Given the latest news, one wonder if the BBC will accept it has presided over a culture of sexual abuse?

Sexual misconduct complaints lodged with the BBC’s investigations unit now amount to allegations against almost 30 staff and presenters at the corporation, it was revealed today. The total of 29 past and present workers is more than triple the figure given by BBC director-general George Entwistle in evidence to MPs two weeks ago, when nine people were under investigation. The BBC said the number of complaints ‘will fluctuate both up and down as new allegations are made and investigated’. It is not yet known whether any complaints are linked to Jimmy Savile.


BBC radio DJ Liz Kershaw has been named as the woman alleged to have made threatening phone calls to a male colleague who committed suicide last month. Detectives last week launched an inquiry to help the coroner discover why Russell Joslin, 50, suffocated himself.  His family claim he was driven to his death after BBC bosses failed to take seriously allegations that he had been offended by a female colleague five years ago.

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27 Responses to NICE AND SLEAZY DOES IT…

  1. Span Ows says:

    A sad consequence but I suspect there will be more suicides. It seems to go with the territory.


  2. Old Goat says:

    The BBC – Bonking & Buggery Club.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Bullying at the BBC drove someone to suicide? Entwistle has his work cut out for him, then.

    On Friday, Entwistle expressed “a profound and heartfelt apology – on behalf of the BBC – to every victim.” He also said the corporation will hold two independent inquiries into the affair. On the one hand, Entwistle said there will be a review of the “culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile worked here, and afterwards.” The same inquiry will examine the BBC’s current child protection, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment policies.

    Wasn’t Liz Kershaw one of the groping victims who came forward? What a mess.


  4. Privatise the BBC says:

    Hack in to a few phones and the entire left is in uproar, enquiries are held and a publication closes down.

    300 victims of actual, *REAL* abuse means that the BBC stare at their feet, their own staff call it a ‘witch hunt’ and then Newsnight run an item regarding a Tory pedo. Notably, there is no frothing at the mouth from left wing MPs as there was for phone hacking so the BBC will now set itself up as a victim and nothing will happen.


    • Span Ows says:

      Very true and a sad indictment that has no defence (although I would be interested to ‘hear’ Jim, Dez and Co.’s attempts).


      • Jim Dandy says:

        No defence from me if true. It’s the Mail though so could well be lies. Wait for results of the inquiry I suggest rather than taking these stories at face value.


        • Span Ows says:

          Fine. I believe the DM as much as I believe any other periodical. But you’re right: some of the stories (not just in the DM) have already been outed as hangers-on and compensation hunters but also some are looking rather ugly.


        • Bodo says:

          Lies? You mean like the lies the BBC told – and now admits – about the reasons for dropping the Newsnight report on Savile?


    • Span Ows says:

      P.S. worse still was pleb-gate that got MUCH more coverage and it was what one MP possibly said to one policewoman!


    • doggywoggydooda says:

      Left wing in sickening, evil hypocrisy shock!

      Lying, ass covering, sickening hypocrisy and sleaze are the hallmarks of the left.


  5. michael holloway says:

    I have not got a TV License the pictures still seem the same without one!!


  6. uncle bup says:

    Jonathan Dimbleby: ‘Disturbing relish in the way critics have laid into BBC’

    What, Johnny, like the ‘disturbing relish’ with which BBC employees laid into News Core (sic) before, during, and after leveson?


  7. chrisH says:

    Wasn`t Liz Kershaw the one on Womans Hour talking about her being groped by other DJs etc?
    The worm has turned somewhere, some how.
    Rats meet ferrets in a sack.
    Any chance of “the sack” for them all?
    Life`s too short about right and wrong here-we just want the BBC encased in concrete a la Chernobyl, and make a skate park from the results.
    And no BBC staff left around to “supervise” or “film” it.
    Way too many Peeping Toms there as it was, is and always shall be…must be something about having to watch us all…must be a research grant into what deviancies make a cameraman or a presenter…clearly a problem for the rest of us as law abiding heterosexuals who have kids, don`t take drugs and aren`t scared of Islam. Up to now, WE`VE been seen as sick!
    Exhibitionist A…Sir James Savile of Pebble Mill…no further questions Your Honour!


  8. Guest Who says:
    ‘Alan boasts a double first in PPE from University College, Oxford.’
    Frankly, that doesn’t impress or reassure as much as the author might imagine.
    ‘He covers the waterfront in the cases he takes’
    Where he doubtless meets our fearless ‘on-assignment Tin-Tin of the East Cheam Gazette, bringing home the skinny from Deep Bloater… har har!


  9. john in cheshire says:

    Of tangential relation to this posting, I have just had the misfortune to listen to a large part of File on 4 this evening; about the funding etc of police forces in our country. What struck me was that there was no one in the segment of the programme that I heard, who represented the taxpayer. There were pundits and the inevitable whingeing from ACPO – you know, that organisation that represents the chief police officers, receives taxpayers money but has set itself up as a limited company so it is exempt from Freedom if Information legislation. They think the forthcoming elections for Police Commissioners is a terrible thing; Mr Ian Blair – him of the Tony Blair era of politicised policing and now apparently calling himself lord Blair – is, according to this programme, urging people not to vote in the PCC elections. Well, I think that if he is opposed, then these Police Commissioners must be a good thing. And the senior police officers, naturally want fewer police forces, using the ‘efficiency of resources’ argument to try to sell it. Although the government ‘declined’ to participate in the programme, at least we learn they have no immediate plans to reduce the number of police forces. But there was not one question put to the police about who they are ultimately working for and what perhaps they, the plebs of our country; ie you and me; might think about things. I can’t find one programme on the bbc that is remotely unbiased or at least supportive of their paymasters. No wonder all the expenses fiddlers, child abusers, muslim supporters, trashers of our indigenous peoples champions, EU thieves and liars are able to get away with what they do. Similarly, we don’t have a police force that is remotely doing what their paymasters require of them.


  10. Will Jones says:

    Please, Listen in to all my phone conversations. Call me a pleb or any other name you can come up with. Fiddle your expenses, but please don’t allow your big name “talents” to sexually abuse me or my children.
    Just asking.


  11. Glenn Aylett says:

    Why not close the BBC down and redistribute its £ 3.5 billion revenue to commercial broadcasters? I’m sure ITV and Channel 4 could make excellent programmes again with this money and the 12mhz the BBC greedily claims on FM could be used to move DAB only stations onto FM like the vastly superior to Radios 1 and 2 Smooth, Smooth 70s and Planet Rock.


    • Reed says:

      I’m with you there in regard to Planet Rock!
      …and a bit of Absolute 80s – I know I shouldn’t, but so many memories…


    • Earls court says:

      Close down the BBC and redistribute its wealth.
      That is one of the few times that Marxism sounds good.


    • Dave666 says:

      Yes they could pay me to do my radio show instead of me having to pay to do it.


  12. Louis Robinson says:

    ‘There is a disturbing relish in the way the critics have laid into News International, The News of the World and Rupert Murdoch holding today’s office-holders to account for what happened 10 years ago’ – Jonathan Dimbleby, journalist.

    Oh, SORRY! That should read:

    ‘There is a disturbing relish in the way the critics have laid into the BBC, holding today’s office-holders to account for what happened 30 years ago’ – Jonathan Dimbleby, Radio 4 presenter

    Another independent minded celebrity working towards getting his contract will be renewed.


  13. Sres says:

    Isn’t it strange that someone like Liz Kershaw who only recently came forward to say that there was/is a culture of groping by presenters and staff only a month ago, is now being named as responsible for another man’s suicide, through bullying, isn’t it strange how these things come full circle.

    I’m sceptical about this bullying claim.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Surely, if true, her action must be the result of the psychological impact of the groping all those years ago! On dear the BBC does seem to getting deeper and deeper into the mire every day. What a tragedy for such a national institution.