Mardell Stares Into The Abyss

Mark Mardell seems to be preparing himself for a Romney win. Of course, it won’t be the President’s fault. From the BBC’s in-house magazine:

Mark Mardell… Our man in Washington

Millions more will turn out for the general election, but Mardell senses a great disillusionment in America and believes that this could be crucial to President Obama’s chances for reelection. Asked for a prediction, he replies that it will come down to turnout. ‘I think if he’s defeated he will be defeated by people who quite like him, don’t like Romney that much, but decide to stay at home [on election day].’

“Will you really lay down your life for me? Very truly I tell you, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times!  (John XIII:38)

What’s this disillusionment about? Why would these people who like Him decline to vote for Him? They’re not racist all of a sudden, are they?

He admits that problems with the economy perhaps stem from American policies rather than presidential decisions….

What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith; but the people of Israel, who pursued the law as the way of righteousness, have not attained their goal. Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone.  (Romans IX:30-32)

It’s not His fault, you see. Congress failed Him. The people failed Him. Nothing to do with His policies. However, by blaming the faithful for failing Him, the awkward question of why all those people are voting against Him can be avoided.

Plus a nice delusional dig at Romney:

…but believes that foreign policy will certainly take a different ‘tone’ under a Romney term, with ‘implications’ for the UK.

It’s hard to imagine Romney racking up a bigger body count than the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate-in-Chief. How many new countries has the President taken war into again?

Actually, Mardell has always been firmly against the UK helping the US in Iraq and Afghanistan (he mentions them specifically), and for some reason thinks Romney will be George Bush all over again and drag you into new wars. Hasn’t the President been very clear, for example, that He won’t allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, and that there were “no options off the table”? This is a White House talking point, nothing more. Of course, it could also be a tacit admission that in a second term, the President will let Iran, China, and Russia do whatever they like. Which makes Mardell’s focus on Bush’s wars and the (economic) “It all started in America” meme all the more curious. After all, the President did tell Medvedev to sit tight on the European missile situation for now because He’ll have more flexibility then. But Mardell’s worried about what Romney will do.

Read the rest of it for laughs. His continued bewilderment by us United Statesians would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad and a little tiresome. My favorite line, though, is this:

While Mardell is cautious with his language at times, worried about how it might be interpreted, there are hints that he is a passionate man with strong beliefs.

Understatement of the year. They know it, and Mardell knows it. They just don’t care. But by all means, they expect you to continue to trust them on US issues.


Anyone catch Andrew Marr’s “Obama; what happened to Hope?” elegy for President Narcissus on BBC2. Loved the casual demonisation of the Tea Party.  Had to laugh at Marr’s references to “the old magic” ……I can only hope that if Romney wins, grief councillors will be on hand for the distraught BBC.



David beat me to the draw on our secret Marxist’s pro Chinese political system eulogy….I had been laughing so much since first reading it that I didn’t dare bash out a piece on it in case I choked on my own incredulity.


Others are not so credulous as our Mr Jacques:

China’s economic destiny in doubt after leadership shock

The forces of reaction and economic folly threaten to prevail in China. The long political arm of Jiang Zemin has reached out from the shadows to thwart reform, with huge implications for Asia and the world.


It is a bit remiss of the BBC not to mention Martin Jacques’ background….might seem kind of relevant when he is beating the drum for the world’s biggest Communist state.

I was particularly taken by a few comments of his that were exceptionally ill-founded:

In my first talk I explained that China is not primarily a nation-state but a civilisation-state. For the Chinese, what matters is civilisation. For Westerners it is nation.

Really….tell that to the Taiwanese…or the Japanese who are currently battling with China not over cultural ideals but some very concrete islands….for ‘national ownership’…or the Tibetans who are all ‘Chinese’ now.

Here he tells us:
Take the economy. China’s economic rise – an annual growth rate of 10% for more than 30 years – has been masterminded by the Chinese state.
It is the most remarkable economic transformation the world has seen since the modern era began with Britain’s industrial revolution in the late 18th Century.

Has he never heard of Japan, or Taiwan, or South Korea or Hong Kong or Brazil or India?   All countries that have turned from agricultural backwaters into booming industrial powers.

Here he tells us of the love of the Chinese people for their government…a family member….

‘The Chinese idea of the state could hardly be more different.
They see the state as an intimate, or, to be more precise, as a member of the family – the head of the family….What’s more, they perceive the state not as external to themselves but as an extension or representation of themselves.’

Presumably that ‘family member’ looking after them is ‘Big Brother’.

And there’s more:
‘The fact that the Chinese state enjoys such an exalted position in society lends it enormous authority, a remarkable ubiquity and great competence.’

Really?   I thought it was the massive number of Commissars and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that, er, meant the State enjoyed such ‘respect and authority’.

As for ‘competence’ creating the Chinese economy….well yes…that of Western Businessmen who have moved their factories lock,  stock and barrel to China for the cheap labour…..the real reason the Western economies are in dire trouble is not the Banks…but the businessmen…and this is the reason we are seeing the ever increasing gap between the rich and the rest in the West…

“There are two systems in collision,” said Ralph Gomory, research professor at NYU’s Stern business school. “They have a state-guided form of capitalism, and we have a much freer former of capitalism.” What we have seen, he said, is “a massive shift in capability from the U.S. to China. What we have done is traded jobs for profit. The jobs have moved to China. The capability erodes in the U.S. and grows in China. That’s very destructive. That is a big reason why the U.S. is becoming more and more polarized between a small, very rich class and an eroding middle class. The people who get the profits are very different from the people who lost the wages.”


Not an analysis you hear too often, or at all, on the BBC….but one that is probably the most important truth about the Western economies.  The BBC are so intent on bashing bankers that they ignore the real story.



Here in another article he tells us that China is a religion of peace…..

I don’t think we should assume that China will throw its weight around militarily the way the US or the European nations have.

Tell that to Tibet, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Africa.

Naturally he is following in the footsteps of many other BBC favourites…and not a few BBC staffers:

Mr. Soros even went so far as to say that at times China wields more power than the U.S. because of the political gridlock in Washington. “Today China has not only a more vigorous economy, but actually a better functioning government than the United States.”

“Sometimes you look at countries like China and you think, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to be an autocracy in times like these?'”    Matt Frei, Americana, September 20, 2009

The New York Times’s Thomas Friedman finally gets to where he’s been wanting to go all these years. Everything would be so much better if we could just submit to the benign rule of an enlightened elite:
‘One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century.
And of course the ever quotable Andrew Marr:
“..the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress. It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off.”

BBC climate change advocates seem particularly attracted to the imposition of dictatorial rule in order to plaster the landscape with wind turbines and close down business:

This recent radio broadcast by the BBC’s “Ethical Man” Justin Rowlatt and tell me whether you find it as scary as I do.
I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.
Here’s Rowlatt’s opening:
‘Climate change is a divisive issue. I believe that it is a
real threat and needs to be tackled. I know many people disagree. But
whatever you believe you should be concerned about how our society
responds to the issue because there is a growing view that mitigating
climate change means we have to change our view of democracy.’

And of course we couldn’t leave out the sadly no longer with us, Richard Black:
‘In a nutshell: does the way humanity governs itself need a series of tweaks or a complete overhaul, in order to meet the broadest ambitions of improving the lot of the planet’s poorest, safeguarding nature and making the global economy more sustainable? This might appear undemocratic; but …..



All in all I think Mr Jacques needs a regrade for his effort….he seems to have been given far too high a degree of respect from the BBC…..perhaps, looking into the crystal ball he should go for another line of work….for a time when China does become a democracy and allows people like him to say what they like on the national broadcaster’s platform.


Seems the BBC are keen to keep Richard Black in the loop:


Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

@enviroblack Hi Richard – Jo-Anne from BBC newsdesk. can you DM me ? I have an intriguing invitation for you!




No danger of any green bias flowing from this intriguing invitation as Jo-Anne Pugh points out……

Home Desk Editor, BBC TV & Radio. I am paid to leave my opinions at home, obviously.


She does have an interesting home life….an 8 year old who listens to R4……a bit elitist for the egalitarian BBC….he should be listening to Radio 1 or the local underground pirate station  like the kids in the social housing ghetto… about advantaged and privileged!

Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

My 8 year old listening to R4 yesterday: “Mum, how rude is the P word?” Me: “What P word?” “Pleb”



Oh…it’s OK…his mum can teach him not to bother having heros or respecting anyone as the Left have done since the 60’s…and it’s all worked out so well that lack of respect for authority of any kind……


Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

I don’t have heroes any more – they always have feet of clay. But I’m making an exception for J K Rowling


Given the latest news, one wonder if the BBC will accept it has presided over a culture of sexual abuse?

Sexual misconduct complaints lodged with the BBC’s investigations unit now amount to allegations against almost 30 staff and presenters at the corporation, it was revealed today. The total of 29 past and present workers is more than triple the figure given by BBC director-general George Entwistle in evidence to MPs two weeks ago, when nine people were under investigation. The BBC said the number of complaints ‘will fluctuate both up and down as new allegations are made and investigated’. It is not yet known whether any complaints are linked to Jimmy Savile.


BBC radio DJ Liz Kershaw has been named as the woman alleged to have made threatening phone calls to a male colleague who committed suicide last month. Detectives last week launched an inquiry to help the coroner discover why Russell Joslin, 50, suffocated himself.  His family claim he was driven to his death after BBC bosses failed to take seriously allegations that he had been offended by a female colleague five years ago.


There will be black ties and solemn music at the BBC should Obama lose to Romney. I hope to God Romney does win IF ONLY to see the comrades chastened. I mean with KATY PERRY on his side, how could Obama lose? Have a read through this article by Andrew Marr and note THIS casual insanity…

“With a massive fiscal stimulus, Obama saved the economy from total collapse, and on the way saved the imperilled automobile industry.”

Really? He “saved” the economy by driving National Debt to unparalled levels. He “saved” the automobile industry by looking after his pals in the Unions care of the taxpayer. The politica left DOES chant this mantra of salvation but why does Andrew Marr state this as a fact? Isn’t the simple truth that the BBC’s Obamaphilia is now at fever pitch as the prospect of his defeat at the hands of Romney looms?


You have to dig to sometimes discern why the bias is there. A B-BBC reader points out:

“Another revolting sinophilic article on the BBC News website in their ‘Point of View’ series (usually meaning ‘the official BBC position’). It speculates that China in more democratic than the United States. Notice how the author – Martin Jacques – is coyly described as an “economist” rather than as, say, the editor of Marxism today from 1977-1991 or as co-founder of the left-leaning Demos UK thinktank.



If you have been following the BBC’s coverage of the English exam marking saga you may be a little confused.

As I am.

I understood that the problem was that the exams in January were marked too generously…and therefore the June exams were marked more rigorously….i.e. to the proper standard.   This would mean that those students taking the exams in January have in fact received grades that they may not have merited…higher than deserved…but the story we get…and the story accepted without question by the BBC is that the students in June, who have been marked properly, have been treated unfairly and have lost countless jobs, apprenticeships and university places because of too harsh marking.

Maybe I’m wrong…and a little too hardnosed, but it seems that they got the marks they merited in June and those in January should pretend they took their exams in June….for a bit of credibility.

Nice though of the BBC to side unquestionably with the downtrodden students and the teachers.

Below is an interesting comparison of the BBC’s coverage and the Telegraph’s….which one do you think mentioned teachers ‘cheating’?

The BBC made absolutely no mention of it at all…no mention of the admissions by teachers to OFQUAL that the Telegraph lays out for us.

The BBC does however give us what must be just about every whinge and moan from the teachers and the Unions that are horrified at any suggestion that they may be to blame.

Teachers have hit out at claims they marked GCSE work too generously, as new data show the decline in pupils getting at least a C in English.

Glenn Smith, principal of Honiton Community College in Devon, told the BBC that teachers in his English department used “stringent” measures to ensure they were marking these assessments fairly and consistently.
“An awful lot of work goes into ensuring their marking is accurate – the pressure they live with is intense,” he said.
“To say they’ve marked up is outrageous.”

Philip Rush, deputy head teacher at St Peter’s High School, Gloucester, said: “The fiasco surrounding the unfairness of this summer’s grades is a political not an educational fiasco.
“St Peter’s High School deplores the slur made on the school’s teachers, and on all English teachers working in England,

Val Tyreman, a science teacher from Stockton-on-Tees, described Ofqual’s report as “appalling”.

John Townsley, executive principal of two academy schools in Leeds, said: “The problem is that Ofqual were asleep in the early part of the award.

Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “For Ofqual to suggest that teachers and schools are to blame is outrageous and flies in the face of the evidence.
“The accountability measures do place tremendous pressure on teachers and schools, especially at GCSE grade C, but to say that teachers would compromise their integrity to the detriment of students is an insult.”
Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: “It is a diversion to attempt to blame teachers for following the rules they were given.

Teachers’ anger over the marking fiasco was reflected in a survey in the Times Education Supplement.
The survey of 467 secondary schools in England found 93% had lost faith in Ofqual, with more than half saying they had no confidence in the regulator.
Responding to the survey schools described the watchdog as “underhand”, “incompetent”, “bullying and callous” and “a Gove puppet”.

Ofqual: ‘We have to cheat, nanny and fiddle’, teachers say
Teachers have admitted “fiddling” exam grades and cheating to keep up with rivals they distrust, a report by Ofqual claims, as one reveals: “We have to cheat because other schools will be doing so.”




The Telegraph’s slant on the affair:

In their own words: how teachers were pressured into bending the system

I’ve just read my school e-mail to find the instructions for getting the CA [controlled assesssment] folders together, and including the instruction ‘All folders must be at or above target grade.’ This is being done by either getting kids to rewrite CAs after they’ve been marked, or by fiddling the Speaking and Listening grades to make up for lost marks on the written work. When I’ve dared to suggest that the CAs should be done in exam conditions and that lots of schools are doing that, I’m told that that is rubbish, that CAs are really coursework, and that we have to cheat because other schools will be doing so, and we cannot afford to let our results slip at all.

The drive to achieve targets is definitely corrupting and I loathe being made to feel that I am not doing right by my students because I am not making them stay behind after school week after week to rewrite the bloody things.

The school felt that proper regulation of CA was well-nigh impossible and that controlled conditions were being interpreted very differently in different schools. This was creating suspicion and distrust between schools.

I feel I am being made to cheat. I’ve taught the kids and then let them do the tasks – we have to do them in the classrooms, except for those who need access arrangements, who are under the beady eye of external invigilators. I taught my kids, gave them the opportunity to make notes, and then did the damned things like an exam. Result? Lots of them underperformed against their targets. Not good enough. This work, I am told, is really coursework, and has to be at target grade, or they will not reach their targets at the end of the course. Others in the department have done marked drafts. I’m now feeling pressured to get some of mine to redo various pieces. I’ve voiced my objections, but have been told that the long and the short of it is that they have to be nannied through at every stage – there is disbelief when I say that some schools are doing the CAs as exams. I resent the implication that I am failing my kids, when actually what they produce is probably more accurate as an indication of their abilities than their target grades are. The sooner this nonsense is stopped and we go back to 100 per cent exams, the better.

Wide variety of methods for putting CA in place, such as students writing a first draft which was then given written comments by teacher. This being subsequently written up by a student. Doesn’t feel like a level playing field.

The mark scheme is so vague you can drive a coach and horses through it.

However, the real problem is that no matter what syllabus we teach, we will still be expected to get students up to grades that are unrealistic and we will still be expected to ‘teach to the test’ to get them through. The pressure on teachers to get results is preventing us from doing any real teaching.

We have been asked to rework controlled assessments, mark them and give them back for improvement. In some cases we are virtually writing them for the students. This to me is no different to coursework and raises the issue of why coursework was replaced.



Interesting how the BBC were all over the police for rewriting their Hillsborough reports but are happy to look the other way when teachers are rewriting pupils exam work.






A special BBC investigation by the Panodrama team have uncovered an incredible relationship between Mrs Thatcher and the Nazi Holocaust….if you take the names of Nazi  concentration death camps and look at them closely you can find within them the very same letters that make up ‘Mrs Thatcher’…..and ‘Nazi’.

Labour’s Tom Watson states that he has no evidence what so ever confirming that link but he would like to think it was true…and has handed the file of evidence over to police and told every newspaper about the ‘breaking scandal’….his book will be out soon!



The definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

The BBC must by definition be insane.

This is an organisation that has been caught out neglecting its role to protect children and young people in its care and then going on to attempt to cover that up….and despite being caught covering up it continues remorselessly down that road.

Today we have several new developments, one of which epitomises that very attitude of closing ranks, hiding the dirty secrets and carrying on as if nothing has happened…in fact the BBC is acting much like the murderer who volunteers to help in the search for his very own victim and claims credit for doing so and appears on the local news saying how terrible it all  is.
Jonathan Dimbleby made an ill-judged intervention to defend the BBC…and the BBC slapped it on the front page…. Interesting use of ‘Broadcaster’…as if not actually anything to do with the BBC…depsite being its almost regal ‘senior statesman’…..

Broadcaster backs BBC against Jimmy Savile ‘witch-hunt’
There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Jonathan Dimbleby has said.
The broadcaster told the Times newspaper there has been a “witch-hunt” against the corporation, which had become “horribly out of proportion”.
“The real focus should be on what Savile did wrong,” Mr Dimbleby said.
It was “very distressing” that people at the BBC were being “hounded” in a way that was “unwarranted”, he added.

Dimbleby has done us a favour really….his remarks perfectly illustrate the arrogance, the patrician attitude and the closing of ranks that exist in the BBC.
His plea to ‘think of the victims’ is a bit of self-serving pious misdirection….attempting to make the critics of the BBC look bad for ‘ignoring the victims’ whilst it is only the BBC that really cares.

Unfortunately they didn’t seem to care about the victims when they were actually being abused…only now that fingers are being pointed and reputations teeter are they suddenly ‘thinking of the victims’….and remember this is the same news organisation that colluded for years in the cover up of abuse of white girls by Muslim men…..the BBC has ‘form’.


Dimbleby should perhaps remember this also from ‘Operation Ore’ in 2003:

The Director General of the National Crime Squad realises that people might think there is a witchhunt against paedophiles at the moment. “I know people are comparing us to McCarthyism. They think we’re thugs in blue uniforms, out to get thousands of men. That we’re hounding people who just flick through a few soft-focus images of scantily clad children, and that we’re spending crucial police time chasing ‘kiddy porn’ when we should be out getting burglars.

“But it’s just not true. For a start, we’re carrying out the law. And once you get involved in this area, some of the stuff you see is so disgusting that you do become passionate about it.”

Whilst Dimbleby has been wheeled on to provide the BBC with some ‘elder statesman’ credibility and reflected moral rectitude it has been engaged in a dirty, no punches pulled dog fight to try and drag the Tories, and especially Thatcher, into the same mire they are in.

This latest narrative of a ‘Thatcher era senior Conservative politician’ involved in child abuse began with Labour’s Tom Watson making some allegations, without any proof it might be added, about a politician who may or may not have had links to a convicted paedophile, Peter Righton….the Mirror’s headline next day was along the lines of ‘Paedophile ring in No10’.…no sense given that this was an historical accusation.   I mention the Mirror’s headline because it shows that there is a political agenda to this attack and solely aimed at the Tories.…and certainly nothing to do with ‘thinking of the victims’.

I can’t help thinking that perhaps the BBC may also be colluding with Watson and ‘swapping notes’.
After all how many times can you repeat ‘Thatcher era Conservative politician’ in relation to child abuse….quite a few it seems if you are the BBC…It even makes it onto the front page…..sexual abuse at the BBC was known about and ignored and went on on the BBC premises……a man working at No 10 who happens to be a paedophile hardly (so far) implicates the then government and certainly not Thatcher herself….but that is the link the BBC are trying to make.

Strangely what doesn’t make it anywhere onto the BBC news site is the serious allegations made in relation to Leonard Rossiter and BBC staff….those allegations being THREE BBC staff tried to rape a TV extra as screen legend Leonard Rossiter performed a sex act, it was claimed last night.

Oh hold on the BBC does mention this.…in its review of the newspapers:

A new name has been added to the list of former TV personalities accused of sexual offences against young people.
The Sun claims the actor Leonard Rossiter, who died in 1984, watched an 18-year-old extra in a BBC play being sexually assaulted in a rehearsal room.
Newspaper review: Allegations focus on Leonard Rossiter.



All day we have been treated to allegations against a ‘Leading Thatcher era Conservative politician’ and hardly a peep about someone having three BBC staff members attempt to rape him whilst Leonard Rossiter looks on.

Whether the allegations turn out to be true or not this is a highly politicised attack by the BBC on the Tories which rather pulls the rug from under the bumptious Dimbleby and his self righteous mutterings about The Victims..

The BBC’s cover up continues and it includes flinging copious amounts of mud at its favoured bête noires aiming to smear them with as much muck as possible in order to try and deflect attention and censure being heaped upon themselves and the sordid events that went on literally under their noses.

It is an organisation that has entirely failed to live up to its aspirations and stated ideals.  It  has failed utterly to admit fault and accept responsibility and is engaged in the mother of all denials…a starker contrast between the supposed image of the BBC as the ‘Auntie’ who selflessly guides us and protects us, defending the values we cherish and the insincere and corrupt organisation which it actually is would be hard to find.


BBC must be gutted to see Denis MacShane, one of their favourite pro EU go-to guys, being forced to resign from Parliament owing to expenses fiddling.  A Biased BBC reader observes;

“This evening (Friday)just after 5 pm Eddie Mair and Paul Mason were discussing the Dennis McShane resignation and the tone of it was that because he was reported by the BNP it was all their fault and not his. Now I have no time for the BNP but surely the fact is he is guilty never mind who reported it?”