Reds On Top Of The Bed

Dame Helen Mirren, once of the Socialist Worker‘s Party tells us: “I was never a left-winger, actually,” she told Time Out. “I was a pretend left-winger because it was more interesting than being a right-winger.  I never really embraced the ideology because socialists were so sexist and racist.”

How true…it seems:

The BBC were happy to give some good publicity to this junket backed by the Socialist Worker’s Party:   Slutwalk London: ‘Yes means yes and no means no’

And, as ‘Notasheep’ points out, the BBC works closely with SWP supporters:

‘Why nothing about this case on the BBC? It’s not as though the Socialist Workers Party is unknown to them. A regular on the BBC is ‘comedian’ Mark Steel, a long time SWP member, albeit one who resigned from the party in 2007, long after he started to make his hugely amusing appearances on BBC radio. The ‘Right To Work’ campaign that the BBC gave huge prominence to last year was a SWP offshoot.
I think it safe to say that an equivalent sex scandal at the BNP would be headline news on the BBC so why not when it’s the equally vile SWP?

Now why might the BBC have a soft spot for the extreme-left Socialist Workers Party? Who can say.’


The BBC aren’t so happy to report on a woman who claimed to have been raped by a senior member of the SWP, and who rather than going to the police accepted their kind offer of an internal investigation or ‘trial’ by their own Disputes Committee…with the inevitable outcome that the senior member of the SWP, who knew the panel of ‘judges‘, walked away scot free leaving the woman in great distress: SWP Rape Scandal Developments

The transcript of said ‘trial’ is here.

From inside the den of iniquity itself:
‘The reason that the DC (Disputes Committee) thought it was fit to investigate this case is precisely because it did not recognise rape within relationship, acquaintance rape, date rape or whatever you want to call this woman’s experience as a ‘real’ rape.  Part of their disbelief may have been because they were friends or long standing colleagues of Delta.  Part of their disbelief may be because the party’s position on women’s oppression is flawed, it has not kept up to date with the most current theories in feminism and it has not kept itself at the forefront of the battle against women’s oppression.  Part of their problem was that they are human, they live in this world, in this time and, despite protestations to the contrary, they were not immune to the rape myths that exist in this society. 
I have also faced the argument that the DC has investigated 9 rapes in the past (I’m not clear on how recently these ‘investigations’ were conducted).  I believe this argument is put forward to reassure comrades of the competency of the DC.  I don’t find it reassuring in the slightest; in fact I find it terrifying.’



Why did the BBC not cover this extraordinary story?

Just how many of the BBC were or still are members of the Socialist Worker’s Party?

Could that be the reason this story seems to be non-existent at the BBC?

They must have discussed it at an editorial meeting…if so who spiked the report and why?


Nick Cohen suggests the end of the SWP is possibly not far often and to be greatly welcomed…if so far unnoticed by most of the MSM…can he mean the BBC?:

‘A few Labour historians are more hopeful. They believe the SWP is dying and a foul Leninist tradition is dying with it. If they are right, not only will the air on the left be sweeter to breathe, but British feminism will have won a notable battle without the mainstream media even noticing.’


The Guardian has it:
Why ‘leftists revolutionaries’ are not the best feminists
The rape allegation against a member of the SWP is hardly surprising, given the party’s attitude towards women.

The Daily Mail has it:
A show of hands! That’s how the Socialist Workers Party cleared a comrade of rape

The Independent has it:

Ranks of the Socialist Workers Party are split over handling of rape allegation


Lots of papers have it….but seemingly not the BBC.

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43 Responses to Reds On Top Of The Bed

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    Common Purpose, Neo-Communist and now Socialist Workers. No wonder the BBC is being investigated after letters from Labour politicians worried about the extreme bias of the BBC’s Climate Change policy.

    The BBC even fooled the Labour Party into thinking that this policy was driven by the “the best scientific experts” instead of green activists, described in investigations as Neo-Communists.


  2. leftieshatefreedom says:

    I always knew Dame Helen wasn’t a left-winger…she’s too good looking! You could never accuse her of being hatchet-faced!


  3. stewart says:

    Dame Helen Mirren represents the true face of the bourgeois ‘left’.
    Hers is not the ideology of Marx (cultural or otherwise) but of moral relativism.
    Her motivations have more to with Freud than Lenin or Trotsky.
    She is not interested in social justice,certainly not in the redistribution of wealth and hates the indigenous working class (learnt no doubt from her russian socialist father).
    Her interest is in her freedom to self indulge and the maintenance of her and her bien-pensant cliques indolent life style.


    • Frank Words says:

      A very nice summary of lefty luvvies. From Jimmy Carr to Billy Bragg; from Julie Christie to Stephen Fry, from Patrick Stewart to Jo Brand.


  4. london calling says:

    Never trust a luvvie – they simply read lines written by other people. For all their fake gravitas, I’ve yet to hear one that isn’t a complete simpleton in the matter of world politics and economics. That includes Hollywood, and the Brits: Helen Mirren, Sean Penn, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Bono, all complete intellectual space-to-let.


  5. Enoch says:

    Useful Idiot is what you call all these luvvie types.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      They are very useful indeed. Which is why the BBC likes to have them on QT and other shows where they can grant us pearls of wisdom on important matters.


  6. leftieshatefreedom says:

    ‘Socialists were so sexist and racist’ Who’ll be next to state the bloody obvious? News just in… John Prescotts mistress says he could never be on top.


  7. Ian Hills says:

    I once bonked a girl called Sharia
    And even though I was meant
    To ask for her consent
    The court said I had no need to fee-ar


  8. Ian Hills says:

    Wonder if Old Etonian Charlie Kimber has inherited the family baronetcy yet? With a National Secretary like him the Central Committee of the SWP is more exclusive than the Tory front bench, although I doubt if Panorama will investigate….


  9. pedro says:

    real far right national socalist fascists and real far left national socalist fascists tend to meet in the middle in there extremes as a politacal entity,,,,as they say,,,they are 2 cheeks of the same backside,,,i despise both of them,,,,more important to me is to learn from history,,,never forget when nazi hitler and communist stalin made there convenient peace pact in 1939,,that gave the green light to hitler nazis to invade and enslave poland,,,worse than that…hitlers best buddy then communist joseph stalin sent old adolf a telegram congatulating him when he invaded france,,.. just appalling these hypocrites of the socalist far right and socalist far left.


  10. Guest Who says:

    ‘Why did the BBC not cover this extraordinary story?’
    Wild guess…
    ‘rather than going to the police accepted their kind offer of an internal investigation or ‘trial’ by their own Disputes Committee…with the inevitable outcome that the senior member….. who knew the panel of ‘judges‘, walked away scot free’
    Too close to home?


  11. colditz says:


    Why do women, gays, Roma, Muslims, anyone coloured and Eastern Eurpeans frighten you so much that you need to find bias and some mad conspiracy in everything the BBC report.

    Reporting comments or statements is normal news coverage.

    Of course with you total ignorance of how journalism works, I suspect you don’t understand that.

    The Daily Telgraph also reported Helen Mirren’s comments:

    I take it the Telegraph is also part of your conspiracy for doing so.


    • Kyoto says:

      Dear colditz,

      There you go posting again, by your own assessment you must be very sad and lonely.

      Best regards



    • Deborah says:

      Dear Colditz – as a woman I find the BBC’s constant determination to create a positive image for my sex extremely irritating; for the rest of the groups you name I find the BBC’s determination to put a positive spin extremely dangerous. Let the truth be what it is; but putting a positive spin (and ignoring stories that do not suit an agenda) means that when the truth’s out it go with a bigger bang.


    • Beeboidal says:

      The Daily Telgraph also reported Helen Mirren’s comments:

      Yes they did. It was Alan’s very first link. Do try to keep up. Alan’s point is about the BBC’s non-reporting of SWP matters. A rape case is dealt with internally by a joke SWP court where the accused, if found guilty, would have faced the oh so draconian penalty of expulsion from the party . Newsworthy or not?


    • ltwf1964 says:

      to turn your “argument ” on it’s head cold titz

      what is it about the UK that every sod from nowheresville wants to come here?

      what’s wrong with the rest of the glorious EUSSR that they have to bypass every country in between to land on a relatively small island nation which, thanks to your loony lefty pals in zanuliebore is bursting at the seams with an infrastructure which is creaking and barely able to cope?


    • Mat says:

      We must remember that in clodbatz’s mind there are different types of ‘rape ‘ !
      There’s the evil violent misogynistic rape that can be blamed on right-wing type and the caring sharing mutually sensitive meeting of a great socialist mind and young impressionable flesh who have to be fondl?? sorry educated into adult hood !
      Yes dear ‘NO’ means ‘NO’ now would you like to come upstairs see my outline for a BBC play about the poor ,the evil of consumerism and the joy of sex with an older man !


      • Chop says:

        I doubt poor lil Colditz has ever touched a real woman, bet even his mam said “I’ll pass” when it came to breast feeding.

        It would explain his pent up, lefty anger on every story.


    • leftieshatefreedom says:

      Colditz is that sort of hateful leftie who uses gay marriage to bash Christians with while ignoring the fact that Muslims stone gay people to death. (this will never be reported on the bBBC of course!) In the crazy world of a rabid foaming at the mouth left-winger, Muslims religious beliefs take precedence over a gay persons right to life.


  12. DJ says:

    On the plus side, at least we now know where the BBC got the inspiration for its complaints procedure.

    I bet overall Comrade Delta got it about right.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘the inspiration for its complaints procedure’
      The Today Programme FaceBook Page:
      Good morning. Today, at 0810, a public inquiry into why NHS managers failed to spot the neglect of thousands of patients at Stafford Hospital is published today.
      Interesting comments so far… on the topic.
      Including this, which is not, and appears to be sending things away from Trusts, oversight and accountability for some reason:
      Patrick Timmons Can’t Michael Buerk find it in him to ditch the oh-so-quaint and backwards “homosexual” and just call us “gay” or LGBTTI?
      Going well, then?


  13. chrisH says:

    Mid-Staff scandal 2005-2009!
    Now was that not both Blair and Browns era as the Great Champions of the NHS?
    All that money…nice Ms Hewitt, Alan Johnson, Andy Burnham and lord knows who else>>>Milburn etc?
    It WAS aLabour in charge throughout was it not?
    Do tell me when or if any of these chimera of times past are given the hairdryer treatment from any Beeboid…or will it be the usual grooming?


  14. Fritzel says:

    Why did the BBC not cover this extraordinary story?

    What makes you think they haven’t?

    Just how many of the BBC were or still are members of the Socialist Worker’s Party?

    No one can answer that as there political party affiliations of staff are not recorded.

    Could that be the reason this story seems to be non-existent at the BBC?

    Maybe. Maybe not. Do you have any evidence that’s the case?

    They must have discussed it at an editorial meeting…if so who spiked the report and why?

    See above


  15. John Wood says:

    What would have happened if the perpetrator been found guilty of rape on a show of hands? Police called? Goolies cut off? Hanged, drawn and quartered? or six months suspension from the party?


    • Ron Todd says:

      I expect the whole set up was a way of clearing the accused with the verdict decided in advance. There would never have been any need to think about any punishment.


  16. Alex Feltham says:

    Not only are they sexist and racist in the “regular” way.

    When they feel they are at their best their racism is worse. All manner of criminal activity from ethnic minorities, particularly Muslims, is excused on the basis that they are not responsible for their actions, i.e., inferior.

    See: “Two Racist Crimes” for more on this surreal state of affairs at:


  17. Mice Height says:

    Here’s the ‘man’ himself, Martin Smith (Comrade Delta) giving his opinion on Great Britain’s “appalling” and “disgusting” flag


    • Enoch says:

      Martin Smith is just a Marxist nothing more nothing less.
      He couldn’t care less about the Muslims and what happens to them.
      He just see’s them as the quickest way to get his Marxist world government.
      Everyone knows what happened to all the lefty’s during the Iranian revolution. They all end up hanging from lamposts and cranes.


  18. chrisH says:

    Reds on top of the bed then?
    Maybe that`s because they couldn`t be arsed to get anybody to change the sheets, so people who actually did make this country great could die in their own shit.
    The unions and Project 2000 terrorise the working class and decent people of this country…the likes of Milburn, Burnham, Hewitt and Johnson smile on the death of the old in Beasley Street .
    And as yet-not a Labour ex-minister to account for what happened…no Dame Cynthia Bower, no David Nicholson.
    No further questions your honour…bloody Tony Newtons fault!