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  1. Henry says:

    None yet? Well this maybe belongs in the last open thread of the year but here goes.
    I’m not the only one to play this game. Occasionally I switch on Radio 4 – with no idea what’s on – to see how long it takes before any sign of bias shows itself. Sometimes it will take a while, and be something subtle, like the choice of topic for a show that shows a pattern in BBC decision-making.
    This was not one of those times. 5 seconds after I’d switched on (to a comedy quiz show, as it turned out) the very funny guests were getting copious laughter for likening Rupert Murdoch to a “Bond villain without the charisma”.
    Funny? No not really (but thanks for trying). Original? Well, let’s see…the BBC played a rather large part in the anti-Murdoch phone-hacking etc offensive. And here we are again on much the same theme. So that’s a no as well.
    Cordial good wishes this new year 🙂


    • Richard Pinder says:

      It was once “on my left, Jeremy Hardy”.
      First Question. “Jeremy” (SWITCH OFF).

      Now its a more politically correct “on my right, Jeremy Hardy.
      First Question. “Jeremy” (SWITCH OFF).


  2. harryurz says:

    12-15pm today (BBC1) The BBC’s favourite Christian the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams delivers his new year message.
    12-26pm (BBC1) – item on BBC1 news summarising BBC’s favourite Christian Rowan Williams’ new year message.
    5.25pm (BBC2) Just in case you missed it a repeat of the BBC’s favourite Christian Rowan Williams’ new year message.
    5-30pm (BBC2) “Farewell to Canterbury” -“An emotional farewell from the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, as he explores the hidden corners and meanings of Egland’s oldest catherdral, his home for the last ten years”


    • chrisH says:

      Better 5 mins than hitherto from Rowan, based on recent years.
      Suppose there`s no chance of Jonathan Sacks doing next years is there-he`ll have retired, but will still speak a bit of sense into us…as long as we keep him from Evan Davis etal!


    • Jim Dandy says:

      The anti-Christian BBC? Seems to be a faithful member of the flock to me


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Not really faithful in any meaningful sense, but rather doing what’s required by the Charter. There’s a difference.


  3. Paul Williamson says:

    The BBC news had an interesting article about a new law coming in today in Holland about buying cannabis. From now on foreigners (or is it foreign nationals?) are no longer able to buy cannabis from coffee houses. People will now have to show ID that they are Dutch when they buy the drug. This is going to affect the cannabis industry and apparently the law is not really required. At least the article did explain that it was local residents who petitioned the law. Now that the drug genie is out of bottle I wonder what similar articles the BBC will bring out about the ‘war on drugs’.


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Try to avoid Norman Smith’s Review of 2012 in politics. 25 minutes of Labour Party political broadcast.


    • #88 says:

      Thanks a bunch Arthur – Happy New Year to you too!
      That got 2013 off to a fine start – perhaps I should have taken the warning more seriously.

      Avoiding the irony of Smith claiming to be a paid up member of the brotherhood of hacks imperilled by Leveson (when sadly he and the BBC aren’t), Norman Smith represents the unacceptable face of BBC political journalism, this delivered with Smith’s trademark innuendo and typical lack of balance.

      I don’t want or need the BBC to become cheer-leaders for Cameron or the Tories; to (as Blair would say) draw a line under their mistakes and move on, they must be accountable. But the viewing public are also entitled to have presented to them a balanced view of things political. Labour had their difficulties in 2012, all unreported by Smith; Hunt was exonerated by Leveson, but again Smith only saw fit to remind us of the accusations of wrongdoing that Hunt faced. I cannot believe that this was an oversight – this surely had to be a deliberate omission on Smith’s part.

      If Smith cannot bring himself to present a more rounded view of the political landscape, he surely cannot be allowed to remain in his job.

      In fact, I think that the BBC’s regulators should take a close look at this awful piece and act – fat chance, though given Patten’s new role as Lord Protector of all at New Broadcasting House.

      I have no doubt that over the next two years, as the election approaches, this will get worse, much worse. The BBC Executive, Patten and the Trust are allowing people like Smith to act with impunity.


    • Dickmart says:

      What an absolute disgrace! The man would not know the meaning of impartiality if it hit him on the head. Disgraceful that he featured the Labour accusations against Jeremy Hunt, but failed to say that he was completely exonerated by Leveson. He spoke about the excesses of the press, what about those of the BBC including himself? To add insult to injury, the black and white shots recalled days when the BBC had journalists of impartiality and integrity.


  5. 1327 says:

    Last night Mrs1327 insisted on watching a 50 best moments of the Olympics show on BBC3. A simple enough concept you would think and difficult to mess up , you show some footage from the summer , interview the athletes involved and a couple of talking head sports commentators to explain it all.

    Well I’m sure none of you will be surprised to hear that the Beeb managed to f**k it up. We had the athletes , the commentators but also assorted Radio 1 DJs (young ones born after Saville for safeties sake) making juvenile innuendos and “jokes” that a 12 year old with an average IQ would find painful.

    I can only presume the Beeb thinks that these idiots are needed to explain things to “da yoof”. We did have to have one of these characters getting a dig in at the Tory MP that complained about the opening ceremony (oh and Mo Farah was the no 1 moment – the Beeb are still smarting from the bloody public not making him sportsman of the year). But it wasn’t the political correctness that annoyed me it was the sheer amateur nature of the show.


    • David Brims says:

      Don’t knock ” our ” Mo Farah, he’s about as British as a three pound coin.

      According to the BBC, the entire worlds black and muslim population is British.


    • Mark says:

      Why was so much of the commentary time given to that ‘edgy’ moon-faced ‘comedian’ Jimmy Carr, with his tax-dodging and tasteless comments about the disabled, wounded soldiers and the Paralympics ?


      • 1327 says:

        Its interesting because I had presumed Carrs career (at least at the Beeb) would be over after his tax revelations. Instead though he seems to have recanted in the Politically correct way plus the Beeb know he is just the tip of the iceberg.

        I would have had far more respect for Carr had he when the revelations came out just said “f**k you its legal” or pointed out the 101 ways the govt would have wasted his money. That would probably been career suicide however !


        • Frank Words says:

          He did – until his agent told him that his career might go down the U-Bend. Then he backtracked…


    • Mice Height says:

      The fact that Bradley Wiggins won sports personality of the year is hard evidence that racism and Fascism are thriving in Britain!


    • Reed says:

      I know exactly what you mean, 1327, but switching to BBC Three really is asking to be confronted with the most dire adolescent inanities that BBC TV has to offer – if only they confined their amateurish crap to this one channel. Unfortunately, it seeps out into far too much of the mainstream output, as the Jubilee coverage demonstrated only too well.

      The BBC routinely condescends to young people with their ‘yoof’ attitude to anything that is aimed at young adults.

      I do hope you were spared repeat performances from those titans of broadcasting…Fearne Cotton and Trevor Nelson!


    • The thing making me laugh is the BBC going on about the Olympics and producing the box set describing itself as “The Olympics Broadcaster”.

      Would this be the same “Olympics Broadcaster” who when innundated with complaints that the men’s gymnastics coverage was covering any team but the British said that it had nothing to do with them because it was another organisation responsible for the coverage?


  6. David Brims says:

    The BBC’s Sports Personality extravaganza ( groan ) was on just before Christmas, but really it’s not about a Sports personality, it’s ALL about the BBC blowing it’s own trumpet.

    The ironic thing is, the BBC doesn’t show any sport, it’s all on SKY, ESPN or Eurosport.

    I think the BBC Sports Personality award should have been given to Jimmy Savile, after all he dominated the headlines, he was a BBC man through and through, and look at all the marathons he ran.


  7. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC begins w201


  8. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) begins 2013 as it intends to continue, by censoring such reports on threatening activities of some Islamic schools in Britain.
    (No mention of it on BBC ‘Education’.)

    “UK: Islamic schools teaching hatred of non-Muslims, turning out jihad terrorists”



  9. AsISeeIt says:

    I can hardly traverse my high street for the piles of unwanted BBC Olympic DVDs piled up outside the charity shops.

    And Jools, word to the wise mate, next August when you come to film the 2014 Hootenanny:

    Paloma Faith – nice songs, strange clothes – can’t hold a conversation. A point apparently lost on the BBC who desperate to look achingly cool signed her and her royal sick bag for their ‘got it just about right’ Jubilee coverage.

    Roland Rivron – just me or has he died in fact or just in the comedy sense?

    Fiona Bruce – why?

    The Dubliners – with their little stick of gelignite and their old alarm clock?


    • Mark says:

      The Dubliners ? Love children of Del Boy’s Uncle Albert, more like !


      • chrisH says:

        Still-better to put a load of 80s saddo`s together in the one warehouse of misery…than have them wandering round Islington looking for a party to let them in! I`m presuming that Camdens care in the Community will be stumping up for the hours we minded the likes of Adam and Kevin!
        Dire stuff-as ever…surely to God, Moira Anderson has a daughter we could persuade for next year.
        Anyone able to tell me how Holland ever gets a job as an “interviewer”-after all these years of practice, could`nt we just get a ouija board and channel the questions of Paula Yates?
        Course it `d be crap-but better than Hollands inanities!


      • chrisH says:

        1. Anybody spot an original Dubliner?…they`re all dead…even that one who was “singing” the Irish Rover!
        2. Roland Rivron?…AGAIN….does that bloke have a home or a carer to tend him for New Year?
        What the hell is Roland Rivron…what on earth has he ever DONE?..is he Andrew Ridgely to Jools George Michael?
        And at least Andrew had the grace to strum a guitar once in the gig…unlike Rivron!


        • Cosmo says:

          Resorted to getting his old man out a couple of years back to get on the box.


        • Reed says:

          For me, this has long been the most difficult to answer question in the entire universe…

          “What is the point of Rowland Rivron?”

          The search for the Higgs-Boson is a mere trifle next to this unfathomable meta physical conundrum. Prof. Hawking – get onto this now – we need answers!


  10. Pounce says:

    How the bBC re-writes history in which to paint an invading (And still occupying) country as innocent of all charges.

    Turkey hits back at EU criticism over membership bid
    Turkey has accused the EU of “biased” and “bigoted” attitudes in an EU assessment of its progress towards membership of the 27-nation bloc. The Turkish criticism came in a 270-page report on its membership bid – the first such report by Ankara. Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bagis said the EU assessment, published in October, was “one-sided and baseless”.

    So the bbC reports on how the Turks are pissed at not being allowed to have legal access to the EU benefit system and then they highlight a few reasons why Europe is dragging its feet:
    The political stalemate over Cyprus has also delayed Turkish progress. The Republic of Cyprus is in the EU, but the breakaway northern zone, only recognised by Turkey, remains isolated from the EU.

    Breakaway Northern Zone bBC? Silly me and there I was thinking that the Turks invaded Cyprus with 40,000 troops on the 20th July 1974. NAh I must be wrong, that must be the date the Turkish Cypriots declared themselves independent from the rest of the Island and the first thing they did was open up the North as a Holiday resort. which is why in July 1974, 40,000 peaceful Turks decided to fight it out with the Germans for a space at the many Swimming pools in the region.


  11. Doyle says:

    I like the beginning of these open threads when they’re a dezjimscotty free zone. Happy New Year everyone!


  12. johnnythefish says:

    The first day of another New Year and thoughts turn to the inevitable forecasting of events for the 12 months ahead.

    Personally I can’t wait for yet another hot, dry, ‘Mediterranean-style’ summer – you know, the sort Sir Paul Nurse’s ‘settled science’ predicted for years – ad nauseam, in fact – but more recently has gone very quiet about. Pity, those tropical temperatures and rapidly rising sea levels were going to make for some cracking days out at the beach just west of Middlewich….

    Ah, well, have to make do with Corfu again for at least another year.

    Still, just come across one of the best analyses of Climategate I’ve read so far, especially the pages covering the ‘hide the decline’ scandal (starts towards the bottom of p13).

    The lengths these charlatans go to to sustain their flimsy theory are really, really mind-boggling. It ain’t science as we know it, not even remotely:

    Click to access climategate-emails.pdf

    BBC bias connection? Well, I s’pose they could have asked Sir Nurse whilst they had the opportunity what HE thought of such blatant abuse of the scientific method, him being President of The Royal Society an’ all.

    Couldn’t they?


  13. Alex says:

    I see the BBC are happy to report a Liebour MP’s anger at how the government is monitoring terrorists… The Minister says that the government is putting members of the public at risk. Oh. really? And I suppose the fact that Labour Left-wing traitors willfully promoted open-door immigration for 13 years has nothing to do with putting the public at risk. either? The BBC yet again inadvertently exposing Labour’s hypocrisy.


    • Maturecheese says:

      I agree about Labours mass immigration catastrophe but the real current problem is our membership of that disaster zone the EU. Until we get out of that we will never change a dam thing and I don’t see our political leaders wanting that any time soon. Regardless of the enforced open borders and all the other negative aspects of our membership on the proper British people, tptb don’t want to relinquish their gravy train.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Here’s the Tories answer to some imminent influx of benefit claimants: No clue what they can do.

        Dopey dave strikes again!


      • Leha says:

        think gravy train – think Kinnock and his bint


        • Mark says:

          And Kinnocchio was once passionately against the EEC (as it was then). That was some U-turn, but two things might have influenced him; a) the change in ‘Europe’ from a trading bloc EEC to a bureaucratic socialist EU; b) lovely jubbly courtesy of the EU taxpayer.


          • Cosmo says:

            Come on downnnn !


          • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

            Yes the same kinnock who called the House of Lords undemocratic, unelected and unrepresentative.
            But took his seat there when offered?
            Welsh windbag gives us a bad name!


            • Buggy says:

              Prescott is also a Taff: Happy New Year !

              Just to show that we all have our crosses to bear, we Kentings have to live with the knowledge that Ted Bloody Heath was born amongst us. Bugger bugger bugger.


    • Pounce says:

      I noticed that as well and I remembered that the bBC at the time made a poster boy about one such so called victim (Cerie Bullivant,) after he found himself on a control order. Here are but three bBC articles about how control orders are an affront to human rights.
      After 9/11: The price of security

      Control orders: The eight British suspects

      Control order ‘tore apart my family’

      Anybody want to explain how the liberty loving bBC which had no problem promoting the view that control orders against Islamic terrorists was racist,demeaning and against their human rights is now saying “Control orders as used by Labour’ were a good thing.

      The bBC the traitors within our Midst


      • Pounce says:

        Forgot to add, in the current bBC article about how the government has to answer questions about abolishing control orders. They don’t link one article into the thread about all their anti-control order articles.

        Gee,I wonder why?


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC and the weathermen are gleefully trumpeting the headline – 2012 : The wettest year on record.


    If the assertion were in terms of the so-called Tory-led coalition, then I’ll grant you, this has to be the wettest indeed the biggest shower on record.
    But has our collective British seaweed actually become so moist all of a sudden?
    I smell a rat. We inhabit a wet and windy island in the Atlantic off the north west coast of temperate Europe. Wettest ever year? Sorry but this just does not ring true.
    Should we simply accept these apparently official statistics? Or ought we to be wary? Think about the RAJAR radio listenership stats which tell us that on the one hand we Brits in our droves are tuning in to share quick morning shortbread slices with James Naughtie and the Today show – whilst on the other hand we know that real measurable Guardian newspaper circulation is plummeting.
    Are the weathermen selling us a pig in a poke? The motivation is there. The BBC/Global Warming Industrial Complex told us a decade ago that the only snow our kids would see would be on a Christmas card. And yet we have continued to have occasional snowfalls in Britain. I’m not talking about a gram or two in Richard Bacon’s old Blue Peter staff locker. (Talk about a junkshop find)
    I hear the skiing in Scotland will be pretty bonnie this year – though we may in future need a passport.
    So the BBC seems to be off on a different and soggy tack. This one is plausible at the moment. Everyone will have noticed that it has been raining a lot. You know, the way that everyone noticed Jimmy Savile was a bit of a perv. Well perhaps not everyone. Bill Oddie (erstwhile BBCman) ‘Mark Thompson….head of BBC, you don’t know that? Don’t be ridiculous! That’s absolute nonsense. So, no I wasn’t surprised at all’


    Nicky Campbell (current BBCman) ‘I joined as he left…..We all thought he was a sex-less eccentric’
    Trust them? As far as I could throw them.
    I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions. I have certainly harboured dark thoughts recently about joining the TV Licence rebels. I’ve seen the videos and I do object to the current BBC set up. Trouble is the BBC protection racket is so entrenched and life complicated enough as it is. My family really don’t want to see me in the dock this year.
    So I ask, is anyone out there keeping independent rainfall data? Because I’m not inclined to trust the BBC and their mates on anything anymore – particularly something that may bolster their agenda.


    • Jim Dandy says:

      Do you live in the uK? It has pissed down since April. The data doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        The worst ever, really? I grant you it has rained a bit. But seriously, Jim, you must be one of these End of Days Millenarians.


      • It's all too much says:

        Yes it pissed down and we were told we were in a drought, with a hefty fine if I used my hosepipe in the midst of the monsoon. Britain’s wettest drought oh, and that the reservoirs were empty. Yes, they were empty – but not because of a pauity of rainfall, more like the demands of the extra 7 million people living in the South East who were not planned. Expect rationing of water every year from now on irrespective of ‘the climate’.

        Weather stats are almostr universally abused by the BBC. This is the wettest/coldest/hottest/mildest/most foggy/frosties day/week/month/season/year/decade since a convenient date and great for filling pointless weather stories.

        The BBC now as a matter of course conflate simple seasonal weather variability with the “giant mutant stargoat'(HT Douglas Adams) of “climate Change’

        The next time we have a scorcher in August expect a suite of investagative BBC programmes about the impending thermopocalypse.


    • Albaman says:


      Lots of historic data here. No doubt this will be challenged by those who consider the Met Office and the BBC to be “mates”.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Albaman, are you suggesting the BBC and the Met Office are not mates? I must have missed that hard-hitting Newsnight investigation into the Met office. Perhaps it was a Panorama special? Maybe the Beeb are waiting for the Oldie or for ITV to do the spade work.


      • pah says:

        Yup, went through similar data some time ago. Average change in temperature (1961-2000)+0.35C with a margin of error 0.5C.

        Not helped, mind by the fact that the data sets overlap (61-90 & 71-2000) in places so the average of average is difficult to tease out.

        Not exactly conclusive.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Since the hysterical predictions of the AGW alarmists have not come to pass they have desperately tried to pin any ‘unusual’ weather patterns on global warming, aided and abetted by the BBC, of course, who also love to use the term ‘extreme weather event’ whenever they get the opportunity.

      The fact that the summer weather is now showing the exact opposite of what the Warmists had been predicting for years because their ‘settled science’ and its sophisticated climate modelling failed to predict the influence of the Jet Stream is an irony totally lost on the BBC. Either they have the attention span of a goldfish, or they believe we do.

      On the rainfall front, I think you’ll find it is still averaging out as normal.


  15. Reed says:

    “The station, which costs licence-fee payers £13.5million a year…”.

    W.T.F. !!!! If, as we’re led to believe, they’re not paying the artists enough, where the hell does all that money go?



  16. George R says:

    2013 resolutions:

    -expect U.K political class (inc BBC-NUJ) to push for increases in ‘foreign aid’.

    “How your money is squandered on foreign aid ”



    • Dave s says:

      I suppose “squandered’ is a non acceptable word for a liberal beeboid/guardianista.
      Liberals invest while others squander. Ask Ed Balls and Flanders.


  17. George R says:

    I thought Beeboids were interested in reporting riots.

    “France: Muslims celebrate New Year’s Eve by burning 1,200 cars”



    • Buggy says:

      Being a second-hand car salesman in la belle France must be money for jam, mustn’t it ?


    • Dave s says:

      Wrong sort of riots like the wrong sort of snow.
      As you should know by now only indigenous people riot others show mere dissatisfaction with the prevailing cultural mores /and or oppressive power structures.


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    Don’t let it be said that BBC Radio 5 Live is always a platform for public sector whingers.

    This morning, in between calls for the railways to be renationalised and reports of teacher moral at an all time low due current government policy, I’m sure I caught a couple of useful traffic reports. That is, if I were intending to head off Knutsford way.


  19. Old Goat says:

    The BBC? Tax avoidance? Surely not.


    Better publish those E mails, you naughty people, or is it a secret like the credibility of the “climate experts” at your “seminar”?


  20. johnnythefish says:

    Liam Byrne interviewed along with Grant Shapps on today’s World at One on the subject of benefits increases.

    Now given this is all about public spending, and in the light of Byrne holding the ‘no cuts’ line of his noble leader, you might have thought this was a good opportunity for the BBC interviewer to take him to task over the ‘all the money’s gone’ note he left his Treasury successor (what a wag – oh, how we laughed at the mountains of debt he had bequeathed to future generations).

    Well, surprise yawning surprise, it didn’t happen.

    Now I couldn’t help thinking had it been a Tory minister who’d left that note….


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So I’m listening to yesterday’s Today programme because I wanted to hear what Al Murray would do (by sheer coincidence, just last week I stumbled across some of his Pub Landlord stuff on YouTube), and the first thing I find is him talking to Stephanie “Two Eds” Flanders about the Greeks and the Euro. Naturally, I didn’t have to wait long for a clunker.

    Flanders told us the problem was that, originally, smart people warned the European politicians that it wouldn’t work because they needed to have a political union first in order to make a successful single currency possible. Then she said that she thinks “something rather odd happened” after that: the politicians “forgot” about that, and went ahead with trying a single currency anyway.

    At no point did the Harvard-educated, well-credentialed genius suggest that the politicians knew all too well that the kind of single European government the Werner report was talking about was always going to be impossible, and decided to do the Euro with the ultimate goal of using the inherent disastrous consequences of it to force political union. That was always the reason for doing the Euro. They didn’t “forget” – they knew, and tried to do it anyway because the prescribed prerequisite was impossible.

    This isn’t exactly a fringe conspiracy theory, and I’m surprised that “Two Eds” didn’t even acknowledge it. No, actually I’m not surprised at all, not with her track record.


    • johnnythefish says:

      She wouldn’t acknowledge it because it’s part of the hidden agenda, just as the EU is the prototype for an unelected world socialist government (see Barroso’s acceptance speech, Nobel Prize award ceremony).


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Wouldn’t, or didn’t because it’s not part of her ideology? Or what? It’s a curious rewriting of history either way. Does Flanders actually not understand it? Or does she simply not think it’s been the case? She certainly sounded as if she was just mystified that the European pols took this route.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Send two eds this book:
          The Great Deception
          By Christopher Booker and Richard North
          Not an easy read but worth the effort.


        • johnnythefish says:

          She knows, as most of us do, the EU bureaucrats will forge a political union as soon as they can, by foul means or fouler. They pushed ahead with the single currency without ‘seeing’ the need for fiscal union because it was a winner either way: if it worked, one step closer to political union – ditto if it didn’t (as we are now seeing).

          The ‘something rather odd happened….’ is more like a twist in the storyline from an episode of The Twilight Zone rather than a carefully-weighed decision taken by a group of the world’s leading politicians with the economies of the world’s biggest single trading bloc at stake. It establishes a BBC narrative, in other words, that lets them off the hook from a more serious and damning analysis.


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The former mayor of Royal Wooton Bassett told Al Murray yesterday that when the BBC brought Question Time to his town, they “changed the audience” to make the show all about “the war”.

    Is he lying? Or is the BBC lying about never doing this kind of thing?


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    Sauce for the goose….?
    This afternoon Shelagh Fogarty is concerned on our behalf that MPs should declare an interest when they are being lobbied by special interest groups. The beastly defence industry and those scary pharmaceutical companies are highlighted by the philanthropic, disinterested, altruistic, benevolent and public- spirited Beeb editorial team.
    Hours later and Lonely Planet Guide bod pops along to BBC 5 Live so as to mull over the sad story of the death of a young British tourist in Thailand. Is it dangerous out there? – No declaration of BBC interest.
    NB. As the old advertising line goes – The BBC liked the Lonely Planet so much they bought the company.



    • It's all too much says:

      The ability of the BBC to lie with a straight face should come as no surprise to contributors here. The BBC is probably a bigger target for lobbists than the government – it has more and longer term insidious influence.

      28 Gate demonstrated just how hand-in-glove the BBC is with leftist and ‘environmentalist’ pressure groups. This and the constatnt stream of push poll non stories from the left (notice how many of these modern soup-kitchen stories there are on the airwaves in these evil tory cutting days of masss starvation?)

      The IBT specifically targets the BBC http://www.ibt.org.uk/lobbying.php

      “IBT lobbies Government, broadcasters and regulators to promote high quality broadcast and online coverage of the developing world, its people and the issues which affect them.

      Our lobbying work has produced significant results. Both the BBC and Channel 4 now have remits which place internationalism at the heart of their output.”

      “When the new BBC Charter was first published in 2006 in draft form, there was also no mention of internationalism. As a result of lobbying by IBT the Charter was amended and one of the BBC’s key purposes now is ´to bring the world to the UK.´ ”

      Of the 28 non BBC participants in ‘that seminar’ the majority were lobbyists. This massive lobbying by ‘international development charities’ was pushing at an open door and obviously very successfully, The BBC works in a full propaganda mode nowadays and ensures that certain core memes (AGW, Multi-culturalism, the bebefits of immigration, the essential need for more state spending, the wickedness of tories etc) are incorporated into every single aspect of BBC output. Why else were the head of sports and comedy at a ‘climate’ conference where the most eminent scientific minds of the century settled the climate debate once and for all?

      So it seems that the BBC thinks lobbying is OK – as long as it is leftist lobbying and in line with their agenda.

      How can this use of the dominant broadcaster in the UK to deliver the aims of single issue pressure groups be consistent with a requirement to be impartial? Any chance that the Taxpayers Alliance will be able to influence every aspect of BBC output. Any chance Migration watch will successfully influence the BBC to change its charter?

      Though not

      The lying mendacious hypocrisy of the BBC is beyond words.. They, the editorial collective who hose the country down with hot weasel piss and tell us that it is an ‘extreme climate event’, are bastards


  24. #88 says:

    I’ve just seen the sour face of Shadow Transport Minister, Eagle being interviewed about today’s increase in rail fares. ‘Not fare (fair)!’, she’d have you believe – poor commuters just trying to get to work.
    But typical of the BBC, there was a missing question. A question that the Beeboid should have asked her:

    If she is so interested in the plight of the passenger, why was it that Labour introduced the rail fair escalator? Does she still believe that the passenger should pay a greater proportion of the cost of the railways as her party determined?

    Incidentally, Labour’s escalator is camouflaged by the Beeboid who only refers to this as the policy of ‘successive governments’. Note he doesn’t mention LABOUR.


    • Dave s says:

      Quite correct. It is the commuter that really suffers .
      The fare structure is so complex that with ordinary intelligence and a devious mind the non commuter can travel often very cheaply indeed. It just takes a bit of working out but that is the fun of it,


  25. chrisH says:

    Any chance of us taking bets on a prediction for the coming year?
    I reckon that John Humphries will need to go see some Greek crisis or other in the last week of June this year…he has been going in May these last few years, except in September 2007 with those fires that nearly choked the houseboy with the fumes.
    The crisis may well be economic, it being Greece-but I`ll not be the slightest bit surprised if there`s a “deepening” of the crisis, soon after Paul Mason leaves his water wings behind at the Pireaus Metropole in Late May.
    If anybody wants some retsina for the summer-John may well be able to fetch us some good stuff if we put our orders in now.
    Actually, a good bet might be March-saw him on Mastermind, and he looked a bit peeky I felt!
    10/1 late June?
    25/1 mid March?


    • Reed says:

      All those nice junkets to the USA have dried up, so they’ll all be needing somewhere new to head off to.


  26. Teddy Bear says:

    There are two main general public scandals that the BBC is undergoing at the present time. The first relates to the Newsweek Savile/McAlpine debacles, not to mention the fact that Savile perpetrated much of his abuse with the awareness of many within the BBC who chose to look the other way – wink, wink, nod, nod.

    The other has to do with the tax avoidance schemes set up within the BBC for many of its higher paid employees.

    The BBC way of raising the topic of these issues is to mentioning it within the context of ‘regaining public trust’, and ‘lessons to be learned’, and a lot of similar hype that is nothing more than tripe. They clearly feel that their licence fee paying public will now feel that the scandals are all behind now, and the BBC can be trusted, even more than before. All they have to do to achieve this is to repeat the mantra again and again, like a hypnotist.

    But in real terms, if anything it is more corrupt than ever.

    MP’s have asked the BBC to reveal the emails concerning their promotion of tax avoidance to their employees.
    The response of the BBC Trust is to refuse on the basis that they have been seen by their own tax advisers, who assure them that all is kosher. The Trust member who deals with these matters doesn’t himself even want to read these emails, just offer assurances.

    I seem to recall BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten, along with DG Entwistle at the time, assuring the public that all was above board with the Savile Newsnight shelving, until MP’s pushed harder which forced them to launch an investigation.

    For the British public to continue to accept this bullshit is the scariest part of these examples showing the real BBC. Appears they are well and truly brainwashed, or simply don’t see the danger to our society by allowing it to continue.

    BBC Trust facing calls to publish ‘tax avoidance’ emails


  27. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Must watch newsatten how quickly can the bbc say paedo,davidson and tory party.?


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Ah well, anyone have some codiments to add to my hat before eating it?


      • Mark says:

        In the Laurel & Hardy classic ‘Way Out West’, there is a comic scene where Stan is forced to eat Oliver’s hat. Stan take several bites before seasoning the rest with salt and pepper, until a disgusted Ollie retrieves his mutilated hat !


  28. Mark says:

    Must also see the Beeb’s reaction when that bloated South American Caligula (Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez) finally goes into a permanent coma.


  29. Pounce says:

    And the bBC reinvents Myra Hindley
    as somebody who wasn’t as evil as she was made out to be.
    Myra Hindley prison papers reveal ‘very complicated woman’
    You’re expecting something evil, almost as if you are touching evil, but what you find is someone who is very well caught up in the prison administrative system and is actually quite tedious”
    Dr Tom Clark

    I wonder how long it will be before the bBC comes out with a program proclaiming that Hindley was actually innocent.

    The bBC, the traitors within our midst


    • Cosmo says:

      I have heard it said many times usually by some short haired dangly earing wearing, man hating feminist that there is never a need to send any female to prison for anything.


  30. Pounce says:

    The bBC, its mindset on Global warming Climate change and how it changes its outlook along with the weather.
    Extreme rainfall in UK ‘increasing’
    The frequency of extreme rainfall in the UK may be increasing, according to analysis by the Met Office. Statistics show that days of particularly heavy rainfall have become more common since 1960.
    And here is what the bBC had to say on the very subject less than 8 months ago
    What is a drought and what are the consequences?
    “In the future, climate change and population growth will increase the pressure on water availability,” an Environment Agency spokeswoman told BBC News.

    “Current climate change projections for the UK suggest that by the 2050s, under the medium emissions scenario, summer temperatures may increase and summer rainfall may decrease. “Short-duration droughts (12-18 months) are likely to become more frequent, so that droughts like 1976 could be more common despite the increased resilience of public water supply and more winter storage.”

    Seems like ‘May’ is the bBC’s optimum word.


    • Pounce says:

      And here’s a bBC article written in 2006 which contradicts everything from the latest “The sky is falling in” snippet from the bBC:
      What happened to the drought?
      It filled acres of column inches in the newspapers and on the net, and hours of air time on the television and radio – Britain’s worst drought for almost 100 years. The official statistics were frightening: the South East has less water per person than the desert states of Syria and Sudan, while the rest of the country has less than the whole of Europe, apart from Belgium and Cyprus. There was a real sense of emergency, it was going to be 1976 all over again. People were told they faced having standpipes in the streets and nearly 13 million of us were banned from using hosepipes.But the standpipes never materialised and, just a few months on, parks and gardens are looking green and fresh again. So what happened to the drought? We’re still in it, according to the experts, and have been for nearly two years in southern England. Since November 2004, rainfall below the long term average for 1961 to 1990 has been recorded in 18 out of 22 months.


  31. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC is shouting out for all the world to see Argentina’s latest attempt to steal ( what is it with Latin Americans and stealing things) the Falklands. The thing is while the bBC is more than happy to express the Argentine version of history . Nothing is allowed to be said in defence of the British. Seeing as the bBC has been quite instrumental in rewriting history in order to support its left wing agenda. It isn’t hard to see why the traitorous female sex organs at el beeb don’t bother their arses in informing the world just why the Falklands are British. Not to worry as somebody at the Guardian wrote this in which to inform the ethical latte drinkers over there:
    Britain claimed the Falklands in 1765, Argentina did not inherit them from Spain. Vernet set up a colony on the Falklands with the permission of the British but then switched allegiance to Argentina and turned his hand to piracy. In 1833 the Royal Navy removed Vernet and his Argentine garrison but allowed the settlers to stay under the British flag. The vast majority of settlers chose to stay. In 1850 Britain and Argentina signed a peace treaty known as ‘the Convention of Settlement.’ In the treaty both countries acknowledged that they ‘had no outstanding differences’ and that ‘ a state of perfect harmony had been restored.’ Argentina had protested about the British presence on the Falklands right up to 1849 but did not make another sovereignty protest until 1941. Under international law sovereignty claims are usually considered defunct if there is a gap of 50 years or more between claims. The 3,000 Falkland Islanders have the right to self determination under the UN Charter, something Mr. Ban Ki-Moon confirmed in November of last year.


  32. Old Goat says:

    Having spent most of the Christmas/New Year period in glorious escape from “Toady” (frightened off by the “Guest Editors”), and wallowing in the comparative comfort of Classic FM, I switched to Radio 4 briefly this morning to hear some astronomer girly telling us about a meteor shower briefly visible over the next two nights – her opening advice was “it’s often cold in January, so meteor watchers should wrap up warmly if they go outside…”.

    That was enough for me, back to glorious Classic FM.

    Happy New Year to you all.


  33. AsISeeIt says:

    Shocking revelations are emerging this week concerning weather reporting. To meet the increasing challenge presented by global climate and 24 hour news reporting here in Britain the BBC has indicated that in response our weather reports are set to become ever more extreme. ‘This is no longer an exclusively British issue’ a BBC spokeswoman explained ‘We have to face up to the global competition for world weather extremes’.
    What have the expert forecasters to say about this? Due to the difficulty of forward forecasting the Met Office is gearing up to report more and more record breaking historic weather events. A spokesperson has explained to the BBC that forecasters – inspired by some successful Olympic funding bidders – will in future increasingly focus their attention more specifically on areas of potential record breaking weather endeavour.
    As a knock on effect of this new challenge for emergency weather planning the Environment Agency is set to put many areas of the country on severe weather warnings on a semi-permanent basis. ‘If we are going to justify our existence then we are going to have to raise our profile’, is the message from the ministry.
    What is the science behind the headlines? Armed with sophisticated computer modelling we now understand that localised rainfall figures are likely to alternate between zero and considerable amounts during intermittent periods of precipitation. It seems Britons will have to get used to being left in some degree of doubt as to whether or not there will be rainfall – not simply on a particular day – but even the precise timing of showers within a 24 hour period will be problematic. Will it rain this weekend? Don’t ask. Such confusion will clearly present a background of uncertainty for many of those active in the economy and in society. Already the effects of this problem have been felt in the areas of event planning, retail and the tourist industry.
    And it is not just the rain that will cause problems. Seasonal temperature figures are predicted to fluctuate alternately in either direction both above and below historic averages throughout the UK thereby creating a further element of difficulty for planners and worries for our politicians.
    It seems in future we are just going to have to get used to not knowing for sure whether it is going to rain and the weathermen and the BBC meanwhile reporting ever more extreme weather events.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Worth repeating from above:

      ‘125 International Scientists Rebuke UN for Climate Claims in Open Letter: ‘Global warming that has not occurred cannot have caused extreme weather of past few years’



      • Old Goat says:

        But the Met Office think it’s only been raining rather heavily since 1960, when ‘records began’…

        Had they extended their dates, of course, there’d be an entirely different story.


    • Phil Ford says:

      The BBC are really ratcheting up their CAGW meme across both TV and radio. I just can’t seem to escape some reference to ‘extreme weather’, ‘man-made climate change’ or ‘the effects of increasing climate change’. It seems you can turn on the BBC at just about any time and be guaranteed to get a CAGW-approved propaganda message whether you want it or not – sometimes blatant, more often subtle and sly, often inserted into programmes with only a passing relevance.

      I fear that Barry’s re-election in the States has emboldened the common purpose drones at the Corporation with a new verve to spread the CAGW manifesto; only yesterday I heard some BBC apologist breathlessly reporting that Barry would be concentrating on ‘climate change’ (actually, what the BBC means by this is CAGW, but it suits their purpose to willfully misreport where necessary) in his second term.

      We know the BBC take their lead from Barry. This is all too clear in other areas of their p*sspoor reportage (the mid-east not least of them), but it now seems the BBC – a thoroughly disgraceful political organisation – is determined in the face of the near-total collapse of ‘meaningful progress’ at the Dohar ‘conference of the parties’ (in other words: regrettably for the BBC, most nations sensibly decided not to adopt the UN’s nakedly political ambitions for a one-world Marxist government) to use all of its might to hammer home, relentlessly, it’s pro-CAGW message at every available opportunity.

      The BBC: using taxpayer money to politicize and propagandize an entirely unproven CAGW hypothesis built on the flawed data of unreliable and theoretical models (also paid for with taxpayer money).

      A total disgrace.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        According to our defenders of the indefensible, the BBC’s position on AGW is sensible. No problem with pushing the agenda, because it’s “correct”. More important, though, is the fact that folks like Jim Dandy are also okay with the BBC lying about it to the public.


  34. George R says:

    Hampstead HARRABIN, first day back from his holidays, is enthusiastic as ever to propagandise his climate porkies.
    He repeats his AGW assertions, and then asserts that (between the droughts) rain is falling in heavier downpours in Britain, as conclusive proof of something apparently.

    “Rain Drop Keep Falling On My Head”

    “Extreme rainfall in UK ‘increasing'”

    By Roger (Hampstead) Harrabin



  35. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Inbbc not missing an opportunity to push the agw bullshit.
    Mastermind now, a la john hammond’s version. Oh it’s all settled according to him, no room for doubts.
    Why oh why do they think we hang on their every word?


  36. johnnythefish says:

    You know those IPCC predictions, the ones we’ve been hearing much about recently and how absolutely spiffingly science-settled correct they were?

    Well they weren’t…….



  37. George R says:

    Illiberal INBBC report on how /if women in Islamic Indonesia (no doubt INBBC’s fictitiously ‘moderate’ Islamic Indonesia) can ride a motorbike should be decided by Muslims after forlornly consulting their Koran.

    INBBC does not discuss this outside the pernicious confines of Islam.

    “Indonesia city to ban women ‘straddling motorbikes'”



  38. johnnythefish says:

    Just to put the BBC’s shameless propaganda piece on ‘extreme weather’ into perspective….


    Balance – what balance? But then, what do you expect from a corporation who agreed to do the environmentalists’ bidding at a secret meeting back in 2006?


  39. Jeff Waters says:

    Tory councils ‘make more from parking than Labour’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20907309

    The BBC fail to look critically at the methodology used by Labour to arrive at their figures. Did Labour pick councils at random to sample, for example, or did they choose Labour-run councils who they knew had particularly low parking fees? And were some of the Tory councils in areas like Central London where you’d expect there to be higher parking fees than in the rest of the country?

    As this are, this article is little more than a piece of Labour Party propaganda.



    • Reed says:

      Same here with the Labour talking points…TORYCUTZ! will cause the end of society as we know it! Vote Labour!

      Cuts could ‘break up society’, council leaders warn
      The government’s cuts programme could lead to “problems on our streets” and “the break-up of civil society”, three Labour council leaders have warned.

      I wonder if they’ve covered this – the other side of the story…Labour playing politics at the expense of local services…

      While Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has attacked the Coalition for cutting state spending, a new analysis of council figures suggests that Labour’s own local authorities are hoarding cash instead of using it to keep services open.


  40. Wokinghamblue says:

    Bbc 24 running a nice labour party political broadcast re the long term unemployed.
    I note the plan refers to people unemployed for two years, a Tory problem you see.


  41. AsISeeIt says:

    In light of the Savile scandal, Newsnight melt-down and PAYE-gate – the BBC it seems outlaws all sense of irony in their staff in 2013.



    Radio 4 | 22, 24 January

    In Dilemma, Sue Perkins puts four panellists [BBC trusties that is] through the moral and ethical wringer by posing a series of finely-balanced dilemmas and then cross-examining them on their answers.

    As well as these hypothetical questions, the show also features a variety of rounds which may include:

    Audience Dilemmas, where the panel ‘solve’ any problems the audience may be having;

    What Did I Do?, where each panellist relates a dilemma they were faced with in their own lives and the others have to guess how they resolved it;

    Why I Was Right, where each panellist is given an indefensible action that they must morally justify in 30 seconds [Lord Patten should nail that round!]


  42. leonjer says:


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