It’s The BBC Journalists Who Need The Training



Jon Donnison [email protected]
Haaretz: #Hamas defeated #IDF in social media virtual warfare during #Gaza conflict, Israeli study shows



The BBC are praised for training Palestinian journalists…from what I saw it would seem the Palestinians had little to learn from the BBC in terms of presenting their case…whereas the BBC journalists had rings run around them and were gulled into presenting Palestinian propaganda as news….though of course they perhaps were already primed mentally to accept whatever was given to them…..the tears of a Palestinian child in  photograph saying so much more than words ever can etc….


Politicians from across the Arab world congratulated BBC Arabic on reaching its 75th anniversary on Thursday and recognised the role it had played in their region.
They praised it as a ‘much-needed outlet’ for news and views that had been suppressed by some state media and for training a generation of Arab and Palestinian journalists in impartial newsgathering.

Mustafa Barghouthi, Palestinian democracy activist and Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, believed the BBC gave too much space to the Israeli voice, but he said its training of Arab and Palestinian journalists – some of whom had become ‘icons of the Arab media’ – had been among the BBC’s ‘most important achievements’.

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6 Responses to It’s The BBC Journalists Who Need The Training

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Contempt. That’s all I can conjure about this. For the bbc, for the arabs in the land known as palestine, for muslims in general, for socialists, for all the traitors of our nation.


  2. pounce says:

    I was wondering along the same lines after watching the latest bBC/Hamas lovefest in regards to their latest 3D movie.
    Just as in its deaf as a door nail article about the latest in Haute cusine in under seige Gaza, I am somewhat taken aback by just how well equipped these improvised (well so the bbC tells me) really are. Tell you what there are hundreds of schools in the Uk which don’t sport learning centres as well equipped as the ones in the bBC article. But still the bBC tries to present this image that life in Gaza is a f-ing hellhole becasue of the jew.

    The bBC, the reason why anti-Semitism is rife in the UK


    • deegee says:

      That’s the IDF alright – stealing scarecrows is what they do.

      Interesting observation that the film will be spoken in Arabic with Palestinian accents. My first thought was Duh! Did we expect Chinese accents? and then I realised the significance even if the BBC reporter didn’t.

      West Bank dialects are similar to the Jordanian dialect, while influences of Egyptian dialect are heard throughout Gaza. Both the Jordanian and the Palestinian is almost identical especially in urban areas to the Lebanese. Palestinian accent, maybe. Gazan accent, you bet.

      By chosing to use a Palestinian variation of Levontine Arabic rather than Modern Standard Arabic it will be unintelligle to much of the Middle East. It may have to be subtitled.


  3. deegee says:

    I am beginning to come to the conclusion that no media that has an Arabic section can ever be fair to Israel. The customer wants anti Israel pieces, Muslim propaganda pieces and travelogues. They don’t want and won’t pay for pieces on corruption, mismanagement, human rights or dictatorship.

    That’s the BBC. Giving the customer what he wants.


  4. Guest Who says:

    ‘primed mentally to accept whatever was given to them’
    Certain minds are of course more easily primed.
    Maybe why so few science grads in their ranks?


  5. Stephen Franklin says:

    Those of us who support Israel and disagree with Jon Donnison should learn from the Haaretz article that he links to (however much we dislike the headline) and put our case more effectively in the social media, especially Twitter.