Did anyone catch the extremely combative interview on Today this morning at 7.31am between Ed Davey and John Humphyrs? It concerned the welcome news that a new buyer of Horizon, the UK’s nuclear power building project, has been found – and is planning to build a range of new power stations across the country.

Naturally the BBC editorial line is to object to this and Humphyrs went after Davey with a vengeance, repeatedly insinuating that there was some deal or “understanding”  on future pricing between Government and Hitachi (the new owner). Davey actually fought back, contradicted Humphyrs and the interview was all the more enjoyable for it. It seems as if the luddites at the BBC would rather see the lights go out across Britain in a few years rather than embrace the benefits of Nuclear.

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16 Responses to NEW HORIZON!

  1. chrisH says:

    Will listen to this, but just caught Humph wanting that “nudge and wink” between the Government and Hitachi to be cited by the BBC “business correspondent” only an hour later.
    Incorrigible-and the message is clear…whatever they say(even a useless Beeb greenie of old like Ed Davey of the Liberals); don`t believe a word-ole Humph will fall off his horse for ya like Clint Eastwood with a Jim`ll Fix It badge, in his unsecured saddle. It`s one high horse he rides!
    Desperate-and all the worse for being good news that might yet keep the iron lungs on in the sanatoriums( tell the BBC that-they`re all in BUPA at Humphs level).
    So the Japs building nuclear plants is bad news to the BBC…as was the “badger cull” of bankers by UBS today(the Beebs description of the loss of 30,000 jobs).
    Compare and contrast eh?…no “badger cull” jibe for Ford workers in Dagenham and Southampton last week losing their jobs ,was there?
    But The City of London bloke spoke no guff about “being betrayed by the Swiss” or whatever-they`ll just create 30,000 more!…the business reporter completely thrown-WHAT? don`t need us here at the BBC to cry for you?..(as if we would),
    Rejoice at all these new jobs in construction and in world-beating can-do financial shenanigans?,,,not at all!
    The only good news is the 4G stuff-it`s always in new technology isn`t it, seeing as the BBC are up to their necks in it (any nudges and winks we need to know with the BBC and Government , then John?,,,nah, thought not!)
    The BBC-been providing massaged narrative solutions to their own perceived problems since…well 1981, I`d guess!
    Pathetic…predictable…pointless….paedophiles..the 4P revolution to axe the BBC surely coming soon, nationwide!
    Nuclear power, the City…any good news areas of the economy will be talked down ceaselessly by the BBC, so that Ed Balls can get his old car back…and Miliband now knows where the Prozac is…and we`ll be all watching the BBC as of old,now once Uncle Jimmy has had plenty Lime from Lime Grove heaped upon his memory…ot was HIS BBC alright Birty boy!.


  2. lojolondon says:

    Even better, because I guess in true Hune-guise, Davey would rather eat fresh shit than select, support and publicly defend nuclear!


  3. Deborah says:

    Thanks Chris H – I was trying to sort out myself to comment here on the difference between Humph dealt with Davey early on the Today programme and the way he dealt with someone after 8.30 (the best was to listen to the Today programme is with only half an ear) but without ‘listening again’ which isn’t yet available I wasn’t sure who Humphs was talking to after 8.30. The constant sniping and sneering at Davey (who isn’t necessarily one of my favourite politicians) was just unpleasant although Davey did well. Contrast with the post 8.30 ‘inteview’ where the interviewed was allowed to say anything he liked.

    I have been unable to listen to the Today programme for a couple of months and only caught a few minutes at different times today. But then I heard Justin Webb push Dr Liz Bentley into saying that Sandy is due to global warming. I had forgotten just how bad the Today programme has become and think it is time to give it up altogether.


    • Ken Hall says:

      Global warming? Oh dear have they dragged that one out of it’s box? I thought it was supposed to be climate change, then when the weather does not fit either theory, it is “global weirding” Honestly. Global Weirding? Just how desperate and pathetic are these cultists?


      • Span Ows says:

        I doubt they said global warming; that has changed ages ago to ‘climate change’. You see nobody can deny climate change as it has been happening throughout the history of the planet Earth.


  4. Umbongo says:

    For once Humphrys asked a fair(ish) question. No private sector company (unlike the public sector whose money comes from the same magic money tree where the BBC’s fruit grows) is prepared to put up £billions unless it has some indication of what it’s going to get out of it. I suspect – although I have no proof – that Davey (an ultra-warmist don’t forget and therefore, almost by definition, a liar and a moral vacuum) knowingly misled Humphrys – and the listeners – on this one.
    IMHO what probably occurred was that Davey made every assurance to Hitachi that it would be “taken care of” but did not actually specify a price for electricity generated. Accordingly, Hitachi came away from meetings with Davey with a very good idea of what it will receive and Davey was able to inform the nation that he hadn’t actually specified a price. Approving the “price” is technically the job of Ofgem anyway which is nominally “independent” so whatever Davey said to Hitachi he could claim that it would be “subject to the independent regulator”.
    The whole thing is a stitch-up for which – for once – not too much blame should attach to Humphrys in this particular instance. OTOH Humphrys – one of the BBC’s frontmen for the CAGW fraud – was happy to let Davey burble on without challenge about how renewables (and the non-technology of carbon sequestration) will keep the lights burning at “low” cost. As has been commented on, Hitachi is in the private sector so perforce Humphrys views it as a war criminal in the twin struggles between profit and social “justice” and good and evil. Whatever the truth of the matter, at the BBC in general and Today in particular, the coalition and the private sector are the villains here – as usual.


    • chrisH says:

      Don`t doubt it for a second umbongo.
      I just want the BBC/green types to tell me how else we will be getting our energy in the next few years; if not with nuclear(that the French seem to be sanguine about).
      I would have been spooked by the No Nukes /CND stuff in the 70s/80s alright, so don`t pretend to know….but I do know that Springsteen and Sting won`t be short of a generator, whereas I am!
      The Unplugged option tends not to extend to dialysis machines yet, does it?


    • johnnythefish says:

      Excellent points, though ‘For once Humphrys asked a fair(ish) question’….

      If he’d asked it once, or even twice – fine. But he kept persisting with a tenacity that is sadly lacking when interviewing Labour politicians, and asked it about half a dozen times. One of the many reasons we on this site accuse the BBC of bias.

      But yet again the coalition misses an opportunity to skewer the BBC’s political arm over its 13 years of inaction on the issue (which has left us dangerously exposed to the possibility of power cuts in a few years’ time).


  5. Sidleybird says:

    I have no particular love for the coalition, but it was amusing to hear Humphrys soundly trounced by Ed Davey this morning; most amusing.


  6. George R says:

    “‘BBC is failing to inform public on scientific issues’: Lord Winston says he will move to rivals in latest attack on the broadcaster.
    “BBC are underrating the public’s ability to understand issues, he says.
    They are dumbing down science programming making it ‘unintelligible’, he adds.


    • johnnythefish says:

      But I think you’ll find (if memory serves correctly) he toes the warmist b-BBC line on ‘climate change’.


  7. George R says:

    Yes, it’s more BBC-NUJ bad news for British people:

    – the lights may stay on longer:-

    “Hitachi’s nuclear deal still faces hurdles”

    By Jorn Madslien
    Business reporter, BBC News.

    In contrast:-

    ‘Daily Mail’:-

    “Britain’s nuclear expansion plans have been boosted after Japanese engineering giant Hitachi signed a £700 million deal that will enable it to start building the next generation of power plants.

    “The engineering giant is buying Horizon Nuclear Power – which has the rights to build reactors at Wylfa on Anglesey, North Wales, and Oldbury in Gloucestershire – from its German owners E.ON and RWE npower.

    “In what it described as the start of a 100-year commitment to the UK, Hitachi confirmed that it intends to progress Horizon’s plans to build between two and three new nuclear plants at each site.”

    (Scroll down, on right of page)-


  8. George R says:

    “Death knell for wind farms: ‘Enough is Enough’ says minister.
    “Wind farms have been ‘peppered’ across Britain without enough consideration for the countryside and people’s homes, a senior Conservative energy minister admitted last night as he warned ‘enough is enough’.”

    Harrabin apoplectic?


  9. George R says:

    ‘Sky News’:-

    “Nuclear Power: Hitachi Buys Newbuild Project.
    The Japanese engineering giant takes over plans to build nuclear power plants in a £700m deal that will create thousands of jobs.”

    [-inc video].


  10. George R says:

    “The mysterious media Benghazi bugout”


    (I think we know where BBC-Democrat is on this.)