Interesting piece here concerning Katty Kay;

“The umbrella organization of British Jewry criticized the BBC’s correspondent in Washington for referring to the “Jewish lobby” in a tweet about the U.S. election.

Katty Kay used the term in a question-and-answer session on Twitter, raising the ire of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Kay was asked by a tweeter late last month why U.S presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney became defensive when their commitment to Israel was questioned. She replied, “US sees #Israel as key ally in MidEast but no one running for Pres wants to alienate the power and money of the Jewish lobby.”

Board of Deputies head Jon Benjamin told the British newspaper The Jewish Chronicle that the reporter’s “loose use of language really has to be seen in a context where support for America’s key ally in the Middle East is cynically questioned — and the motives of Israel’s supporters are seen as suspect.” A BBC spokesman told the newspaper that Kay’s “primary point in responding was that the U.S. regards Israel as a key ally in the Middle East and also recognizes the importance and influence of this relationship on the voting.”

Katty Kay has been the subject of several posts here, all pointing to her unrestrained bias. I am sure she may WELL have problems with the “Jewish lobby”


David Elstein, former head of Channel 5, calls for BBC to be broken up in the wake of Savile scandal

David Elstein, the former chief executive of Channel 5, has called for a “radical” break-up of the BBC following the scandal over child abuse allegations involving the late TV presenter Sir Jimmy Savile.



There definitely needs to be a radical overhaul of the BBC…it constantly, see Patten’s recent comments, claims independence from political interference….but of course the BBC itself is ‘political’…..at one time seeing itself as the ‘official opposition’.

The BBC is almost a political party in its own right….with endless party political broadcasts pumping out its version of truth and reality and the ability to ‘force’ politicians to dance to its tune…..see Cameron and the new ‘not nasty’ Liberal friendly, Tory Party.

Time for change…..a truly independent regulator instead of the BBC Trust, and even perhaps putting the ‘BBC’ out to tender in order to break the cosy consensus of left wing journalists who gather under one roof and all march to the same tune….and expect us to also.


Promote, then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.
George Washington
United States – September 17, 1796



On the day after Obama becomes President elect the BBC reveal the real truth about how perhaps many countries in the world see him.


Last week, just before the election, they published a poll claiming that if the world had a vote it would go to Obama, the preferred candidate by far.


Yesterday John Simpson let us in on the ‘secret’…exactly why many might prefer Obama:

In China he says he spoke to a ‘senior Beijing source’ ….just last night….who stated that:

‘When the chips are down we can push Obama around, he will back down in front of us’.

China believes he is not a powerful, strong president….and that is what they want along with a weakening USA.


Good of the BBC to let that slip after the election…..keeping us ‘enlightened‘ as always!






Crikey, the site is buzzing and the Open Threads fill up before I have even a chance to look! Here’s another fresh one for you. I notice BBC are STILL droning on about Obama the Great and the nasty Tea Party….. at moment like this the BIAS just oozes out of them, any pretence of impartiality cast to the wind. Can you imagine how they will behave if Miliband gets into Downing Street?


peanuts cartoon


The BBC and Labour have been making hay whilst the sun shines and headlining serious allegations of child abuse against a ‘leading Thatcher era politician’.

Not having any proof what so ever they have had to refrain from naming him…..and now it seems the victim may not have named him at the time either (and he still refuses now claiming he is too afraid of being sued)  One  website from 1997 does claim to know the names….having said that, reading the articles the claims are either genuine and horrific or entirely mad and include just about every Tory they could think of as well as…..MI5, arms dealers, high finance, blackmail, assassinations,  spy rings and Tory big wigs burying children on their country estates….David Icke wrote some of the material.

Still that hasn’t stopped the BBC from making the wildest and most damaging allegations that they can themselves….and they keep slipping in the thought that there was, and there still is, a cover up going on to protect any accused high profile offenders…..a cover up by whom?…they leave that thought hanging….is Cameron involved????? are they trying to suggest very subtly?

And what do they mean by Thatcher era politician?….do they mean the abuse happened during Thatcher’s term as PM, or just that the man worked with Thatcher at some time?

The accuser, Steve Messham, said he first made his allegation to police in 1977, then again in 1979 and then in the 1990’s….which presumably led to the Waterhouse Inquiry.

Now that suggests the abuse took place  before 1977…..Thatcher was only voted into government in 1979…..so the particular accusation of abuse was not ‘Thatcher era’…..there was no ‘paedo ring in No10’ as the Mirror likes to portray it.

One question…..how did a young teen recognise any politican at that time…..how many teens could recognise many today other than say Cameron and Miliband?…and even then get the wrong Miliband….and it seems  that confusion over identity is possible‘A man who bears the same surname as a prominent Conservative supporter. Two witnesses have told the tribunal of a rich and powerful man who belonged to the alleged ring.’

Interesting interview with another ‘victim’ on Victoria Derbyshire the other day…..asked if he was abused he said he couldn’t remember…..apparently ‘it’ was so traumatic he’d put it to the back of his mind….he couldn’t remember a single detail…..not saying people are making stuff up and  the BBC are falling over themselves to give airtime to anyone with a ‘damning story’ but it does give that impression.


Let’s look at the instigator of all these rehashed allegations…….Tom Watson….but first a question….yesterday Evan Davis was questioning Theresa May about why she had set up an inquiry into these allegations in Wales.

Davis wanted to know why she had done that….because he stated….there is absolutely no new evidence….so my question might be why have the BBC decided to headline the allegations if they were found to be without any merit by Waterhouse  and there is no new evidence?


Back to Watson….look at his biography and you might notice that Tom Watson is mainly concerned with…Tom Watson…and his self promotion.  I don’t believe for one minute that he has the interest of the victims on his mind….he sees a political opportunity and a chance to grandstand yet again.  No doubt the book will be out soon.

Why do I not think he has the interests of the victims at heart?  Because if that was the case he would have raised the fiasco that was Operation Ore…..conducted under Labour’s regime and which named two Labour MPs as possible paedophiles.

Two Labour MPs join rock star Townshend in child porn inquiry
Former ministers reported to be on list of suspects who accessed site

or this:
In the 19th of January edition of The Sunday Herald, Neil Mackay sensationally reported that senior members of Tony Blair’s government were being investigated for paedophilia and the “enjoyment” of child-sex pornography:

“The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore suspects. The Sunday Herald has been given the politician’s name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.There are still unconfirmed rumours that another senior Labour politician is among the suspects. The intelligence officer said that a ‘rolling’ Cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the government if arrests occur.”



and don’t forget this from The Sun:

Crime Editor

A TOP aide to MPs at the House of Commons was yesterday charged with
having child porn on his computer.
Senior clerk Phillip Lyon, who arranges the weekly Prime Minister’s question Time for Tony Blair, was arrested after vice cops raided his commons office.
Lyon, 37, is accused of making indecent images of children.
Lyon is a highly trusted senior clerk to the Commons select committees.
His main duties are arranging Question Time on Wednesday afternoons. He has daily contact with senior backbench MPs and sits in on private sessions of the select committees as they cross-examine witnesses.
Lyon has a pass to the Commons guaranteeing him full access to the building after being vetted. A Commons source said: “He was a highly respected member of the civil staff who was implicitly trusted by colleagues and MPs.”He was in a position of great responsibility. The allegations against him are shocking.”


I haven’t heard the BBC mention any of these allegations and yet they are happy to rehash the Tory claims.

Operation Ore was a total failure by the police……but there are still 3000 people on the investigation’s list who haven’t been questioned by police.   Given that, and Watson’s concern about getting to the truth and bringing injustices to light and offenders to book….shouldn’t he be pressing for that Operation to be included in any inquiry?

And as he hasn’t so far, shouldn’t the BBC be questioning his impartiality and whether he is merely conducting a highly partisan and politicised smear campaign regardless of the thinness of ‘evidence’?

The BBC might ask that question of themselves…..it looks merely that the BBC are keen to deflect the barrage of criticism they have received over Savile and are ‘delighted’ to find a Tory in their sights, and one who has a connection to Thatcher so they can put her in the frame as well, smearing her by association.

Angus Stickler, the BBC Newsnight reporter  said:   “My view is that these are allegations that weren’t investigated by Waterhouse.” He said they needed to be investigated “in the light of the new public mood” after the Jimmy Savile revelations.

Where are all the BBC staff, Jonathan Dimbleby included, rushing to say this is all nonsense…the victims are being forgotten…there is a ‘disturbing relish in the witch hunt of Tory politicians‘?


There may turn out to be truth in the allegations….but….it seems there one set of rules for the BBC and Labour politicians and another set for Tory politicians when it comes to making explosive claims based on flimsy evidence.




Stacey Dooley looks at border control in the US and meets Mexican migrants risking their lives to cross the border. (BBC)


BBC going large on thepro- immigration offensive….


Stacey Dooley will examine border control in the US in the final episode of her three-part series.
Every year, thousands of people risk their lives to get to the US from Mexico, facing 70 degree temperatures, rattlesnakes and a five-day trek across the Sonoran Desert.
Once they reach the US, in Texas, they come across border guards whose job it is to keep them out.
After looking into young men taking part in gay conversion therapy, Dooley meets people who are prepared to risk their lives for the American dream.
According to Amnesty International, migrants face shocking dangers to get to the US. Many are kidnapped, tortured and held hostage until their families in the US send money to release them.

The human rights group says six in ten female migrants are likely to be raped. In July, 2011, 41 people were killed in one day during attacks in Monterrey, north east Mexico.
In 2010, 72 potential illegal immigrants from Mexico were executed on a remote ranch 90 miles from the US border.
The drug gang that murdered them, Los Zetas, captured them as they made their way to the US and killed them when they refused to work for them.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement continues to deport Mexican nationals to Chihuahua, despite it being the deadliest city in the country in 2009.
During the BBC3 documentary, Dooley meets Maria, a 19-year-old who wants to get to the US to support her two young children. As a woman travelling alone, she is extremely vulnerable.
She also witnesses the rescue of a young Guatemalan girl you is seven months pregnant.
Finally, she meets Manuela and Jorge, a couple who borrowed thousands of dollars to get to the US. However, the smuggler taking them refuses to take them and they have few options for how to repay the money.
It is estimated that 12.7 million Mexican immigrants lived in the US in 2008, accounting for 32 per cent of all immigrants living there. Pew Research says 55 per cent of the Mexican immigrants are unauthorised.



Next week Stacey Dooley meets the family of Romanians who have moved into her house whilst she is working abroad.  Now that would be an interesting film….just how would a good liberal girl react to that?

The BBC Bets It All On Black


Sign reading African Americans for Obama


There should be a law against it…oh yeah, there is…it is illegal for the BBC to take sides in any political debate….their own Charter also precludes it.

Never mind, rules are made for breaking…and if the Democratic process doesn’t get the result you want….well a little rule bending must be OK in the interest of the ‘common good’.

The BBC have gone for broke…and indeed broken just about every rule in the book today filling the airwaves with pro-Obama rhetoric.

Last week the BBC produced a poll that claimed the whole world, bar Pakistan, wanted Obama to be re-elected…..a poll almost certainly designed to give their hero a lift in the polls and boost his failing foreign policy credibility.

Today, the day of the election…and remember the BBC is listened to and watched all around the world as the BBC reminds us itself…..we have quite blatant pro-Obama electioneering and anti-Romney diatribes.

Can it be a coincidence that  on the day of the election the BBC start a programme looking at Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letters From America’ and they begin with the death of JFK?
No it’s not…and you realise that as you listen you are being softened up for ‘The Message’……..Alvin Hall is the mouthpiece for this political broadcast….the politics start about 10 minutes in…..

In Alistair Cooke’s Footsteps

Hall: ‘I recall everything that the death of John F Kennedy represented….as an African American I saw him as a person who could help lift the prejudice and bigotry in America…his death made all of us wonder what was going to happen….

Alistair Cooke: “They were victims of a huge disappointment…his death will especially be felt by the young for he’d become for them a symbol of what was possible….with intelligence and will.  Many thoughtful men were beginning to wonder if the President’s powers were not a mockery of his office as he can be thwarted  in getting any laws passed at all by being obstructed by a dozen chairmen of Congressional committees.
There is a deep feeling that our youth has been mocked and the vigour of America paralysed.”

Hall: I hear those words in terms of the promise we all felt about Barack Obama’s election four years ago.  What we saw was the same optimism that Alistair Cooke talks about…a new generation of people wanted things to change, they wanted there to be a new Hope.

Obama is bright, intelligent, articulate and persuasive.

Barack encountered people who no matter what he did, no matter how well he spoke, no matter how much he showed he was willing to compromise and work together with them ‘They’ were not going to work with him, and ‘They’ were determined ‘They’ were going to defeat him.

For me this election on this day is very much about America giving him a chance to realise that promise.’



Not much need to ‘Fisk’ that lot….quite clear what he is saying on the License Fee payer’s shilling.


Jim Naughtie complained earlier on ‘Today’ that the Republicans had taken against Obama personally….is he suggesting it is his skin colour they have ‘taken against’?

I don’t remember him complaining when Bush was the target of far worse abuse.



Jane Garvey, standing in for Jeremy Vine, went the other way, opting to allow on a woman who was supposed to be answering the question ‘Why should we in Britain care about the US election’ but strangely turned out to be a rabid anti-Republican (about 24 minutes in)….

Jeremy Vine Show

Which candidate would be best for Britain?

Some people question why we should care about the US election but here’s Cathy from Liverpool and you do care Cathy…tell us why….

Cathy:  “Yes, it’s an issue that the British media have entirely overlooked….Romney is supported by corporations and the GOP has been completely taken over by religious fundamentalists.  He’s a climate change denier…he laughed at Obama when he said he wanted to heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans….the man wants to drill, he wants the Keystone Pipeline……….he does nothing for the planet…he’s a dangerous, dangerous man and he’s owned by oil.
He’s anti-women, he vetoes all bills in favour of women’s health, he’s against marriage equality…a lot of people are very scared about what will happen in America (under the Republicans)…. it is these people (Reps) who believe that rape is a legitimate form of conception.

Jane Garvey:  “Thank you for expressing your passion on the subject….we appreciate it…..we welcome all opinions….but here’s Malcolm who wants an end to global capitalism and the nation state…….” ‘



Yep, I bet the BBC do appreciate it….or is it just luck how many pro-Obama, anti-Romney, Socialist callers manage to get through on the phone lines?