Immigrant Theft?


The BBC had a small programme on Roma immigration hidden away on the World Service but played at 0400 on Saturday morning on R4.

Definitely worth a listen whether you are pro or anti-mass immigration.  Shame the BBC hides such a revealing programme away.  I can only imagine that once they had listened to it they realised it was too likely to bolster the ‘anti’ case.

Two things of great note….one that David Blunkett admits that we have too many immigrants who are, by virtue of their great numbers and special demands, undermining society…and that ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’.

The programme revealed many things about the Roma and also the BBC’s attitude….here the presenter, Simon Cox, was having a problem deciding whether to present the real facts or the BBC ‘facts’ about immigration.  He is clearly schooled in the BBC ‘immigration speak‘…but couldn’t help the facts getting in the way of another tale of poor immigrants facing discrimination.

Many Roma children are being taken into care, at great cost.  Why?

It is we are told, a conflict between the Roma and the English State….a cultural clash.

There are huge problems…a different culture, language and attitude to children…it’s very complicated…the Roma are easily misunderstood.

The children often don’t get fed enough, or don’t go to school or to the dentist or the doctor, there’s physical chastisement and they can be sent out begging on the streets.

Their culture is at odds with Britain’s far more protective attitudes…its Anglo- Saxon domesticity and desire for boundaries.

The BBC seem to push the case that Roma cultural attitudes to children should be recognised and accepted…isn’t that where we came in with Rochdale, female genital mutilation and witchcraft?  Turn a blind eye to criminal behaviour because ‘it’s their culture‘.  ‘Cultural cringe’.

Cox advances the BBC line…that any talk of immigrants coming here for reasons not wholly legitimate is ‘falling into negative stereotyping’.

Strangely he applies that to a Roma who has an in-depth knowledge of the situation and states that they often come here purely for economic advantage…not running from discrimination or abuse as the BBC so often suggest….though many do so suffer.

As even the Czech ambassador admits…..‘The welfare system in Britain is quite generous‘.

Here’s what the Roma said: ‘They come here to get child benefit, to get money from government, some would like to work but some just use system for the money, it’s really bad but this is why they are coming here because they can get money for each child.’

Here’s Cox’s BBC standard response:  ‘Based on attitudes like that its not surprising that Roma have left their homes in Central Europe and are coy about their true ethnicity.
The problem, of racism, is likely to become more severe…campaign groups claim many 10’s of thousands will flock to the UK.’

Ah…so it’s somehow racist to suggest they come purely for the benefits they can receive…even if it’s true?

The BBC egregiously bring on Labour’s David Blunkett who suggests it’s only ‘political groups’ that oppose immigration…but he reveals that 700 Roma are registered with one doctor’s surgery…cheekily he says we cannot keep accepting such numbers of people as it will undermine society…and who knows what will happen when immigration restrictions are lifted.

No recognition of Labour’s guilt in opening up the borders to allow in a mass influx of immigrants who are now swamping the welfare services.

The numbers already here are vastly underestimated according to a Roma organisation…it estimates that over 200,000 Roma are already in the UK.

But even the Roma themselves admit there may be an even greater influx soon.

‘If anyone thinks there are problems integrating existing communities you ain’t seen nothing yet….you’ve got a huge numbers of Roma and they will come here in huge numbers.
Will the challenges get greater…yes….they are a proper Roma people…it is quite hard to work with them…its going to be interesting.’




Some readers may have read the title to  this post and already have leapt to comment.

However it is used quite deliberately…regardless of whether you think an immigrant coming here solely to pick up the ‘generous benefits’ is committing a fraud…a theft…or not…..the title is used because the BBC are quite happy to use a similar headline on their frontpage…..


Rally in November 2012 against sharp rises in university tuition fees, funding cuts and high youth unemploymentGenerational theft?

The argument that young people have never had it so bad


It goes on to ask:

So why are the young not taking to the streets?’

So not only is the BBC defaming and slandering a whole generation but incites riots.


Negative stereotyping?  If it’s unacceptable to do so to immigrants why is it OK for the BBC to launch an attack on a particular age group?


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34 Responses to Immigrant Theft?

  1. Albaman says:

    “‘So why are the young not taking to the streets?’

    …………………….. One line, taken out of context, from a fairly lengthy article is not evidence of the “BBC defaming and slandering a whole generation.” Your claim that this in some way makes the BBC guilty of inciting the young to riot (as opposed to taking to the streets to protest legitimately) is derisory.


    • Alan says:

      Hardly out of context is it? ‘Generational theft’ followed by an article asking ‘So why are the young not taking to the streets?’

      Quite clear what the context is…you don’t even need to read the ‘fairly long article’ to know the BBC point. Those two quotes encapsulate it perfectly….A Paul Mason-like dream of manning the barricades in ’68.

      Oh the romance of a good old riot….and such good TV.


    • chrisH says:

      One line eh?
      What about all those countless lines used by the BBC to support Occupy and their riots, their UK Uncut incitements, their schmoozing over Mark Duggan and trying to turn him into Rodney King or J.C De Menezes…and of course their “posh boys got it coming, c/o Plan B…doing rather well out of his Hollywood trailer, but still “danh on t`street wiv da kids…no CRB needed, bruv!”
      You`re a naive empty controversist, sir!


  2. ltwf1964 says:

    at one stage I thought that the british public would only take so much of their country being subsumed by eastern europeans,their towns and cities becoming cantons of former soviet bloc nations,their services being brought to the point of collapse due to the sheer weight of numbers etc etc

    now I realise i was wrong……..the more pressing items to be addressed is what’s happening on eastbenders and constipation street

    oh and homosexuals getting married-can’t forget that one.Literally

    every time you turn the tv on,the agitprop hits you right in the face


  3. Herman says:

    Derisory? No, he’s just on drugs


    • Wild says:

      Herman = Nicked Emus


    • Demon says:

      Herman the German, along with Colditz, Fritz and the other short-live one with a Germanic nick (which I can’t remember :o.


    • TPO says:

      A few years back a rather deranged individual by the name of ‘hillhunt’ used to post here. He had some sort of morbid fetish about Jeremy Clarkson and was prone to claiming that Tony Benn was a war hero. Eventually he became too tiresome and was banned from here and well as the Guido Fawkes site.
      He went on to set up a turgid blog solely devoted to attacking this blog but it hasn’t been active in two years or more.

      Is this the same geezer?


  4. David Lamb says:

    I listened to the latter half of a Radio 4 programme Sunday evening, around 8.30pm, which covered a Roma family in Bradford. Oh my, how they were trying to integrate and settle in the UK. There was some problem with a local family who has a St George’s cross on the door, and one inhabitant allegedly came out and swore at the Roma children. This was racism. The Roma’s called the police and were satisfied that the police had taken their side. The BBC commentator acknowledged that street racism still existed in Britain. No attempt to speak to the English family was made. Good Roma’s. Bad English. Then on to interview contented and happily integrating Pakistani women.


    • David Brims says:

      David Lamb ” Good Roma, bad Englisn, then on to interview contented and happily intergrating Pakistani woman.”

      Yes, it’s like a Grimm Fairytale. Grim for the indigenous inhabitants.


      • Ian Hills says:

        True. And rather than deprive them of “the right to a family life” by nicking their kids, why not deport them back to their obviously more tolerant countries of origin? But our masters in Broadcasting House would never explore that option – why, the Guardian depends on ads for child snatchers and social engineers of like nature to stop it going bust.


  5. Alex Feltham says:

    Another story that the BBC has been hiding away is that of Emma West of “Racist Rant on a Tram ” fame.

    It’s now a year since they mentioned the case on their internet site which is odd as it has become so interesting.

    The woman has been tormented with four adjournments to her case while an identical case involving a black woman has been ignored by the authorities and, of course, by the Beeb.

    Anyhow you can find out about how this now surreal case is proceeding in: “Two Racist Cases” at:


  6. George R says:

    “Is this the future for Britain?
    “German cities plead for help from Berlin as ‘social peace’ is threatened by large number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants.
    “German cities facing ‘significant costs’ as a result of poverty migration.
    “Dortmund, Hanover, Duisburg, Berlin and Hamburg all struggling to cope.
    “Chaos in classrooms with native children being held back, report claims.
    “Roma families with ten children ‘receiving payments for each from the state.’
    “Reports of Romanian crime gangs sending children and women out to steal. ”



  7. Guest Who says:

    It all seems to be about clubs.
    Clubs folk are in. Clubs others are not.
    Clubs some are not in but want to be. Clubs some don’t like and don’t want to exist.
    With variable funding views about the different clubs, and members, depending. Often to a unique extent.
    Clubs used to be about similar folk with shared interests, etc, gathering to enjoy each other’s company, views, etc.
    Most (not all) seemed/seem pretty benign; they asked little to nothing of others and likewise imposed little beyond the boundaries they had bought and paid for.
    So far, so mellow. And not a bad thing in a democratic of free speech sense. You want to join, fine. A few requirements, and if you like them stump up the sub and agree or… don’t.
    A bit like employment, where I really can’t envisage ever wanting to work with or for anyone who doesn’t want me in return. No harm, no foul… I’ll take my custom elsewhere. Or start my own (hold that thought – few alternatives are ever espoused, much less created. Much easier to shout than do. Demand than build).
    Then things got a bit complicated.
    As pendulums swung hither and thither, extremes prevailed and reactions set in, along with laws of unintended consequences.
    Much as one can enjoy Groucho dismissing the notion of joining a club that would have him as a member, he stopped at mockery.
    Then along came legislation, and compulsion.
    It was not enough that a club was not one anyone of taste or discernment would wish to join, even if existing within a petty bubble of its own it had to cease to exist or, rather perversely, be forced open to allow those who are affronted become part.
    From religious clubs and their partner practice rules that go back millennia, to country (in the national sense) clubs who go back centuries or more, what was can no longer be.
    Rather oddly, and unfortunately, the prising open has often been rather uni-directional, and too often destructive, leaving nothing at all rather than a better club or tolerable compromise to the various interested parties.
    It’s almost as though some cannot bear to see others comfortable in each other’s company, and in guise of seeking to share in that, simply wish to drag all down to their miserable level.
    As metaphors, just like many Flokkers appear to demand here on BBBC. It exists, but it must not. Hence seeking to prevail in numbers and volume, but actually only serving to poison the well for all. And if destruction is effected, then all that’s needed is to move on to the next institution that ‘offends’ to repeat the process.
    There can be differences of course. Some clubs are free. Others impose a charge. One, uniquely, gets to impose a charge whether you wish to join or not. And despite being one of the loudest voices for a free for all, appears to have some of the most draconian rules and hypocritical exclusion abilities when it comes to its own affairs.
    What does seem consistent is those keenest on joining, or seeing others compelled to accept more unpaid members in other clubs, are those enjoying little accountability for their demands within their own, especially when it’s some paying for all to enjoy club membership to satisfy the demands of others.
    Now being told to mix with folk is one thing, and being told to pay for the privilege is another.
    But when it turns out that in addition some perhaps less than welcome impositions are being introduced, with even raising objection not to be tolerated, then the pressure cooker may hit a red line.
    People might yet take to the streets. Though it may just be others to those the BBC appears to feel it has carte blanche to selectively boost and/or incite.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Hence seeking to prevail in numbers and volume’
      Like being first in and with mostly anonymous support within 30 mins.


  8. colditz says:

    The understimation of the actual numbers of Roma is correct. Realising that the knuckle draggers and boot boys will quickly target them (seems to be open season on any travelling folk in the press), they do not identify themselves as Roma. They use their country of origin, although in most cases they have done a runner because of centuries of persecution. Lest we forget the Nazis put them in the same bag as Jews.

    The majority of Roma are there therefore ‘under the radar’ and doing their best to integrate and fit. There are plenty at schools and workplaces, maybe even that Czech or Hungarian you work with.

    BTW I’d love to know what the ‘real facts’ are about immigration. I suspect they are a sorry amalgam of UKIP, BNP and EDL half baked conspiracies theories.


    • Richard D says:

      Strange argument to finish with. You think that the ‘real facts’ will bear out UKIP, BNP and EDL theories – if they’re so near the truth, then these assessments cannot be ‘half-baked’ as you put it !

      And strangely, for someone who appears to be unaware of real facts, you are able to make statements like “The majority of Roma are there therefore ‘under the radar’ and doing their best to integrate and fit.”


    • Richard D says:

      And yes, I know where your ‘real facts’ quote came from, but you didn’t make it at all clear what you were referring to, so it can easily be read the way I put it.

      However, as I pointed out, you then go on to make a claim of ‘fact’ that you also have produced no evidence for whatsoever. ‘Real fact ‘ – or just some made-up nonsense ?- which you clearly accuse others of doing.


    • Oflag IV-C says:

      Yes, clearly some Roma (the minority) go out of their way to remain completely inconspicuous throughout Europe (see how long you can keep hold of your wallet in a Milan Station) by indulging in trivial high-jinks like co-ordinated street crime, ‘assertive’ begging, child exploitation, aggressive squatting, extortion, massive benefit fraud etc etc. Even the BBC acknowledges this is real and have ran programmes showing the tasteful palaces of Cluj.

      Just one link to the despicable knuckle-dragging Mail

      Some Roma clearly create an image problem for the greater mass who do indeed fear being associated with the criminal families whose extremely anti-social behaviour is a reasonable cause of concern


    • Kyoto says:

      Dear colditz,

      As per your earlier post I worry that you are sad and lonely, so I thought best to put this post as near as possible to yours.

      Best regards,



  9. George R says:


    “Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria”


  10. Pounce says:

    Another puff piece from the bBC why Muslims (All 3 are memebers of the gay death cult) drop everything to come to the Uk. Notice the emphasis on how each one didn’t really need to move to the UK and that all had work (or money) before arriving here.
    Why do people choose to settle in the UK?

    The bBC, the oxymoron news outfit which while spreading the message (24/7) that the Uk is full of white racist bigots, is proud to promote how all the worlds Muslims want to come to the UK becasue of our Human rights.


  11. David Brims says:

    I read somewhere that Roma gypsy pickpocket crime has gone up in London by 800%

    You can blame Tony Blair, who as we speak, is living it up at the Dorchester.


  12. NotaSheep says:

    Does your nose feel ‘rubbed in diversity’ yet?


  13. pedro says:

    these middle class posh souding biased left wing and liberal bbc nuj journalists from the universitys of marxism know exactly what they are doing when they put a slant or angle on a story where they can demonise the whole english christian decent people of this nation as zenephobes and bigots,,,,why do they get away with this,,,because we let them….enough of your bias bbc….where is the voice of the silent majority,,,,,why do we never get a platform bbc to express are views and concern,,,your tv licence is just nothing but toilet paper which i wipe my bum on…i am sick of your one sided bias bbc…sick of it..


  14. Ian Hills says:

    Official NUJ guidelines –

    “Strive to promote the realisation that the travellers’ community is comprised of full citizens of Great Britain and Ireland whose civil rights are seldom adequately vindicated, who often suffer much hurt and damage through misuse by the media and who have a right to have their special contributions to Irish and British life, especially in music and craft work and other cultural activities, properly acknowledged and reported.”

    The trouble is we’re only too well aware what “other cultural activities” means – crime. Colditz remarks “Lest we forget the Nazis put them in the same bag as Jews” – and for once, I share his disgust.


  15. Will Jones says:

    National Public Radio in the US ran a 20 minute story on the “Roma” which concentrated exclusively on their great love of music and family life. While stating that they were often misunderstood and sometimes persecuted, they didn’t feel the need to mention why this might be the case. Not a word about theft or begging or any possible burden on social services. To be fair only a very small percent of NPR’s budget comes from the taxpayer so it’s more permissable for them to spout utter nonsense.


  16. “‘So why are the young not taking to the streets?’”

    Remember – it took 48 hours for the BBC to stop calling the rioters of 2010 “protesters”; indeed, one local councillor damn near lost his rag with a BBC journo on the streets who spoke thus – noting that millions had been poured into his community, all sorts of facilities created – and it hadn’t made the slightest difference.


  17. Michael White says:

    I sense the production crew of Question Time will be carefully preparing for this subject.