There will be black ties and solemn music at the BBC should Obama lose to Romney. I hope to God Romney does win IF ONLY to see the comrades chastened. I mean with KATY PERRY on his side, how could Obama lose? Have a read through this article by Andrew Marr and note THIS casual insanity…

“With a massive fiscal stimulus, Obama saved the economy from total collapse, and on the way saved the imperilled automobile industry.”

Really? He “saved” the economy by driving National Debt to unparalled levels. He “saved” the automobile industry by looking after his pals in the Unions care of the taxpayer. The politica left DOES chant this mantra of salvation but why does Andrew Marr state this as a fact? Isn’t the simple truth that the BBC’s Obamaphilia is now at fever pitch as the prospect of his defeat at the hands of Romney looms?

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14 Responses to OBAMA WORSHIP…

  1. noggin says:

    marr ….. (shakes head) and they allow this shifty human version of the MAD comic guy … loose on explaining the history of the world? no wonder the bbc is on the skids


  2. Barry says:

    During the hanging chad fiasco the BBC reporters were so excited they nearly wet themselves when it looked like Al Gore was going to win and they were equally upset when it looked like George Dubya would win.


    • Owen Morgan says:

      Back in 2000, Mark Mardell was still the high-priest of euromania. Janet Daley skewered him beautifully in the Telegraph at the time. The beebyanka was going to town about hanging chads and all the rest of it. Simultaneously, a euro-summit was taking place. In America, as Janet Daley pointed out, Supreme Court judgements concerning the election were made available in full, as PDF files, on the internet, within minutes. In europe, foreign ministers would emerge to relate their version of what had been decided, no two accounts ever actually coinciding, before a sweaty Mark Mardell would pop up to read the auspices. Nowadays, Obama’s administration is, of course, the most transparent in history – ermm, except where the facts are concerned. Not surprisingly, Mardell is right at home in that environment.


  3. Guest Who says:

    An in-theory professional, objective BBC commentator… spouting ill-informed, opinionated bollux in pure political partiality..
    ‘Who would have thought it?’


  4. chrisH says:

    I mentioned Mardells bit on the 9am news this morning.
    A wordcloud here would be a masterclass in word association-words like stability, reaching out and progress tend to go with one of the US candidates…words like fear, uncertainty and danger tend to go with the other.
    Not that I count or care with Mardell-but his setting his piece surely in terms of Obama being the True North star about which all truths and political discourse is going…and Romney desperately trying to cover up for the TP and Big Oil etc, by vainly trying to be reasonable-even at this late stage-is as slyly biased, sneery as only the BBC does.
    Mardell and the BBC States-baiters that pay his bills have a hidden curriculum at all stages of their operation.
    Romney will hopefully win-and I hope to God that he extracts full revenge upon the traitors we`re clogging the USA with.
    Let`s hope!


    • john in cheshire says:

      The irony is that Mr Obama probably hates the bbc, the bbc reporters, all Englishmen and women and possibly all white people.


  5. Reed says:

    Not BBC related, but…
    More Obama worshippers – Hollywood luvvies to grind your teeth at…


    Have a look at 07 Jesse Eisenberg – for a glimpse into the mindset of Lib-guilt-tripping – and has Obama really seen that much of the world – most of his travels were pre-adulthood, from what I know. It’s all well meaning, but rather platitudinous.

    ..and 48 Moby – count the repetitious epithets of spiteful resentment – rich, wealthy, privilege over and over. You didn’t build that, selfish rich white man oppressor!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      A lot of people have a lot emotionally invested in Him. Remember this?

      Lately there’s been a lot of noise on Twitter about rioting.

      If Romney wins, there will be some ugliness. The supposed “visceral hatred” for the black man that the BBC constantly observed in the Tea Party movement, but which was actually a visceral hatred for Socialism and oppressive government, will be nothing in comparison to what will be unleashed if Romney wins. And some of it will be incited by very influential people.


  6. Leon says:

    Be careful what you wish for-an Obama defeat would leave him with an awful lot of free time on his hands. He’d be constantly on the BBC giving his views as an ‘elder statesman’ and if anything defeat would increase the BBC’s Obama obsession.


  7. Dave666 says:

    Any sense of balance now seems to be out of the window. Lets hope some of the sheep notice. After watching ITV spin obamha worship. I turn over to the BBc to listen to the presenter saying there seems to be a feeling it’s slideing over to obamha.
    I notice the next story about child abuse in Wales mentions the “Welsh Goverment” and there was I thinking it was an assembly.


    • Aerfen says:

      “I notice the next story about child abuse in Wales mentions the “Welsh Goverment” and there was I thinking it was an assembly”

      The BBC clearly anticipating the break up of Britain into the former medieval statelets…


  8. Amounderness Lad says:

    But what will the B-BBC do with all the hundreds of extra cases of Champagne they have got on ice ready for an O’Barmy win it the Americans make a mistake and don’t follow the script? Oh how I would love to see it all go to waste.