The consequences of another mismanaged bout of inward migration are potentially massive.


‘The consequences of another mismanaged bout of inward migration – for services, for housing, for jobs at the bottom of the economic scale and for trust in politics – are potentially massive.’

Something the BBC refuses to acknowledge or accept.


The rise of UKIP has possibly stirred the BBC into action, encouraging them to cobble together some ‘debate’ on the subject of immigration, Europe and UKIP itself.…all circling around the concept of ‘national identity’.

The essence of this post is the bias in Derbyshire’s very abrupt and one sided view of immigration….but I include more thinking on the subject from David Goodhart (and John Denham) to show how out of step the BBC’s views on immigration and nationality are even with mainstream leftwing ‘progressives’ never mind the majority, I believe, of the British Public..of whatever hue or creed.

Victoria Derbyshire started things off last week (56 mins in)….with a statement rather than any argument.  She quoted a list of figures illustrating the rapid flow of immigrants into this country in the last decade or so based on the 2011 Census.

Then she brought in Dr Ludi Simpson from Manchester University to comment….he reassured us that what the survey showed was that ‘The Olympics show we musn’t confuse Britishness with whiteness.’…taking up a favourite theme of the Left after the Olympics.

He then told us that ‘most people are relaxed about immigration’.

Simpson is himself hugely pro-immigration and in denial about the downside to mass immigration…he is also a Labour supporter…and therefore might be expected  not to say anything that would bring Labour’s secretive and destructive immigration policies under any critical scrutiny.
I’m sure the BBC had no idea of his views…..hence they felt no need for ‘balance’, or indeed any need for comment at all from a sceptical view point on immigration in this case.


David Goodhart from Demos however  has a better idea of Simpson’s sympathies as shown in this ironic comment about the Daily Mail quoting  Simpson.….…

David Goodhart [email protected]_Goodhart
Ha! Well done Ludi Simpson, quoted with great respect in the Daily Mail – if only they knew!!

‘If only they knew!’…..Well they only had to look at his work…I’m certain the BBC knew exactly what he was like as he has worked for them frequently…..
“I hope that Trevor Phillips and others will consider the impact of their divisive comments, and stop claiming things that are untrue, such as white flight, increasing segregatation and the unwillingness of Muslims in particular to integrate.”

Yes….all competely untrue…just urban legend….really.



This had only originally been a post about that small snippet from Derbyshire’s show….a three minute ‘investigation’ into immigration and its impact on Britain by Victoria Derbyshire using a man who is profoundly pro-immigration to comment.  There were no other voices and no indepth discussion.

This is a slightly more open and honest discussion of the reaction to the recent mass immigration…ironically from the Asian community on the BBC’s Asian Network…who do not find it completely to their liking….something that perhaps could not be said on the ‘white’ BBC?

After Nicky Campbell indulged in a UKIP bashing phone-in  Derbyshire on Monday then goes on to ‘discuss’ the prospect of Romanian and Bulgarian immigration  (1 hr 10 mins)when the rules are relaxed in December…..who did she invite onto the show to comment?  A man from a Romanian recruitment agency…someone not likely to say that an influx of immigrants will prove any disadvantage at all to Britain.

He didn’t disappoint, telling us not to worry, it will be mostly highly skilled professionals who come here…not a problem…they will be highly beneficial, contributing in a positive way to the UK economy.

Well that’s OK then.….we can relax.

Maybe not.….having made the connection to ‘David Goodhart’  I started to look at his work.…he is from the leftwing Demos think tank but his views on immigration and its effects may chime with many readers of this blog……though not with Operation Black Vote who characterise him as more dangerous than Nick Griffin for his views…..‘Perhaps, however a more dangerous individual comes in the shape of the pseudo liberal intellectual David Goodhart.’

His views being that….. we should have an overarching ‘national identity’, that much claimed racism is purely an excuse for failure, that multi-culturalism has failed and is the cause of segregation…..he values diversity but also an overall unity and national state of mind.

It should be noted that, like the BBC, (despite his views on immigration) Goodhart does not admit Labour’s guilt and deliberate scheming to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’ in its immigration policy as revealed by Andrew Neather,   claiming it was a result of well intentioned small acts that snowballed out of control.


When historians come to look back on this period in 100 years time they will surely conclude that, as John Seeley said about the expansion of the British Empire, we acquired a whole new population in a “fit of absence of mind”.’


Ironically an article from his own think tank outlines the radical and damaging effects of Labour’s policy, effects that the BBC refuse to acknowledge in any meaningful way….schools jampacked, the NHS creaking, the welfare system bleeding us dry, the roads overflowing, prisons overcrowded and of course the housing system overwhelmed:

When Polish and Hungarian citizens were given the right to come here, the radical under-estimation of numbers neutered central and local government responses. It left communities and services unable to cope and stoked resentment. Failure to plan, as the old adage goes, is planning to fail.
If, on the other hand, Government has received detailed predictions but feel unable to share or discuss them then this suggests that either the numbers are terrifying or the Civil Service has under-estimated the numbers dramatically once again. If it is the former – which seems likely considering the extreme poverty and under-developed economies of both Bulgaria and Romania – then planting one’s head in the sand is no strategy at all.
Not only would mass arrivals put huge pressure on (already precarious) local services, it would pose a huge threat to the Government’s narrative on immigration.
Fresh immigration from Bulgaria and Romania is not a problem of this Government’s making. It is a legacy they have inherited. But it is the Government’s problem. The consequences of another mismanaged bout of inward migration – for services, for housing, for jobs at the bottom of the economic scale and for trust in politics – are potentially massive.


Goodhart himself underlines the huge dangers of mass immigration for the existence and survival of the Welfare State, the NHS, schools and State provided housing.……and, to the horror of the BBC no doubt, the benefits of a ‘nation state’ (or a ‘national state of mind!)….

‘Much less secure is the survival of a generous welfare state, redistribution of wealth and a strong bond of citizenship—these are threatened by affluence, diversity and individualism. A great effort of political will is required merely to hold on to the welfare state as it is, and enlightened self-interest is likely to be too thin a basis for it; some sense of fellow feeling and shared collective destiny is necessary too. The nation state, the idea of a national story, even the idea of the British people, have all been in retreat in recent years…..[We must] reinforce the continuing value of the nation state as the only feasible site for the sharing and redistribution of resources on any significant scale, as well as for democratic accountability. For that reason it is particularly in the interests of social democrats to preserve it and shape its future.


Here is one response to Goodhart from Labour’s John Denham who admits the damaging impact of mass Immigration on the working class and the need for a strong national identity

‘National identity is important; the left needs to make it part of its project; and we need to start the debate on how to do it. The debate will be difficult; mistakes will be made and offence will be taken. But it must continue.
For most of my political life, the left has assumed that any strong British identity would be inimical to progressive politics. We certainly didn’t think that our national identity was important to creating a fairer, more just society. And there are still plenty of people who hold that view. Much of the left is more comfortable dealing with the traditional agenda of equality, tackling social exclusion and opposing discrimination. In a very clear example of this a speaker from the Barrow Cadbury Trust told the Fabian conference in January 2006 “sort out disadvantage and identity will look after itself.” This is simply not true.
These comfortable assumptions are now tumbling. It is now clear that questions of identity, separate communities and disadvantage interact in potentially dangerous ways. Tackling disadvantage cannot guarantee success in dealing with the other issues: indeed, without taking on the challenges of identity and separate lives it is unlikely that disadvantage can be tackled successfully either.
Some of the sharpest conflicts take place in and around the poorest communities and the labour markets in which they work. Here the impact of new, lower cost migration hits the established poor (whilst making middle Britain better off). Here the competition for public resources and the social wage is sharpest.
Many of the issues that have traditionally been on the agenda for the left and centre cannot be tackled unless we can make progress on our collective national identity.
The process cannot be defined by minorities joining the majority; Britain has changed too much for that. The new British identity needs to tell a story about ourselves that works both for the majority and the minorities.
[Goodhart believes] we should have clearer definitions of who belongs, who does not and what each are entitled to; and we should develop better symbols of Britishness.
I agree with both propositions, but they will be limited in their impact.
We should be far more sensitive to the impact of new migration on the poorest communities and their indigenous workforce. Sound migration controls need to be matched to better labour market regulation. The welfare state does need to be run on clear principles of rights and responsibilities, protected by proper systems to verify entitlement.
But important as these are, they are no substitute for developing the story of who we now are and who we now want to become.



It is vitally important to consider such views and opinions for a rounded perspective on immigration and its dangers and disadvantages as well as the benefits which are all too frequently ‘pushed’ by the BBC in its attempts to ‘sell’ us immigration.

In my opinion the disadvantages of mass immigration far outweigh any benefits…and of course it would have been nice if I’d had a say in the policy to start with…….another point against the BBC as it also refuses to acknowledge Labour’s Machiavellian intentions behind its immigration policy….refusing totally to report Andrew Neather’s comments…despite them being, or precisely because they were, of a ‘bombshell’ nature likely to destroy Labour completely if allowed to gain traction in the nation’s conscience….especially amongst the core Labour working class voters so treacherously betrayed by the metropolitan elite of New Labour.



David Goodhart’s writing:

National Anxieties

Too Diverse?

Progressive Nationalism

Replies to David Goodhart




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87 Responses to The consequences of another mismanaged bout of inward migration are potentially massive.

  1. George R says:


    One might think that Beeboids would not go along with Cameron line on this.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      The ‘blackout’ call suggests to me that they do know how many would come, and are petrified at the number, and need time to come up with an excuse/action plan. My guess is that several million will want to come, and who can blame them?


  2. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Damaging effects of labour’s policy!
    While all of what is said in this post may be correct, where oh where is this useless bunch of Tories in reversing that demographic?
    Where TF are they?
    Nowhere, sleep walking to oblivion at the next GE.
    If I have misread this post I’ll be back tomorrow to aplogoize.
    Nurse! My pills!
    Away to my bed to sleep perchance to dream of a country without savages and barbarians flooding in.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Tories can’t do much of anything for fear of getting branded as racist. The Left has already won the argument on this issue, in large part thanks to the very influential BBC.


      • I’m sorry David, but the Tories didn’t even try to put up an argument for them to have lost it. They chose to lose it without even bothering to put up a decent fight.

        Admittedly they probably thought it was an unfair propaganda war, with the likes of the BBC and the other vociferous lefty media channels not giving them a fair chance. However the tories could have put forward a good case which would have gained much traction amongst us, the silent majority, the non-chateratti classes.

        They are cowards who have abandoned the British people to the even greater villains, the BBC, Labour et al.

        The genocidists will now proceed to complete the destruction of the British peoples’ culture, unless enough of us vote in politicians with balls. UKIP anyone?


  3. #88 says:

    Of course the guy from the Romanian recruitment agency is right, it WILL be mostly highly skilled professionals who come here.

    One woman (one of the advance party) here in the small city where I live is particularly skilled.

    After only 2 years her linguistic skills now stretch to….’BEEEG ISSUE, BEEG ISSUE’


    • noggin says:

      it is simple … any benefits you could get here, with our standard of living, would easily be a very very well paid job in Romania, as is proven by the amount of pseudo big issue sellers, pseudo accordian beggars, organised pickpocket teams, and organised social security fraudsters, the vast majority of Romanians are rural gypsy types, if in towns live on crime and scam.
      they already have a foothold here, it is a disaster waiting to happen.
      this talk of the usual tory wetdream, getting IT skilled Romanians over here, to drive down any wage costs,
      is “pie in the sky”,


    • Llew says:

      She must be the younger sister of the Eastern European Big Issue seller who has been camped outside our local WH Smiths in a smallish horse racing town for about 8 or 9 years now. She must have gone to the same English language school as yours as she only speaks the same two words.


    • Old Goat says:

      No, no – you misheard – she was saying Beig Ysshoo”, which as all Romanians know, means “Up yours”.


  4. TigerOC says:

    The upside, as explained by Denham, has not been lost on Labour as dear Mr Brooon found out with Mrs Duffy, that awful bigoted woman.

    Suddenly Mr Brooon, was in the dog house. He and Labour had never anticipated the venom that resulted or the resultant backlash at the polling booth from their very own power base.

    Millipede and Denham have figured this out but Cameroon didn’t read his copy or was unable to understand the message in the text.

    UKIP appear to have been given the gift of life by the utter lack of political nous inherent in our political classes. They have been on the take from big business for so long that they have failed to understand that the promises of lucrative directorships after politics matter little when the little people want their guts for garters.


  5. Maturecheese says:

    It saddens me greatly reading this and re enforcing what I am already aware of. This coming mass influx of Rumanian’s and Bulgarians will probably be the final nail in the coffin for our bursting at the seams country. The damage already done is immense and yet TPTB continue wilfully with this madness. What I, as a simple fellow, don’t understand is why would these bastards want to destroy us like this?


    • Maturecheese says:

      I meant to add that I have joined and make a small donation to UKIP (two years ago) as I feel it is the only option left for me to do anything positive but if you will excuse the coarseness of my language, I feel I am pissing in the wind.


      • Doublethinker says:

        It feels like the country I grew up in, and its culture and values, are fast disappearing and that the establishment seems very happy to speed this process up.
        The liberal/left , who have brought the country to its present state ,are now the establishment and the BBC their mouthpiece.
        The British people have never been consulted of course. The Liberal/left establishment ( LLE) know that if they had allowed the ordinary people to understand what they were doing the people would have rejected it out of hand. But by carefully manipulating the views of the people over 30 years, principally via the BBC, the LLE has achieved its goal and now has little or no opposition to its policies.
        The Tories seem to have been pumelled by the LLE and the BBC into believing that the British really do want a multicultural, multiethnic society. They must think that there is little or no support for any opposing views. Or possibly that the political price of opposing the LLE over this much cherished objective is just too high. Imagine the hysterical BBC reaction to , and how it would mobilise the LLE against, anyone who strongly opposed the multicultural objective. So in effect there is no real opposition to the LLE project in the country.
        Its not wind you are struggling against its a hurricane.


        • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

          It feels like the country I grew up in, and its culture and values, are fast disappearing and that the establishment seems very happy to speed this process up.
          I agree, but it’s not just ‘ethnic multiculturalism’. For instance:
          Loony leftie politicians have driven an urban agenda, where older heterosexual rural communities are ignored or ridiculed.
          Town centres are now no-go areas in evenings and weekends, taken over by vomiting chavs who then attack the emergency services who try to help them.
          The media have played their part in suggesting that bed-hopping parents and illegitimate children are ‘normal’.
          They also perpetuate the myth that everyone is heavily in debt, and that everyone assumes it is the job of the state to look after their health and well-being.
          I don’t recognise any of these as being part of the culture of the country I grew up in, and no politician has ever asked us whether we wanted these changes.


          • Doublethinker says:

            I agree that the points you make have all eroded the British way of life. But I think that there is a difference between them and the multicultural/multiethnic point that I made.
            The difference is that the policy of creating in Britain a multiethnic and multicultural society had the planned outcome that we see and was deliberately obscured from the ordinary people’s view by a coalition of the LLE and the BBC. Whereas some of the points that you mention had a larger amount of ‘unexpected consequence’ in them, at least unexpected to some of the LLE who pushed the policies through that caused them. Also none of those policies were deliberately obscured from the general public’s view because of the likely adverse reaction.


        • Bannerman says:

          Watch Question Time tonight (please bring back the live blog) you will see that the vast majority of the population reject UKIP and embrace multi/culti/diversity.


          • Actually, I did watch Question Time tonight and Nigel Farage’s sane warnings about immigration were loudly applauded by the Lincoln audience.

            Quite surprising when you consider how much effort the BBC puts into “selecting” the right kind of audience.

            One audience member, whose family live in Boston, told a terribly sad tale of how mass immigration has brought much misery and hardship to the ordinary folk of that town, such as hordes of unwanted east european immigrants illegally camping on your land, over-crowded hospitals, drunkenness, abuse etc. The poor lady looked like she was about to break as she said her piece, and this despite the fact that she was part polish due to her polish grandfather coming here during the war.


    • bodo says:

      ‘why would these bastards want to destroy us like this?’

      The left want power, irrespective of the cost to the country.

      Eric Hobsbawm the left-wing academic (recently deceased) and former intellectual guru to the new Labour project, and especially Tony Blair, was of the opinion that left-wing parties in the West were inevitably doomed to long-term failure because rising prosperity pushed people further to the moderate right. Mass immigration effectively counters this — it imports poverty, and also keeps poor people poor through low wage competition. Thus the leftwing vote is reinforced.

      It’s also had another perhaps unforeseen impact of massive benefit to the left in the UK, i.e. the splitting of the centre-right vote between UKIP and the Conservatives.


      • David Brims says:

        The Labour / marxist party is very devious and cunning, but not very wise. Do they not realise when this country finally becomes majority muslim. They wont stand for Lefty liberals. Sharia law will be imposed.


      • #88 says:

        Top comment Bodo.

        All of this goes to explain how important it was for Brown to keep the people as grateful clients of the state.

        Of course the mass immigration of the mid 00’s, went some way to explain why it was that our benefits bill went through the roof at a time when unemployment was falling (and exposes the Balls / Labour lie that the deficit will be dealt with if we get people back to work).

        Of the 2m people who came from Europe, 285,000 have never worked and have been dependent on our benefit system, a further 500,000 working incomers have enjoyed ‘top-up’ benefits. Add top that a similar number of non-European incomers and around 1m illegals and you have the ingredients for destabilisation / deconstruction of our state and culture…’rubbing our noses in it’ as was always the marxist entryists intentions.

        The BBC have remained remarkable quiet on this and as far as I am aware have never shared these government figures

        Our economy will not survive the shock of even more benefits tourism.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Yes bodo, and the tories have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. They are mortally afraid of being branded racists (as David has said above), racists, that is, by the inbbc definition!
        They have slid toward an ever diminishing centre right ground and are too thick to see what is happening. Their core voters are leaving them in droves, soon they will occupy the limp dumbs place. What a hopeless bunch of wankers.


        • Ron Todd says:

          If the numbers coming in are large and lets not pretend anybody has a clue how many their will be, the Tories will get the blame and Labour will get lots of potential future


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            If they get the blame Ron Todd, they will deserve it. They are in power now, with options to do SOMETHING, but they are as usual sleepwalking.


      • Sceptical Steve says:

        My considered view is that the apparent fixation with Left/Right politics is a fiction foisted on us by the political classes. We no longer do politics in this country, as most key issues in our lives are decided in forums that are kept undemocratic and opaque (e.g. G8, G20 etc.).
        The result is that our politicians get aerated about issues of absolutely no interest to the rest of us (e.g. Fox Hunting and Gay Marriage)
        and then wonder why so few people bother to vote!


  6. Phil Ford says:

    Just a heads-up to the faithful here that Nigel Farage will be appearing on Question Time tonight (BBC1 10.35pm). Mr Farage has been warning of the coming influx of Eastern European immigrants for some time now. No doubt – and as usual – Dimbledore will do all he can to frustrate Mr Farage and deny him enough time to make his points before the usual bunch of hand-picked Marxist bots are permitted to interrupt and misrepresent him.

    Also, on the subject on so-called ‘multiculturalism’ in the UK today – I stumbled across this little gem on YouTube. Some Islamic nutcases calling themselves ‘The Muslim Patrol’ operating on UK streets, harassing and intimidating ordinary members of the public for not obeying Allah’s laws (on alcohol and dress, etc)…This is the dream of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘moderate’ Islam that New Labour has bequeathed us… And not a copper to be seen to arrest these scum.


    • The General says:

      What a surprise, the video has been removed as is deemed to incite race hatred.
      So if it has been a gang of whites intimidating Muslim men about their beards or women about their burkas, not only would it not have been removed, it would have been headline news on all tv channels.

      Any contrary examples Dez ?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Is this a put-on?


      • pah says:

        Probably not. I have heard of a number of incidents where gangs of ‘asian youths’ have assaulted people leaving pubs. There was even a ‘celebrated case’ where a footballer was tried for assault after he fought back after being ambushed like this.

        I myself was attacked by a car load of muslims some years ago for the crime of crossing the road on a zebra crossing. Fortunately I had about 10 mates following me who came to my rescue.

        It’s hard to fathom what they plan to gain from ths apart from loathing.


  7. Guest Who says:

    As with such as Wind Turbines, etc, I’d simply like the cases made in terms that I can trust and assess fairly.
    My Mum was in a cottage we built next door until her dementia got to a point where our looking after her was no longer possible.
    So to help fund the care home, we rented it out.
    It was taken by a young Polish couple. He I can do without but she is charming. This was around four years ago.
    They now have a 2 yo kid.
    Hubs still can’t speak a word of English.
    Junior is a cutie.
    Thing is, best I can judge, their ‘contribution’ to the UK and county kicked in 4 years ago. Tax and NI & council tax. Well, his. She stopped work and is now a full-time Mum.
    For this they get all my family ever has. So far…. junior delivered and now at pre-school all on the public tab. If they stay, and being born here as a Brit, junior especially is sorted for life but will hopefully ‘contribute’. Thing is, what if they scoot back home in the next few years?
    For a small cut of their earnings, they have had a pretty decent return on the visit. Medical, education… possibly benefits.
    And these are the hard working guys. With jobs and at least paying in. And a stable family unit. Unsure how much longer they can stay 3 in a one bed cottage, but I’ve kept the rent for all this time as it was as she keeps the place spotless.
    But what about all those who arrive and start sucking down the minute their feet touch UK soil, and never stop, plus bringing in more of the same?
    Mum is now sadly gone, but I look around at old dears like her in this area, and look at the local troughers in politics and local government offering affordable housing for all whilst whining about cuts to everything bar their pensions, and wonder how it adds up ‘for the country’ that folk have paid in for 50, 60 years yet are being told to freeze as there is no money, whilst the welcome gate to these temporary types (or, worse, permanent parasites) appears not only open but getting widened.


  8. David Brims says:

    I love Third World mass immigration, I just cant get enough of it, I love race riots, Somali pirates, Congolese witch doctors, Nigerian fraudsters, Muslims terrorists, Pakistan child rapists. Gypsy criminals. Oh, the vibrancy and diversity.

    What’s not to like ?


    • Mark says:

      It’s all very well singling out immigration from Eastern Europe, especially of Roma gypsies, but there are plenty of ne’r-do-wells from the Commonwealth as well – Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims who refuse to integrate, Jamaican Yardies, and bone-idle and unemployable Somalis. (I think part of Somalia was once called British Somaliland).

      Outside of the Commonwealth, why do we have to suffer Algerians and Moroccans, when they were part of the French Empire ?

      And don’t even get me started on the British-born jihadist traitors.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        British Somaliland was actually only part of the British Empire for a total of 55 years (1884-1899 and then again 1920-1960). That makes quite a tenuous connection. There is of course no connection with Algeria and Morocco – former French Empire as pointed out. However, they may well become part of the European Union by about 2030 and will then get full settlement rights. This is envisaged as part of the EU’s Barcelona Process. Also read David Miliband’s speech of November 2007 when he was Foreign Secretary (see He wasn’t just describing a personal fantasy – he was stating true European (sic) policy and objectives.


  9. George R says:

    For years, Beeboids, including ‘Today’, derided ‘Migration Watch’; now, Beeboids find themselves turning to it for information they cannot get elsewhere:-

    “Migration Watch warning on Romania and Bulgaria immigration”

    ‘Daily Mail’

    “Up to 70,000 Romanian and Bulgarian migrants a year ‘will come to Britain’ when controls on EU migrants expire.
    “Migration watchdog says workers will be attracted by higher wages and benefits.
    “Cap on Romanians and Bulgarians is set to expire this year.
    “Total immigration from nations could soar to 250,00 over five years.”


  10. Fred Sage says:

    The BBC will often tell us there is a housing crisis and that we desperately need 3 million new homes. They never, in the same sentence, tell us that we have had in the last decade 3 million new immigrants. There is some connection between the numbers I’m sure.


    • London Calling says:

      Labour local authorities = housing third world migrants = future labour voters
      What got Francoise Hollande and Obama elected? The balance of ethnic votes where 95% of this client state vote for their sponsor: Labour. Do you think Labour don’t know this?


  11. ltwf1964 says:

    perhaps one nice spin off from the Bulgarian/Romanian influx may turn out to be a full blown conflict between the various eastern europeans of different backgrounds,knocking ten bells out of each other

    then we can sit back and watch the fun while the bbc bend over backwards and indulge in new depths of verbal gymnastics to avoid calling it racism

    it’s all about to kick off


    • Mark says:

      ” ….. a full blown conflict between the various eastern europeans of different backgrounds,knocking ten bells out of each other ….”

      That happened twenty years ago, in what was once Yugoslavia – not a pretty sight !

      I can imagine the East Europeans squaring up for serious fisticuffs against the Muslims. Bulgaria only shook off the Ottoman yoke in 1878, after many Turkish atrocities, though strangely the two were allies in WW1.

      I can also see the non-PC Poles and others taking matters into their own hands if Muslim groomers were to start molesting their daughters.


  12. George R says:

    Just as Beeboids now have to accept ‘Migration Watch’s sensible analyses on immigration, so too Beeboids need to openly discuss, not censor the analysis of Islamic jihad, etc, at the ‘Jihadwatch’ site, in books and articles and videos produced there.

    And unfortunately, some of the threat of mass immigration to Britain is linked to the threat of Islamic jihad.


  13. Don’t forget. The best is yet to come.
    Dave Cameron supports Muslim Turkey joining the EUSSR.
    How many of it’s 70 million-plus population will want to come to Britain?


    • Dave s says:

      We have to accept that the destruction of the Tory party- hopefully at or before the next election- is a pre requisite to sorting out this country and England in particular.
      Anybody voting Tory needs to think hard before doing so.
      As for Cameron. I have no words left


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        The Tory scare tactics ceased to work on me a long time ago. You know, the one that says a vote for ukip lets in labour!
        They will try it again, just don’t swallow their bullshit.


    • David Brims says:

      So does conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, his reasoning is, he doesn’t want the EUSSR to be seen as a Christian club, that would be ‘waaycist.’

      The tories are not the solution, they’re part of the problem, they’re up to their necks in pro immigration.


    • pah says:

      Maybe he is being sneaky.

      He hustles for Turkey to join the party and as soon as they do he gets us out by the back door.

      I know, I know. Wishful thinking.


    • Maturecheese says:

      The Horse at the Gates (D C Alden) is a frightening book( I know it’s been covered on here before, in fact suggested by DV) but it’s a future that seems imminent with all this Islam appeasement and uber political correctness, sorry Cultural Marxism.


      • David Brims says:

        Another book is ” The Camp of the Saints” by French writer Jean Raspail about the Third World immigrant invasion of Europe, written in 1973.


    • Aerfen says:

      Given that more than half are under thirty five, and most dirt poor, at least ten million I would estimate.

      Many of the westernised elite would like to come too.


    • Aerfen says:

      Which given that most of the millions of immigrants are Labour voters is quite bizarre – unless he’s a mole intent on destroying the Tory party as Blair did old Labour.


  14. Jeff says:

    What has befallen my once beautiful and cohesive country in the past few decades is simply criminal. Parts of Britain will never again be “British” in any sense other than geographical. It’s pointless seeking revenge on the treacherous political trash that brought about this cultural catastrophe, though it is tempting. And I’m sorry to say I don’t hold out any hope for Dave doing much to buck the trend. We need a political leader similar to Churchill; a man who wasn’t afraid to speak unpleasant truths when needed. Sadly Dave is a media savvy, old Etonian spiv who looks good speaks well, but essentially stands for nothing.


    • David Brims says:

      ” The past is another country, it doesn’t exist anymore,” the damage to England is irreparable, Labour has dropped a nuclear demographic bomb on it.

      Churchill said in 1955 ” Our welfare state system will become the Mecca for the Third World immigrant.”

      Enoch in 1977 making a prophesy ” London and Birmingham will become majority black / muslim by the end of the century.

      The 2012 London census results have shown him to be spot on.


      • Mark says:

        “Churchill said in 1955 – Our welfare state system will become the Mecca for the Third World immigrant.

        I doubt if Churchill foresaw this country becoming a Mecca in a very different sense !


  15. pah says:

    I have a cunning plan, my Lord.

    1. Encourage Scotland to leave the UK – throw them out if necessary.

    2. Agitate for Scotland to join the EU. (There is talk of Scotland having to reapply come Independance.)

    3. We then leave the EU.

    4. We encourage all EU immigrants to become Scottish citizens!



  16. David Brims says:

    Talking of Enoch Powell, here is the Michael Cockerell 1995 documentary on Powell ” Odd Man Out.” He’s like a Edwardian gentleman, they don’t exist anymore.


  17. aerfen says:

    David Goodhart may be left wing, but he sees the threat to the welfare state posed by mass immigration, set out in these2004 essays for the Guardian:

    (I doubt the Gurdian would publish such works now!!!)

    Mass immigration is essentially a right wing policy, to hold wages down.


  18. David Brims says:

    Liberal MP Simon Hughes sucking up to muslims, speaks a little Arabic, vomit inducing.

    Does he not know that muslims will not take kindly to his past gay life ?

    After watching this, you know the country is finished.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Sorry I couldn’t stomach more than 1 minute of this shit.
      My god you are right David, this country IS finished.
      Last one out turn off the lights as we advance to the 7th century!


  19. George R says:

    All British political class ( Tories, Lib Dems, Labour, inc BBC) support entry of 80 million Muslim Turks into the E.U., and as many who want to come, into U.K?
    ‘Diversity’ = Islamisation.

    Apparently the British people are under political instructions to allow themselves to be colonised on an unprecedented, unending, irreversible scale to prove that they are not ‘racist’!!!


    • Aerfen says:

      What is incredible is how the majority it seems have been brainwashed into believing this!


      • Doublethinker says:

        A large part of the answer is down to the BBC having slowly changed the outlook of the British to one where they believe that it is ‘abnormal and unacceptable’ to even think that mass immigration is wrong, let alone do anything to oppose it. I am sure that someone with the necessary talent could write a paper on how the BBC undermined Britain from 1979 to the present.


  20. David Brims says:

    According to the Labour party, the worlds entire black and muslim population is British, and it’s their ”human right” to be allowed into this country. To stop them entering, would be considered, ‘waaycist.’

    Plus, they can put a X on a ballot paper next to the Labour party.


  21. George R says:


    By Leo McKinstry.


  22. David Brims says:

    The Labour party is the Communist party.
    The Liberal party is the Socialist party.
    The Conservative party is the Liberal party.

    When you come to think of it, we’re actually living in a marxist country.


    • Dave s says:

      Just about right. I suggest it is no longer possible to have a debate with the liberal element in society.
      There is nothing to talk about any longer. They refuse to accept that any alternative view has any validity and believe that it is actually malevolent.
      That we have come to this is truly disheartening.


      • David Brims says:

        The difference between Right wing people and Left wing people.

        Right wing people are realists, we believe the world is full of suffering and evil, that’s the way it is, and we accept it.

        Left wing people are eternal optimists or to be more precise, utopian fantasists. They actually think the world can be fixed.

        They have endless schemes, like ” End World Hunger ”, End World Poverty, Cut Third World debt. Solve Africa’s problems, Cure AIDS ” etc etc.

        Just one more scheme and it will be Utopia. There is a self righteousness, zealousness and piousness about them.

        It’s a mental illness.


  23. David Brims says:

    Dave S

    In the 1970s, General Sir Walter Walker said that ” Britain had been completely infiltrated by Marxists, the enemy within.”

    The media at the time ridiculed and mocked him, smearing him as ” a right wing paranoid nut.”

    Now with hindsight, we know different, due to Labours malevolent immigration policy, we’re foreigners in our own country.

    From Wikipedia

    ”Walker began giving television interviews and then took part in a documentary named A Day in the Life of a General which was never aired due to security reasons, although Walker believed it was banned because he was “revealing the true state of affairs which the politicians are hiding from the public”.

    By 1974 Walker had grown “shocked” by the state of the country in general and the “militancy” of the trade unions in particular. In July of that year he wrote a letter to The Daily Telegraph calling for “dynamic, invigorating, uplifting leadership … above party politics” which would “save” the country from “the Communist Trojan horse in our midst”


  24. George R says:

    “NHS is too generous to migrants, says GPs as many refuse to treat those who entered the country illegally”

    By Sophie Borland.


  25. chrisH says:

    If the BNP can`t recruit from the awful snobbish arrogance of the likes of Mary Beard and Caroline Flint (as exhibited on Question Time last night), then they are useless!
    Beard was a smug-out of touch elitist shocker of a cat lady.
    She dared to tell a woman from Boston (who clearly was being brave and honest in describing what was happening to her town) just what her perceptions were-basically a pile of crap, because some academic report says the Boston woman hasn`t got the liberal rose-tinted glasses that she needs.
    Outrageous patronising drivel from some lazy academic-who represents the liberal elite quite brilliantly as a dippy woolly phoney who clearly never gets to live with the consequences of her dreamy cloud of entitlement -and we pay for her to muse aloud!
    God we`re dumb…the woman is a queasy reproach to any thoughts that academe is impartial , honest and rational….as if Shirley Williams and that Warnock woman had taken cuttings from Beatrice Webbs bush basket.


  26. fitzfitz says:

    The coming Bulgar and Roma pulses into England are verboten subject matter on the BBCensor system … the lowest level of society must be disregarded – apart from entertainment value …


  27. George R says:

    “Our town’s like a foreign country and locals can’t cope with the immigrants, says mother after TV clash with academic on Question Time.
    “Office worker Rachel Bull challenged leading historian Mary Beard on the impact of immigration on her Lincolnshire.
    “The academic dismissed claims the town is being overwhelmed by migrant workers as ‘myths’, but Mrs Bull insists Boston is ‘at breaking point’.”


  28. George R says:

    “Don’t make the same immigration mistake.”



  29. George R says:

    The more immigrants from Islamic countries which France/U.K, etc allow in, the more chance there is of this:-

    “Terrorist with ‘perfect English accent’ involved in Algerian hostage crisis”


  30. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Coming to a town near you real soon!
    Think not? Think again!


  31. George R says:

    “Strict benefit rules would deter a new wave of migrants”

    By Alasdair Palmer.


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