I always thought, or hoped, the BBC was a serious news provider that had integrity and a sense of responsibility and was not prone to disseminating bilious, dangerous gossip.

Guess I am wrong.

Lib Dem conference: Simon Hughes attacks ‘racist’ banks

Deputy Lib Dem leader Simon Hughes says he has “seen and heard” banks making racist decisions on lending.

He said banks will “say yes to a well established white individual” but say no to a black business person “with a better financial reputation”.

“I have seen clearly banks, and heard clearly banks, who make racist decisions,” said the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark.”


Good  that the BBC is prepared to publish such libellous smears about the banks…no names, no pack drill.  Nothing like a bit of uncorroborated anti-bank vilification that is purely designed by Hughes to do the most reputational damage as possible.

Such charges of racism should only be raised with absolute proof.  It seems here that the BBC have decided to publish under the cover of ‘just reporting what he said’ whilst knowing that mud sticks.

Let’s wait and see just how long the bandwagon takes before the ‘victims’ of bank’s racism come crawling out of the woodwork….and make an appearance on Today and the  Victoria Derbyshire show…hankies at the ready!….just don’t expect to hear the bank’s version of any story we hear….all callers to the BBC phone-ins are entirely trustworthy and credible.


A few years back the BBC did a programme on business start ups showcasing  some people who were attempting to get their inventions onto the shelves.

One was a young black man who had designed an escape ladder that provided an emergency exit from a burning house.  He couldn’t get the banks to fund him…he openly claimed that it was due to racism.

On the same show a white man (Ken Frogbrook) who had invented a straw matting to soak up oil  spills at sea  couldn’t get any finance despite it working and being a viable commercial product and as such a potential big money spinner, the oil business being the oil business.  He finally got some money….his story was heard on the radio and Joanna Lumley (yes Purdey) stumped up some of her own money. 

Was he a victim of some unknown discrimination by the banks or did they just think the venture too risky or not likely to be sufficiently successful to warrant an investment?  Maybe he had red hair.  We shall never know.


It may not say much about racism in the banking world but it certainly says something about their ability to pick a winner.

 That’s the real story for the BBC if it really wants to keep poking the banking industry with a sharp stick…that and the lunacy of the Lib-Dems.

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16 Responses to GIVE A DOG A BAD NAME

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    I have to wonder why Mr Hughes is sitting in on quite so many loan applications that he has “heard” these racist decisions. Is that now part of an MP’s duties? If so I really must start advising my clients to ask their MP to tag along with them to their meeting with the bank.

    Or does he perhaps mean hearsay?


  2. George R says:

    ‘Principles’ of Lib Dems’ Utopian Bank:

    -discriminate positively for non-white customers;

    -discriminate negatively against white customers.


  3. DJ says:

    To borrow a line from Ann Coulter, being a liberal journalist must be great, because every day is a journey into a new and exciting world. There are no contradictions in liberalism, providing that you disregard everything that happened before breakfast.

    Us crankey cons remember the ‘Community Reinvestment Act’ and what that did for the world, but the BBC can move smoothly from complaining about ‘sub-prime’ lending in the US to demanding more of it round here.

    On the plus side, now we’ve established the ‘Stuff People Are Saying’ standard for reporting, I’ll guess we’ll be hearing a lot more about events in Rotherham, right?

    How about a bit of transparency in how the BBC selects stories?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      “Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
      “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘How about a bit of transparency in how the BBC selects stories?’
      Now look what you made me do.
      That’s going to take ages to wipe of the screen.


  4. Robin Rose says:

    Simon Hughes is pure poison. He makes Peter Tatchell seem like an exemplar of decency and moral rectitude in comparison. Since he does not work in a bank or have anything to do with loan applications, he is clearly blowing smoke. No doubt the Liberal Democrats will only be happy when they have reinvented the US Community Reinvestment Act which ended up with the sub-prime debacle. Vince Cable has already found a billion of our pounds to set up a joke bank, perhaps Simon Hughes could be made the bank manager so he could advance loans to any young black man who happened to be passing, he must meet enough on Clapham Common on his evening constitutional.


  5. chrisH says:

    Oh Alan!
    I have defended you at each and every turn…but come off it!
    That first sentence is a mockery-you know…WE all know-that the BBC is a festering boil on the national body, and spreads its bile/pus as and whenever it can. It`s a cancer on free expression and rational educated thought…and has been since 1997, if not before.
    The very idea of Simon Cadell-this creep Hughes-possibly being either newsworthy or trustworthy is pathetic…he doesn`t even know what his own sexuality is or was…like that other one Oaten…so only a fool-or the BBC would give this slimeball any houseroom.
    Witness the reporting of the LibDem conference…no Huhne mentioned, now he`s not able to stand and watch the electric cars pass by in Red(well Pink) Square..
    Apparently Clegg spent much of his speech slagging off the last Labour Government-but no soundbites available for the news….so all we get is his dig at Cameron-which, funnily enough WAS all available for the %p.m news!
    So Alan-you know the nature of the BBC-Bin Laden a martyr and Abu Hamza needing a digital nosepick at the expense of a war veterans oxycontin?…do not give the BBC any credit whatsoever-we all know what they`re up to in terms of getting their One World Soviet.
    #If you don`t know them by now…#.


  6. 1327 says:

    Oh good Simon “a straight choice for Bermondsey” is back on our screens what a surprise. I’m guessing no one on the Beeb has brought up a certain election leaflet from way back 🙂


  7. fitzfitz says:

    Its wacist ! Irs wacist ! Cleggs chum is a pwick too.


  8. deegee says:

    Banks couldn’t care less about whether a business idea is valid. They only care about the likelihood of the borrower being able to repay loan and interest even if the business idea is ridiculous. They often get that wrong which is why billionaires and major companies have no trouble borrowing.


  9. Ron Todd says:

    In racism cases the charge is the proof of guilt why provide evidence if an upright member of the political class has claimed banks are racist then racist they must be.

    John Terry by dint of a fortune spent on lawyers got a not guilty in court. He is now being tried by the FA to a lower standard of evidence and if he escapes that the liberalocracy will find another way to get him. At which point the BBC wll rejoice.


  10. Invicta 1066 says:

    Ah! Simon Hughes, the guy who made the most of smearing opponent Peter Tatchell as homosexual and famously said in a speech that he wondered where all the black people hadsuddenly come from in Bermondsey.
    I used to work there in the mid 70s, and indeed his observation that by the late 90s there had been a wholesale change in the ethnicity of the population was correct.
    However, Mr Hughes was called a racist for his comment, was sent off for ‘training’ and has been a puppet to multiculturism ever since.
    I see that where I worked, Shad Thames, is now a very up-market area, but around the corner the evidence of decline and wholesale change to the population is evident. Still this will endear him to the new voters.


  11. Mice Height says:

    “But uh toldz u da mark up uh canz beez makin’ on a kilo of crack an u still wontz lendz muh da dough.
    Dat beez racis’ an ting blud, uh gunz beez tellin Simon Hughes an ting innit”


  12. Idontpaythebbc says:

    Are the Islamic banks lending to Black people ?

    Thought not .