Oh My Aching Spare Ribs…Stop With The Funny!




You couldn’t make it up.

In a report about the dearth of women speakers on programmes the BBC, Woman’s Hour no less, drops the female speaker in favour of a man:

It is one of Radio 4’s flagship programmes, designed to offer a women’s perspective on the world.

But Women’s Hour has been branded “misogynistic” and “patronising” after ditching a female technology expert in favour of two men to feature in a slot about the lack of women speakers at technology conferences.

Emma Mulqueeny said she was contacted by producers with a view to taking part in a discussion on yesterday’s programme.

But she said that within half an hour, she received another call to say that they had decided to feature a man instead as item concerned men campaigning in support of women working in technology.



Having said that Woman’s Hour steps in to defend one of its own….er one who works for the BBC and got a hiding, ‘unbelievably vulgar and misogynist abuse she received’ as Murray put it,  for her naive and simplistic views on immigration….Mary Beard.

Apparently this is one of the emails received in her defence:

I was horrified at the abuse MB received from unpleasant, cowardly people airing their nastiest, horrendously prejudiced and ill educated frustrations as a result of their own inadequacies…such pathetic behaviour and language!’

Jenni Murray’s not too bothered about her daft views on immigration that would destroy everything that makes this Nation what it is….mainly of course a nation that provides a massive subsidy to the ‘disadvantaged’…..a subsidy that would inevitably vanish as the freeloaders come piling over the borders with hands outstretched.


Talk about ill educated!

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32 Responses to Oh My Aching Spare Ribs…Stop With The Funny!

  1. aerfen says:

    Jenny Murray of course totally ignored the “unbelievably vulgar and misogynist abuse” on Twitter as well as real threats directed at poor “racist” Emma West, the young mother who was had a harmless rant on the Croyden tram about the numbers of immigrants, after being turned down for a council property in the area she was born and brought up, and had thus seen changed demographically beyond recognition since her childhood.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Any excuse trotted out, like the gang of savage young girls guilty of racist attack, but excused by the judge since their enriching culture hadn’t prepared them for alcohol.

      Oh the wonderful enrichment these scum bring to our shores. Oh the joy! Rejoice, rejoice!


    • lojolondon says:

      Yep, he raped a 13 year old, but in the 18 years he has lived in Britain, he never realised it was illegal, also the girl was so persuasive that he had no chance. Another judge who is so ‘sympathetic to the disadvantaged’ – you get a heavier sentence for throwing a paper on the road, meanwhile this young rapist goes off laughing all the way!

      I do wonder how long it will be before a loving father takes the law into his own hands?


    • Chop says:

      Ack, I just posted this on the “5 go ethnic cleansing” thread, sorry, I didn’t know you had already posted here Gary.

      What gets me in this case is that he groomed the 13 year old girl on facebook….meaning he had full access to a computer, meaning he could, very easily see if there were any rules about minors and raping of them.

      Claiming ignorance is absolutely no excuse, none at all.

      Lying piece of shit.


    • Span Ows says:

      “Rashid was sentenced to nine months in youth custody, suspended for two years.”

      Jesus wept.


      • Herbert says:

        When people start taking the law into their own hands the lefty establishment will have no one to blame but themselves.


        • stewart says:

          No they will still blame white men,whatever the circumstances.


        • Aerfen says:

          I am afraid that as long as the shelves of Tesco remain piled with food, the lights are on, the gas and water still works, that ain’t gonna happen…
          The ethnic British population have been turned into weak domesticated lapdogs.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Why isn’t this the next Big Question for that middle-aged man with a child’s moniker? Rhetorical question, I know. Don’t anyone start an email/Twitter campaign to his show or anything.


  2. Guest Who says:

    In a report about the dearth of women speakers on programmes the BBC:
    Prof. Beard no doubt in the frame as there is no one more qualified. She is a woman, and she speaks.
    Even a BBC market rate can connect those dots.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I recommend episodes of the One Show, Women’s Hour, Newsnight, Panorama, and a Documentary dedicated to Donna Laframboise.


      • Richard D says:

        “…. and a documentary dedicated to Donna La Framboise…” ? The auther of ‘No Frakking Consensus’, which basically demolishes the BBC view that “The Science is settled …..” On Climate Change….that Donna Laframboise ? ….. with a BBC documentary dedicated to her views….. does that exist ?


  3. Paul Hurt says:

    The defenders of Mary Beard’s views on immigration may or may not be willing to defend her views on the terrorist atrocity of 9/11. Perhaps some of them could give a considered response to these views, published in the ‘London Review of Books’ (Vol. 23 No. 19, 4 October, 2001). She wrote:

    ‘ … when the shock had faded, more hard-headed reaction set in. This wasn’t just the feeling that, however tactfully you dress it up, the United States had it coming. That is, of course, what many people openly or privately think. World bullies, even if their heart is in the right place, will in the end pay the price.

    ‘But there is also the feeling that all the ‘civilised world’ (a phrase which Western leaders seem able to use without a trace of irony) is paying the price for its glib definitions of ‘terrorism’ and its refusal to listen to what the ‘terrorists’ have to say. ‘

    I don’t exclude the possibility that Mary Beard has since modified this naive and simplistic view of Islamic terrorism. If so, it would be interesting to find out what her view is now. Is she still convinced of the importance of listening to what the terrorists have to say?


    • deegee says:

      This is reputed to be Ed Koch’s favourite mugging story:
      A judge tells an audience that his liberal sentencing policy won’t change as a result of him being robbed – to which a woman in the back of the room shouts, “Then mug him again”.

      Mary Beard may not have been mugged by reality, yet.


      • Quentin Thunderpants says:

        Do not blame Mary Beard for saying what she did, the BBC knew full well her views were and cheerfully gave her a platform to spout them on QT. There are many weird and wonderful eccentrics out there in society, some in a position of authority or celebrity that we know well are plain daft (Tony Benn, personable and plausible but potty) and some that ramble along the high street in mucky smelly clothes that we walk past quickly and ignore. However, they only get on the telly if they fit the BBC’s new Charter of Bashing Britain Crapolla.
        The fact is that the BBC has been shaping society’s views for years by positively promoting the dissolution of British society. It has its own reasons and it is not just left wing thinking and political correctness. Undermining our way of life, our history and our heritage is the best way for them to establish control and thereby make themselves invincible. It therefore has an army of Mary Beard’s to pop in to the studios and reinforce the message. It is plain and simple relentless brain washing.
        They will promote anything that melts the glue of being British, anything will do, excessive immigration, a nasty religion, any person (or organisation) that says they like being English, a political party that wants independence from the criminal European dictatorship and particularly US presidents with the same anti-business, anti-British sentiments. Bombastic Barry really was a gift to the cause. All Hail Barry the Gorgeous! Even our past achievements and our are history is now labelled in a children’s programme as being Horrible.
        Mary Beard is just a comfortably off, unworldly, unproductive and expendable pawn in the process. The trouble is the country is full of them now and the BBC has an unlimited choice on tap. If they look a bit indeterminate in sexuality, all the better.


        • Aerfen says:

          One of these techniques that rarely gets a mention is the abandonment of the term ‘Britain’, even more so ‘Great Britain’, in favour of the soulless ‘the UK’. It is even used, incorrectly, during weather forecasts ,so reluctant are the BBC to recognise the concept of Britishness – how ironic has their own name become?!?!

          The only occasion they relish referring to the concept is when a ‘Briton’, or a ‘British man’ (who usually is not what the name suggests) is involved in some criminal activity or is a casualty abroad, or when they wish us to accept responsibility for a foreigner who is a so called ‘British resident’.

          I got the feeling they were none to pleased it had to be used when reporting from the Olympics even – how they would have preferred to call the squad Team UK!


    • chrisH says:

      I don`t dispute for a second that Beard will have received some nasty personalised Tweets from the kind of troll that would use her appearance to be vicious.
      Yet she is just the sort who , for years ; has been happy to celebrate the new media in events such as Egypt…she`ll have been happy to see Tebbit get the same nastiness, and the likes of MacAlpine would be fair game too.
      They`re on the “wrong side” , so deserve all the abuse that they get.
      The BBC and the Guardian think this and work to ensure that it is regarded as collateral in their culture wars.
      How do I know Beard would think this-because she is a licensed academic at Cambridge, who is well paid and favoured NOT to think of the coming storms as set in train by her like…and those who pay her well to spout shite ( and not chocolate as her gels in Newnham or wherever she has her sinecure; would have us believe) in Boston and other plebby,racist and hideously bigoted towns like it.
      Beard is a flat pack thickie with big Latin words, but no ability to read the signs of the times…just happy to believe what the BBC and Guardian tell her to think.
      Being “ugly” is not the issue-any more that Balls “stammer” is…it`s that they`re privileged, pampered bullies themselves…who only occassionally get a bit of blowback.
      If they tolerated how wicked they`ve been, and accepted what creeps they`ve been for so long-I`d start to tolerate that abuse they get in return…as things stand, they only reap what they have sown for the rest of us…


      • Phil Ford says:

        “…it`s that they`re privileged, pampered bullies themselves…”

        And like any bully who suddenly gets a taste of their own medicine, they stare, wide-eyed and dumbfounded at their attackers, unable – unwilling, even – to comprehend the reality of their situation, unable to work out that every action has a reaction.

        Mary Beard is just another in a long line of complacent, self-congratulatory ‘common purpose’ frauds. The sort who go from amicable, conversational types to dogmatic, angry loons the moment you tell them, say, that in your own opinion CAGW is a complete and utter scientific fraud (and in this I speak from experience).

        She deserved all the backlash that resulted from her ill-advised, woefully miscalculated appearance on QT.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I don’t exclude the possibility that Prof. Beard has modified her views on the subject, because it’s quite possible that she’s gotten even worse since then. She’s even further entrenched in the Ivory Tower with the nomenklatura these days.


  4. Alex says:

    There’s a direct ratio between the increases in political correctness and feminism. The militant women’s rights and equality brigade (also known as the man-haters platoon) have all but destroyed this nation. Harriet Harmen, enough said.


    • stewart says:

      critical theory.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      But how do they reconcile their feminism with the intolerance of certain faiths and ideologies towards women?


      • TomR says:

        They don’t – it’s Doublethink.

        Meanwhile, the ridiculous definition of rape under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 completely denies the existence of female rapists and means that men – and underage boys – who are forced to have sex with women, whether through coercion with drugs, violence or anything else, are not considered victims of rape. American statistics suggest that if such situations were included, men would make up 50% of rape victims.

        But hey – women are underrepresented in the boardroom, dontchaknow!


  5. Ralph says:

    There is a game you can play with Women’s hour which is to guess how many times Jenny Murray can tell you her name in each broadcast. She did once manage to get her name four times in one sentence.


  6. Herbert says:

    Why doesn’t women’s hour have a show about how women prefer to be housewifes, stay at home and have children?

    I know its about as likely as the BBC bring back the Black and White Minstrel show, but I can dream.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    The probable cause of Mary Beards ignorance about immigration is that she does not live in Boston, reads the Guardian and works for the Times, Cambridge University and the BBC. She was born and brought up, lives and works in hideously white Tory areas, yet seems to have gained the inferiority complex common to the middle-class minority, arts and humanities types, who dominate the left-wing media. In her case, being a woman is the cause of her inferiority complex rather than the usual cause of inferior intelligence.


  8. Trev says:

    “I have no problem, dear Woman’s Hour, with finding the right people for the discussion regardless of gender.

    “I would have had no problem with you actually speaking to me and deciding that what I said was not appropriate, or that my lack of media training made me an unsuitable candidate.’

    A woman scorned?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Paul’, the only commenter thus far (does every BBC critical blog have its own Flokker on standby?) has a sort of point on the feminism bias, but rather misses the Bull Elephant in the room..
      ‘regrettably, Clive didn’t bother to thank me for helping tackle BBC bias, nor apologise, nor even acknowledge my complaint (other than fixing the article)’
      Even when confronted by 100% cock-up, they can never, ever, admit it. Ever.
      This is the entity expecting to be trusted with information and education on an accurate and objective basis.
      Compare with here, where corrections are made, and freely acknowledged.
      It’s amazing what about £3,999,999,999 less per annum can manage, without compulsion.