It’s so touching. Even in the midst of the Savile sexual abuse maelstrom, the BBC lovingly reports Milibands plea for “an independent inquiry” into what actually went on.  Presumably judicial led, Ed, like ever other inquiry you call for on a virtually hourly basis? I heard Harman in the Commons also expressing her alarm at Savile’s crimes and how it had stained the much loved reputation enjoyed by trusted Auntie. Again the BBC is PRAISED even when we can see the decades of cover up. Amazing really.

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  1. Ken Hall says:

    This is not a stain on “trusted Auntie”. This is default auntie and the good stuff the BBC do is the rare aberration!


  2. Paddytoplad says:

    That’ll be the auntie that turned a blind eye while uncle Jim was shagging fixit winners in his dressing room.

    That’ll be the same auntie that blamed Uncle Sam when uncle Bin blew his building up.

    The same auntie that told uncle Leopoldo the gaucho how big our task force was.

    Well she’s no Auntie of mine.

    I’d call social services on her for enabling murderers and Paedos


  3. +james says:

    ” I heard Harman in the Commons also expressing her alarm at Savile’s crimes ”

    Is that the same Harriet Harman who worked for the Paedophile Information Exchange in 1970s while Head of the Council of Civil Liberties?


  4. David Lamb says:

    Harman and Milli want an inquiry into child abuse at the BBC. It will recommend all kinds of regulations to ensure that lessons will be learnt, robust structures will be put in place to ensure that children appearing in the media will be protected. The BBC will gladly apply these measures and employ numerous bureaucrats to install the system. One might expect the inquiry to be dominated by child psychologists, counsellors and the usual experts on these matters. Somewhere along the line the deeper scandals regarding the BBC’s ability to cover up and suppress information and news will be forgotten.


    • Demon says:

      There was that terrible story yesterday of a family where mother and all but ine child were killed in a house fire. They showed a picture of them all but the presumed still living child’s face was pixellated. This is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately.

      I assume that children’s faces are obscured because somebody thinks that would excite some paedophile. I’m not a psychologist but I would think that would be very unlikely. I have often wondered if someone at the BBC is aroused by them so thinks everyone else will be too.

      Children aren’t stupid and seeing other children on the television pictured like that will lead to very difficult questions and will therefore probably have the opposite effect to that intended.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I think it’s actually for reasons of privacy. Sadly, the other children no longer have privacy to breach.


        • Demon says:

          Privacy should apply to adults equally with children. In that sort of thing there surely is no difference.


        • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

          More like self protection.

          It’s in the vein of not being allowed to film kids playing school football or pantomimes. It is in case a paedophile sees the film and uses it as a shopping video and a kid goes missing.

          AFAIK this has never happened in real life but the lawyers have their villas to support.


    • #88 says:

      I think that you’ll find that Miliband called for a ‘broad’ inquiry into the BBC, the NHS and others…which means that the findings of any wrongdoing will be diluted with fingers pointed elsewhere. The BBC (in its news bulletins and on HIGNFY for e.g.) and Guardian have already begun the distraction strategy, it was only a matter of time before their political affiliate stepped in to square the circle. The strategy will no doubt be reinforced by more Mitchell pressure and more News International stories (I haven’t heard Watson and Bryant rushing to the Commons to condemn the BBC over this).

      I have long believed that in its culture and practices, its output and in the way it handles complaints, the BBC is in breach of its Charter obligations. In the same way that Savile became untouchable, our institutions seem too frightened to take them to task.

      The BBC has become a monster.


      • DP says:

        I don’t often read the Guardian, but a couple of week-ends ago while travelling I saw they had something like 3 pages related to the Savile story, but only about 2 column inches right at the bottom of a page about the Oxford ‘Asian’ (yeah, right!) pedo gang.

        It seemed odd that clouded history was more important to the Guardian (and the BBC I think) than exposure, punishment and prevention of current crimes.


  5. Rich Tee says:

    “It’s so touching”

    I’ve heard there was a lot of that…


  6. Mice Height says:

    Perhaps he should have a look at his own Party too:


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      The site above claims that PIE is a ‘far left group’. Is this true or hyperbole – does anyone know?


      • Earls court says:

        it would be far left, the far left supports anything that will give them their Marxist world government.


  7. Enough is Enough says:

    I listened very careful to what Harman and Miliband have called for, and while on the face of it this seems like common sense, to my mind the argument has been carefully put together with the skill of the sort of spin which Malcolm Tucker would be proud of.

    In reality there are two issues which should focus the mind:

    1.The individual actions of JS and how widespread his abuse was, as well as examining how he was allowed to operate with impunity.
    2.The culture within the BBC and the issue of trust and integrity.

    The first would be subject to the findings of the police investigation. To call for a inquiry before this has finished would be ill judged to say the least.

    On the wider point of the BBC trust, accountability and integrity, I believe there is enough scope to start a broader review into how the organization operates.

    Clearly there is now a significant body of opinion who for one reason or another no longer trusts the BBC. There also appears to be a culture of coercion and intimidation with regard to silencing both internal and external examination on how the BBC conducts itself.

    Both Robin Aitken and Peter Sissons have detailed an environment where if the internal political and cultural orthodoxy is questioned, that far from being treated seriously, is often dismissed as ‘rocking the boat’.

    If two senior journalists from the BBC are not being taken up with the gravitas that was needed, what hope do teenage girls and boys having their allegations being investigated with any rigour?

    For too long the BBC and fellow travelers are dismissed as a minority, crack pot Daily Mail readers who’s opinion counts for nothing.

    Again judging by the standards that critics are subject to, what hope are teenage boys and girls to be taken seriously by the BBC?

    The call from the Labour leadership for a wide ranging inquiry would be very useful for the BBC, as it allows then to blame these events on the wider issues in society, and the failures of other public bodies.

    Its interesting that Harman is focusing (quite correctly) on the victims of the alleged abuse, but is strangely sanguine on the editorial conduct that took place, not 30 odd years ago, but last year.

    Its time for a wider public debate on the role which the BBC plays in public life, and if it is fit for purpose.


  8. uncle bup says:

    Nice to see Kevin MacDire and Andrew Pierce absolutely ripping into the BBC last night on Sky. A complete contrast to the utterly, utterly shameful way Balding, Hislop, Merton et al whored themselves for the cause on HIGNFY.

    And also nice to see time-served, seat-warmer, more-of-the-same-please-George Entwhistle absolutely in the cross-hairs. He is expecting us to believe that when Helen Boaden sat with him in a room and told him that she was pulling a Newsnight on Savile, he didn’t ask and she didn’t tell that the feature was going to be about Savile’s paedophilia. Before then going on to approve the broadcasting of a couple of hagiographies of St Jimmy.

    Hapless hopeless George is not going to be serving much more time,. and his seat will gradually cool to the ambient temperature of the room as George leaves the building.


    • Framer says:

      Entwhistle’s exit will be gold-plated never you fear.


    • Reed says:

      Comment of the day @ Guido’s…

      Steve Miliband says:

      Balding slagged of the Daily Mail website. Remind me Clare, which newspaper serialised your recent autobiography?

      So much hypocrisy.


  9. Enough is Enough says:

    Going slightly off topic, I wonder what the ramifications this will have in the broader culture clash between ‘progressives’ and ‘conservatives’

    While in no way it demeans what Saville has done,which should be investigated with a robust approach, he is a very interesting target for those of the far Left.

    While certainly in its editorial output the BBC approached topics from a leftward slant, broadly speaking, the BBC of the 1970’s and 1980’s was more inclusive of the views held by the British public.

    To many, the 1950 to the 1980’s were the ‘golden age’ of the BBC.

    Saville up until know was a culturally ‘conservative’ icon. A working class man made good, and who identified with the average British viewer. The same could be said for the likes of John Peel, DLT, Blackburn etc.

    Because conservatism by its very nature, values the past and sees it as the bedrock for future progression, what better way for revisionism to take hold but by portraying the very past a corrupt and rotten.

    Which is why I am deeply suspicious of how some on the radical left are taking up the broader narration that values from that era was questionable in general, and what better way to do that, but through a purge and rewrite of popular history and icon’s from that period.

    The radical Left has no values based on the past, tradition is the enemy of ‘progress’.

    This event could be used as a platform by the far Left to attack the foundations of social conservatism- which is dangerous to say the least because it allows the far Left free reign to write there own version of events.

    Will we must ensure that the BBC is reformed and held to account for its inability to deal with the many issues that faces ‘Auntie’, we must at the same time be guarded that we are not simply replacing one orthodoxy with another more deeply damaging dogma.


    • Daniel Smith says:

      I myself have been mulling this over. Once one gets over the pleasure of seeing the BBC discomfited it is actually troubling. I have no doubt that it will be used as another excuse for white (Christian) male bashing. Already we have seen, in the first thread on the subject, Scott(or one of his acolytes, their opinions are interchangeable) float the narrative: to what degree did his Christian faith play in this? I have no doubt that this will be played up by the media along with notions of ‘white privilege’ and indeed ‘male power’..
      Much as I hate to agree with Michael Lyons, there is an element of dangerous hysteria about this. “jimmy savile’s hand lingered on my arm a few seconds too long” while unpleasant is not a sex crime, but is being treated as such by the media. I wonder if the upshot of this will be the further demonisation of men in general. I expect more laws to ‘protect children’ which will just increase the general paranoia and state control. Already the mere unsubstantiated accusation of paedophilia is enough to destroy a man’s career and reputation. I have thought for a while that this will become the trumped-up charge of choice which the state will use to silence dissenters.
      When Witchfinder General Harriet Harperson can pompously announce her desire for a wider enquiry, you can rest assured that she has an agenda going on.


  10. David Lamb says:

    One avenue the BBC do not want to discuss is the idea of restoration or refunds to licence payers who deeply object to their money being used to employ paedophiles. The HYS discussion on the inquiry has somehow found that inquiries of this nature are in breach of the house rules.


    • DP says:

      If you don’t need a tv licence you could always send licence reminders back to sender, clearly writing on the outside something like ‘not supporting child abuse at the BBC’.


  11. Alex says:

    Yeah, did anyone else catch that odious woman, Harriet, in the commons yesterday saying how much we all revered ‘Auntie’ and how it is a much-loved institution and so on… Eh? Everyone I know hates it and wants rid of it, sharpish! The only people who love(d) it are the Left, the BBC and Jimmy Savile!


    • Earls court says:

      Harriet Harman the woman who wants to legalise peodophila. Just google it if you don’t believe me.


      • johnnythefish says:

        And the woman who said African immigrants who send benefits money back home to their families are ‘heroes’.


  12. Egg says:

    BREAKING NEWS : A gang of dyslexic vigilantes have just beaten up Jimmy Somerville


    • Earls court says:

      They might be Muslims seeing Islam is very anti-gay and this Jimmy sommerville is a famous homosexual.


      • Wild says:

        Earls court, I take it Mensa turned down your application. No shame in that, since they accepted Jimmy Savile.

        I notice that in one of his last interviews Jimmy Savile was asked if he thought he was going to heaven. Sir James replied, no, because he did whatever he wanted, and had no conscience.

        Previously his line (according to one of his producers) was that he had an arrangement with God that his charity work redeemed his other sins. It seems that in the end even Sir James BBC acknowledged his own depravity.


        • Earls court says:

          Mensa I won’t join that.
          That is one Satan’s organisations on Earth run by Frankfurt School members. To make people turn away from Jehovah god and go to Satan.
          I don’t to end up suffering Eternal damnation in the lake of fire.
          So I will not join Mensa.


          • Nicked emus says:

            Mensa is the handwork of Satan? Jeez has anyone told that bloke on here who mentions it in every post he makes?

            And Clive Sinclair, isn’t he in it? Seems a bit harsh to send him to hell just for inventing the Speccy.

            Earls, do you ever think your views are a bit, well, odd?


            • Earls court says:

              Mensa is the handwork of Satan. Those Mensa tests with all those symbols are Satanic. Clive Sinclair has his beard just how Satan would have a beard in a male human form.
              Nicked Emus you and Clive Sinclair if you don’t repent and accept Jehovah god and his son our lord and saviour Jesus Christ will suffer eternal damnation in the lake of fire.


              • Nicked emus says:

                Ah I get it now. Sorry I was a bit slow.

                Well done. You had me. I thought you were serious.

                Nicely done.


          • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

            Thank God I was wearing my girdle as I think my sides have just split!

            Mensa the work of the Devil eh? Well that’s Satanism down in my estimation. 🙂


            • Earls court says:

              There is an organistion called Densa for all the people not intelligent enough to be in Mensa.
              That is full of BBC employees. The window licking left-wing freaks.


              • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

                There’s one called Fensa, for those who can’t make their minds up.

                Another called Hensa for those with poultry in mind …


  13. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Victoria Derbyshire this morning had a brief interlude asking listeners whether the Savile affair made them think any less of the bBBC. Predictably, she then read a barrage of comments about how wonderful the bBBC is, Savile wasn’t the bBBC’s fault, the bBBC is the only medium that can be trusted, etc.
    I didn’t hear the end as I had to go to the bathroom to vomit.


  14. George R says:

    More BBC-NUJ gratuitous Labour Party propaganda today:

    “Miliband: ‘One Nation’ speech got under Tories’ skin”


    “One nation? Hypocritical Red Ed is the
    most divisive Labour leader for decades”


    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  15. geewizz says:

    I am rather surprised at the bare mention of the ex Beeb DG Mark Thompson. Is the fact that he is now in New York and effectively out of direct glare any reason to not hold him to account for what went on under his leadership all these years? My suspicious mind tells me that he saw the coming storm and ducked out. Heck, I’d even entertain that he helped Geroge land right in it as retribution for being an ankle-biter. Maybe it’s just me being silly but it annoys me, as I can just picture his smug mug as he watches them all squirm.


  16. Stan Arnold says:

    Milliband on Sky TV today. Five uses of the word ‘victims’ – implying Savile is guilty before investigation. That other bloke who leads the LibDems in the Commons – at least three implications that Savile is guilty. The media is full of pundits pre-judjing the outcome – just occasionally does someone say ‘alleged victims’. Call me old fashioned, but I rather like the idea that someone is innocent until proved guilty.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I wonder if BBC technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones (another genetic Beeboid, and husband of a BBC Trustee, natch), is having second thoughts about how he frowned at Amazon for declining to publish – he called it “censoring” – a paedophile handbook.


  18. Louis Robinson says:

    Where did I first hear about this story a year ago?

    Oh yeah, RIGHT HERE!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      You’re right, Louis. Someone from Jersey has been posting links to stuff from Voice for Children in the comments here for quite some time, and most of us have probably ignored it or not given much thought until now.


  19. chrisH says:

    Another public enquiry?….`cos Ed says so?
    What`s the betting that the BBC and its stoolies of the left have been tweting and suchlike on how best to spread the blame.
    Look-the BBC employed Jimmy Savile and gave him his rooms to abuse kids. It paid him to do it in effect.
    That hospitals and prisons gave him similar free rein will be dealt with-but the BBC are prime groomers and no-one else would have let sick Jim do anything without his stardust pass as given him by the BBC.
    Once the BBC has been bulldozed for housing serial perverts, we can then consider Broadmoor and the like…the NHS and Prison Service have not been hounding Catholics to their graves in some witch hunt, like the smug Children In Need sickos like those at the BBC.
    BBCs head on a plate then please-and then we can look at the rest.
    The BBC is the Bin Laden of the piece….the rest can wait for now.
    And once Miliband and Harman are oiling the hinges-you know the BBC need to be firebombed from their Augean stables.


  20. Reed says:

    Oh how the BBC crowed when the Murdoch’s were under the microscope, being questioned as to whether they were ‘fit and proper’ persons to own broadcast media in their bid for complete ownership of BSkyB…

    Guido can exclusively reveal this morning that the BBC are facing mounting pressure to prove that they are a “fit and proper” organisation to hold a broadcast licence.

    Old Rupert is looking a lot less of a devil in comparison, hey Beebiods.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Wow, look at all those extreme minority views which certainly don’t represent the country.


  21. George R says:

    “BBC scandal creates waves for incoming New York Times CEO”


    ” The erupting scandal at Britain’s public broadcaster, the BBC, over allegations of sexual abuse involving late TV host Jimmy Savile is leading to awkward questions for the New York Times Co’s incoming chief executive, Mark Thompson.”


    • George R says:

      “Mark Thompson set to deliver series of lectures at Oxford University.
      “Outgoing BBC director will speak about language of political debate in UK and US, before starting job at New York Times.”

      [It is though that Thompson will deliver his lectures speaking on the back foot.]


      • chrisH says:

        Let us hope that the likes of Dawkins, Robertson, Mansfeld, Fry, Tatchell etc will be willing to make a citizens arrest on this bristly tub of guts that allowed Jimmy Savile and other High Priests of out culture to do their worst whilst in Ariels Temple in W11 etc.
        No wonder they wanted to move to Salford, the dirty old scrotes!
        Let`s hope we can get an extradition agreement with Salford, before the SNP let the perps all claim asylum.
        Thompson, Savile…Catholics?…that will prove to be the BBC Masonic Lodge at work then.
        The Innocence of Beeboids eh?


      • Guest Who says:

        Interesting comments… ’till the Graun pulled them… at 8.


  22. uncle bup says:

    I went on to William Hills this morning to get a price on both Entwhistle and Thompson to be sacked by year-end.

    They would only give me evens the double, but I bit their hand off nevertheless.

    Always say bet with your head rather than your heart, but here I think both are in the right place.

    In other news BBC royalty David/Jonathan (who cares) Dimblebum was on the wireless this morning (yawn) flogging his new book and (yawn) new series. When asked if it was realistic that Helen Boaden could be in a room with Georgie ‘Dead Man Walking’ Entwhistle, tell him that she was pulling a feature on Savile, and for Georgie ‘Coat Hanging On A Shoogly Nail’ Entwhistle NOT to ask what the feature was about.

    ‘Absolutely,’ said Dimblebum, ‘that’s how things are done at the BBC’.

    Amazing, no, how they plume themselves about how wonderful the BBC is, at the same time as lying through their back teeth.

    Little ess aitch one tee.


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      Probably on the lines of

      E: ‘ Next Item’

      B: ‘I’m pulling the Saville stuff from Newsnight.’

      E: ‘Oh?’

      B: ‘Don’t ask …’

      E: ‘Next item’


  23. Shevva says:

    This will not affect the London bubble, it will be marked down as boys-will-be-boys and then the London elite will keep on locking people up for not paying their TV tax.

    It’s called hypocrisy and this country is full of it.


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    John Humphrys has the answer as to why serial rape and sexual assault is no longer tolerated at the BBC. Society was different then, but Labour fixed it. (@3:05 in)


  25. George R says:

    “BBC Covered Up Sex Attacks By Star For Decades”

    By Mike McNally

    (2 page article)


    “And day in day out, in its news and factual output, the BBC – which enjoys a virtual monopoly of TV, radio and internet news provision in Britain – holds itself up as a paragon of objectivity, while bias permeates its coverage of everything from Israel and Palestine to climate change. For the privilege of subsidizing this parade of corporate excess and liberal propaganda, each household in Britain is taxed to the tune of $235 a year, despite that fact that on almost every contentious issue the BBC is at odds with a majority of the British people.

    “The phone hacking scandal led to a costly and drawn-out public inquiry, during which newspaper bosses, police officers, Conservative politicians and others were interrogated and often humiliated, while the BBC sat gleefully on the sidelines waiting for the next arrest or resignation. At the time, the corporation’s detractors wondered how it had managed to escape scrutiny in the most wide-ranging inquiry into the workings or the British media ever held. They’ll now be hoping that, at long last, it’s the BBC’s turn to stand in the dock.”


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘while any major organization would rightly be castigated for systemically covering up sexual assaults on young girls, none has appointed itself the arbiter of an entire nation’s morals and tastes to the extent the BBC has’
      Any major outfit also investigating itself before finding ‘it has got everything about right’, again and again, might also find its arbiter status of anything subject to some cranked eyebrows were it not so gosh-darned ‘unique’.


  26. chrisH says:

    The Today travesty would not be the cesspool (not mere cesspit, Patten!) that it is , without gratuitous and reflex slurs on Israel.
    Between 7 and 8 this morning, we got the “Occupied Territories Uni”, which will provoke the YouTube muppets-and if it doesn`t we shall remind you all again.
    We also got the parity between good old Iran and its nuclear ambitions-and nasty old Israel a -sabre-rattling against those lovely Iranians.
    The long-suffering bloke from the IAEA must have thought his English was suspect when Humprys wondered why the IAEA are fussing about Iran and not Israel…for surely they`re the same thing!
    Well yes, apart from the fact that Iran sighed the accords that commit it to IAEA inspections, whereas Israel kept well clear, thank Allah!
    Ignorant reflex anti Israeli bias oozes from the Toady Toadies at every turn.

    Next up-Harriet Harman gets a clear field and rose tinted binoculars to give voice to the need for others than the BBC to stand in the dock of public opinion. She spouts uninterrupted and able to avoid and “just one more thing”-types parting shots about her Paedo Info Exchange casework from the 70s.
    And of course-no Mark Easton or Nick Robinson to trash the harpie afterwards by way of analysis.
    And of course-no opposing voices or debate-heaven forbid that Harman would be shown for the vacuous privileged hypocritical numbskull that she is!
    The BBC need as many enquiries as it takes to get them shut down-and not run by their stooges, like Harmans family etc.
    Next on Today-did Jimmy Savile learn his trade from Mossad?…and here`s a slew of Beeboids to tell us yes.