1. Privatise the BBC says:

    Newsnight last night …..

    Interesting that they didn’t heve enough evidence to name the ‘guilty’ MP but managed to smear an entire party.
    The BBC does appear to behave like a wounded animal when it is under attack.


    • Span Ows says:

      No, on more than one occasion I have seen mother rats return (from having escaped) to try to entice catchers/killers from killing her young, sacrificing themselves: greater love hath no man (rat) than this…

      OTOH, the BBC are snide, conniving, greasy-pole climbing, bubble-living liberal twerps and shysters who haven’t the honour of a mother rat.


    • DJ says:

      How unfortunate that this all came out on the very day that McShame got busted too! What are the odds, huh?

      Meanwhile, space constraints clearly prevented Al-Beebia from pointing out that the ‘Bureau of Investigative Journalism’ is a beyond-Trotsky far left group and so not entirely a disinterested seeker of truth when it comes to the Tories.


  2. Phil Space says:

    In 2005 when James Naughtie said live on air ‘If we win the election’ – meaning the Labour party, at first it didn’t seem that serious. A slip of the tongue, an unguarded comment the type of which we have all made. But what it revealed was something much more disturbing. We had a very public declaration of what had long been privately suspected. As the name of a seaside town runs through a stick of rock, a pro Labour, left wing bias pervades the BBC. By 2005 the ‘massive left-wing bias’ that was admitted to by the previous Director General of the BBC had been in full swing for more than twenty years. In 2010 the very same James Naughtie referred to an elected Minister of State, Jeremy Hunt, with a four-lettered epithet, and we had come full circle. The evidence that the original comment wasn’t a slip of the tongue at all. Rather the product of a deep seated, visceral, anti Tory bias. Here on its flagship news programme was the voice of the BBC bias, the cheerleader in chief of the Tory hate fest that is the BBC. At that point you might have thought it had gone too far, and that the government might somehow step in. But wading through the ocean of politicians with a sense of moral public duty and capable of, or willing to stand up to this evident display of bias simply wouldn’t get your feet wet.

    The left wing bias at the BBC is now like a cancer that has moved far beyond the initial tumor. It infects every organ of the corporation. It is systemic. Yet strangely the patient refuses to yield. Why? It is on the life support system guaranteed by the license fee. Yet some of the most interesting observations on the dilemma of the BBC and how it can be reformed reveal the notion that it can only save itself. It has been suggested that unless the BBC realizes from within, the advancement of technology and the explosion in media availability across multiple platforms will render the organisation irrelevant. Coupled with an ever more left wing stance the argument goes that the BBC will increasingly lose share of audience until it simply implodes. Personally I’d prefer to see the government step in and speed up the process, but it nevertheless remains an interesting outside chance which could be worth a flutter; that the BBC may yet eradicate itself unless it reforms from within.


    • Span Ows says:

      institutional bias


    • The White Dragon says:

      The BBC is incapable of internal reform. It must be broken up. It is run by a self serving corrupt Elite. The BBC Trust should be dissolved and not replaced.
      New news organisations should be set up for each of the nations of Britain, these being by statute forced to be entirely seperately managed and financed with no connections with each other. All jobs to be newly created and open to anyone qualified, and I would, given the reasons for the break-up, disbar existing BBC staff if favour of new people and ideas. The entertainment to be sold in lots to whoever might want them.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The trouble is, who has the actual authority to instigate a truly independent review of the BBC?

      Presumably only Parliament or the BBC itself. If so, we’re stuffed.


  3. Bodo says:

    Yes, numerous mentions that the suspect was a Tory, And that it occurred in the dreaded “Thatcher era”.
    BBC strangely coy about which party Dennis McShane belongs to however, barely mention of labour in the BBC coverage.

    Also noted was yesterday’s coverage of the disease affecting ash trees. A spokesman for some tree growers trade body attacking “the government” for failing to prevent ash tree imports in 2009 when they were warned. No mention of which party was in power was deemed necessary– and if the public just assumes it was the Conservatives, well I’m sure the BBC won’t be too upset. .


    • Privatise the BBC says:

      Yes, a glancing mention that it was at the time of the previous administration but the Government party (Labour) was never named. The Tory MP tried to put it right but the conversation was moved briskly on.


      • capriole, peter says:

        I think Newsnight showed its clear political bias last night, and so soon after the Savile knockout. Clearly they are punch drunk and the editor? staggered into this ring of paedophilia and thought they would swing out at the Conservative party. In a way its typical of the BBC. Newsnight endulged in its own form of petty retaliation. I’m sure that when the inquiry gets underway this will be mentioned. Martsden on C4 news said that if the no name was named, he would sue the BBC. So what happened the BBC decided not to name. If he had been dead like Savile they would have gone to town. In my opinion Newsnight disgraced themselves last night.


        • chrisH says:

          And what about that Review Show that follows it on a Friday?
          As if Newsnight isn`t left wing and eco-fascist enough…they give themselves an extra hour to use the arts pedalo to chunder on in the same left wing eco nutter way.
          Witness the Obamalovathon last night…soft propaganda from beginning to end for BarakO.
          The BBC will hopefully get watermelon all over their face next week…


        • Teddy Bear says:

          There’s more to this that stinks!

          Peter Rippon, the ‘fall-guy’ so far, blamed for cancelling the Newsnight report on Savile, claims he was furious when his ‘reasons’ for doing so were leaked. He claimed he shelved it because there were no formal police charges against Savile, and that the BBC had spent a lot of money on tributes to Savile.

          In the first place, I’ve never known the amount of money spent, or wasted, to be a reason to stop or make the BBC be concerned about it.

          Another factor is that there isn’t a formal police charge either against this mystery Tory MP, yet it didn’t stop Newsnight running the story.

          Why I especially don’t buy it is that there is no mention of the embarrassment that would be have been caused to the BBC for having known of this abuse going on for years with Savile, while at best they ‘looked the other way’.

          I have a feeling that this Tory MP ‘revelation’ is the BBC’s way of applying pressure back on the government.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘BBC strangely coy about which party Dennis McShane belongs to’
      Those ‘space constraints’ can be awful(ly variable)
      Naga Munchetty ‏@BBCNaga
      Good morning! @BBCBreakfast NY Marathon cancelled – resources to focus on Hurricane #Sandy clean-up. Another MP quits over expenses claims.


  4. +james says:

    Hopefully more people will follow..

    Norfolk woman refuses to pay BBC licence fee in Jimmy Savile protest

    A Gorleston woman is refusing to pay her TV licence fee until all the facts around the Jimmy Savile scandal have come out, and she is urging others to join her.



  5. Guest Who says:

    Interesting if only for what mechanisms can be empolyed to have posts removed…



  6. chrisH says:

    An unexpected pleasure to hear the normally odious ” Any Questions”.
    For a bunch of nomarks and nonentities in Cardiff, Bruce Dickinson was a wonderful breath of fresh air…and the rest were shown up for the sad students that Bruce said that they were.
    Chris Bryants property questions floored him, and a rare outbreask of research from Dimbleby too!
    Worth a listen….Iron Maiden mean nothing to me, but Dickinson is a credit to them…self made man, as opposed to the cringing squits that surrounded him on the panel!


    • Reed says:

      Contrary to popular conceptions of ‘heavy metal’ people, Bruce always comes across as a thoughtful and decent sort of chap – ‘a regular guy’ if you will. A man with a mind of his own – definately not a sheep.

      Thanks for the tip – if might even give it a listen!
      I just hope he gave the whole “Bring Your Daughter…” thing a miss – he was at the BBC after all.


  7. Umbongo says:

    The media can generally cover themselves in respect of “public interest” disclosures and when naming names by having a sworn affidavit from whoever is alleging the facts in question. In this example where the BBC sources evidence for another bout of anti-Thatcherite bile we are not told – although I can guess – why names are not being named. My guess is that Steve Messham – described as the “abuse survivor” by the BBC – has not actually put pen to paper and sworn the necessary document.
    I don’t know whether or not Messham was abused: it seems more than probable that he was. However, who abused him is uncertain. Nevertheless, the BBC is willing to accept at face value Messham’s claims that “his abusers included a leading Tory politician of the Thatcher era”. Consequently the BBC is more than happy – ecstatic – to have an opportunity to smear the Conservative party and government of that era and pour a drive-by bucket of sh*t over the present administration.
    BTW I note that most of the heavy lifting on this story has been done by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Now, far be it from me to allege anything on the basis of something someone whispered in my ear but it seems to me that although, on the face of it, this outfit is “independent” and “impartial”, its investigations/analyses mostly appear to result in a “win” for the liberal-left agenda. For instance, in discussing Mitt’s and Barry’s “flip-flopping” on issues in the election, it’s Mitt that receives the wooden spoon. On the EU’s Financial Transactions Tax, the hit is not against the tax or the resultant cost to the City/UK, it “exposes” those here lobbying against the FTT . . and so on. What better way to establish a “win” for the liberal-left than to get the major (and hitherto) right-wing party of the UK on the hook of child abuse and, thereby, relieve the BBC of (some of) the opprobrium which attaches to it in respect of similar conduct.


    • Guest Who says:

      One looks forward to any ‘arguments’ in response from more defensive quarters, presuming the new silence being enjoyed is not more the result of another retreat to the bunker.


      • mat says:

        Narh they are here! they are just trolling the threads and one has even learnt a new word “libel” and is now running up and down the thread shouting it like a kid with a swear word .


    • Guest Who says:

      Also have to love this headline:
      Broadcaster backs BBC against Jimmy Savile ‘witch-hunt”
      Guessing ‘BBC employee thinks BBC gets it right again’ wasn’t deemed credible?
      And for good measure…
      ‘An independent review… Led by ex-Sky News boss Nick Pollard’
      The BBC – some of the news, some of the time, depending.
      I applaud the lady withholding her DD on ethical grounds, but really they should be hauled in front of the law simply on the basis of the Trade Descriptions Act.


  8. Bodo says:

    Another example of the BBC’s double standards:

    They have no problem reporting that the suspect of unproven allegations in the North Wales case is a member of the Tory party. Contrast with their reports of the story in today’s Sun. They mentioned Leonard Rossiter, but not that the incident involved a young actor who was sexuallyassualted by THREE staff.

    So it’s clearly okay to mention the Tory party if an abuser is a member, but if the abusers are members of the BBC then the organisation gets no mention whatsoever.

    Imagine the outcry from BBC if sexual abuse had been happening at conservative party HQ, by conservative party members. Wall-to-wall coverage. But if it takes place on BBC premises, by BBC staff, silence.


  9. Guest Who says:

    ‘if it takes place on BBC premises, by BBC staff, silence.’
    It used to be quaintly referred to as ‘watertight oversight’, but since being shown as more of a one-way valve, they simply stealth edit or censor than try and offer daft explanations.


    • deegee says:

      Does it still go on? When did it stop?


      • chrisH says:

        Do BBC journalists need CRB checks as they use school premises for their programmes, such as Any Questions.

        Are all those offering “School Report” prizes for schools, CRB checked?

        Are all cBBC types, as well as those doing news pieces about education and child abuse etc, CRB checked?

        How do we know?…given the nature of the BBC, it really should not be anything other than “healthy adults only”
        Personally I would add ” not convicted or cauctioned for use , supply or being caught in possession of any illegal drug”-cannabis and cocaine especially.

        If it saves just one child from being a peddling, cliched nonce or crim; then I make no apologies for suggesting this…best to be safe than sorry eh?


    • Chop says:

      Lets not forget the edits they manage to do WITHOUT altering the time stamp.


  10. deegee says:

    Palestinian leader Abbas affirms hope for state in pre-1967 lines
    The BBC somehow forgot to mention that Abbas is also the leader of Fatah whose constitution states under goals: Article (12) Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence. How does Abbas intend to square that circle?

    Kevin Conolly contributes a side bar.
    He somehow manages to ignore that the 1967 lands were not Palestinian but under Jordanian and Egyptian control and in Jordan’s case sovereignty. He also glosses over the refugee status of descendants of Palestinians who left in 1948. Very few of those living in refugee camps were born 63 years ago.

    A standard Palestinian tactic is to make moderate statements and then deny them virtually immediately under the assumption that allows them to appear as conciliatory and still be radical at the same time. PA: Abbas did not relinquish right of return The BBC might notice this but then again it might not. Skepticism over anything the Palestinians say is not in the BBC DNA.


  11. Richard Pinder says:

    The last episode of the news quiz today. So an opportunity to be more left-wing than usual, so much so that Jeremy Hardy was seated on the right side of Sandi Toksvig this time. As usual the first question started with the word “Jeremy”. Lost interest soon after Hardy made an attempt at making a racist joke by mocking the German accent, it got a laugh, so I think that must mean that the audience were more right-wing than usual.


    • chrisH says:

      Item 1. The Government split over European funding , and “rebellion” earlier in the week.
      This then had Hardy doing his repulsive German accent, and some lefty woman on the panel saying some pretty sick things about Merckel and her sexual proclivities.
      Oh the laughter!

      Item 2. Hurricane in the USA, and the greatness of Obama in his response.
      Both items involved slurs and sneers at Cameron and Osborne(of course!) as well as lame unfunny remarks at Mitt Romney(does the BBC do other?)
      I gave up after this, but know these lefty sneery scum are what BBC refers to as “comedy talent”.
      How much longer will they get away with this rubbing our faces in their faeces?
      No licence until Saviles wages are returned….and if the equivalent is 50 BBC staff who were culpable or negligent re Sir James, then let`s bulldoze their houses…or at least Bush House or wherever the groomers are now hiding!
      Nonce detector van anyone?….Lena Zaveroni poster on a Securicor van perhaps?


      • Reed says:

        “Nonce detector van” 🙂

        “We have the technology, we know where you live…”


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Rather than casting racialist aspersions at Romney crowds, the BBC should be reporting things like this:

    4 men arrested in Perrysburg for stealing Romney signs while driving sheet metal union truck

    Perrysburg police arrested four Toledo area men early Friday morning on charges of stealing Mitt Romney campaign signs in Wood and Lucas counties in Northwest Ohio.

    The signs were found in a pickup truck owned by Sheet Metal Workers International, Union Local 33 in Parma, according to the police report.

    This tells you more about who wants to vote for whom than any of Dymond’s or Mardell’s drivel.

    Seeing as how Newsnight and most Beeboids believe that the Republicans have already stolen a Presidential election, and the UN has been trying to weasel into places like Texas and Iowa to oversee us to make sure we have a free and fair election, one would think the BBC had even the tiniest bit of journalistic integrity to report things like this:

    Voting machines in Kansas, Ohio reportedly changing Romney votes to Obama

    It’s happened in North Carolina as well. If the BBC ever does report anything about electronic voting machines and fraud, it will be about the tangential connection of the Romney family to one of the companies that runs them. It’s in the HuffPo and WaPo as well, so the Beeboids know about it. They’re probably keeping their powder dry on this one until after the election.


    • Andy S. says:

      Interesting to note those electronic voting machines used in the ‘States are supplied by a company owned by Obama’s paymaster, George Soros. How come none of the machines are favouring Romney? It beggars belief that “system glitches” seem to be showing a bias solely in favour of Obama. And before any of our cherry pickers say there have been instances of the machines giving Romney the benefit, I’m sure the BBC, Mardell and Katty Kaye would have been screaming from the rooftops the accusations of Republican sharp practice.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Rather than casting racialist aspersions’
      Seems a media industry thing.
      Watching SKY I today learned that no black musicians get any opportunities and black actors are still struggling to get roles.
      Which I did not know.
      Anyway, back on the racially riven US elections that appear to be at risk of making the MSM explode with an excitement I cannot quite share, I was treated to Mr. Clinton’s latest oral masterpiece, talking about how Mr. Romney, unlike him, has left his hand in the cookie jar.
      I await any media not up the Democratic fundament so far they can almost see Mark Mardell and Katty Kay entwined, to wonder where his hands were elsewhere while in office, and what his initial response to that was.
      ‘Former President Bill Clinton was also suffering as he joined Mr Obama’
      The BBC… did not have… even passing relations… with the full facts.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        ” Bill Clinton”
        what was that quote again?
        “read my lips, I did not have sex with that woman, Monika…….etc”


      • Reed says:

        “…to wonder where his hands were elsewhere while in office, and what his initial response to that was.”

        …I think you misspelled orifice.


  13. deegee says:

    The BBC cuts and pastes itself to a conclusion with zero evidence.
    Abu Jihad killing: Israeli censor releases commando’s account From the moment I heard Abu Jihad had been assassinated but his wife and children spared I assumed the Israelis were responsible.

    It is the last three lines I object to.
    The manner of Yasser Arafat’s own death has been the subject of controversy. Yes. Some claim he died of aids.

    He died a military hospital in Paris in 2004 reportedly following a stroke resulting from a blood disorder. The Palestinian Authority and wife Suha objected to release of the post mortem.

    However, French prosecutors have launched a murder inquiry after his family claimed he was poisoned with polonium-210, a radioactive element. Arafat was so universally loved that no one else may have had a motive? There are many reasons to be highly suspicious of the Polonium claim.

    Arafat may have died from many causes but the assassination of one crook doesn’t prove the assassination of a second. Personally, I can’t see why the death of a 75 year old workaholic who never took holidays; had chronic health issues; poor diet and personal hygiene compounded by incompetent medical treatment should surprise anyone.

    The public is supposed to read that to mean that because Israel shot al-Wazir they must have poisoned Arafat. Why else was it included?


    • Pounce says:

      Just to throw a little more into Deegee’s argument.

      The pressure to exhume Arafat on allegations that he was surreptitiously murdered by the Jews only took root after Tunisia issued an Arrest warrant for Mrs Arrafat (Oct 11) on charges of corruption along with the former first lady. (this was after they stripped her of Tunisian citizenship in 2007)
      But hey not to worry that $12,000 a month pension she gets from the Palestinian Government must go a long way in which to help her sleep at night,
      Suha Arafat, in Malta with a US$12,000 monthly pension from PA

      This is on top of how the Pals are looking at curtailing her somewhat over the top pension.

      Maybe there’s a reason she wants to scream out they killed her husband,


  14. jonsuk says:

    Old Brucie made some disparaging comments about Tony Blair at the beginning of SCD tonight….expect an apology from the BBC soon


  15. Sinniberg says:

    Apologies if this isn’t in keeping with the discussion but man alive, I am sick to the back teeth with the BBC news website’s utter obsession with all things America.

    Every single flaming day there’s something about America on there and for months they’ve been waffling on about an election that nobody outside of the USA cares about.

    You’d think there was no world outside of America – but then in the BBC’s world maybe there isn’t……

    It honestly should be renamed America Today…….


  16. jonsuk says:

    if Romney wins on Tuesday, expect all BBC news staff to wear black


    • Jim Dandy says:

      You have a point. Lead item on the news today is about the uS election campaign. Can’t see why. And the bbc keep reporting the race is neck and neck whereas most polls show Obama leading by a short head. Overkill for sure. Most British people are only mildly interested.


      • Reed says:

        I think you’re right about the level of interest of the British public. I also think that the intense, almost obsessive interest from some sections of our broadcast media is a symptom of their considerable personal involvement in the outcome.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Jim, if you’re a media professional, you will probably be aware of just how many of your colleagues (at the BBC or not) have an awful lot of emotional investment in the President. Even if it doesn’t directly affect Britain, there’s a huge ideological prize at stake.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Remember when the Russian state broadcaster used to play sombre music all day when a president died? No chance of that on Radio 4, of course, it will be more of the ‘cos he’s black’ excuses they’ve been endlessly pushing.

      It would be interesting to see what difference it would make to the opinion polls if Obama stopped denying the white side of his heritage and presented himself as mixed race. Wouldn’t that be more unifying for the nation or am I missing something?


  17. tckev says:

    And on the BBC Weird Service there is a program called The Age We Made
    First broadcast: Monday 29 October 2012 and now being repeated again and again.
    “Humanity’s impact on the atmosphere with fossil fuel burning is so profound that we’re creating a new geological time period, say geologists. They’ve named it, the Anthropocene.”…etc,etc,…alarm, alarm, frighten, etc. NO COUNTER ARGUMENTS OFFERED.

    “In this part of her journey into the Anthropocene, Gaia Vince explores how fossil fuel burning will leave enduring marks in geological record forming on the Earth in current times.

    Climate change and ocean acidification are in the process of transforming the planet on such a scale that humanity has shifted Earth history into a new geological epoch. Millions of years from now, scientists will be able to read the rocks forming now and see that something profound and unprecedently rapid – from sea level rise to dissolving coral reefs.”


    • johnnythefish says:

      The BBC talks in its own language – I think it’s called Bollocks.


    • RHG says:

      The concept of the Anthropocene is not useful to geologists and is an expression of the narcissism of progressive environmemtalist thought.

      The definition of geological ages, epochs eras is clear. We are in the Holocene…the Holocene is from NOW backwards to the end of the last ice advance some 12,000 years ago. We are still in either an interstadial or interglacial…with every reason to believe that at some point in perhaps thousands to tens of thousands the ice advance pulse will reassert itself.

      There will be traces for some hypothetical future geologists to detect in the stratigraphic record, but it will by 300 million years be very difficult to establish the signal.

      Lets wait 10,000 years and see what happens…betting it will still be the Holocene as far as geologists are concerned.

      Anthropocence is environmentalist hype.


  18. Jeff Waters says:

    Barack Obama’s presidency: Why hope shrivelled – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20168393

    ‘This was a man once compared, only half jokingly, to a political messiah, a saviour, a faith healer – who could bring Americans together again and wash away the raw anger of the Bush years.

    Now he is within an inch of losing to Mitt Romney, a wealthy Republican Mormon who many of his own supporters recently despaired of.’

    No bias there…


    • Jim Dandy says:

      Anti Obama bias? ‘Why hope shrivelled ‘ hardly positive.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘hardly positive’
        @BBCMarkMardell via Twitter
        A smiling energised Obama roars out his passion like a preacher http://t.co/Aaiy3N4n

        For balance…. which I am sure is in the report too… or in that cupboard at the bottom of the stairs, with a sign saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.


  19. jarwill101 says:

    Interesting post (& comments) on the ‘sophisticated elite’ of the left: http://davidthompson.typepad.com/davidthompson/2012/10/superior-beings.html


  20. George R says:

    Oh dear, Beeboids won’t like this:

    “Tories to ‘slash UK’s £280m India aid by HALF’ amid claims the country is too rich to receive handouts.”




  21. ltwf1964 says:

    Sunday morning live and again pushing the homosexual agenda

    looking up and down for the muslim representative…….and for some reason there isn’t one!!!

    must be the only occasions that the muslim speed dial machine is faulty is when they are talking about homosexuals

    now why is that exactly?



  22. noggin says:

    i see that the most pressing issue for “brave” gay rights campaigners, is calling a catholic cardinal a “bigot” of the year? for mentioning “gay” marriage again?? …
    lots of time devoted this very subject on SML this morning …. (shakes head)
    goodness! … you would think that a growing ideology
    wanting to murder them, teaching impressionable children and its brainwashed masses its the right thing to do! … slightly more precient??? deserving of a mention????? … well wouldn t you?????
    the hard evidence all around them, ( just nip down to tower hamlets eh!) …


    • noggin says:

      ps …
      should all religions get equal status? 😀 ROFL …
      well not at the bbc obviously 😀 …
      last time a buddhist or a sikh, er a jian, or even a mormon maybe, got significant amounts of time,
      ido note however, a couple of the questions are getting a little erm “difficult” for the “unmentioned” 😀 ideology …
      yep! dear dear, she won t be on again 😀


  23. Fred Bloggs says:

    R5 News: Reports the dailymail story about tweets between Brookes and Cameron. Tries to stir the pot without stating that those tweets have been submitted to Leverson.


  24. Jim Dandy says:

    ‘Reports the dailymail story …..’

    So same motives as the Mail?


  25. Fred Bloggs says:

    Europe. My opinion is that there is nowhere near enough stories and discussions about the EU. So a slight thumbs up for R5 9.30am to have a discussion about in and out. However the makeup of the panel could have been much better.

    Ludford – Lib Dem MEP – rabid pro EU
    Will Straw IPPR – claims to be neutral, but funded by the EU
    Lawyer – Neutral, to give view of EU law.
    Stuart : Labour MP – Was pro EU, now on the turn
    Open Europe – wants reform of the EU, critic of the EU.

    Missing, say Bill Cash – rabid anti EU sentiments.

    All media stations including the bBC should put the light on the EU.


    • leha says:

      there is no need for a debate over an in/out question on europe, most people have seen enough in the last 30 years to have made their mind up already.


  26. As I See It says:

    I see the Muppets have come out in support of the Public Broadcasting Service.


    Muppets support Obama!

    1) What a gift for the payroll comedians and satirists at our PBS (BBC). They must be sharpening their jokes even now. [sarcasm]

    Meanwhile two of the BBC very own muppets –


    2) Anita Anand and Sam Walker on 5 Live ‘A second look at the big stories of the week’. Our bubbly news ladies have a chat about Twitter and how it can be unreliable. A couple of experts give their views and the piece goes on for some few minutes.

    All done without so much as a passing mention of this significant and highly relevant news story.


    “BBC staff are being given their own Twitter guide to stop making fools of themselves online.”

    Deliberate bias by ommission in both cases.


    ‘A sin of omission is failing to do something good when you know you should.’


    • Guest Who says:

      And the gift that keeps on giving…
      ‘The BBC has hired former Breakfast star Sue Llewellyn, now a consultant, ‘
      Of course she is… and they did. To teach morons how to not be moronic in 140 characters or less on our dime.
      Interesting tax arrangements too, no doubt?


    • Reed says:

      Chris Hamilton, social media editor at BBC News, said yesterday: “Twitter is an amazing resource for the BBC, but you have to remember that what you tweet personally connects you to the BBC whatever department you’re in.”

      So – how does that square with the standard twitter defense of ‘views are my own, not the BBC’s’ ?

      We can remind them of this quote next time one of their number reveals a bias on twitter, then.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘how does that square with the standard twitter defense of ‘views are my own, not the BBC’s’ ?
        A question for Hugs Boaden, but as she seems to be of the no accounting Patten of market rates, you may struggle to get an answer.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Awesome. This is welcome news indeed. It means they’re finally learning the lesson that their godawful, self-contradictory, blindly laissez-faire policies on staff using Twitter is a disaster. It’s unfair to the public as well as unfair to staff.

          If they really are waking up, I’d say this blog deserves some credit for that.


    • deegee says:

      PBS IS very similar to BBC – much the same biases against Israel, against capitalism, etc.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        On Friday evenings in many cities, PBS actually transforms into the BBC, and runs two or three hours of what we call Britcoms. (They’re all technically independent franchisees, and each decides on their own what they broadcast themselves, but there’s a group licensing deal for some, which is why it’s mostly the same shows all over.)


  27. George R says:


    INBBC still politically embedded with violent Sunni jihadists.


    “Syria opposition groups hold crucial Qatar meeting.”

    Of course, the Emirate of Qatar also supports such jihadists via its Islamic Al Jazeera TV; and INBBC has a close relationship with Al Jazeera (home of many ex-Beeboids).

    Omitted from INBBC report:

    “Violent Syria video footage: UN warns of possible rebel war crimes (GRAPHIC VIDEO)”



    • George R says:

      For INBBC:

      “Syria: Last Christian in Homs killed”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Uh, oh, the President is cutting ties with the rebels now. He was shocked, shocked to learn of their association with extremist groups and their human rights violations. Quite the conundrum for the BBC, then.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        ” Clinton had some of her strongest words to date about the risk that the uprising against Assad could be overtaken by militants who do not seek a democratic replacement.”
        It would be rather unnerving to think she only just woke up to that situation.
        How on earth did she think it was going to end up? or was it just wishful thinking?


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          No, just the usual Clintonian triangulation. Initially, supporting the rebels against Arab Dictator of the Month was the done thing. Especially after leading from behind in Libya, showing the President and the US strong in supporting rebels who only wanted freedom and human rights and equality for women. Now that it’s looking like yet another handover to Islamo-fascists, it’s not as popular, so Hillary triangulates back the other way.

          She neither knows what’s really going on, nor cares. She needs to remain as close to power as possible, and this is how she thinks she can do it for the time being.


  28. Reed says:

    Sir Patrick Moore in The Express…

    The BBC is also a subject that gets him animated: “It is very different from the BBC I joined,” he states adding that he watches tennis, cricket, the news and his favourite, Miss Marple. “It is changing all the time. It is change for change’s sake.

    “I met George Entwistle [BBC director general] and said to him: ‘The BBC is our fountain of information so make sure our information is correct’.

    “The BBC isn’t always correct. The news is sometimes very biased. It is left-wing. It annoys me but at the same time I am not sure it matters much, people make up their own minds.”



  29. Beeboidal says:

    The BBC and the ‘c’ word.

    A couple of weeks ago on 7 Day Sunday, Jenny Eclair made a reference to the ‘antique hunts march’.

    In the last episode of Russell Howard’s Good News, Howard made some joke about what the police officer called Andrew Mitchell MP – ‘ Charlie Uniform November Tango’. (Note: I’ve tried to check exactly what the joke was but it’s not on the iPlayer version – OK for broadcast on BBC3 but not OK for the iPlayer, apparently.)

    Then there’s Sandi Toksvig’s ‘the Tories put the ‘n’ into cuts’.and Naugthie’ s unfortunate ‘slip’ with Jeremy Hunt’s surname. And I seem to recall Jeremy Hardy saying ‘Tories are c**ts’, though that was on Twitter or something, not on air.

    All of which brings me to another invite to the DOTIs : can you show me where on the BBC a figure of the left has been referred to, however obliquely, as a c**t.

    (A note for anyone who might wish to complain: The BBC rejected a complaint about Toksvig’s quip. It’s all fine according to the BBC).


    • uncle bup says:

      can you show me where on the BBC a figure of the left has been referred to, however obliquely, as a c**t.

      I’m sure Dim Jandy will oblige – he’s popping up and down the thread (vainly) trying to pick cherries.


  30. Guest Who says:

    Man knows woman.
    They text each other.
    I can see why this has stopped the presses.
    I didn’t know such exchanges were preserved for such a period though.


    • Reed says:

      Quite. I really don’t know how this tittle-tattle furthers the investigation into phone-hacking and press abuses of privacy. Much of this interest in the relationships between the media and politicians seems to be increasingly frivolous. I can’t see what relevance the PM’s personal emails, or for that matter Mrs. Brown’s slumber party guest list, have to the original impetus for this inquiry – the hacking of mobile phones. Mr. Leveson’s evidence seems to be veering into the kind of unnecessary and prurient invasion of privacy that his inquiry was set up to investigate.

      …but the BBC will continue to bring us these ̶m̶u̶n̶d̶a̶n̶i̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ revelations with undimmed enthusiasm.

      “when there is no news, we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were”


  31. Jim Dandy says:

    Derek and Clive:

    “Load of c**ts the BBC”



    • Beeboidal says:

      Thanks for that, Jim. You seem to have had to reach back to 1978 for that. Anything more recent? I am not over familiar with the work of Cook and and Moore. Can you confirm that “Load of c**ts the BBC” was directed at leftists in the BBC or the BBC as a leftist organisation?.


      • Beeboidal says:

        Having had time to read that Cook and Moore skit, Jim, it’s clearly not what I’m looking for.

        Let me try you with something else. On the 1st of November, I listened to some, but by no means all, news bulletins on 5Live. I watched BBC 1’s 10 O’Clock News and the following London local news programme. On none of these did I hear a report of Boris Johnson’s “lefty tossers” remark. I have had a look at the BBC website and it doesn’t seem to be there either. I can’t rule out that it was reported at some time on some BBC outlet, but it does seem to have been censored to a large degree. So the question is, with the ‘c’ word fine in Beebworld, at least when directed against Tories, why so coy about “lefty tossers”?


        • Jim Dandy says:

          No indeed. Just thought it was rather gratuitously amusing.

          ‘Lefty tossers’ comment not news so why report it?


          • Beeboidal says:

            Does it not even warrant some chatter on 5Live? A little bit of amusement on the website? Nothing at all? I shall await it’s debut next week on HIGNIFY.


          • johnnythefish says:

            Oh, Jim, you’re so cute. Wonder how many times posting on here you reward yourself with a little knowing smile, basking in the warm glow of your own brilliance.

            So it’s not Jim Dandy to the rescue, as they say (can this really be you?):


    • Jed says:

      Who are you calling a f******g c**t ? You c**t.


  32. Derek Buxton says:

    This is the same BBC that is heavily involved, judging by the advertising, in something called “free thinking”, two words I would never associate with the BBC. Only their agenda matters to the BBC and it does not include thinking of any sort.


  33. TomR says:

    “Is China a more legitimate government than the US?”

    I just don’t have any words.


  34. Reed says:

    Hell hath no fury like a fellow leftist scorned…

    For a panel debating tax issues, economist Richard Murphy ought to be the perfect candidate.

    Not at the BBC. Instead, Newsnight bosses chose fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey, 25, and Mr Murphy’s junior female colleague, Ellie Mae O’Hagan – all in the name of gender equality.

    Yesterday Mr Murphy, 54, a chartered accountant and the head researcher at the Tax Justice Network, branded the decision to leave him off the programme as ‘straightforward discrimination’.


    The progressive stack crumbles under it’s own weight of conflicted self-interest and infighting. That’s entertainment, la, la ,la.


    • Reed says:

      …but he does have a very valid point…

      But when he offered to appear on the panel he was told it would not be possible because it would ‘upset the gender balance’.

      Instead, he had to sit at home and watch Miss O’Hagan talk about his own research.

      To make matters worse, alongside her was Miss Dinsey, an economics graduate and founder of the ‘What I Wore Today’ website.

      Celebrate that mediocrity, folks. Diversity quotas, so-called positive discrimination, prizes for all – the tenets of the modern left’s race to the bottom. Ain’t equality grand, though.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Educate, inform, entertain. Perhaps they think Newsnight needs to be a bit more, erm, accessible.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      A BBC spokesman said: ‘Newsnight aims to have a varying range of voices. We contacted Mr Murphy to see if he could recommend other experts in this field to broaden the discussion.

      Translation: Mr. Murphy, can you check your binders of women for us to see if there are any suitable for the task?

      And people wonder why the staff behind the scenes at Newsnight couldn’t wait to start stabbing each other in the back.


  35. Jim Dandy says:

    Mr Murphy sounds like a bit of a dick frankly, with an axe to grind. Nothing wrong with involving an under strapper to ensure a few more ( perfectly well qualified) women get on Newsnight.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      But she wasn’t…..

      On a purely practical level, why not have the man himself explain his work, rather than have somebody else there to provide less information and less qualified representation? Why is it even an option?


  36. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The racists have had the usual bBBC fawning over their ‘music’. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20194811


    • Dave666 says:

      Compare that with the reports pathetic attempt to take the piss at the prog rock awards.


  37. Reed says:

    Favourite new BBC leftie joins forces with other anti-cuts artsy-fartsy leftie to stop statue by well known leftie sculptor being put up for ‘possible but reluctant’ sale by leftie council (phew)…all because of…yep…”unprecedented” budget cuts! Oh No! Torycutz again!


    I bet they don’t even really intend to sell the thing – just making trouble for the nasty Toriez for being forced into some fiscal responsibility for once.


  38. jonsuk says:

    if they get £20 million for that piece of tat, then sell it i say


  39. Pounce says:

    The bBC is so quick to report when British soldiers may be behind the murder of anybody else. Be it hundreds of years ago or today in Afghanistan the bBC will let you know just how evil British soldiers are.

    Today a young British soldier was stabbed to death in Cyprus. What the bBC doesn’t tell you is just who the 3 men who murdered him are. Oh they say British tourists, but it has come out in the wash that 2 are Pakistani Muslims from the Uk with a third being a Somali Muslims

    Lets see, Cyprus in November,Muslims in Aya Napa and carrying knives. If I didn’t know better I’d say these Paki cunts went on purpose to kill a British squaddie.

    But to reading the bBC article British soldiers are to blame for everything in Cyprus.,

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      The soldier must have been asking for trouble, going to a club called Black and White.


    • Stewart S says:

      Can you supply a link or reference to those facts as the identity of killers has been a contentious issue on another site I visit


  40. jonsuk says:

    if Obama wins, homosexuals and the BBC will rejoice. If Romney wins, homosexuals and the the BBC will drown their sorrows cheap champagne from Waitrose


    • Earls court says:

      I hope Romney wins. The BBC has so much emotion invested in Obama it will be fun to see them lose for once.


  41. Dave666 says:

    Another excuse for the BBc to give free advertising to a mickey Mouse “charity”.
    “Most” of them are here legally..yea I believe.


  42. Dave666 says:

    Rachel Reeves shadow secreatry talking bollocks on aliving wage” even beeboid presenter butts in to accuse her of talking rubbish.
    Reeves assumes everyone on low income gets “tax credits” wrong. Where Liebour that worried about living wage when they were in power? In the civil service when minimum wage came in the wages of the filing clerks had to be increased to avoid breaking the new law.


  43. Dave666 says:

    Jeez Breakfast are on a roll today. Caping benefit for familys with more than 2 children. Beeboids get in a tizz guest with 12 kids says we will breed ourselves out of existence, then says people don’t have kids to get benefit. Err yea they do I’ve seen it happen. If you don’t know I spent two decades working at DHSS paying out benefit.


  44. Fred Bloggs says:

    What’s Labour’s latest campaign – ‘A living wage’. What is bBC 24h news main and first news item, no guesses allowed: ‘The living wage campaign’.

    This is just like that film where the news presenter just relayed what the controller said. bBC news = Labour PR.