There But For The Grace Of God


Comparing the boastful narration with its shrugging response to the bug is instructive. In the world of Apple, its devices are magic and any acknowledgement that they’ve failed to live up to that dream is quietly filed on its support site.’


That was of course a comment on Apple’s lack of response to customer complaints…and continues further on to suggest why that is such a problem for such a massively successful company…….

‘….It’s easy to dismiss the Do Not Disturb bug as trivial and in isolation it is, but over time Apple’s response to problems and the number of irritating little errors that pop up in iOS could begin to mount up in the public consciousness.  And while Apple’s successes get massive coverage, it’s mistakes are equally magnified.’


You might have had a feeling of deja vu as you read that, a feeling that some other rather large and ‘magic’ and rather boastfully proud corporation could just as easily be being described.

No prizes for guessing which one I’m talking about.

But here is a classic example of that Corporation’s unwillingness to respond in an honest and open way to questions:

BBC Trust facing calls to publish ‘tax avoidance’ emails
The BBC Trust was today facing calls to publish emails that could show the corporation gave its star presenters an avenue to avoid tax.


…but it refuses to do so.


Kind of strange from an organisation that prides itself not only on its own accountability and transparency but also on its power to hold others to  similar account.

How can it possibly demand answers when it refuses to answer exactly the same questions itself?


Think Different indeed.


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11 Responses to There But For The Grace Of God

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Outgoing RTS boss accuses BBC News heads of ‘culture of denial’

    “It is inconceivable to me you would find this kind of misrepresentation outside the BBC – on Sky or any other commercial public service broadcaster. The Shanene Thorpe story and the events of the last few months show that today it is the commercial broadcasters who keep the BBC honest.”

    He must be one of those “enemies waiting to destroy” the BBC, right?


  2. chrisH says:

    The very idea of the BBC “thinking differently” about anything these days is a joke isn`t it?
    I`m not listening to the news…but I did hear something about Japanese convicts not getting a fair trial-confessions may not be enough when social stigma and pressures to conform are so terrible( Lucy Blackwells murderer, no doubt will be pleased at the Beeb hopes that Japan may yet learn lessons from Marc Dutroux and the ECHR).
    I heard too about survivors institutional child abuse clamours ,as well as lessons England could learn( not Ireland and Scotland though-they`re BBC gold standards of compo and church bashing)…this was a “world survey” then so saith the BBC.
    This national campaign for just one response to child abuse will , of course suit the BBC…so Savile gets lobbed in with the lollipop lady hugging “survivors” way back in the 80s!
    Still eh?…these national groundswells of anger, campaigning lawyers, cheridees are quite something eh?…wonder at what tipping point do the BBC decide this would be a “good oidea”-to quote Alan Partridge!
    Japan…Ireland…absolutely anywhere but Saviles parked trailer tent eh in the Wood Lane car park eh?
    Once you let Auntie supply the “Savilon”, you surely know that your case is a grease gun for lawyers and weirdos on the make…still, if the compo would close the BBC down like a Boston church center, then it just MIGHT be worth the efforts of Esther and Batmanghedghli in trying for it.


  3. Teddy Bear says:

    I posted this originally on the Open Thread but now here is more relevant.

    There are two main general public scandals that the BBC is undergoing at the present time. The first relates to the Newsweek Savile/McAlpine debacles, not to mention the fact that Savile perpetrated much of his abuse with the awareness of many within the BBC who chose to look the other way – wink, wink, nod, nod.

    The other has to do with the tax avoidance schemes set up within the BBC for many of its higher paid employees.

    The BBC way of raising the topic of these issues is to mentioning it within the context of ‘regaining public trust’, and ‘lessons to be learned’, and a lot of similar hype that is nothing more than tripe. They clearly feel that their licence fee paying public will now feel that the scandals are all behind now, and the BBC can be trusted, even more than before. All they have to do to achieve this is to repeat the mantra again and again, like a hypnotist.

    But in real terms, if anything it is more corrupt than ever.

    MP’s have asked the BBC to reveal the emails concerning their promotion of tax avoidance to their employees.
    The response of the BBC Trust is to refuse on the basis that they have been seen by their own tax advisers, who assure them that all is kosher. The Trust member who deals with these matters doesn’t himself even want to read these emails, just offer assurances.

    I seem to recall BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten, along with DG Entwistle at the time, assuring the public that all was above board with the Savile Newsnight shelving, until MP’s pushed harder which forced them to launch an investigation.

    For the British public to continue to accept this bullshit is the scariest part of these examples showing the real BBC. Appears they are well and truly brainwashed, or simply don’t see the danger to our society by allowing it to continue.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Spot on. The BBC is now so powerful, with fingers in every pie, that to a large extent it controls the news and current affairs agenda and the public doesn’t even realise that it is doing so. Of course it works hand in hand with the liberal/left elite who are increasingly the true ‘establishment ‘ of the country.
      I think that the BBC’s hold on the country is so powerful that even the Tory party dare not oppose them. So in effect the unelected BBC sets the political agenda as well as the news and current affairs agenda. You might say that the liberal left have taken control of the country with the BBC in the vanguard. There doesn’t seem to have been much room for healthy debate and the democratic process in this take over.
      The BBC has ridden out the storm over Savile and McAlpine with minimal damage. This will convince the BBC senior executives that they can get away with anything. Which will encourage them to go further and faster with their plan to ensure that Labour become the natural party of government in Britain and that we ditch British culture in favour of their cherished brand of multicultralism whilst allowing anyone and everyone to take up residence here.
      The Tories were the only party who could have saved the country from this awful fate and they have let us down by not tackling the BBC.
      The British have been sold down the river by their own state funded broadcaster and their political elites.


      • Cosmo says:

        They have stifled competition of the airways with their guaranteed £4b income. DAB was supposed to give us thousands of radio channels, but who can compete having to actually earn income to start and maintain any sort of competiton.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        We are of one mind 🙂


  4. Span Ows says:

    Thing is most citizens pay for it so everything should be public, preferably online and in as real time as possible.


  5. Maturecheese says:

    Every time I have recently heard the BBC giving a person or organisation a hard time over tax avoidance I have been screaming ‘Hypocrites’ inside. The sheer brass neck of these people(BBC) is astounding and the fact that they can get away with it is disappointing.


  6. Guest Who says:

    ‘a feeling of deja vu as you read that’
    Indeed, and every time an email pops up (on my Mac, ironically, making me at one with most enjoying time free to appear on the Breakfast sofa, post all day about #Occupy on HYS, or exchange sweet nothings with Paul Mason across his entire suite shop) from BBC complaints, ECU or The Trust, I will be minded of this.
    Along with the fact that if Apple does stray too far, too often (and the fact that their older OS versions do not work with a raft of things now is cranking the vex level)… I have the option of no longer supporting them with my funding.
    One uniquely denied me by the BBC.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If you don’t want to pay licensing fees for Apple software, or purchase any of their hardware, you can at least still use the internet and software made by other companies.


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