A Biased BBC advises…

“Have you read this stuff?

And she is still broadcasting. Here is the latest” .


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3 Responses to BOLD

  1. john in cheshire says:

    I listened to about half of the broadcast. My impression (which is why I had to stop listening) is that she is putting one side of the argument; namely, why shouldn’t all the latinos, particularly the illegal ones, be automatically allowed to live in the US and to be given legal status. What is never asked is why should they. One of the interviewees actually said, that after 30 or so years living in the US, she still didn’t regard it as home. That tells me that she and her family have not assimilated and should depart for somewhere they do regard as home. But as usual, people like her want their cake and eat it. They want all the benefits, but don’t want to concede anything in return. In another clip, a Mexican restaurant, I think, is named after an insulting word for ‘white’ people. So, here we have an example where incomers are showing their contempt for their host country and the host country allows them to get away with it.
    There are so many parallels between what is happening in the US with regards to their latino immigrants and our muslim (particularly) immigrants that I have to wonder if there is some kind of fatalism that has invaded the mindset of Anglo-Saxons wherever they are established. Have we fought too many wars and depleted our genetic base to an extent that we now have only a weakened pool from which to renew ourselves? And a collective malaise that prevents us from defending ourselves and our way of life?


  2. fitzfitz says:

    On applying for college places in many US states, illegal aliens are given automatic quota & positive discrimination-based preference. Most excellent .


  3. Invicta 1066 says:

    This kind of thinking has now permeated the pages of New Scientist. Apparently, old white Americans need to educate the young Latinos (who will outnumber them by 2050 because of higher birth rates plus immigration (ring any bells here?) because they will be the ones who will be looking after them. Both physically, with care, and financially by working and providing the taxes to pay for that care!
    The problem with the BBC and Guardian and now New Scientist is that they never look beyond the ends of their noses to ask and who will look after the extra millions when they become old. Of course it won’t get that far because overpopulation and overcrowding will result in starvation when the crops fail and the rapid spread of deadly disease and vireses.