Seems the BBC are keen to keep Richard Black in the loop:


Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

@enviroblack Hi Richard – Jo-Anne from BBC newsdesk. can you DM me ? I have an intriguing invitation for you!




No danger of any green bias flowing from this intriguing invitation as Jo-Anne Pugh points out……

Home Desk Editor, BBC TV & Radio. I am paid to leave my opinions at home, obviously.


She does have an interesting home life….an 8 year old who listens to R4……a bit elitist for the egalitarian BBC….he should be listening to Radio 1 or the local underground pirate station  like the kids in the social housing ghetto… about advantaged and privileged!

Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

My 8 year old listening to R4 yesterday: “Mum, how rude is the P word?” Me: “What P word?” “Pleb”



Oh…it’s OK…his mum can teach him not to bother having heros or respecting anyone as the Left have done since the 60’s…and it’s all worked out so well that lack of respect for authority of any kind……


Jo-Anne Pugh@jbpugh

I don’t have heroes any more – they always have feet of clay. But I’m making an exception for J K Rowling

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9 Responses to BACK TO BLACK

  1. chrisH says:

    BBC recycling policy!
    Been regurgitating Rachel Carsons vomit now since 1962.
    Still-we can grow watermelons on every patch of land the BBC will be giving us as we recycle it to Rupert-a grandfather to the nation..and more of a danger to the Beeb than Andrew Sachs.
    God Bless ye sir!


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    I think this moron is the BBC’s expert in cow fart induced Climate Change. As an astronomer, I can confirm that the influence on changes in atmospheric opaqueness from cow farts is unmeasurably smaller than carbon dioxide. In Astronomy, changes in albedo and therefore temperatures are caused by clouds.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Richard, do you think the bbc retards have taken the trouble to google albedo to understand what it means?


      • Richard Pinder says:

        The politics is such that Mensa members have to do their own journalism. This is a report from the Space Special Interest group of Mensa on the cover-up of the fact that the key to Climate Change is Cosmoclimatology.

        The official CERN and therefore IPCC accepted position is that cosmic rays have had a one percent effect on cloud cover which has contributed a warming of 0.002 Kelvin in the last fifty years, this seems to be caused by a politically induced mental block that only allows these scientists to see the effects of low energy Cosmic Rays when the fact is that only the higher energy Cosmic Rays unaffected by the Earths magnetic field are relevant. CERN Director-General Rolf-Dieter Heuer told Kirkby not to interpret the cloud-chamber results, possibly to avoid it being included in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. The official position is that the aim was not to prove that clouds are sensitive to cosmic rays, but only to see whether or not they could be. But the CLOUD experiment only confirms that the explanation of how cosmic rays cause cloud formation has been complete and proven since Henrik Svensmarks cloud chamber results in 2006. Kirkby has said “I’m an experimental particle physicist, okay? That somehow nature may have decided to connect the high-energy physics of the cosmos with the earth’s atmosphere—that’s what nature may have done, not what I’ve done.


  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘I am paid to leave my opinions at home, obviously”
    The various weasels deployed on twitter are many and varied.
    Not sure it digs any of them out of the unprofessional, partial holes they keep digging.
    And what we are forced to pay them in return for what they leave behind, or choose only to bring in the office, can rather vex.


  4. Jim Dandy says:

    Back of the net.