A special BBC investigation by the Panodrama team have uncovered an incredible relationship between Mrs Thatcher and the Nazi Holocaust….if you take the names of Nazi  concentration death camps and look at them closely you can find within them the very same letters that make up ‘Mrs Thatcher’…..and ‘Nazi’.

Labour’s Tom Watson states that he has no evidence what so ever confirming that link but he would like to think it was true…and has handed the file of evidence over to police and told every newspaper about the ‘breaking scandal’….his book will be out soon!



The definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

The BBC must by definition be insane.

This is an organisation that has been caught out neglecting its role to protect children and young people in its care and then going on to attempt to cover that up….and despite being caught covering up it continues remorselessly down that road.

Today we have several new developments, one of which epitomises that very attitude of closing ranks, hiding the dirty secrets and carrying on as if nothing has happened…in fact the BBC is acting much like the murderer who volunteers to help in the search for his very own victim and claims credit for doing so and appears on the local news saying how terrible it all  is.
Jonathan Dimbleby made an ill-judged intervention to defend the BBC…and the BBC slapped it on the front page…. Interesting use of ‘Broadcaster’…as if not actually anything to do with the BBC…depsite being its almost regal ‘senior statesman’…..

Broadcaster backs BBC against Jimmy Savile ‘witch-hunt’
There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Jonathan Dimbleby has said.
The broadcaster told the Times newspaper there has been a “witch-hunt” against the corporation, which had become “horribly out of proportion”.
“The real focus should be on what Savile did wrong,” Mr Dimbleby said.
It was “very distressing” that people at the BBC were being “hounded” in a way that was “unwarranted”, he added.

Dimbleby has done us a favour really….his remarks perfectly illustrate the arrogance, the patrician attitude and the closing of ranks that exist in the BBC.
His plea to ‘think of the victims’ is a bit of self-serving pious misdirection….attempting to make the critics of the BBC look bad for ‘ignoring the victims’ whilst it is only the BBC that really cares.

Unfortunately they didn’t seem to care about the victims when they were actually being abused…only now that fingers are being pointed and reputations teeter are they suddenly ‘thinking of the victims’….and remember this is the same news organisation that colluded for years in the cover up of abuse of white girls by Muslim men…..the BBC has ‘form’.


Dimbleby should perhaps remember this also from ‘Operation Ore’ in 2003:

The Director General of the National Crime Squad realises that people might think there is a witchhunt against paedophiles at the moment. “I know people are comparing us to McCarthyism. They think we’re thugs in blue uniforms, out to get thousands of men. That we’re hounding people who just flick through a few soft-focus images of scantily clad children, and that we’re spending crucial police time chasing ‘kiddy porn’ when we should be out getting burglars.

“But it’s just not true. For a start, we’re carrying out the law. And once you get involved in this area, some of the stuff you see is so disgusting that you do become passionate about it.”

Whilst Dimbleby has been wheeled on to provide the BBC with some ‘elder statesman’ credibility and reflected moral rectitude it has been engaged in a dirty, no punches pulled dog fight to try and drag the Tories, and especially Thatcher, into the same mire they are in.

This latest narrative of a ‘Thatcher era senior Conservative politician’ involved in child abuse began with Labour’s Tom Watson making some allegations, without any proof it might be added, about a politician who may or may not have had links to a convicted paedophile, Peter Righton….the Mirror’s headline next day was along the lines of ‘Paedophile ring in No10’.…no sense given that this was an historical accusation.   I mention the Mirror’s headline because it shows that there is a political agenda to this attack and solely aimed at the Tories.…and certainly nothing to do with ‘thinking of the victims’.

I can’t help thinking that perhaps the BBC may also be colluding with Watson and ‘swapping notes’.
After all how many times can you repeat ‘Thatcher era Conservative politician’ in relation to child abuse….quite a few it seems if you are the BBC…It even makes it onto the front page…..sexual abuse at the BBC was known about and ignored and went on on the BBC premises……a man working at No 10 who happens to be a paedophile hardly (so far) implicates the then government and certainly not Thatcher herself….but that is the link the BBC are trying to make.

Strangely what doesn’t make it anywhere onto the BBC news site is the serious allegations made in relation to Leonard Rossiter and BBC staff….those allegations being THREE BBC staff tried to rape a TV extra as screen legend Leonard Rossiter performed a sex act, it was claimed last night.

Oh hold on the BBC does mention this.…in its review of the newspapers:

A new name has been added to the list of former TV personalities accused of sexual offences against young people.
The Sun claims the actor Leonard Rossiter, who died in 1984, watched an 18-year-old extra in a BBC play being sexually assaulted in a rehearsal room.
Newspaper review: Allegations focus on Leonard Rossiter.



All day we have been treated to allegations against a ‘Leading Thatcher era Conservative politician’ and hardly a peep about someone having three BBC staff members attempt to rape him whilst Leonard Rossiter looks on.

Whether the allegations turn out to be true or not this is a highly politicised attack by the BBC on the Tories which rather pulls the rug from under the bumptious Dimbleby and his self righteous mutterings about The Victims..

The BBC’s cover up continues and it includes flinging copious amounts of mud at its favoured bête noires aiming to smear them with as much muck as possible in order to try and deflect attention and censure being heaped upon themselves and the sordid events that went on literally under their noses.

It is an organisation that has entirely failed to live up to its aspirations and stated ideals.  It  has failed utterly to admit fault and accept responsibility and is engaged in the mother of all denials…a starker contrast between the supposed image of the BBC as the ‘Auntie’ who selflessly guides us and protects us, defending the values we cherish and the insincere and corrupt organisation which it actually is would be hard to find.

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  1. Frank Words says:

    Perhaps they did not know (or remember) that Leonard Rossiter was a Conservative or else they would pump that up the running order.


  2. Billy Bowden (@Ontablets) says:

    Wrong Dimleby

    “David Dimbleby made an ill-judged intervention to defend the BBC…and the BBC slapped it on the front page…. Interesting use of ‘Broadcaster’…as if not actually anythin to do with the BBC…depsite being its almost regal ‘senior statesman’…”


  3. Popeye says:

    There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Jonathan Dimbleby has said.

    How a BBC presenter can have the hypocracy to utter these words is beyond me! They do not like being treated the way they treat others, Murdock being just a current high profile example.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      “The real focus should be on what Savile did wrong,” Mr Dimbleby said. It was “very distressing” that people at the BBC were being “hounded” in a way that was “unwarranted”, he added.

      I can’t be the only one wondering if Mr Dimbleby had considered swapping “journalists” and “News International” for “Savile” and “BBC”, can I?


      • Doublethinker says:

        Well you certainly can do that, but of course we all should remember that News International was guilty of just a bit of phone hacking of people in the public eye. This bears no comparison with the awful crimes that Savilegate is about.
        Also in terms of public interest just about everyone but the BBC and Guardian axis was bored to tears of Leveson but there is great public interest in Savilegate . Of course the reason why the BBC kept the Leveson story at the top of the news for weeks on end was that they hoped to deal a mortal blow to their rival broadcaster News International.
        Dimbleby is completely out of line with the public on this. But perhaps he just demonstrates what the world looks like from inside the BBC these days.
        The BBC needs to wake up to the fact that what they see as a witch-hunt is much more legitimate than their hounding of News International ever was and carries great public support.


    • wallygreeninker says:

      In Today’s newspaper review, linked above, as soon as a the Savile / Rossiter stories are dealt with we are treated to:

      “The Independent says a report on the conduct of a senior police officer during the “phone-hacking scandal will not be made public until 2014”.

      The Deputy Chief Constable of Surrey is being investigated by the IPCC.

      Craig Denholm, who led the search for Millie Dowler, is being investigated by the IPCC about claims he knew her voicemail had been hacked, but failed to take any action.

      The Independent says the report may not be published before 2014 “to avoid prejudicing criminal trials”.

      The paper says Mr Denholm may retire before the findings are published.”

      They were no doubt overjoyed at this story coming up and grateful to the Indie for giving it prominence.They didn’t get in a mention of Murdoch but use of the incantatory name ‘Milly Dowler’ would probably do the trick. In the middle of all this Savile scandal stuff, don’t let’s forget important things, like phone hacking.


  4. Andy S. says:

    Don’t expect the BBC to report on the numerous cover-ups in Scotland regarding paedophile activities involving high ranking Labour politicians – some of them VERY well known in Westminster. The links between Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton and Scottish Labour politicians , including an ex-defence minister, the political chicanery in trying to keep the lid on the Holly Greig case, etc.

    The odious Tom Watson could be inadvertently opening a can of worms that could come back and bite him and his party on their respective arses.


    • Alan says:

      Yes, had a look at allegations….but can’t find anything other than internet blogs.

      ….all about Operation Ore ( and Labour slapping a D notice on Press……

      But no MSM links at all to the allegations…either a very successful D notice or there’s nothing there….apart from this denial from senior policeman:

      ‘Until these suspected paedophiles are proved guilty, do we need to know that they include two hospital consultants, a classics master, a former deputy headmaster, a director of a big construction site and a famous newspaper columnist? Did someone really need to speculate that there were senior judges, two Labour MPs and more celebrities involved?

      “Whoever has been leaking is hugely irresponsible,” Hughes says. “It undermines us all if people think we’re celebrity-bashing. I haven’t seen any MPs on the list. Some of it is spiteful. People ring us up to say they know that Cabinet ministers are involved. It’s untrue. But the crime is committed across a huge spectrum.” ‘


    • It's all too much says:

      These allegations were pretty much public knowledge in the 80’s. Not a hint of BBC interest then or now. Will never see the light of day, no one will investigate.


    • PhilO'TheWisp says:

      Give me a G! Give me a B! What do you get? A D notice.


      • Nicked emus says:

        Do you know what a D notice is? Ever seen one?


        • pah says:

          I almost saw one once, just out of the corner of my eye but then a D-Notice was slapped on it so I couldn’t see it anymore.

          Pity, it was quite a nice colour, sort of cerise with gold highlights.


        • Guest Who says:

          Do you know what a D notice is? Ever seen one?
          In the spirit of information and education, and illumination over whatever point you are trying to make, here’s one explanation:

          Seems it is now a DA-notice, which many of us probably did not know.
          As to seeing one, while that may be enough to be spared buying rounds in the foreign correspondents’ nook in the East Cheam Harvester, as Pah ably suggests… so what?


          • PhilO'TheWisp says:

            Yep, that is exactly what I thought it meant.


          • johnnythefish says:

            I always thought DA was a hairstyle – duck’s arse ‘ so named because the side brushing, combined with generous dollops of Brylcreem, came together at the back of the head creating a shape not unlike the aforementioned avian rear end.


  5. Ian Hills says:

    At least the corporation’s cranks, both male and female, are getting some fun out of the recent allegations, whether rumoured or factual. They now have another excuse to portray men as wicked.

    The recent murder of a child was effectively blamed on a man, too (this came up on Biased BBC recently) –

    (The religious aspect – that he was killed for not learning the koran fast enough – was ignored, of course)


  6. David Brims says:

    Newsnight have blown it again, they said they were going to tell us about a high up conservative child molester. but didn’t it.

    Maybe the BBC were going to do a Christmas tribute to Ken Clarke, Lord McAlpine and Derek Laud, just like they did with Jimmy Saville.


  7. michael holloway says:

    Is Mr Watson clear on Parliamentary expenses?


  8. It's all too much says:

    Here’s a little light relief.

    As If!

    There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the NEWS INTERNATIONAL over the THE PHONE HACKING SCANDAL, XXX has said.
    The broadcaster told the Times newspaper there has been a “witch-hunt” against the corporation, which had become “horribly out of proportion”.
    “The real focus should be on what THE NEWS OF THE WORLFD did wrong,” XXX said.
    It was “very distressing” that people at NEWS INTERNATIONAL were being “hounded” in a way that was “unwarranted”, he added.


  9. David Brims says:

    The newspapers are all over this Saville story, yet at the BBC not a cheep on the subject.

    It was a different story when the BBC came to reporting Rupert Murdoch hacking of phones. The BBC went into overdrive.


  10. David Brims says:

    It was finally reported in the newspapers that BBC childrens presenter ” Uncle Mac ” Derek McCulloch was a child molester.

    The parallels with Saville are striking, again the BBC covered it up.


  11. jarwill101 says:

    ‘Witch-hunt’, indeed: some witch. Equating the powerful, well-protected, wealthy (for now) BBC, to a terrified, lonely, persecuted woman trapped in the 17th century is the type of pitiful squealing you hear from bullies when the tables are turned. They can dish it out, but…
    The upper echelons of the BBC just don’t get it. They’ve been breathing the rarified air of moral superiority & unaccountability for far too long, bloated on our money, hypnotised by their own publicity, & down like a ton of bricks on any opinion that challenges their hegemony. And they now appear shocked, hurt, that when a bloody great paedo harbour is found within their borders, everyday people, not just rival media, are disgusted & want the truth. Why shouldn’t the ‘Voice of the Nation’ meet the same standards as the society it purports to serve? A scandal such as this would have severely damaged a private sector media operator: advertisers would have been off quicker than a robber’s dog. But sanctions like this don’t apply to the prodigal, above reproach, Auntie – she’s above all that, which is why she’s turned into a rather sordid, parasitic, arrogant old nihilist, who, for all her ‘nuanced’ opinions, believes in little but her own survival.
    My suspicion is that the beeboid elite couldn’t give a damn about the victims: merely irrelevant, but irritating chaff, obscuring their real priorities: the wonder of Barack Obama, the beauty of ‘moderate’ Islam, & the re-election of New Labour. Tragically, all too often, witch-hunts used to end with a drowning. But there’s one dependent old lady who deserves to stay down.


  12. David Brims says:

    David Dumbledy has screamed ” there is a witch hunt against the BBC !! ”

    Really ? the poor dears, as Corporal Jones said in Dad’s Army ” They don’t like it up ’em.”


  13. London Calling says:

    This morning’s bBC front page
    Headline “Thatcher-era Conservative paedo” blah blah blah
    Down the page: “Dennis McShane, MP” blah blah blah. No party attribution, funny that. Maybe just hoping you would assume “Conservative”
    They cant help themselves They are rotten through and through, they think they are normal.
    Like on the lunchtime comedy half hour ,Toksvig and SWP droid Jeremy Hardy, I counted seven smears against Romney, no jokes about Obama, except praise how he is “cool” and “trustworthy. Comedy? White House propaganda and they cant even see it.

    We must destroy the BBC, it is beyond redemption. It has to go. WAKE UP Cameron you dopey useless toff. Lots of jokes on the bBC about Etonian Toffs, none about Labour’s golden Fabian circle. It must be those genes again.


  14. Jim Dandy says:

    In the face of very tough competition indeed, this is quite the most bizarre Alan post yet.

    Can anyone explain the holocaust link. Or is the god particle of Godwin’s?



    • Nicked emus says:

      This entire site works according to its own logic. My fave was the post that claimed that by not covering a Labour Party announcement this was evidence of bias towards Labour. Work that out.

      The fact is this site is populated by some very angry, far-right, old men who think that just because the rest of the world does not agree with their extreme views that is evidence of bias.

      My fave are the ones where they get splenetic about how everyone else in the media is also wrong (little does it occur to them that just perhaps they might be the ones who are wrong).

      But I love this site. It is like reading Liz Jones, you know you shouldn’t encourage them but you can’t help it. It is rather tragic that people have spent a decade on this project and all they have achieved is to line David Vance’s pocket. I am sure he is very grateful for their contribution to his holiday fund.

      I have to say that the bonkers quotient went off the scale when Alan was given posting rights, and as a result the site went up hugely in my estimation. I would give Earls Court admin rights too — he is one of my faves, but Guest Who is fast catching up.

      So keep up the good work people. This site never ever fails to amuse.


      • Guest Who says:

        Oo, a tag team.
        It’s like they dug up Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus in homage to the Savile era.
        ‘This site never ever fails to amuse. ‘
        Must explain that 12.5M counter, gleaned by all those who keep coming here to ignore it and brag how everyone they talk to at the BBC always tell them how it never makes any difference to their belief in how they get things about right.
        No small achievement indeed.
        I notice you seldom address my points, preferring allusion and association. And an odd obsession with site owners’ extra-curricular funding that appears much less ‘unique’ or extensive than those you feel compelled to defend.
        To those interested in the power of argument I am unsure if that serves whatever you keep coming here to do at all well.
        So, keep up the… ‘work’.


        • Nicked emus says:

          Do let me know when you make a point; I’ll be sure to look out for it. If it can have a passing reference to reality that would be an unexpected bonus. Points will be deducted for using terms like “all lefties”, “the BBC believes” and it will be completely disregarded if you have a bold sign off mentioning traitors.

          As for David Vance’s nice little earner, you don’t think his integrity is completely compromised? That of course presupposes he had any in the first place.

          But keep up the good work. I have managed to recruit some extra readers for you so your fame is spreading. In another decade or two you might achieve something. Of course most of you lot will have died off by then, but perhaps the next generation of far-right, impotent, angry old men will take up your cudgels.


          • Earls court says:

            Have you ever done any Common purpose courses?
            P.S I’m not an old man or a far-right nutter.
            I’m just someone sick with all politicians especially so-called left-wing ones.
            The only government that will work for humans is gods kingdom.


            • Nicked emus says:

              > Have you ever done any Common purpose courses?
              > P.S I’m not an old man or a far-right nutter.
              I wouldn’t be quite so sure.

              You do have a nasty habit of passing yourself off as other people as well.

              > The only government that will work for humans is gods kingdom.
              Do we get to vote in that one? If not then I am not very interested in a autocracy run by this “god” with his very serious personality disorder.


      • PhilO'TheWisp says:

        Nicked Emus, Methinks you are the one with the anger.


      • ltwf1964 says:

        “very angry, far-right, old men ”

        eff off…..less of the “old”

        apart from that thanks for the compliment!! 🙂


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Is that really you, this time?


      • chrisH says:

        Which is more that your pals like Brigstocke, Brand, Hardy, Henry,Brand, Toksvig, Steel, Thomas etc, etc ever manage to do.
        Yet this site doesn`t cost you £145.50 a year does it, or send a pastel type Gestapo round in a superannuated ice-cream van to force you to pay for the likes of Brand, Steel etc etc…
        Any chance of you making a contribution to Mr Vance for being rather perversely interested in what we think…it does take time and effort to skip the ball bearings you continually shoot from a BBC spud gun or what have you?
        Get your amusement from the News Quiz, HIGNFY or the Now Show please…after all, THEY are well paid to make you laugh.
        I pay for them to be insulted and angered-but I`m here for the long haul, so keep your lazy stereotyped cliches and cartoon images of “contributors” to yourself…you`re a drain and not a radiator to quote Anna Ford-who knew plenty Beeb cringers like yourself!
        Oh look-Paul Merton on Just a Minute?…off you trot Jim, and do close the door behind you!


      • Reed says:

        “This site never ever fails to amuse”.

        Much better value than BBC comedy types, then.


      • Demon says:

        “My fave are the ones where they get splenetic about how everyone else in the media is also wrong (little does it occur to them that just perhaps they might be the ones who are wrong).”

        In Germany in the 1930s the media was all anti-semitic. So you think they were right in encouraging the holocaust then?

        You’ve tried that stupidly useless line before. Consider the above question, and if you use that line again it would imply that you agree with the Nazis’ views of the holocaust.


    • Span Ows says:

      “Can anyone explain the holocaust link?”

      No, THAT’S THE POINT! There is NO link but a concocted ridiculous not even slightly credible link. I know you and Nick aren’t idiots so I know you have probably managed to get to the 2nd paragraph when all is revealed: “Labour’s Tom Watson states that he has no evidence what so ever confirming that link…”

      Have you stopped beating your wife?


  15. Louis Robinson says:

    Remember the thugs in the school playground? One hits the other. The teacher intervenes. The victim points and says, “but he did it first – last week.”

    Moral: two wrongs don’t make it OK. They are both wrong. Repeat: both are wrong!

    I suspect the “Thatcher era Conservative politician” cited by Newsnight is the same person who was named in the old Channel 4 comedy show “Who Dares Wins”.
    That allegation (written on a wall behind a comedy sketch bearing no relation to the accusation) resulted in the threat of a law suit against the producers. Nothing was proved. Heads rolled.

    It seems the BBC may be rehashing an old story to distract from the Savile affair.


  16. Doubting Rich says:

    Don’t quote Operation Ore. That really is a bad example, of police getting it completely wrong by failing to understand the technology.

    It seems that the police went after those with credit cards in the database on no further evidence. They went after them like a bull in a china shop, and destroyed their lives looking for that evidence. Their families, friends and colleagues knew why they were investigated. They lost their jobs, their families and their friends.

    There were several suicides of course.

    Then someone pointed out that many of the credit card details were used fraudulently to access the illegal sites. The owners of the cards, who had been so harshly examined, were actually crime victims.

    Not sure the police ever admitted this.


    • 1327 says:

      Indeed Ore was a disaster. In short Plod found themselves with a database of credit cards that had supposedly been used to access a kiddy porn site. They then jumped in with their size 12 feet arresting the credit card owners (white middle aged men so no one was going to complain) and calling them paedophiles even before a trial. Which as Doubting Rich points out led to several suicides,

      Only later after some in depth reporting from “the Register” IT website and perhaps the Independent. was it found that many of the credit cards on that list had actually been used to access a legal porn site. But even worse most of the credit cards were on various lists on dark parts of the internet having been hacked from various e-commerce sites. So the owners of the cards probably weren’t the persons using them to pay for porn.

      At which point Plod quietly dropped Ore and thanks to the victims just wanting the whole thing to go away there was never a proper enquiry.


    • Ken Hall says:

      Also the payment gateway that was used to access the kiddie porn sites, also was the payment gateway for lots of legitimate, legal, normal porn sites too. But those customers who had used their credit cards to become members of the normal sites, were investigated too.


  17. Amounderness Lad says:

    The BBCs whole attitude from the start of the Savile disgrace has been to try and avoid scrutiny by uttering platitudes, pleading innicence and trying to deflect attention elsewhere. It is like claiming that sex-slave traffickers and Brothel Keepers are being unfairly picked on, attention should be focused on prosecuting the girls for being here illegally and for engaging in prostitution. The witch-hunt against the Traffickers and the Brothel Owners is a disgrace when we shouold be concentration on the disgraceful immorality carried out by the girls,

    Every organisation occasionally suffers from the odd employee with wandering hands, that will always happen and, provided it is always dealt with immediately and appropriately by the organisation, is forgivable. I have, however, apart from the BBC, never heard of a legitimate organisation, with one or two other notable exceptions about who the BBC have feigned complete moral outrage , which knowingly, and ever facilitated, continuous paedophilia for over forty decades.


    • Jim Dandy says:

      ‘The BBCs whole attitude from the start of the Savile disgrace has been to try and avoid scrutiny by uttering platitudes, pleading innicence and trying to deflect attention elsewhere’

      Including by making a Panorama programme about Savile and covering it endlessly on all their news programmes?


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘trying to deflect attention elsewhere’
        This Panorama programme; at what point was it aired?
        And this endless coverage; full or run through the BBC filter, with more than a fair amount of ‘broadcasters’ given a pulpit that is basically BBC royalty quoted as ‘BBC employee says it’s beastly BBC being held to account for employing, sheltering and covering up the activities of an alleged nonce when really it’s everyone else’s fault, especially the slappers, because it was a different time, and a right wing plot, and..’


      • johnnythefish says:

        Blimey, Jim, your defence of the BBC is surreal.


  18. deegee says:

    Saville, McCulloch and Rossiter are dead. They can neither be prosecuted nor speak in their own defence nor sue for libel. How convenient!


    • Span Ows says:

      …and are scapegoats (guilty but being used to cover the tracks of the current batch)


    • Plonk says:

      Yes, all dead . Convenient maybe but probably more to do with the fact that the alleged offences took place decades ago and people tend to get old and die.What we need to know is why did their employer keep their activities hidden from the Public and Police thus preventing these individuals from facing justice when alive.


  19. Grandad says:

    So are we expected to trust the BBC to be prosecutor, judge and jury upon itself? Then if it finds itself guilty it will pass sentence upon itself. Now that would make a very funny and twisted fairy story if it wasn’t so horribly true. But it is true and a bit like the King’s New Clothes the people cannot see the truth.

    Or, perhaps the BBC will sentence itself to oblivion like Murdoch did to the News of the World? After all child molestation, in the normal world, is far, far worse than checking out a few celebrities voice mail messages for a bit of tittle tattle.

    But then this is the beloved BBC, who never gets anything wrong, and according to their apologists anyone who dares to criticise it are; ”very angry, far-right, old men who think that just because the rest of the world does not agree with their extreme views that is evidence of bias”. As an older person I would not want to be receiving ‘care in the community’ from those type of people thank you very much. The ‘Pathway to Death’ may offer hope after all.

    Anyway, it’s a shame that the BRITSH BROADCASTING SERVICE that I knew and trusted for so many years has turned out to be not only full of nasty perverts but even worse that it now uses spiteful little people to defend it.


  20. capriole, peter says:

    Re Dimbleby and his plea to ‘think of the victims’ .

    I’m having difficulty getting my head around the fact that one of the victims, namely, Claire McAlpine,
    the BBC Top Of The Pops dancer was 15 when she committed suicide.
    What do these BBC buffoons mean when they come out with such remarks?
    Are they recommending not only an enquiry, but the building of some chapel in a church, a place where
    we can “think about the victims” of the BBC paedophile rings?
    How do we “think” about dead victims? Presumably the same way we think about the dead perpetrators? Although I haven’t seen very many images on the BBC of this dead victim, only wall to wall images of one of the alleged dead perpetrators.


  21. Framer says:

    The BBC Newsnight piece about the unnamed top Tory who had access to a boy at the Welsh home had the smack of a desperate attempt to prove (1) Newsnight and the BBC were fearless in their exposure of paedophilia, and that the Savile failure was an aberration, and (2) It is the Tories wot done it, and Thatcher.
    ‘How could you ever forget, and turn (briefly) on the BBC’? – the cry also of Dimbleby minor.
    The content was so thin (and already in the public domain as reported during the enquiry) as to reveal the real motive of the piece.
    It was about getting the Tories not bringing justice to the abused or criminals to book.
    Such a diversionary tactic indicates the BBC’s monopolistic mindset and that their unyielding determination to see off Murdoch and NI can never change – short of a concerted attack on, at least, the scale of the licence fee.


  22. chrisH says:

    Just a couple of examples of BBC bias.
    1. Heard Obama being beamed live last night from Wisconsin last night(no worries about air miles now eh, Jon Snow/Al Gore eh?).
    How is this “newsworthy”?…and is Romney getting the same Beebtime and prominence as we speak?…where`s Craig and his abacus at times like these?
    2. Heard Mardell on the 9a.m news Radio4 this morning…apparently Romney is pulling back and promising not to be a Tea Party zealot (in effect), whereas Obama has the steady reasonable centre ground, and is in full command of his principles-not nipping tucking and trimming like that Mormon nutjob.
    Listen to it for a smarmy, value laden setting of Obama as the man we need…as opposed to that changeling and charlatan in Chief Romney. Sinister stuff in its “Salmond-like Referendum Question” way.
    3. Heard the might Gisela Stuart being berated and howled down on Radio 5 live earlier…some EU lawyer toady doing very nicely out of it all now called Sarah I think, in a greasy pincer movement with Jack Straws druggy lad(he`s now something big in Labour thinking!).
    They want more Europe…`nuff said!…just more, got it?

    Stuart personally knows more than these muppet EU toadies that these pipsqueaks set against her, and has indeed forgotten more that they will ever know.
    All the more reason to banish her to “swivel-eyed-little Deutschlander”, despite being a Labour MP.
    An utter disgrace.
    4. Radio 4 news on Friday gave us the Stephen Farrow murder conviction-but put it down to a scrap about religion in some way.
    The bastard murdered two decent Christians-a retired teacher in her cottage, and a well respected vicar in his vestry…he leaves condoms, satanic references and drugs on the bodies or what have you-but this is not seen as a direct assault on quiet Christians by a Satanic nutjob…a “traveller” to be cherished by the BBC perhaps…but a mere squabble about “religion”…..
    now, had an Imam been so butchered in his mosque by a white drugged up satanic psychoschizo-I reckon it would have made a bit more news that Radio Gloucestershire, 4p.m…don`t you?
    The seed of the church flourishes in the seed of the martyrs…but people are now getting butchered in sleepy West Country countryside now , just so we can sacrifice good Christians for the elitist satanic medieval church of the BBC etc…and Wild is right!
    All Saints?…All Souls?…funny that the BBCs all smoking and jogging Saint James himself dies at the same time eh?
    Any thoughts?…Jim..Emus?…what pirce indulgences for the BBC now then, now then…£145.50 pa. will do just nicely!


  23. Geoff says:

    Well, if the BBC tries to smear the Tories then the public may just get to hear about this –

    Is it true? Just asking.


    • capriole, peter says:

      The whole story reads in rather the same way as the Savile case. That Alan Green put a convenient halt to prosecutions says it all. But of course he was a Labour politician, so the less said the begtter. I doubt that Newsnight will be knocking on his door.


      • capriole, peter says:

        On further reading Geoff, the above website & link is rabidly anti-Semitic! How on earth does one separate the wheat from the chaff, and already I feel as if my hands are dirty just reading it.


  24. Bobo says:

    The Panorama is here, availabe on the iPlayer for a year:


  25. Grocergirl says:

    I stumbled across this site-the accusations of abuse are of course horrendous and no right minded person would condone them. What is clear is that these accusations were known about by several police authorities and they were quietly ignored. The behaviour of some staff at the BBC seems well below what any parent would expect. It is also clear that those mistaken, one-eyed lunatics who see bias at the BBC are using this case to beat up the organisation and to sow the seeds of doubt about publicly funded media-there is more than enough bad feeling against the BBC in other media groups to help drive this story. I believe it was the Labour party who almost began the process of dismantling the public funding of the BBC-the last Labour government also often accused the BBC of bias. If you want to see the future of media coverage of public life/politics please flick over to any of the US news channels, where bias, sensationalism and the advertisers revenue are the first consideration. I suggest that rather than bleat on like a bunch of footballers complaining about the referee being biased those in politics should concentrate on content. of policy.


  26. Guest Who says:

    I stumbled across this site
    More and more seem to be arriving here this way.
    ‘It is also clear that those mistaken, one-eyed lunatics who see bias at the BBC are using this case to beat up the organisation and to sow the seeds of doubt about publicly funded media’
    Beyond belief, care to suggest who, specifically you are referring to? And in what way? Daily Mail readers taken as read. Details vs. generics.
    ‘I suggest that rather than bleat on like a bunch of footballers complaining about the referee being biased those in politics should concentrate on content. of policy.
    Noted. Sort of a suck it up and see who cares?


  27. Gary says:

    The fact the police destroyed the photographic evidence of abuse makes it pretty obvious that establishment figures were involved. And how convenient that many of the victims of abuse and those investigating it had “accidents”.

    The police, lest we forget, sponge off the taxpayer with their fat pensions and serve the wealthy.

    The pedo ring consists of judges, police, civil servants celebs, millitary brass. In short, our corrupt elites. This should surprise no one.

    Kenneth Clarke allowed Saville into Broadmoor, the same Kenneth Clarke who groped Ben Fellows. Hmmm…
    What a coincidence!