Anyone else out there catch Andrew Marr’s “Start the Week” this morning? It was an appalling left-wing fest featuring former Irish President and UNophile Supremo Mary Robinson and Michael Ignatieff. We had the usual BBC endorsed mix of climate change advocacy, a bit of US bashing, a generous soupcon of Israeli bashing (Well, with Mary Robinson in the house what else do you expect?) and, of course, “human rights” evangelising. Oh, and mustn’t forget Ignatieff telling us how MUCH we need the State Broadcaster!!! What amused me was Marr’s obvious admiration for quite contrary Mary as she – and “the Elders” (Gotta love that ) travel round the world spreading their gospel of human rights and climate change..first class of course those BIG planes. Not even a hint of irony….



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10 Responses to START THE WEEK…

  1. Old Goat says:

    Yes, I heard it – (well, most of it), before deciding that Classic FM would be a more edifying experience.

    Anyway, anything BBC is an appalling left-wing fest, that goes without saying even before it’s broadcast.

    I just wish Hussein Obama would lose tomorrow, I would have such sheer delight in the BBC’s discomfort, I may even deign to listen.


  2. David Vance says:

    Me too


  3. Chris says:

    Yes – it was awful. When she started going on about Sandy and how NY had had “lots of events” like this, I couldn’t help but start shouting at the radio. I assume the “Elders” will be the public face of our World Government – going round dispensing virtual (or, perhaps, real) cabbage stalks to the great disenfranchised mass of people not able to comprehend the good that is being done to them.


  4. Trefor Jones says:

    This really plumbed the depths of nonsense. How, the self appointed elite can come up with this asinine diatribe beggars belief. A programme such as this to be effective needs a balance of opinions, unfortunately the panelists were clueless on nearly every issue. I suffered Andrew Marr for thirty minutes last night thinking that he could not get the modern period totally wrong, bravo Mr Marr your “history” is merely an uninformed and very biased opinion.


  5. Guest Who says:

    ‘how MUCH we need the State Broadcaster!!! “
    Well, to be fair, it’s not like anyone gets to hear it enough, it being non-commercial and all, though those non-content fillers do seem… ‘consistent’ as well as pervasive.
    ps; What… is that photo all about? The Marr Show Xmas card… ‘Good Will To All Employees From Guy Who You Owe Your Jobs To (if you know what’s good for you)’? Please tell me it’s not for real.


    • capriole, peter says:

      Yes it is he, according to Wiki:
      “He was once a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory. At Cambridge, Marr says he was a “raving leftie”, and he acquired the nickname ‘Red Andy'”
      The photo illustrates one of those BBC sex rings that have yet to be defined for married men, with Savile rightr now, they are not really interested in the goings on of married men at the BBC.


  6. chrisH says:

    Mary Robinson in the morning, and now Helena Kennedy in the evening.
    Parent lawyers, boarding schools, top of the `uman Rights scams and “passionate Eurotoadies….yet their feather bedded success and endless nannies came at an awful price.
    But of course ladies-it`s all burkas and shouty beardie blokes in Dalkey and South Ken is it not?
    Bleeding men….stopping them living off the taxpayer and sinecured from Brussels and Bush House…oh the humanity!
    “I`ve never been to me” sang Charlene…but at least I could choose not to listen to her caricatured hokum and faux-grievances…the BBC forces these well oiled old trouts out, and we`re supposed to play the fiddle…like Lagarde does!


  7. johnnythefish says:

    Mary Robinson – today climate change and Europe, tomorrow climate change and the world – aided and abetted by her socialist fellow travellers at the BBC and self-righteous eco-totalitarians at the UN, threatening democracy like a political form of dry rot.

    The question is: who’s going to stop them?


  8. Eh says:

    It was so bad that I had to turn over, in danger as I was of crashing the car whilst ranting at the radio. Utter dribble, one sided propaganda without a single dissenting voice to be heard. A positive aspect of this is that with such clear and blatant propaganda rapidly becoming the norm, expect a lot more people googling “biased bbc”. The more that come here, the less will pay the bbc tax and the more minds Freed from the neo Marxist brainwashing machine.


  9. deegee says:

    This wasn’t a debate. It was a friendly conversation between four like-minded people. The introduction of Amos Oz, self-appointed Israeli cultural treasure who never could understand why the Nobel Prize committee have ignored him year-after-year, made the introduction of Israel into the discussion inevitable.

    All four on the panel love themselves to bits.