My on my but the BBC must be sweating as Savilegate gets deeper and deeper. Did you read THIS in the Mail today?

“Screen legend Leonard Rossiter is the latest celebrity name to be embroiled in the sex scandal engulfing the BBC. The Rising Damp star, who died in 1984 aged 57, has been accused of performing a sex act as he watched three BBC staff trying to rape a male TV extra. An anonymous male accuser told The Sun the trio twice assaulted him at BBC Television Centre in West London when he was 18. He said Rossiter, who also starred in the much-loved series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, watched the second 1960s attack. It is the latest scandal to hit the Corporation following the mountain of claims made about Sir Jimmy Savile. Today, the alleged victim branded the BBC a ‘cesspit of depravity’ as he recalled the assault, one of two he said he suffered at the TV Centre.

Hang on….Jonathan Dimbleby to the rescue!

“There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Jonathan Dimbleby has said. The broadcaster told the Times newspaper there has been a “witch-hunt” against the corporation, which had become “horribly out of proportion”. “The real focus should be on what Savile did wrong,” Mr Dimbleby said. It was “very distressing” that people were being “hounded” in a way that was “unwarranted” at the BBC, he added. Presenter Mr Dimbleby, who first worked at the BBC in the late 1960s said: “Paedophilia is a huge national problem that no one thought about 50 years ago and is now something that concerns everyone, but this has become a witch-hunt against the BBC.”

From my perspective, there is a disturbing culture within the BBC and a light seems to shining into it. showing us some very dark images, Mr Dimbleby.

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54 Responses to “A CESSPIT OF DEPRAVITY”?

  1. Old Goat says:

    James Delingpole, in the Daily Telegraph:


    This accurately sums up what most of us think, I’m sure.

    Bloody BBC.


  2. Scrappydoo says:

    “There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal”

    There was also a “disturbing relish” when the BBC forgot about everything else and spent months pleasuring themselves over the prospect of Murdochs demise.


    • Span Ows says:

      That’s what makes his whining so delicious! he even uses the words witch-hunt! LOL, if the dumb c**t can’t see the irony then he’s…erm…well, suffice to say my opinion of him hasn’t changed.


  3. Jim Dandy says:

    Dimbleby is of course right. Organisations like like The Mail are using it to settle old scores and advance their own interests. Truly sickening.


    • Span Ows says:

      Jim, would you like them to adjust/filter/omit/ignore news they don’t like, as the BBC does?


    • Doggywoggy says:

      Dandy, the BBC led it’s news for week after week attacking Murdoch, whilst ignoring or playing down the even greater involvement of the Mirror Group and the Guardian and others in the hacking that took place.

      The BBC led a massive witch hunt against Murdoch over a few phones being hacked.

      Meanwhile the BBC was running alegedly running a paedophile network that abused hundreds of kids, for decades and they are now covering it up, whilst using it to smear the tories on newsnight last night!!! I note that they have ignored allegations against loads of labour MPs, councilors and former ministers.

      Witch hunt? No. Payback for BBC’s complete lack of balance, their lies and vindictiveness? Hell yes!


      • Prole says:

        What utter nonsense! Apart from the Mail, Murdoch’s evil empire was responsible for the bulk of the hacking. No evidence to back up these smears.

        Of course Savile is an open door for the far right wing who can’t understand why noone is interested in their viewpoint. This blog’s pathetic number of daily hits (easy to check) is proof positive that the agenda here is seriously out of line with the public view.

        Which is also why Cameron is not rushing in to join the attack. There is no more a disturbing culture in the BBC than in any other large organisation. The BBC will be here in 5 years. Murdoch will not be.


        • Scrappydoo says:

          “There is no more a disturbing culture in the BBC than in any other large organisation.” From what we are hearing paedophilia is everwhere. As the BBC is a large organistation why not have a look and see what is rotten (easer to look for the good bits maybe?) . Or maybe Prole thinks the BBC is sacred and should be exempt. “Murdoch’s evil empire” – I prefer BBC’s Evil empire.


        • TPO says:

          “Murdoch’s evil empire”

          Oh dear, oh dear. A tad hysterical don’tcha think.


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Apart from the Motorman documents and the sworn affidavits of several journalists who worked for the Mirror, Guardian etc….

          Murdoch’s media are the only media which were honest enough to belatedly ADMIT to it. They were not the worst perpetrators at all.


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Cameron is NOT a right winger. He is a liberal corporatist, exactly like Clegg and Miliband and all the corrupt BBC’s top brass.

          The entire establishment are completely out of touch. They are pro EU, pro cAGW alarmism, anti-family, anti British and they all cover up the massive paedophile abuse that goes to the heart of the Establishment and to the top of both political parties.


        • hippiepooter says:

          Prole, Murdoch is a very old man, the BBC is an institution. Are you aware of the difference between human mortality and human organisations?

          Or were you trying to say News International wont be around in 5 years time?


        • johnnythefish says:

          The far right wing’

          Not one for hyperbole, are you Prole?
          Calm down, lad.


      • Jim Dandy says:

        The BBC was running a paedophile network? Who alleges that?

        This is bad enough for the BBC but Dimbleby is spot on. The way the abuse of children is being used as a stick with which to beat the BBC is rather disgusting.


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Panorama alleged that. Hundreds of the victims and more and more witnesses are alleging that. The police are examining HUNDREDS of leads in the BIGGEST paedophile ring investigation on record. Centered on the BBC!!!

          Now if that does not clue you in to the sick minds of the BBC then you are beyond help!!!


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Dandy what is even MORE disgusting is the decades of sick perverted child abuse that was enabled and facilitated by BBC employees, senior executives on BBC property and was covered up by the BBC!!!

          Other media reporting on it is casting light upon the evil at the heart of the BBC! That is NOT disgusting.

          Or would you prefer that such vile and sick and perverted acts be covered up, so that you can delude yourself that the BBC is in some way a decent organization?

          The BBC is a sick organization which ran and covered up a paedophile network for decades.


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Don’t forget all the other programmes and documetaries about paedophile abuse that the BBC have had made, and then had shelved and “covered up”

          Holly Grieg,
          Haut La Garrein,
          and then they have evidence against a senior tory, but not enough to say who, so they will happily smear the entire senior tory party with spiteful innuendo instead?

          They have a long history of covering up paedophile abuse all over the place, when the purpotraitors are part of the establishment, that is.


    • leha says:

      will the real jim dandy please step forward, this guys making you look a bit of a clown, frankly.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘making you look a bit of a clown’
        Not another false flagger?
        These days it’s hard to decide between the posts from various cases, be they lower, upper or the more frequent head.


    • DJ says:

      The facts is the facts.

      It don’t matter if the Mail reports them with relish or with mustard, or even in Polish. The BBC is facing serious charges and all it’s defenders can say is that the accusers are big meanies for pointing out stuff what happened.


    • chrisH says:

      There is a God Jim!
      Therefore the years of abuse from the BBC towards Catholics(not Muslims naturally), culminating in their hoping to film a citizens arrest by their chosen ones as Pope Benedict arrived in Glasgow 2010.
      They deserve every bit of the “witch-hunt”-and , in Beeb land: surely Dimbleby has something to hide given his equinamity re serious criminal sex abuse charges against children.
      Has HE got a CRB check-after all he`s involved somehere in that “school report “scheme I`d bet.
      Maybe you could explain why he spends so many Friday evenings in schools, doing Any Questions…no smoke without fire, eh Mr Dandy?


      • Prole says:

        ChrisH I assume this a joke post. But you might find yourself up for gross criminal libel.


        • mat says:

          Still shoving the word Libel around like anyone cares what you say ? lol


        • Doggywoggy says:

          Gross Criminal Libel? There is no such charge in law. There is Libel, but not the over exaggerated bollocks charge your fevered mind just invented.


      • wallygreeninker says:

        David Dimbleby has a roundabout and tenuous link to Eric Gill, the guy who carved the figure of Ariel outside Broadcasting House as well as sleeping with his dog, his daughter, his sister and goodness knows who else. Being a bit of a local patriot for the area around Lewes, he is associated with championing local celebrities past and present, including Gill, who had a colony / workshop at Ditchling .

        “David Dimbleby did a wonderful job of promoting a riding holiday for two in Transylvania when he was auctioneer for the top lots at the Ditchling Ball in Sussex last weekend. In conjunction with Count Kalnoky’s estate in Romania, we were please to donate the holiday to help raise funds renovation of Ditchling Museum, which is to reopen housing the work of, among others, well known and controversial artist Eric Gill. The ball was a great success and the holiday raised £2,500 for the museum which was delightful!”


    • GCooper says:

      Unlike the BBC and Murdoch/Sky, you mean?

      You BBC types don’t ‘do’ irony, do you?


    • +james says:

      Jim Dandy, it wasn’t the Daily Mail that routinely beamed a paedophile into peoples front room every Saturday night at tea time for 20 yrs.

      And a headline that says Man Who Works for BBC Defends BBC, is hardly news. He would say that wouldn’t he.


      • Nicked emus says:

        No but it supported Moseley, Mussolini and was notoriously anti-Semetic in the run up to WW2.
        The paper is in no position to take the moral high ground.


        • GCooper says:

          As compared with the organisation that routinely (and far more recently) employed supporters of the multi-million slaughtering Soviet Union?

          Interesting moral question, Emus.


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘supported Moseley, Mussolini’
          Cripes, that’s extending ‘it was exactly the same time’ back a fair whack.
          But have to say invoking moral high grounds, or simply high grounds, on matters of wartime reporting, or tipping off the enemy, from WW2 through the Falklands when defending the BBC is.. novel.


        • +james says:

          Ohhh, Mussolini, he was so dangerous. He declared war in Britain in June 1940. He then sent 30 bombers to bomb England, only five returned, the rest were shot out of the sky. After that he never tried that stunt ever again.


        • Dave s says:

          As opposed to the “balance” the BBC is so careful to exhibit over Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest.


        • NotaSheep says:

          I do smile when some people waffle on about how The Daily Mail supported the Nazis before the Second World War. This is used as a reason to ignore anything the Mail says now. This line of reasoning is wrong, inconsistent because the people who supported Stalin’s Soviet Union, as the communist state killed many millions of people, are not subject to the same degree of censure. More oddly the BBC’s Director General, Lord Reith, also praised the Nazis:

          9 March 1933 “I am pretty certain… that the Nazis will clean things up and put Germany on the way to being a real power in Europe again. They are being ruthless and most determined.”

          After the July 1934 Night of The Long Knives, in which the Nazis ruthlessly exterminated opponents and many Jews “I really admire the way Hitler has cleaned up what looked like an incipient revolt.”

          After Czechoslovakia was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939 “Hitler continues his magnificent efficiency.”

          Also do note that Lord Reith’s daughter, Marista Leishman, revealed that her father in the 1930s did everything possible to keep Winston Churchill and other anti-appeasement Conservatives off the airwaves.

          You don’t hear about that much on the BBC do you?

          Lord Rothermere and the Daily Mail were indeed editorially sympathetic to Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists until there was violence at a BUF rally in Kensington Olympia that year.
          So The Mail’s Nazi supporting past is relevant although it ended in 1934 but the BBC’s is not although Lord Reith was still praising Nazi Germany in 1939. Odd double standards at the BBC and by their supporters.


        • hippiepooter says:

          Strewth, you sound like like the pathological anti-BBC wing of B-BBC.

          Nick, in far more recent history, I’m sure you remember what the Daily Mail did to help bring to justice some of the murderers of Stephen Lawrence?


      • hippiepooter says:

        If David Dimbleby had made these comments they would be worth looking at.

        Jonathan Dimbleby, no.

        Jonathan Dimbley is a perfect example of a screamingly bent left wing broadcaster.

        Let us not forget his serious strop over the BBC trust reaching minimal findings to uphold bias complaints against his anti-Israel colleague Jeremy Bowen.


        And according to this article, in 2004, for ITV, the former SWP member Jonathan Dimbley produced a very sympathetic portrait of Arab terrorists:-



    • Chop says:

      “Paedophilia is a huge national problem that no one thought about 50 years ago and is now something that concerns everyone, but this has become a witch-hunt against the BBC.”

      Pity you don’t mention other, more recent groups of pedophiles on your programs, eh old bean?…

      Perhaps, if you did, then the focus might not be quite as sharply in focus on the BBC….ever thought about that?….nooo, of course you haven’t.

      You can’t mention the “M” word & “P” word in the same sentence.


    • hippiepooter says:

      JD, do you have any specific examples of this?

      Are you saying that ‘settling old scores’ isn’t something the BBC has been guilty off? Viz for example the bloody nose it got over ‘the sexed up dossier’ report?


    • Corran Horn says:


      You owe me a new keyboard. I’ve just sprayed coke all over after reading that complete load of old twaddle you wrote.

      If shining the bright light of truth into the dark and evil pit that is the BBC is “Truly sickening” as you put it, then what Savile got up to must have just been some harmless fun by that gauge of morality.

      With a load of geriatric shoemakers like that you’ve got me thinking of this quote;

      “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the he that dares to tell the truth, is called at once a lunatic and fool.” – Plato

      Looks like old Plato had the BBC sussed out before they were even a glint in the Milk-Mans eye.

      And unfortunately for you and the rest of the lefty defenders of the indefensible out there, more and more people are waking up to what the BBC is actually like, they don’t like what they see and they don’t see why they should be forced to pay for it.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Nice line in irony sadly not recognised by most on here Jim.


  4. TigerOC says:

    There is real disconnect in the morality of the left. Note the the comments left by the lefties here and the attitude clearly evident in the BBC.

    Vulnerable kids are there to be exploited and abused by celebs. They are celebs after all and nothing must be denied them.

    The national disaster when tabloids hacked into celeb phones. Note the celebs life blood is the tabloid media without which they are nothing.

    What this really comes down to is that the life and desires (no matter how perverted) of celebs is more important than the welfare of vulnerable and innocent children.

    Shame on you.

    Joe Public in the 60’s just as today had trust in people, especially people in positions of trust to care for the children in their care. It is a sad reflection on society that we even have to have laws protecting children but sadly it is many from the left, with their liberal sexual beliefs that have reduced society to this state. Even more sad that celebrities command such worship in society when in reality they are mere clowns.


  5. Glenn Aylett says:

    Paedophiles, gay rapists, assaults on female staff, what a charming organisation this is. I for one am boycotting the BBC as from today as the have either covered up, or collaborated in the crimes, of depraved monsters like Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter. If we all stop watching and listening, and then refuse to pay our licence fees, then the BBC will collapse and I for one would say good riddance as their programmes are also largely rubbish now.
    Just think a nice little saving of £ 147 a year and a load of leftists, perverts and job creation staff on the dole.


  6. Teddy Bear says:

    Like the typical bullies they are, when they begin to get a dose of what they have been meting out, they begin to cry and complain about how unfair it is.

    Interesting when for their own selfish agenda, they pursued Murdoch night and day over the hacking scandal, for which many lost their jobs who had nothing to do with it, the flatulent arrogant BBC were so full of their own self-importance they didn’t give a second thought to how much coverage they were giving to it.

    By comparison, they really have not had anywhere near the amount of attention drawn to ALL their misdoings over this scandal as they deserve. So the gall involved in this article they run today really shows their public contempt and lack of moral consciousness by having a Dimbleby declare that it’s all become a ‘witch-hunt’ against them.

    Look at the phrases they highlight in the article with inverted commas to see how they brainwash the public.


  7. Teddy Bear says:

    I’m trying to get my head around what I believe the BBC are up to with this declaration by Peter Rippon, the ‘fall-guy’ so far, blamed for cancelling the Newsnight report.

    What I find suspicious is that he declares he was furious after his decision to pull the report was leaked. He claims the cancellation was due to the police not having made any formal charges, and that the BBC had spent a lot of money on tributes to Savile.

    Why I don’t believe it is that there is no mention of the embarrassment that would be have been caused to the BBC for having known of this abuse going on for years with Savile, while at best they ‘looked the other way’. I’ve also never known the amount of money spent, or wasted, to be a reason to stop or make the BBC be concerned about it.

    Another factor is that yesterday Newsnight ran a story about a long time Tory MP being involved in a paedophile ring. They didn’t however name the perpetrator, much to the anger of many, but the police have not made any formal charges either against whoever this person is.

    Rippon? Maybe it should be Rip Off.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    Jonathan Dimbleby (not David) has long been a disturbing aspect of the BBC and broadcasting in general.


  9. George R says:

    “Is ‘something strange’ going on at the BBC?
    “ITV sent letter to BBC chiefs detailing allegations of abuse by Savile, weeks before TV exposé.”

    By Paul Cahalan.



    • Guest Who says:

      ‘“Is ‘something strange’ going on at the BBC?’
      One can kind of appreciate how, if there was, few would be able to notice or tell the difference.


  10. Glenn Aylett says:

    When I did hospital radio in the early 90s, I was invited to visit Radio Cumbria. Fair does, the staff were pleasant enough, but I did not expect to see a Vote Labour poster in the newsroom. I could imagine if a Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Green went to the studios for an interview, they would find this offputting and a sign that the BBC was biased.


  11. Roxana says:

    We ALL know that sex is the lodestar and ultimate good of Leftists everywhere. Sexual abuse and rape don’t matter when it’s their guys doing it. It’s all liberating you know.


    • Redwhiteandblue says:

      This is, officially, deranged. And conveniently overlooks the cliche of far right politicians with -ahem – niche sexual tastes. Mosley, Haider, Pim Fortuyn, the East German neonazi Michael Kuhnen… And let us not forget several dozen shagging Conservative cabinet ministers. Sex, and sexual impropriety, is universal. Claiming it’s more Left than Right is proper cretinous.