British-funded Super PAC produces campaign ad for Obama

A recent Washington Post poll found that nearly 3/4 of Americans support voter ID laws. The old, the poor and non-whites all back the measures:

Moreover, big majorities of those whom critics see as bearing the brunt of the laws are supportive of them, including about three-quarters of seniors and those with household incomes under $50,000 and two-thirds of non-whites.

In the Democrat state of Illinois even the president was required to produce a photo ID before he could vote this month. You won’t learn about any of this from watching the BBC’s take on the issue. Produced by Franz Strasser, this 2 minute film is a piece of blatant partisan propaganda. With the election less than a week away, we appear to be at the stage where the BBC is now acting as a Democrat Super PAC producing campaign ads for Obama, all funded by the British licence payer.

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44 Responses to British-funded Super PAC produces campaign ad for Obama

  1. Demon says:

    I saw the President Id thing live on Sky. First I knew you could vote early in US elections.


  2. Dinsdale says:

    Sorry for going Off Topic, but I just had to point out this totally unbiased and impartial reporting about on shore wind farms.

    its great.


    • Guest Who says:

      I liked this comment (as did a few others):
      60. ichabod
      With her degree in American Literature and Film Studies, and her equal opportunities work for trade unions and councils, Caroline Flint is just the sort of politician we need to understand the science behind these issues and give an informed view on energy policy.
      You can see why the BBC sees her as the go-to girl on such matters.


    • Torontory says:

      And of course Roger Harrabin in his ‘analysis’ makes no reference to shale gas which would be the cheapest and most plentiful source only referring to ‘……gas leaves the UK vulnerable to price spikes on the global market’


  3. Will Jones says:

    The Obama Justice department has gone after voter ID laws but has no problem whatsoever with TSA’s requirement that you must show valid ID to board a plane. Odd.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC doesn’t care about poor black folks not being allowed to fly or have a bank account. Keeps their carbon footprint low, you know?


  4. Beeboidal says:

    That thing is quite unbelievable. It looks like a commercial produced by a political outfit and then the BBC kindly stamped their logo on it.


    • DB says:

      Yup. And as we know via Philippa Thomas, BBC reporters have a purpose in mind – they want as many links from Facebook and Twitter in the hope of influencing opinion.


  5. SouthEastVoter says:

    Did not listen to it but the facts are misleading on the visual

    In 2000 the popular vote difference was 543,895 votes in Gore’s favour. For Floriada the difference was 527 votes.

    Neither make a blind bit of difference as it the Electoral College votes that count.. The Electoral College can also ignore the Popular vote according to the Constitution.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The point of the Electoral College is that it is not the popular vote. In theory, enough voter fraud can swing one State’s electoral votes. Or “disenfranchised” votes for St. Algore due to those infamous hanging chads supposedly cost him the prize. (The BBC thinks the election was stolen from him.)

      But this is as much about local elections – which are down to popular vote – as much as national. Recall the endless recounts and problems leading to Al Franken finally getting his Senate seat in Minnesota.

      The entire House of Reps. is up for re-election, and some of the Senate. Voter fraud might swing one or two of those for – hypothetically, of course – the Dems, keeping the Senate under Democrat control and thus thwarting a potentially evil Republican President and the extremist Tea Party-influenced Republican-led House.


  6. Dave s says:

    If it looks like propaganda it is propaganda,
    The BBC is trying to disguise it’s partisanship with a veneer of social ( read liberal ) concern.
    Their argument is self defeating. Everybody has the same chance to register and election day registration shows a lack of any real interest in the democratic process.
    In the liberal world view democracy is only acceptable when it’s peculiar views are paramount. So showing ID, which sounds like a fundamental principle of a fair election, is deemed undemocratic.
    BBC rubbish as usual and unlikely to influence a single US voter.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Exactly. Always left out of these “discussions” is the fact that in every State you have to show photo ID of some kind, or some other form of identification which you need a Photo ID to get (like a Social Security number), in order to register in the first place. That’s why the activists do all those bulk phony registrations themselves, because it can’t all be checked afterwards.

      If we’re supposed to be so concerned about the poor lambs being disenfranchised, these activists should be focusing on that. But they’re not, which gives the game away.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Ah, the dishonest Franz Strasser, who did an entire series of reports on immigration in the US without once uttering the word, “illegal”, even in the reports he did from two different “Sanctuary Cities”.

    This is little more than an updated version of Greg Palast’s activist hit job for Newnsight back in 2008. It was produced by Meirion Jones.


  8. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    You can see why the bBBC is keen to support this propaganda, because we know which ‘community’ most practices voter fraud in the UK, and which party they support.


  9. Billy Bowden (@Ontablets) says:

    Dont know if this anything but > < bbc breaking news status , is it strange that they use President Obamas Twitter handle/name and not *President Obama * or Barack Obama . not sure if they done it before tho


  10. Alex says:

    Talking of ad campaigns for Obama, I see the BBC were making him out to be some type of saintly superhero on the Six News, tonight, for doing what any President/Prime Minister/ Leader would be obliged to do in the midst of a natural disaster. Every step the Messiah takes is anointed with sacredness within BBC circles.


    • It's all too much says:

      Unlike the vile evil idiot Bush who let the residents of ‘Noo Or Leannes’ (as the BBC had it) starve/drown/go without power for 12 hours/massacre each other in an orgy of looting either DELIBERATELY for his own twisted political ends or as a symptom of HIS total idiocy and incompetence (and nothing to do with the hopeless feather bedded federal government FEMA – “we more interested in warmism than flood defence.”)


  11. NotaSheep says:

    ‘With the election less than a week away, we appear to be at the stage where the BBC is now acting as a Democrat Super PAC producing campaign ads for Obama, all funded by the British licence payer.’

    Total rubbish; we’ve been at that stage for approximately 5 years.


  12. It's all too much says:

    I made a formal complaint, I expect the usual “we are sorry that you believed that this was [biased] but we had another look at it, and it was simply spiffing; so **** off and get a life you Mail Reader.”

    How can they make such a report without mentioning voter fraud? Can’t wait for the next elections in the UK with massive BBC analysis and investigation of a system in Britain “that would disgrace a Banana Republic” and has such features as a single bedsit claiming 50 postal votes all received from Lahore and all nominating a Labour candidate.

    I wonder how much that ad for the democrats cost to produce. I say take it out of the salary of the senior manager responsible for putting it out. I can hold my breath for just about 90 seconds and no longer……


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC believes that there’s very little evidence that voter fraud affects elections. They hired Greg Palast to prove it, and have been satisfied with that ever since.

      Apparently ACORN and all those activists registering fake voters and filing fake ballots are doing it just for laughs, wasting their time and money. Who knew?


      • DB says:

        Interesting that so many who are supposedly at the sharp end of these policies – the old, the poor, the non-whites – actually support them. Too stupid to know better (as their community organising lefty superiors claim) or savvy to what’s really going on?


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Which shows the bias in the headline defining the policies as “strict”. That’s a value judgment, one we don’t see when they mention that some States have same-day registration and don’t ask for ID at all, and don’t describe those policies as “lax”.

          There’s no reason to actually trust the BBC on US issues.


          • Guest Who says:

            There’s no reason to actually trust the BBC on US issues.
            Or much else.
            To be fair, on US issues they are in dire company.
            SKY this morning has been even more fawning than usual, post storm.
            They seem to be broadcasting from New York from a diner where the main beef appears to be no power to charge their iPhones.
            However they all love Obama, who wears blue jackets and emotes, whereas Romney wears suits and ties and doesn’t care.
            At least one guy interviewed by the peroxide sink determined to get all present to say how great Obama is at ‘handling’ it all, very graciously told her that she was a crass tribal bimbo.
            The paper review was interesting, with the usual touchy-feely woman journo/comedian actually stumping the studio crowd by pointing out their obsessing about a bunch of Big Appleteenies down to the last bar on their mobiles really didn’t compare to Haiti being flattened.
            Frankly voting should be more which media group runs policy that overpaid pols in the tank to interest groups simply enact.
            Of course, even then there is one that you don’t get to vote on.


  13. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newsnight‏@BBCNewsnight
    Also on newsnight Mark Urban’s take on the Obama response to Sandy.

    Wild guesses as to what that might be?
    As far as I can gather, he took a lady and hugged her, looking sad. And the entire world media ran that one photo.
    Now, there’s a thing.


  14. Roland Deschain says:

    A question for David Preiser. Much has been made on the BBC about Chris Christie heaping praise on Obama for his handling of the situation, never failing to point out that Mr Christie is a staunch Republican.

    Why would someone like that go to such lengths to praise an apparent opponent just days before an election, presumably knowing full well that the President’s supporters would make hay with it? I just feel there must be something here we’re not being told.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Simple: Mayor Cory Booker, Democrat of Newark, is being touted as a challenger for Governor in the next election. Booker has been quietly going around organizing supplies and care for the people of his city. Like in previous crises, Booker is using social media and neighborhood folks to get the word out and (as Katty Kay suggested in her endorsement of him for VP) get things done. And he didn’t tell the press, didn’t bring a camera crew. Booker is a big star in New Jersey, and actually gained a little more credibility when he spoke out against the President’s class war rhetoric and got spanked for it. More importantly, he doesn’t have a mark on him, corruption-wise – so far, anyway – which is as rare as hen’s teeth in these parts.

      Basically, Christie is looking ahead to next year when he has to run for re-election against a likely challenge from Booker. So he needs to appear caring and in charge. As soon as you hear a politician say that he’s putting politics aside, assume the opposite until further notice.

      Having said that, this is technically what a Governor is supposed to do. He probably wishes as much as anyone that there’s no earth-shattering election at stake. Unlike the bungling of the Gulf Oil spill, the President actually did sign paperwork to quickly release relief cash (what do we need that multi-billion-dollar bureaucracy for again?) to get around the red tape, and Christie is right to point it out. Whether or not voters see this as the Second Coming, and He’s a great President again, or as the student who is failing your class suddenly asking about extra credit on the final exam, is another story, and I don’t think Christie should be fixated on that.

      Although he could have done it like Cuomo and the other guy on Katty’s phoney bi-partisan dream ticket, Bloomberg, and told the President to stay out of their way. You know why there’s no photo op of a concerned Obamessiah at what’s now the Ground Zero swimming pool? Because they won’t let Him. For the time being, anyway. Of course, they can get away with it because they’re not Republicans, and nobody’s going to care. Also, since they’re both liberal media darlings, nobody is criticizing them for it, either.


  15. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    US campaign restarts after Sandy
    President Obama is to resume an election campaign suspended over the devastating Storm Sandy, as New York restarts a partial subway service.
    They can’t help themselves.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      How many stories have there been from the BBC about Romney helping with relief efforts? Aside from Beeboids ridiculing him for it on Twitter, I mean.

      In any case, this means that the BBC has just five more days to suppress stories about Benghazi before it’s all over and the media drags Him across the finish line.


  16. hippiepooter says:

    I noticed that hugely polemic BBC report linked to ‘The Brennan Center for Justice’.

    One doesn’t need to check out Discover the Networks to know its a highly partisan propaganda organisation. One just needs to look at the site the BBC linked to.

    The BBC doesn’t get much more screamingly bent.


  17. DB says:

    Independent Bloomberg endorses Obama, BBC journos think he’s still Republican:

    The Breaking News Twitter feed later corrected its mistake but it shows how ill-informed some of the BBC’s journos are about US affairs.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Jesus Christ. Serendipitously, I’ve just received a response to my complaint regarding Katty Kay’s tweet about Bloomberg being on a dream “bi-partsian” ticket with Booker.

      Mayor Bloomberg has often been suggested as a potential Republican candidate (although it is true that his stance on social issues would make him unlikely to be successful, rather like Rudi (sic) Giuliani who is a former Democrat and now Republican).

      She said that Katty was obviously just commenting on politicians working together during a crisis. I guess blatant ignorance of your patch is getting it about right if you hold the approved thoughts. I say that if Katty wasn’t such a dreary partisan hack, she’d suggest the truly bi-partisan ticket of politicians working together with their opponents in a crisis and getting things done: Christie/Booker.

      But Katty hates Christie, and it simply wouldn’t occur to her.

      Your license fee hard at work, ladies and gentlemen.


      • hippiepooter says:

        DP, great points, but you invoke the name of Jesus Christ in vain.

        Is it too much to ask that you show respect for Christian sensibilities?


      • hippiepooter says:

        One thing the Beeb flak catcher doesn’t mention is that whereas Bloomberg is all for the Muslim Victory Mosque Guiliani is emphatically against it.

        Guiliani didn’t switch teams to get on the Mayoral ticket. He became a Republican in the 80’s and was elected to Mayor in the 90’s.

        Bloomberg flew under a flag of convenience with the Republicans.

        When Guiliani didn’t win the Republican Presidential nomination he didn’t switch back to the Democrats.

        So let’s see, Obama has the endorsement of a New York ex-Democrat, ex-Republican Mayor who supports the Victory Mosque on hallowed ground.

        Romney, I presume, has the endorsement of the ‘Mayor of America’.

        Over such issues, the BBC dont do ‘nuance’!


    • Guest Who says:

      @BBCBrokenNew York’s Republican Mayor Bloomberg endorses President #Obama for re-election. Details soon
      Bit hard to trust that education and information thing when it’s based on ‘accuracy’ derived from what is wished for vs. the facts.
      And this ‘correction’ was by stealth, or accompanied, if too late, by what?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      BTW, DB, guess who responded to my complaint: Jimmy Carter’s speechwriter is her hero.



      • DB says:

        Biased staff covering the butts of biased staff. Next time you send in a complaint ask Milne if she can recommend a suitable brick wall for you to bang your head against.


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