You have to dig to sometimes discern why the bias is there. A B-BBC reader points out:

“Another revolting sinophilic article on the BBC News website in their ‘Point of View’ series (usually meaning ‘the official BBC position’). It speculates that China in more democratic than the United States. Notice how the author – Martin Jacques – is coyly described as an “economist” rather than as, say, the editor of Marxism today from 1977-1991 or as co-founder of the left-leaning Demos UK thinktank.

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  1. Richard Pinder says:

    China “more capitalism and free trade than the EU”


  2. Frank Words says:

    The progressive elite in Britain, of which the BBC are a cornerstone, have no time for democracy. A one party New Labour style state would be their idea of how to run a country.

    I recall a tutor saying to me during my first week at University nearly 35 years ago: “of course the best for of government is a benevolent dictatorship”.

    She meant it too.

    A few years later she joined the fledgling SDP.

    It is a position that sums up the New Labour/Progressive elite. Expand welfare and reduce democracy.

    Pretty soon we’ll be like China – but without economic growth.


  3. Pounce says:

    “Martin Jacques – is coyly described as an “economist” rather than as, say, the editor of Marxism today from 1977-1991 or as co-founder of the left-leaning Demos UK thinktank.”

    I read his earlier report where he sang the praises of the communist party of China. It did start alarm bells ringing with me, but I was busy and never got back to it.

    Thanks for exposing what a leftwing twat ‘Martin Jacques’ is.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice catch by the reader. As usual, if the BBC doesn’t label someone, you can guess which side of the political spectrum they’re on. The slavish worshiping of “the state” also gives it away. Bonus point for getting in a swipe at the Tea Party.


  5. Guest Who says:

    There used to be a ‘What The Papers Say’ (maybe still is).
    Maybe there should be a ‘What The BBC Doesn’t Feel The Need To Tell You’?
    Their unique way with context is really making this education and information thing they’re trusted with seem more and more like propaganda each day.


  6. chrisH says:

    Can I be the first to say that I warned your bout this mans “Point of View” being about to get the full four weeks?
    What else do you expect of a fully bought-up, bullet headed ex editor of Marxism Today…and like Tariq Ali, Felix Dennis…has done rather well out of his “contacts” from those days.
    Talk about offshore accounts-if that bloke is NOT in the pay of Harbin, Shanghai or the Peoples Directorate, then I`ll be amazed.
    Tiananmen Square?…what?
    Executions and whole orphanages of kids with photos up, showing their last hugs together?…well?
    Organ harvesting?…is it done “humanely after execution or not?
    Families buying the bullet used to kill their loved ones…fiction mate!…the lethal injections come with a voucher for Foxconn, so stick that in your pipe?
    Jacques gets paid a fortune to be “an author”…just a shill for Shanghai…but there again, Deng was a fine baseball player and Mao a misunderstood poet as far as the Beeb goons are concerned.
    Yellow Fever comes to the BBC-actually it`s Marsh gas, until Saviles pals have left the buildings.
    F666 the BBC!


  7. Mice Height says:

    They once described Nick Lowles, of the Searchlight/Hate Not Hope, fake charity organisation, as an ‘anti-extremist campaigner’. Forgetting to mention that he was a former member of the Red Action movement – who planted the Harrods bomb for the IRA – as well as a Communist and committed Anglophobe.


  8. Jim Dandy says:

    Martin Jacques is an arse and blind to the inanities and barbarity of the Chinese system. Poor show of the BBC to give him space.


  9. Redwhiteandblue says:

    Can only add my voice to the condemnation – a decidedly skewed version of a totalitarian state. However it’s not fair to call A Point of View ‘the official BBC position’ – the whole point of the series is to give independent voices an opportunity to express their opinion. They’ve had a good range of conservative voices as well as crypto (and not-so-crypto) Marxists.


    • chrisH says:

      FFS rwb!
      Just heard Mary Robinson to top and tail the BBCs output for me this Sunday.
      Mary-daughter of two doctors, goes to boarding school and becomes a lawyer-then gets to President of Ireland, and an EU grandee.
      Still though-not enough powere for women…sexist maan, and she blames the Catholic Church. for some of this.
      Why, the parallels of countries where women get their genitals cut( that`ll be the Vatican , naturally) today are “really apposite” as she compares M—- countries today with her own way back…anyone recall the arranged marriage?acid in the face scandals in Leitrim?.. a Catholic cover up I`d imagine.
      Marys female relatives took over nunneries in Bangalore, or were sticking it to Home Secretaries here in the UK way back….bloody sexism though eh?…poor Mary R!
      Yet Mary is compassionate and forgiving in much the same way as Lagarde, Harman, Warnock, Williams, Bonnini and the like-nanny gets a leaflet amd a sash every Michaelmas.
      Mary has taught the Dalai Lama much, we hear…he`s a feminist, so I`m sure China and martin Jacques will let him back to collect his socks…we hear that Jimmy Carter now goes to another church, having been counselled by Pastor Robinson(PBUH)…ah but she will NOT…will NOT dare to give any advice to that spiritual colossus and all round powerhouse that is…can only be…Hillary Clinton!
      Thank Allah for that-otherwise we`d have thought her a presumptuous, feather bedded , sanctimonious and PATRONISING old Auntie Tom and Plastic Paddie, would n`t we?
      Jacques in the morning…Mary in the evening…got it…if China don`t get you, the wimmins EU Club of unelected nobodies will.
      Here`s to you Mary Robinson…and Julia Gillard will be pleased…and those heels can be such a problem, can`t they love?


    • chrisH says:

      Niall Ferguson…do give us a few more!
      Beard, Jardine and all the others are all feather bedded liberals with a hotline to the BBC…as if the BBC don`t have these dull safe old worthies on speed dial!
      John Gray is a lefty maybe, but he`s got a brain and makes me think…most of the trusties you will name are tenured toadies who stopped thinking after 1973.


      • Redwhiteandblue says:

        …Harold Evans, Clive James. But just looked through the archive and the last year or two have been decidedly light on the Right.


        • Shirk says:

          “..the last year or two have been decidedly light on the Right.”

          They sure have…and it’s even worse than that.

          Clive James and Harold Evans haven’t been on A Point of View since 2009. The programme has been decidedly light on the Right for nearly three years now.

          Some might say that’s evidence of BBC bias.


  10. Shirk says:

    Would you care to name some of those conservative voices? Can’t remember any myself.


  11. Roxana says:

    Just another unhappy western lefty longing for absolute power and admiring a culture he thinks would give it to him. Democracy is so sloppy – and it gives those ignorant proles a say in their own lives and we can’t have that1