DB often picks up on the visceral bias that drips from KATTY KAY, head of the BBC World News in America. Here is her received and tweeted wisdom on Jean Francois Kerry …

  1. The world still looks for American leadership, will Obama#2 deliver? American foreign policy: The Economist 

  2. @KattyKayBBC how will John Kerry be as Secretary of State?

@alainlewis good, I imagine. He certainly knows foreign policy.

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14 Responses to KERRYING FAVOUR

  1. DB says:

    Katty and the rest of the BBC Washington bureau = spin machine for the Obama administration.


    • LH says:

      What’s a spin machine? Is that like a Tumble dryer. How do you put a whole administration into a tumble, THIS’S SO CONFUSING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think my heads gonna explode.

      Wait I just checked google, found definition of spin machine “an organization or group of people acting together to present news or information in a way that creates a particular desired impression”

      Yer makes a lot sense f#ck the BBC, f#ck them all


  2. RCE says:

    “If you had buttonholed me in the Senate men’s room circa 2003 and told me that a decade hence Joe Biden would be America’s vice president, John Kerry secretary of state, and Chuck Hagel secretary of defense, I’d have laughed and waited for the punch line.”

    As far is the US is concerned Obama and his lackeys now need to be left to get on with it.

    And as the disasters unfold over the next four years their failures must be hung round their necks.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    No doubt Katty approves of Kerry’s past as an anti-war activist and his treachery regarding Vietnam. In Kerry’s case, because he appears to hold the approved thoughts on Left-wing issues, Katty is willing to look the other way on his whiteness, male gender, extreme wealth and contribution to income inequality.


  4. Dave B says:

    Sort of pleased to see the BBC giving some coverage of the goings on in Leicester. Of course none of it actually tells you much about the story, so it’s the very finest type of BBC cover-up in that regards, but one can at least play a game of join the dots using various reports. it’s just a shame that readers to have these detective skills in able to get any use from the BBC site


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    Kerry? Kerry? let me see, isn’t he the guy who is four times as rich as that hated rich guy Mitt Romney?


  6. Kebab Time says:

    Really off topic, but would like to say sorry for no QT chat on thursday, personal reasons . back to normal thursday 🙂


  7. George R says:

    “For President Obama, al-Qaeda is our problem now.”

    By Janet Daley.


    “The money which once went into missile silos in Europe – or troops patrolling the Afghan border, or defending existing regimes in countries under threat from jihadi militants – will be spent on Obamacare and the entitlements programmes which are close to bankruptcy. I would not be surprised if Mr Obama makes a proud, if vague, allusion to this isolationist stance in his address tomorrow. It is, after all, quite in keeping with the increasing parochialism of American political discourse. During the presidential election campaign, the mainstream media expressed almost no interest at all in the fact that an American ambassador had been killed at his post (for the first time since 1979) by a terrorist mob in Libya. In recent days, the Algerian hostage crisis – with all its implications for the rise of the international Islamist threat – has scarcely made a dent in the wall-to-wall coverage of the vituperative domestic debate over gun ownership.”