to defend its favoured pet. The BBC is like a snake wrapped around the British public’s windpipe. Off with this serpent’s bloated head.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Militant shop stewards had their wings clipped by that evil Fatcher. She installed secret ballots, outlawed secondary picketing, regulated the closed-shop, and removed the protected legal immunities of TU’s. ( beside putting scargill back in his box). Gawd bless ‘er guv!


  10. openyoureyes says:


  11. pedro says:

    whether you agree on gay marriege or not is not the real issue here comrades,,,whats more dangerous than that is when the views and aims of the so called minoritys superseed the views of the silent majority in england..why do i say that,,,think about it,,,what say further down the line own own version of hezbollah in england the so called muslim council of britian say heh !! we want full sharia law now in england mr gave the gay community what they want so we want a bit of the cake now mr cameron….thats what worrys me.


  12. George R says:

    Now, it’s INBBC’s “insurgents”! :-

    “US President Barack Obama has presented the Medal of Honor to a former soldier for his leadership and bravery when his isolated base was attacked by insurgents.”


  13. pedro says: oh dear,,,outcry over what ??..hilter was a national socalist,the nazi party went under the banner of national socalism,,,,funny how the socalists dont like being tarred with the racist and nazi tag which they have been doing exactly that to other people that dont agree with then for years……


    • Demon says:

      In the quote, it’s quite clear that Hitler believed in socialism and considered himself a socialist. His words could be taken out of the mouth or the printed word of any far-left politician, such as Lenin, Stalin, Tony Benn, Ed Milliband, Vince Cable etc. Or any BBC “personality” such as Marr, Naughtie etc.

      It’s a good reminder for all the lefties: Hitler is one of yours!


  14. George R says:

    “Gore silent after al-Jazeera airs Qaradawi show affirming death penalty for leaving Islam”


  15. George R says: