Anyone catch Rowan Williams thought for the Day this morning on BBC Today? Appalling liberal stuff from the Druid on the evils of Americans standing up for the 2nd amendment. At one point he seemed to suggest that gun culture in the UK is down to adults not showing “da yoof” enough respect. Now I fully accept the right of Williams to posit his opinion but why is there no one ever on TFTD in favour of the right to bear arms? Why is this always a left wing bully pulpit? The balance is not there.

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  1. Old Goat says:

    Balance? BBC? Come on, there’s no such thing – hasn’t been for a long, long time, and not likely to be, either.


  2. Jim Dandy says:

    What is truly disgusting is that, on the country’s main agenda setting news programme, religious views are the only thoughts for the day allowed. The BBC’s deference to the CofE is particularly risible


    • Graham Snow says:

      The BBC and the Cof E have many views in common . The only significant area of difference being gay marriage and women bishops. Consequently because most of the clergy say stuff the BBC agrees with most of the time, they get airtime. Of course any clergy who consistently spouted thoughts that that the BBC disagreed with, would soon find their opportunities on the airwaves to be terminated.
      Its just part of the way in which the BBC shapes British society to one where the liberal left view is the norm on all issues.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Thank God we shall soon be rid of the irreligious Mr Williams. As for the right to bear arms, if only we had a movement in our country to demand the right for ourselves. I would probably purchase a gun; it is possible that people in public are more polite and respectful if they know others might be armed. For me, there is nothing anti-Christian in self-protection and self-defence even killing someone to protect oneself and ones family. It is only in the socialist dysfunctional world that being unarmed is the righteous thing to do; unless of course you are one of the chosen few who are above the law.


  4. Jim Dandy says:

    here’s a digest of what he said.

    Pretty reasonable for the British listener.

    On the “respect” point he said:

    “the question is how we push back against gang culture by giving people the acceptance and respect they deserve so that they don’t look for it in destructive places.”

    A tad hang ringing for sure. But can the bbc be criticised for bias? He’s the Archbishop of Canterbury.


    • johnnythefish says:

      He may be the Archbish, but he is unarguably of The Left, as his opining on political issues e.g. anti-cuts, clearly demonstrates.

      There are senior clerics who are more right-leaning, if less politically so i.e. expressing more traditional Christian values rather than spouting about government policy, who we hear little from on the BBC. Thus the perceived bias on this website of the TFTD slot.

      As for his mealy-mouthed, touchy-feely, bleeding heart liberal suggestion/solution to the gang culture – he might like to think it through and help start addressing the root cause of the problem which time and again has been shown to be mainly lousy parenting/absence of male role models.

      As one judge presiding over cases arising from the recent riots had the guts to say to one of the little scrotes in the dock (I paraphrase), ‘You have opportunities and priveleges the vast majority of children in this world could only dream of’.

      ‘Respect’? Arguably the most devalued word in the English language.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Point taken Jim, but there is a pretty eclectic mix of religious bods on TFTD. I dont expect any times soon we’ll be getting the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster or the Bishop of Shrewsbury on any time soon to talk about the abomination of homosexual marriage.


  5. chrisH says:

    You need only look at Rowans Radio Times piece to see that the man has given up-if indeed, he ever actually WANTED to leave the rest of us with a church to visit.
    Basically he wants us all to go to cathedrals…an ace caff with a few religious things in.
    If you care to go back to his “New Years Day Messages”…they suck up to Camilla at Kids Company…they praise the wheelie bin and recycling…but as for that little bloke up on that cross-type thing around his neck?…as to the history of the world being divided, hinged on a stable door in Bethlehem?…ha!
    God would have let him run amok…but the likes of Peter Mullen know better…and so do we, thanks to the Internet etc.


  6. John Bishop says:

    The BBC love a prelate like Rowan Williams. He is a kind, caring and decent man with impeccable academic credentials who can be guaranteed to promote a left of centre politcally correct liberal agenda on any issue you care to name. His trump card is of course, that he rarely mentions Jesus Christ and the radical new life and way of living he supernaturally enables his disciples to live.
    The Christian agenda Jesus brought is offensive to the “religious” and foolishness to the non “religious” people.
    These days, the BBC gives radio and tv time to all kinds of minority religions, but you won’t be hearing much from those teaching Jesus Christ’s radical manifesto for humankind.
    Throughout his tenure, Archbishop Williams has failed to grasp the difference between his daring lectures to admiring Oxford undergraduates and fellow dons and his pronouncements on various matters to a perplexed and frustrated British public. Remember the furore over his “It is inevitable that Sharia Law will be accommodated in Britain” radio interview?
    Unfortunately Archbishop Williams incumbency has coincided with millions leaving the C of E.
    It’s very puzzling and some days, I wonder if there might be a connection.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC does have plenty of time for those teaching that Jesus Christ’s manifesto was radical: when it’s people like Universal Giles Fraser promoting Socialism. The BBC has lots of time for certain views from Christians, when it suits them.


      • John Bishop says:

        Well, as they say in Oxbridge, “It all depends on what you mean by……..” “Christian”.


  7. Paul Williamson says:

    I would never wish to bear arms. If my family or I is murdered or killed, I would rely on divine justice.
    I did not listen to thought for today, but in the Bible children are commanded to respect their parents, fathers are told not to frustrate their children, in addition to the greatest command. Outwith the Bible, other religions will have their own beliefs about how children and adults should relate. And with atheism I guess reason or biological reasons would be used to construct how such a relationships should exist, perhaps on the basis of not harming others.


  8. chrisH says:

    I see the BBC report on Benedict forgiving his Wikileaks butler.
    Yet no screamingly obvious parallel-that of Assange.
    Any chance of Assange throwing himself upon the mercy of the Swedish Embassy, who would obviously be more enlightened than the reactionary bigots at the Vatican?
    Nah, course not-Benedict has more compassion and the Vatican have more forgiveness than the so-called rational BBC, and Assanges cringing apologists in LiberalLand.
    Not that we`ll ever hear another peep out of this, until the liberal elite have their results…to be arranged,because they`re stuffed and confused as things stand.


  9. Chris says:

    Anne Atkins is a regular TfTD contributor and is very much on the right. She is a vicar’s wife who has attacked the CofE for being soft on gays
    She has also defended the right of the church to cover up sex offenders and has done so herself:–I-told-confidence-A-leading-agony-aunt-makes-explosive-confession.html
    You can’t get much more right wing than that. For Judaism. Rabbi Blue is gay and leftwing but Chief Rabbi Sachs is very much of the right. As for the others, such as the Sikhs and Muslims, they tend to be so waffly I have no idea what their politics is.