Turning A Blind Eye

You can learn as much about a country from its silences as you can from its obsessions. The issues politicians do not discuss are as telling and decisive as those they do.

You can also learn a lot about  media organisations from the stories which they decide to cover and those they try to hide.

The BBC has an increasing tendency to smother any report which would reflect badly upon Islam or the Muslim ‘community’,  either remaining silent on the Muslim identity of any person caught acting in an unChristian manner or if forced to admit a person is a Muslim the BBC will  attempt to claim that any anti-social actions were not as a result of Islamic teachings or belief but driven purely by crime or madness.

This report about a Muslim who had sex with a 13 year old girl is just another story of sex abuse on the face of it but you don’t have to delve very far to realise that what is revealed has far deeper implications for society….but it is a story the BBC prefer to bury:

‘A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless….In other interviews with psychologists, Rashid claimed he had been taught in his school that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.‘ [Despite ignorance of the Law being no excuse…it seems it was in this case]

Here is a Muslim who attends a Muslim faith school…schools which are being promoted by the present government, in which he is taught that women are worthless.
We don’t know the religion of the girl but you can see the connection to the sex gang in Rochdale for instance where they believed that white or non-Muslim girls were worthless trash.

You may also comment that in Islam it is perfectly legal to have sex with a girl from the age of nine… ‘as did Muhammed’….as long as they are married.

So we have a man taught that women are worthless and that under Islamic law sex with young girls is legal….and all that being taught in a ‘British school‘…based on the writings in the Koran and the Hadith…Schools being promoted by our very own British government.

All that and yet the BBC do not report this case.   It is a case which has serious implications…..if Muslims are being taught such beliefs and are encouraged to obey a different legal system to that in use by the rest of society that is a recipe for social unrest and conflict.

Allowing a completely alien cultural, social and legal system to grow within your own society is to allow a time bomb to slowly develop, one that has already seen events such as 7/7, numerous other Koran inspired terrorist actions, and of  course the recent ‘Muslim Patrols’…which are in fact only the most visible evidence of what goes on in Muslim dominated areas….such ‘enforcement’ of Muslim ideals has been occurring for a long time.

Eric Kaufmann, professor of politics at Birkbeck, University of London is working on a research project on Britain’s changing population, said:

“If your country doesn’t have hard borders, you may get people creating their own boundaries below the level of the State.”

Such hard boundaries include not only the obvious national borders but the laws, culture and values of a society which if allowed to be broken down end in an ever growing disparate society, one ever more dangerous and uncontrollable…. A society in which a few men armed and ready to use violence can take control and impose their own law…as in Mali.

Below Tony Blair recognises what could be at stake….though of course he talks of ‘political Islam’…..making a distinction between that and ‘Islam’ when there is no distinction in reality…Islam has always been political, it is more politics than religion, the ‘religion’ being merely a façade, a front giving divine sanction to an ideology of conquest and colonisation.

But what I understand [now is] how deep this ideological movement is. — this is actually more like the phenomenon of revolutionary communism. It’s the religious or cultural equivalent of it, and its roots are deep, its tentacles are long, and its narrative about Islam stretches far further than we think into even parts of mainstream opinion who abhor the extremism, but sort of buy some of the rhetoric that goes with it.

I think a lot of people don’t understand that this is a generational-long struggle… and I think one of the things we’ve got to have and one of the debates we’ve got to have in the west is you know are we prepared for that, and are we prepared for the consequences of it?

The fact that Islam is political in itself and that the beliefs of the ‘radicals’ are in fact the beliefs of the  mainstream, though a mainstream that at least in public abhors the violence of the extremist but not his motives, should be understood but are not…and this is where the problem lies…a problem that the BBC has decided to ignore, refusing to engage fully in any debate about the true nature of Islam.

The BBC prefers to hide behind the usual guilt clause…that the West is to blame for the rise of Islamic extremism….as shown here by one of the BBC’s favourite sons, Jonathan Miller:

‘LaurieTaylor suggests that the revival of religion in fundamentalist forms has confounded the expectations of sociologists, and Jonathan Miller replies:
‘But we have to remember that in the case of the Islamic fundamentalism it’s associated with an objection to what they see as the military tyranny inflicted upon their people by the United States and by NATO. It’s a politically motivated thing.

The BBC might like to consider this:

BEFORE the recent French intervention in Mali began, 412,000 people had already left their homes in the country’s north, fleeing torture, summary executions, recruitment of child soldiers and sexual violence against women at the hands of fundamentalist militants. Late last year, in Algeria and southern Mali, I interviewed dozens of Malians from the north, including many who had recently fled. Their testimonies confirmed the horrors that radical Islamists, self-proclaimed warriors of God, have inflicted on their communities.
Policy decisions regarding this potential Afghanistan-in-the-Sahara must be informed by the fact that what is happening there is not simply a question of regional or global security, but of basic human rights.

Or this…especially relevant in relation to Faith schools when talking about Ray Honeyford:

Staging free speech
Lloyd Newson, creator of “Can We Talk About This?”, speaks to Maryam Omidi.
Lloyd Newson tackles issues of free speech, Islam and multiculturalism in his recent verbatim theatre production, which combines text drawn from interviews with movement. This is the point of departure for an interview with Maryam Omidi.

When British Muslims are demanding respect and equality in Britain why are they falling short in reciprocating it? Tolerance isn’t a one-way street.

We also interviewed Ishtiaq Ahmed, who’s associated with the Council for Mosques in Bradford. He did a survey in the late ’90s and there were students in Bradford who went to Asian nursery schools, Asian primary schools, Asian high schools and also colleges where they virtually never mixed with non-Asians. This is complicated, because there’s the issue of white flight, the issue of councils often dumping Asian families into poor areas. Honeyford was forced to resign in 1985. In 2001 the Bradford race riots erupted and many feel if we had acted on Honeyford’s central arguments and not been distracted by his tone, these riots may not have occurred. This year the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development published a report saying Britain’s schools were some of the most socially and racially segregated in the world.

Kenan Malik, a broadcaster, writer and scientist, interviewed Sir Iqbal Sacranie back in 2005 when he was the head of the Muslim Council of Britain. Sir Iqbal Sacranie is a man who said that death was too good for Salman Rushdie and who has condemned homosexuality, and yet has been knighted. Where’s the prejudice and Islamophobia there? To add to this, in an interview with Malik in 2005, Sacranie told him that 95 to 98 per cent of those stopped and searched, under the anti-terrorism law, were Muslim. Malik went and researched that figure and it was actually closer to seven per cent. When you consider that the Muslim population in the UK have a tendency to live in major cities, have more children (i.e. younger members, who are the demographic most likely to be searched), the figure of seven per cent is proportionate to the Muslim population. Considering this interview took place just after the Madrid train bombings and just before the 7/7 Underground attacks, it seems surprising the number of Muslim men stopped and searched was that low. So why was the head of the Muslim Council of Britain exaggerating Islamophobia so adamantly? The constant yell of Islamophobia by some Muslim organisations and liberals is a default position and often at odds with the facts.

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86 Responses to Turning A Blind Eye

  1. Chop says:

    Nice of good ol’ Tone to tell us what we should all be doing to confront a problem he created.

    What’s that you say Tone, you never knew what Islam was like before you imported millions of the f*ckers into the country to gerrymander the voting figures?

    What a wanker.


    • Chop says:

      Sorry for swearing chaps….Blair does bring out the worst in me!


    • noggin says:

      kenan malik … sheesh! … lala snackbar!
      hilariously … we now, have the yet another by product, as the police seniors want to “positively discriminate” now, yep! change the law on employing officers/senior positions, so that … the politically correct liberal, moral guardians of our diverse and multicultural society are fully represented with full ethnic/cultural diversity …
      you have to laugh …

      on 5live v.drearybyshire we have a terribly longwinded drone about the above, from a police spokesman

      the enormous (white 😀 ) elephant in the room …
      of the REAL problem is not even broached …
      continuing and unfettered IMMIGRATION, still deliberately not being addressed.
      and as usual, pushing the muslim narrative to the hilt …
      of course ..
      so! thank goodness for that eh! …
      no more youtube vids, showing aggressive muslims bullying everybody about “muslim areas”,
      when it is simply a matter of ensuring we re not being “offensive” to their needs …
      what better than a large increase in muslim officers
      who have a muslim police assoc, card at the ready.

      hmmm muslims “policing” themselves …
      great, i mean … what could go wrong 😀


  2. Don says:

    The story was covered on Today on Saturday morning.

    They didnt do a very good job of burying it, doh!

    And then as you say, that was his ‘excuse’. You seem to take it as fact.

    I really wish you’d just title these posts ‘Bloody Muslims’ full stop. The rest is really superfluous.


    • Ian Hills says:

      Typed “Adil Rashid bbc” into Google to find a BBC item about the latest moslem child rapist, and all I got was news about a cricketer. On a separate note, I have found a website which lists moslem rapes as they happen. The numbers are astonishing



      • Chop says:

        Astonishing, yes….but is anyone actually shocked?….I doubt it, it’s starting to become the norm.

        It’s almost as if the British population is becoming used to it now.

        “Tsk, another pesky Muzzie rape…..can we see that fantastic piece on Kim Kardashian next please?”

        If the rape, drugging and beating, the treating of Britons daughters lower than shite is not enough to wake us from our slumber, then I don’t know what is.

        As a nation, and as a race, we are doomed because we are scared of being called a name.


        • Maturecheese says:

          It’s not that we are scared of being called names, you can call me any phobia or ist you like , I couldn’t care less. It’s the fact that we have been silenced by legislation that is having the undesired effect. The minute you get a movement with any momentum against mass immigration and radical Islam, in steps the state with it’s laws to shut you up. The problem is in our institutions they have been completely subverted.


      • noggin says:

        talking of islamophobia
        the myth of the muslim backlash

        coming hot on the heels of Baroness Warsi: a new speech?
        Is anybody paying attention?
        NO! … not to her views but what the British public think of them …
        75% in one poll disagree with her
        90% in another
        hmmm now where is the bbc on this? normally front row give her time and column inches – to trumpet such obvious and “projectionist” piffle

        curry money baroness” and OIC plant Warsi thinks the Media is fuelling Anti-Muslim hatred, and increasing the number of attacks … islamophobia no doubt …
        hmmm seems her OIC masters are schooling her well
        … erm oh! … by the way … who voted for her? did you? … would you?

        info from that group MAMA
        where if we only take a cursory glance we find

        “Have you been a victim of anti-Muslim prejudice such as anti-Muslim comments, incidents or attacks? The MAMA project is inspired by a need expressed by ”
        blah! de blah! etc
        wait a minute … erm any predudice? any erm … incidents?? any anti muslim comments???
        i thought this was about an increase in
        ahem … attacks?
        uh oh! …. “We are an alternative reporting system which means that if you want the attack logged and passed onto the Police”.

        theres that word “attack” again? do they deceitfully mean anything that be might be construed as an “attack” on islam?

        as with most islamic groups like this, caution should always be order of the day, as just like alans post, there always seems to be a degree of “spin”.

        if MAMA and others groups like this really want to end any perceived “anti-Muslim bigotry,” rather than use it as a tool to destroy the freedom of speech/bring Sharia and create a protected class for themselves, they need to stand against the many 1000s (and growing) acts of threat, violence, child gang rape, racism even murder, look in the mirror, and bloody integrate …

        rather than setting up cover groups like MAMA, to obviously push a victim narrative.
        AND! … by the way
        is MAMA going to report the large number of attacks by other muslims ie
        men on wives? ,
        on vulnerable children??,
        honour murders???
        acid attacks????
        how about imams on their charges?????
        surely the deep concern they, MAMA show about “attacks” and to publicise it so loudly … should warrant it? … don t you think?


    • Wild says:

      BBC Today Programme :Radio Four

      Saturday 26th January

      0709 Heavy snow has left hundreds of motorists stranded on the M6 in Lancashire during the night. David Morris, Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, was one of them and joins us to describe the conditions.

      0712 An armed man broke into a betting shop in Plymouth last night, the customers overpowered him and took his gun away. He later died. Edd Moore is the Chief Reporter of the Plymouth Herald newspaper explains the events.

      0714 The BBC’s Europe correspondent Chris Morris reflects on a week in Euro politics.

      0718 The second most senior judge in England and Wales has made a forthright call for the system of criminal records checks to be reformed. Corinna Ferguson, legal officer with the campaign group Liberty, explains why changes need to be made.

      0722 The Commons has heard that new laws are needed to regulate offshore bookmakers and force them to pay a levy to support horse racing, but the Offshore Gambling Bill failed to make progress yesterday. Our Parliamentary Correspondent, Mark D’Arcy reports.

      0726 Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

      0732 The Green MP Caroline Lucas has put forward a bill calling on the Treasury to look into the practicalities of replacing Business Rates and Council Tax with a Land Value tax. She joins the Today programme to discuss the bill with John Stewart from Home Builders’ Federation.

      0738 Following the latest growth figures being published yesterday, Boris Johnson criticised the way the government is handling the economy. One economic commentator, Jim O’Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, tells the Today programme why he thinks the deficit isn’t coming down, and how it is time for the Government to think again.

      0742 The newspaper review.

      0745 It’s now eight weeks since Lord Justice Leveson published his recommendations on the future of press regulation in the wake of the phone-hacking affair. Our media correspondent Torin Douglas has been following developments.

      0749 Thought for the Day with The Reverend Andrew Martlew.

      0752 Staff at the BBC’s Persian television channel in London and journalists’ family members in Tehran say the government in Iran has stepped up a campaign to intimidate them. Peter Horrocks, director of BBC Global News, explains the situation.

      0809 An armed man broke into a betting shop in Plymouth last night, the customers overpowered him and took his gun away, he later died. Chief Inspector Ian Drummond Smith from Devon and Cornwall Police describes the incident. And Michael Wolkind QC, who acted as defence counsel for Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who killed one burglar and wounded another man who had both entered his home in 1999, comments on legal ramifications of the incident.

      0812 Sir Bruce Keogh, the former heart surgeon, said yesterday that failing to embrace change in the NHS, including hospital closures, would inhibit excellence. Former Labour Health Minister and heart surgeon Lord Darzi and MP for Lewisham, Joan Ruddock discuss the comments.

      0820 Are artists liberated or shackled by their religious faith? Composer James Macmillan and Scottish national poet Liz Lochhead discuss.

      0827 Rob Bonnet with the latest sports news.

      0833 Following David Cameron’s speech this week, shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander explains what Labour’s policy is on an in-out referendum to determine our future in Europe.

      0839 The paper review.

      0842 US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the military’s ban on women serving in combat roles, potentially opening hundreds of thousands of frontline positions up to women. Brigadier Nicky Moffat gives her thoughts on the decision.

      0848 The latest on the wintry weather affecting Scotland and the north of England.

      0852 The film director Michael Winner died earlier this week following a long illness. Celebrity agent, Jonathan Shalit and Mary Killen of the Spectator join us to remember his life, and his contribution to the art of complaining.


      • Chop says:

        Would you like to tell us all where this was covered Don?

        Paper review?…..yesss, very extensive…

        Perhaps you meant Sunday?

        Either way, this story surfaced in the red tops on Friday night, I personalty did a search on the local Notts news on the BBC website on Saturday…Nothing…you can check back, I posted the results on this very site.

        Now, I kind of see this story as a big deal…why the hell does our national broadcaster not seem to think the same?


    • Guest Who says:

      Welcome to a new name to the blog, I do believe.
      And a valuable contributor on highly selective archive duty, too.
      Noticing the ‘doh’; are these sentence conclusions issued in a manual or do you just copy the other guys?


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Rebranded goods?


      • Demon says:

        I suspect that Don was Colditz, called out because his signature attacks on David V getting appearance money from the BBC showed that he was almost certainly Jim Dandy.

        Others on here pointed out that the Left often use nazi style names (e.g. Colditz) so a further rebranding of Colditz, aka Jim Dandy, was required. One without a nazi reference and one that will not refer to David’s appearance money again. The easiest way to avoid controversy over a name is to choose a really short one: “Don” fits the bill.

        I don’t know if Don was Colditz but I think it’s a strong possibility, especially if the Colditz brand-name disappears from this point.


      • ltwf1964 says:

        new name

        same inane crap


      • Chop says:

        He’s stuck in 1997, no one has said “Doh!” since “The Simpsons” lost it’s sense of humor & Blair was in power….ahhhhhhh, the good old days, eh Don?


  3. scoobywho says:

    Quote: “Allowing a completely alien cultural, social and legal system to grow within your own society is to allow a time bomb to slowly develop,”

    There will be no time bomb, no serious civil unrest. The growth of the Muslim population will continue to grow, concessions will be made over time and eventually the balance of power will change without anyone barely even noticing.
    I doubt if anyone here will be around to see this happen but thanks to the liberal left convincing the majority of the population that it’s racist to raise concerns about anyone whose ancestors aren’t (or at least don’t appear to be) white Anglo Saxon and that to be labeled racist is to be cast down with the dregs of society there is little or no chance of altering this course of events.
    We shouldn’t be made to be afraid to speak out when groups within certain sections of the population behave in a way that is incompatible with the indigenous laws and culture, after all the left seem quite happy to label the English population with certain character traits without fear of being labeled racist – this comment in a recent article in the Guardian struck me as being just one such example that stinks of hypocrisy:
    Quote:”Suspicion of the French and the Germans is part of English DNA, dating from the Napoleonic wars and beyond” http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jan/27/cameron-eu-plans-scotland-referendum?INTCMP=SRCH


    • Doublethinker says:

      I am not so sure that there won’t eventually be a strong reaction against mass immigration and particularly against those groups who don’t want to accept British values and fight against them. Of course it will be too late to reverse the process but that doesn’t mean that the indigenous population will meekly accept things the way the Liberal Left want them to.
      The Liberal Left Establishment, which did so much to cause the problem, is desperately trying to keep the lid on things by denying ordinary people the right to say what they think and, with the full support of the BBC, is sanitising the news and waging a pro multiculturalism propoganda war.
      I was once a tolerant sort of chap who didn’t mind a bit of immigration and I certainly don’t see myself as racist. But I am very concerned that the culture and identity of the country I grew up in is being changed forever and I, and millions like me, have never been able to say anything about it let alone vote on it. The impact of the EU on Britain is tiny compared to the impact of the millions of non Europeans that have arrived in this country in the last 40 years.But we may a referendum on the EU but not about mass immigration from all parts of the globe.
      I am angry at the Liberal Left for promoting this and at the BBC for covering it all up. My anger keeps on growing and I am sure that there are many reasonable people who share my view.


      • brett says:

        i shar your view entirely.


      • David Brims says:

        99 % of the British population is tolerant, but then Labour dropped a nuclear demographic bomb on this country. According to Andrew Neather, Blairs spin doctor ” to make the nation more multicultural and rub the Right noses in diversity.”

        And of course 7 million Third World immigrants is a Labour voting base.

        Quite a diabolical plan, maybe even demonic.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          They are only labour voting up to a point.
          While it is true they are unlikely to begin voting tory, in time they will turn to others as per the respect vote. Gerrymandering on this scale is treasonous. And of course Bliar is a treacherous bastard.


  4. Alex says:

    If he were a Christian it’d be headline news and the school closed down immediately. The BBC would be running in-depth analysis looking at the decline of Christianity and Western society and so on. This walking bag of pus gets away free and his school doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist. One law for them, another for the rest of us.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Covering and hiding, or ducking and diving-wise, the BBC Watch blog seems a pretty sober factual chronicle of how the BBC does its business. This latest just being one of almost any that invite sensible counter, but either get ignored (on a bunker basis) or lure out the kind of loon JCB could score a transfer fee from the BBC to do a demo to China in about a minute.
    Cue the less cautious from the Flokker Staffel diving out of their noble, absolutely not stalking holding pattern to point at ‘Google.co.uk’ as a valid link in counter or, hilariously for a troll, complain about thread etiquette conspiring to make them look even more foolish.


    • deegee says:

      BTW 22 January 2013 Israel election: Benjamin Netanyahu holds strong hand
      26 January 2013 Netanyahu dealt weak hand by voters
      Who wants to play poker against Kevin Connolly?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I said here a few days ago that “Teabagger” Connolly was spinning the Israeli election results to make it all appear a “humiliating” (“Teabagger’s” own word) defeat for Netanyahu because he didn’t win some super-majority. Even though The Obamessiah won with less votes than the first time, and didn’t improve His party’s presence in Congress, and especially lost ground in State Governorships, the BBC spun it as a resounding triumph and renewed moral mandate.

      I didn’t trust “Teabagger” Connolly when he was a US-based Beeboid, and I see no reason to trust him now that he’s in Israel. Which reminds me: I wonder how his most-expensive-lemon-tree-in-the-world he has as a visual aid to prove that Israel is evil is going?


  6. graphene fedora says:

    ‘The aftermath of the recent “Muslim Patrol” saga served as another reminder of the British Left’s cherry-picking approach to morality.’
    As with the feministas vow of silence over the systematic debauchery of their little white ‘sisters’ by muslim perverts. Selective ‘equality’, as well as morality.


  7. Phil Ford says:

    This all tracks back into the myth of ‘multiculturalism’. There is no such thing. Here in the UK, we have instead a collection of disparate foreign cultures and practices operating within the remnants of what was once a British culture, with politicians and (left leaning, culturally Marxist) politically-correct public service providers tyrannically enforcing an EU-driven agenda of forced acceptance upon all European nations.

    Islamic religious schools are a particular danger – and in a truly multicultural society such divisive, uncontrollable establishments (designed purely to indoctrinate the defenceless young) would be outlawed. In a truly multicultural society all children of all races would enjoy the same education, free from any form of toxic religious/political indoctrination.

    The BBC’s inability (unwillingness? refusal?) to report accurately on the crimes of Islam in our midst is entirely regrettable; perhaps even blatantly dishonest. Their continued efforts to obfuscate the truth – the actual facts – in such stories (the ongoing court case of the nine Muslim men accused of grooming young girls for sex is but one sorry example of many) is simply, in the end, breathtaking in the way it plays hard and fast with its own definition of ‘truth’.

    In the end, the BBC provides all the most disturbing reasons itself as to why we, the license payers, just cannot trust it to report the factual news with any degree of reliable honesty and integrity. When our state broadcaster remains so unable to report the truth (a truth we all know, regardless) we are, to all intents and purposes, no better off than the pitiful citizens of North Korea. Like them, we only ever get the ‘version’ of the ‘news’ the BBC decides to tell us.


  8. George R says:

    “Broadside fired at BBC over its militant mess”


    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “Famously, after the 7/7 bomb attacks on London commuters in 2005, the BBC’s head of news, Helen Boaden, sent a memo to staff saying that ‘the word “terrorist” can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding’.

    “True to form, the Corporation’s reports of the recent bloodbath in Algeria, in which at least 48 innocent lives were lost, have described the killers as ‘militants’ rather than ‘terrorists’. In one report, the word was used 12 times!

    “Not surprisingly, this has outraged many MPs. One, Andrew Bridgen, has written an angry letter to the beleaguered Ms Boaden (who has just resumed overall command of BBC news despite being criticised twice in a review over her mishandling of the Jimmy Savile scandal).”



    • Guest Who says:

      Hugs must be loving the spotlight she so famously claimed as the BBC’s sole purview.
      ‘Do the clots who run our licence-payer-funded state broadcaster never learn?’
      Well, on the lessons learned front, she and some fellow Corporate Lucre Obscene Tariff Specials have possibly noticed the more you stuff up, the better the deal, so I am guessing yes.
      Don’t know if you scrolled far enough down to catch this too:

      ‘The theme of the speech is ‘trust and free speech’.
      Not exactly Lord Patten’s strong suit.’

      One way of putting it.
      The BBC – Only ve ask ze questions!


    • Guest Who says:

      This comment (which the Mail coyly suggest does not reflect its own views… a rather neat twist to the usual disclaimers on Beeboid twitter pages, eh Sykesy?) is currently doing well..
      ‘According to the BBC terrorists are militants. The consensus on manmade climate change is settled, the EU is good for Britain, unlimited immigration is even better, foreign aid makes everyone feel really proud and Jimmy Saville was fond of children. Sell it off.’
      Bet Hugs wishes she could close the Mail to comments too.
      Give her time.


  9. David Brims says:

    In the world of multiculturalism / Cultural Marxism, 2 + 2 = 5


  10. David Brims says:


    Saw Blair over the weekend, speaking from Davos, babbling hysterically like a woman ” Britain CANT hold a referendum !! ” The Blair ‘creature’ appears at 3.05


    Don’t you think he acts a bit gay, and his marriage is just a front ?


    • David Brims says:

      The channel 4 news reporter is called ” Faisal Islam.”

      You couldn’t make it up.


      • Chop says:

        I fully expect to see the news anchor “Jeremiah Christian” on Al-Jazeera sometime soon…

        Ok, maybe not.


    • Herbert says:

      D Notice


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      I think Bliar is hoping to oust von rumpoy one day. The EU is custom built for a tosser like him, unelected and answerable to noone.
      I dont know if he acts or actually is a bit gay as you suggest, but if he gets himself anywhere near the reins of power in the EU lord help us, and I don’t mean lordy kinochio the welsh windbag.


    • brett says:

      hes probably liberal enough to swing any which way, especially if hes getting paid enough. he shagged britain up the arse didnt he?


    • Buggy says:

      “Don’t you think he acts a bit gay, and his marriage is just a front ? “

      I’ve assumed this to be the case ever since the pictures came out of the proud papa visiting Letter Box and the newly-born baby Leo in hospital: could have been captioned “Gay Dad Meets His Surrogate Son” and nobody would have batted an eyelid.


  11. GCooper says:

    Expanding on Alan’s theme of the BBC publishing ‘all the news (it decides) is fit to print’, I see that a young man was hacked and stabbed to death in the centre of London yesterday, by a gang wielding swords and knives.

    Where did I hear this? the Mail online, naturally. The BBC makes no mention of what is almost certain to be gang-related crime (with all that entails) within a mile of Buck House.


    • Chop says:

      It was on the BBC’s London news this lunchtime to be fair to them, however, our Maud was on the phone, so the tellybox was muted, I never actually heard any of the gory details, that I would have imagined mentioned just “men” or “Yoofs”


  12. David Brims says:


    I think Gordon Brown’s marriage is fake. When he appeared on Desert Island Discs in 1996, Sue Lawley asked him ” You’re 45 years old and NOT married, are you gay ? ” He mumbled and stuttered, inside he was seething with a burning resentment, you could just tell.

    After the programme, Alistair Campbell told him to get married, 6 months later he did !

    The fake gay marriage is called ” a beard. ”

    Sue Lawley asks him the gay question at about 29 minutes 40 seconds into the show.



    • Herbert says:

      Easier to get people to do what you want if they have something to hide.
      Gordon Brown selling off the UK’s gold at rock bottom prices is going come back to haunt this country.


      • David Brims says:


        How do you know Gordon Brown is telling lies ?

        Answer, He’s moving his lips.

        I did ” enjoy ” his choices on Desert Island Discs, it was a Tick Box of Socialist / Marxist musical tastes.

        1. Jonas Gwanga ” Cry Freedom ” An anti apartheid song, get the black vote.

        2.” Jerusalem ” Get the Middle England vote.

        3. ” Loch Lomond ” Get the Scots vote.

        4. The Beatles ” Hey Jude ” Get the middle aged, hippy vote.

        5. Kirsty MacColl, get the female vote.

        6. Bach, Get the upper class vote.

        I’m amazed he didn’t pick any Welsh hymns or Danny Boy to get the Welsh and Irish vote, or anything from ” The Fiddler on the Roof ” to get the jewish vote !


        • Louis Robinson says:

          Personally, in his case, I think a disc of silence wouldn’t come amiss.


        • Mark says:

          The singer formerly known as Cat Stevens, for the Muslim vote !


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing a tv ad pushing cat’s albums in the name yussuf islam. They use cat Stevens in the ads when he wants to sell records.


      • Albaman says:

        Knowing that gold was at “rock bottom prices” did you rush out and purchase some?


        • Herbert says:

          Yes I did and a set of the prison notes books comrade.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          No-one i know had that kind of foresight albaman, same as you. However just to betray this country a little more, the knob announced the sale well in advance. Result? Gold price went down, resulting in even less cash for the coffers.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Loved the bit where she says: and here you are smiling broadly across the table.
      Well who would call that fake forced grin of his a smile? Oh that bigoted woman!


    • Buggy says:

      Leaving aside the question of just which stop MacDoom’s bus halts at, that’s a bloody rude and intrusive bit of questioning from Sue “Coom On Boos” Lawley right there. Maybe Gordo should have responded by asking her “Whats’ Your Favourite Position ?”


  13. David Brims says:

    Tony Blair and the D notice.

    Hmm, interesting.



  14. David Brims says:


    Gordon Brown smiling / grimace.



  15. David Brims says:

    Gordon Brown, the highlight of his career.



  16. George R says:

    INBBC’s “MILITANTS” being “militant” again in ALGERIA.

    So , to INBBC it’s not Islamic jihadists murdering again.


    “Algeria gas pipeline attack kills two guards.
    Two security guards protecting a gas pipeline have been killed and seven others wounded in an attack by Islamists southeast of the Algerian capital, local residents said on Monday.”



    • George R says:

      Yes, sure enough, INBBC puts out that it’s “militants” wot did it. Apparently, INBBC now uses words ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘militants’ interchangeably, such is its disinformation on the Islamic jihad enemy.

      One more time:-

      “Two killed in ‘militant attack’ on Algeria pipeline”



  17. chrisH says:

    Really good point about the deafening silences that the liberal media choose to observe…and the usual issues where you can`t shut the swine up.
    “Today” this morning had some junk piece about some “educational charity(oh do tell…shops on the High St perhaps, we might know of?)….”banging on” about the relegation of vocational qualifications to only being worth a GCSE as opposed to the 4/5 that they used to be “worth” under NuLabor rules for OFSTED.
    Only if you listen closely does the chugger tell us that the…er …”research” was done “in conjunction with the IPPR”.
    Well I`ll be…and no possible chance of Labours old stooges setting the terms, paying for it all ;and then hiding it with some “educational cheridee” that none of us have heard of?
    Perish the thought.
    My point-well, Anna Soubry said last week that fat kids come from poor households and parents…but there was more observation and more science in that one remark than anything that the IPPR would ever commission.
    Yet Anna gets a bashing from the nannies and ninnies at the BBC and the Guardain…but this milksop piece of crap on vocational education becomes a wristband and charity appeal for the elite today.
    Who sets these researchers off on hoping to confirm what Polly likes to imagine is true-who pays for it, who writes their rules and lets them get away with spouting shite?
    Need I ask?
    When the IPPR actually have a scientist to check on Anna Soubrys “hypothesis”…I might listen to them again, until then its all Labours warm front of flatulence…as ever!


  18. George R says:

    -whose side are you on, INBBC?

    “Islamophobic Women of Mali Celebrate French Liberation
    and End of Islamic Law.”

    (inc video clip)

    By Daniel Greenfield .

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “In a truly shocking display of Islamophobia, the streets of Gao were full of Malians celebrating the defeat of Islamic Jihadists at the hands of the French. Women went out into the streets unveiled, men smoked, played drums and rode on motorbikes with unfurled flags, celebrating the return of their freedom and the end of Islamic rule.”



  19. George R says:

    “‘Muslim Vigilantes’: Video Abuse Victim Found”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      No mention from Sky either as to any salient details about those arrested. Why? Has anyone else reported who they are?


  20. George R says:

    “No-go Britain”

    By Douglas Murray.