1. Ontablets says:

    Check out the bottom picture *part packs* , plus Ed has been pictured with someone in t-shirt before ( middle pic) http://kebabtime.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/these-were-on-sale-at-tuc-conference.html


  2. Demon says:

    Remind me please, on what grounds do the left regard their opponents as “The Nasty Party”?


  3. Brian says:

    Given the fact that neither the vacuous Milliband nor anyone else in the Labour Party has strongly condemned this disgusting activity, it takes the TUC and the Labour Party to a new low in their moral behaviour and outlook. What makes it worse is that the BBC, who are so quick to question rigorously any one in the coalition or in business if they make a derogatory personal comment, nowhere near the scale of this sort of vile behaviour, have not picked up the story and pressed Milliband for a comment. Regardless of your view about any past politician, this represents the very worst of parts of our society and makes me worry very much about what can be expected from the Labour Party if they were ever returned to power.


  4. chrisH says:

    Those of us who grew up with the hard left back in the late70s and the 80s are not-can`t be-the least surprised at this.
    These unreconstituted nasties have let their SWP red shirts become pink after chatting along with Mandelson, Reid, Clarke, McNulty and all the other fellow-travellers who “went all pastel” on us , in order to win power.
    I was not the only one who genuinely worried whether Brown would leave office after his defeat was I?
    The likes of the Derbyshire Dossers Leaague of virulent resentments that produce stuff like this are “affilaited” to the TUC, but not “members”-will the BBCs hacks tell us the difference when it comes to inciting murderous hatred against an old lady who has done no harm to anyone since 1990.
    Indeed-even for those who hated her back then…the nature of her public decline ought to move them-like John Paul 2 should have done.
    But I`m afraid these Stalinist scum and hollowed out agitprop pondlife cannot be moved…they have no heart, no soul and no hopes at all outside their equally sick cronies.
    Sums up the Labour Party, the TUC that bankrolls them-and of course the Stalinist , Green Fascists that have coalesced into a slime mould that will cause a lot of pain until we take them on…am hoping the likes of the EDL will note their nemesis in Brighton and write some letters.
    Mrs T was a friend to Israel and knew her Old Testament too-for that alone she`s with the angels, despite errors made.
    The Left-the old sadsacks selling stuff like this, and the New Left that grease their guns and printing presses won`t ever forgive them for being a friend of the Jewish people…which is her biggest vice to them I fear!
    I hope and pray Margaret survives Vanessa Redgrave anyway!


    • London Calling says:

      “who has done no harm to anyone since 1990”

      I know it’s only a turn of phrase Chris, but I don’t recall her doing “harm” to anyone before then either. At least none that didn’t deserve it. Before anyone says “miners strike” remember those cheekie chappies that killed a “scab” lorry driver by dropping a car battery on his cab from a bridge? That Labour MP Toby Perkins tosser on his tweet “Thatcher’s legacy for North Derbyshire was a disgusting one, but” continues the hatred. He may not buy a T Shirt but is out of the same box as those who do.


      • chrisH says:

        Take your pint sir!
        Just a turn of phrase.
        I myself was a useful Leftie idiot back then…ILEA , teacher with my Guardian and all manner of freebies as a union rep and a rising star in my part of Outer London.
        Personally, i thought her “National Curriculum” was the biggest mistake, and has done irreparable harm. The Left love it though, so it never gets cited.
        But even when I was a Leftie muppet, I never doubted that she had principles, intellect and a rational philosophy to things that I could respect.
        So unlike Blair, Cameron/Clegg who have no purpose for being in power, apart from to hold it…principles as pipe cleaners to be bent and recast as necessary-especially when the BBC call for it in their “critics would say”…mode!
        No-she made mistakes and did do harm, but it was not malicious or unprincipled…and is the only leader since Churchill to be worth a damn!
        She deserves better-but we`ve got the unions we deserve now!


        • LondonCalling says:

          I suspect we’ve all been there at one time: that is why we know the enemy so well. “An inside job”.
          I well recall marching down Whitehall in a donkey jacket chanting “Wilson Out!” though I think I only did it to get a free coach ride from Uni to London, paid for by the International Socialists.
          I don’t have a problem with people being young and stupid, I have a problem with people who no longer have that valid excuse.


      • RCE says:

        To all the thick-as-mince lefties who ever say ‘Miners Strike’ to me I ask them to explain the background and whether Scargill had the support and backing of the majority of miners.

        Of course they just look at me blankly. They haven’t got a fucking clue about the facts.


    • Alfie Pacino says:

      “I was not the only one who genuinely worried whether Brown would leave office after his defeat was I?”
      We had the Moody Blues ‘Go now’ on permanent loop for days whilst he blustered….


  5. Wild says:

    The history of the Left is a history of hate. You only have to look at the expressions on the faces of the delegates to the Labour Party Conference. The Labour Party is funded by the TUC whose primary function these days is to lobby and intimidate on behalf of Public Sector greed. Every single Leftist I knew at University has gone to work in the Public Sector.


    • Wild says:

      “Trade union funding now accounts for 91.3% of cash and non-cash donations to the Labour Party”


  6. As I See It says:

    Compare and contrast –

    “And Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s newly-appointed general secretary….”


    “Margaret Thatcher, newly elected prime minister, arrives at Downing Street on 4 May 1979…”


    Spotted the difference yet?


    • Demon says:

      To be fair, a quick skim of the Thatcher piece looked surprisingly balanced.


      • Henry says:

        Yes it’s balanced in parts – but quite a lot of time is given to what the maker of the shirts said, including his stupid joke about “entrepreneurial spirit”
        He claims “it’s not about wishing anybody dead” But that suggests he is dishonest as well as stupid and lacking in compassion. The T-shirts are clearly joining in a supposed celebration.
        Revolting story. I despise Blair, I’m angry at what he did, but I won’t laugh or joke when he’s dead. The left are amassing quite a collection of evidence of envy and hate, and very little of the conscience they lay claim to.


        • Demon says:

          I’m referring to the link supplied by “As I See it” above. The one about the t-shirt is tilted against decency as to be expected from the BBC. I agree with your comments, and everyone else who rightly condemn such filth.


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      And notice how the bBBC never tells us that the TUC’s proposed general strike would be illegal.


  7. jah says:

    Why would they give this travesty the oxygen of publicity? As it would offend most viewers if they were to run it you would accuse the BBC of bias. So its biased now because it doesn’t run stories like this.


    • Brian says:

      Yes JAH (or whoever you really are) it would offend many people but I believe that this site would not accuse the BBC of bias if it ran the story – after all it would be the painful truth aired publicly for all to see how disgusting the TUC members are and how slow the Labour Party are in getting their carefully managed answers straight for the time when the BBC eventually get around to airing the story under pressure. You see that’s the difference between this site and the many like-minded reasonable people that support it and JAH who thinks it’s best to hide the truth – we all want the unbiased truth aired. We don’t want to hide from the reality of a potentially oppressive, bullying and offensive organisation that is the hypocritical, destructive union organisation.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Do I read that correctly? Bias is acceptable because to report the truth might offend people who find out about it?

      That level of reasoning may be acceptable where you hang out but it won’t wash here.


      • johnnythefish says:

        For the same reason JAH thought it right the Today programme didn’t challenge the new Labour ‘Predistribution’ policy too rigorously – it was all smoke and mirrors and so was a non-story.

        Faultless logic, but only if you want to maintain a certain, biased narrative.


    • Mat says:

      offend most viewers??
      Jerry springer
      Frankie boyle
      Doug Stanhope
      Cistern Kahn
      Or any of the faked footage
      or activist made documentary’s
      pluys the countless apologies for countless offences !
      Nah the BBC would never offend most viewers!
      If you think censorship is good then your are in the wrong place bud you need to live on C.I.F.!


    • Maturecheese says:

      If the conservatives or any other perceived right wing organisation had done something like this you can bet your bottom dollar that the BBC would have been all over it like a rash. The fact that it isn’t being given the negative coverage it so deserves by the BBC just goes to show what a lowlife organisation it really is.


  8. Marcus Pinkas Fk'd us. says:

    Derbyshire that hot bed of left loosers, Skinner and his bro’ Her Lipp, remember their 70’s escapades. These scum love dancing just like that tw*t Bari Atwan wants to do in Trafalger Sq, when the rockets rain down on Tel-aviv.


  9. Loser says:

    The Left are very tolerant so long as you agree with every single thing they say and believe in. If you happen to disagree with their infantile views, as I do, then you are cast out and despised as a racist and bigot; classic intolerance in my humble opinion. But, then again, I’m just a loser.


  10. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    They disgust me. The TUC for allowing it, the BBC and Labour for doing and saying nothing about it. Scum!

    And JAH, it is the BBC’s job to report the news, not censor it. Good journalism involves being even handed even if it might offend.


  11. Scrappydoo says:

    As the BBC obviously condones the production of these tshirts and the hate behind them – The conservatives should be free to produce a similar T shirt featuring Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Except that we know the response from the BBC would be immediate – wall to wall coverage from dawn till dusk, a queue of labour MPs frothing at the mouth with fake indignation, phone-ins about the nasty party for weeks after.


    • Demon says:

      If we were to sink to their depraved low level we would need t-shirts with Skinner/Benn/Livingstone (or whichever you choose) with a picture of a coffin and the words “…… are you not dead yet – we all want a party”. And to be worn prominently.

      But that would be as sick as what these scum are planning.


  12. London Calling says:

    When Mrs T finally leaves us, I will celebrate, but by taking a bus up to Highgate Cemetery and dancing on the grave of Karl Marx, where he belongs, six feet under.


  13. Roland Deschain says:

    I wonder how long it will be until the BBC reports that Nadine Dorries has called for a “Kill Cameron strategy” and tries to equate the two.

    (Apologies if this appears twice – I just posted and it vanished into thin air! As did my login details. 😕 )


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Tried to post that earlier, but several attempts vanished like farts in the wind. I thought it seemed quiet in here today – looks like others may be having problems too.


  14. TPO says:

    The BBC have finally got round to putting it on their website, presumably because the vermin there realised that they would rightly be accused of burying something that would show one of their beloved institutions in less than a flattering light.
    However when you examine “Anger at Thatcher death T-shirts on sale at TUC” it reads more like a justification. Clearly a lot of drones at the beeb have spent an awful lot of time trying to spin this one.


    Actually BBC it’s not ‘anger’ it’s outrage.
    Vermin, the lot of them.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Is it really necessary to present the argument for why the unionistas are acting in such a vulgar fashion? A couple years ago when some fringe Tea Party activists put up a billboard featuring the President as having similar politics to Hitler and Lenin, the BBC sure as hell didn’t waste any space on the point of view that the President’s policies might be dangerous. Instead it was all condemnation, from a prominent Tea Party group’s mouthpiece (note to BBC: there is no “national Tea Party representative”, just like your little darling Occupiers), as well as from Sarah Palin. The BBC also made sure to report that the NAACP condemned the entire Tea Party movement for tolerating racism and bigotry.

      This BBC piece on the Thatcher t-shirts is weighted towards the anti-Thatcher point of view, with only two Conservative MPs and an ex-union guy from the Telegraph condemning it, and even they water it down as it reflecting only on “some” unionistas.

      Even worse: Spot the Missing Quotes from any Labour figure condemning the shirt. Did the BBC not even bother to ask for one, or could they not actually find anyone from Labour to speak out against it? Maybe they’re saving it for a special feature on the evening news, right?

      As I don’t work in a news room, I’m obviously not qualified to decide which is more sickening and beyond decency, and which deserves space for the creators’ viewpoint: a billboard in a foreign country made by a few fringe private citizens with only a loose association with any official group or political party comparing the policies of their President with the Socialism of Hitler and Lenin or a t-shirt declaring a group wish for the death of and their former Prime Minister and the desire to dance on her grave that’s being openly sold at an official gathering of a national union group closely affiliated with the Labour Party. Nobody else contributed to the billboard, but apparently lots of unionistas (and possibly journalists covering the proceedings?) are buying the shirts.

      Perhaps someone who works in a news room can explain it to me.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘Perhaps someone who works in a news room can explain it to me.’
        They are kinda regretting coming out that set of closets now, really.
        As to deputising on the hole digging front, there was a ghost of a chance, but RCE seems to have neatly addressed that one.
        A double slap moment, if ever there was one.


    • #88 says:

      It sounds not so much like a justification but an advert / free PR for the sicko who’s selling them.
      And where in this is Miliband’s response? Oh the BBC never sought one, I guess, even though Miliband posed, smiling, with his arm around the wearer. Unlike Cameron who was immediately pursued for a statement and a challenge for him to take action, when the friend of one of his MPs donned a Nazi uniform.


  15. Kasper says:

    So the BBC’s not biased any more now that the story is on their website?

    How can the entire BBC go from being biased in the morning to be unbiased in the afternoon? Wow


    • RCE says:

      Slow to publish the item. Highly equivocal in language and tone. Not given a particularly high profile.

      At complete odds with any story that would outrage leftist ‘sensibilities’.

      Let’s see how the National Broadcaster’s coverage of Mrs T’s demise will compare to that of Nelson Mandela’s, shall we?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Sorry, where did anyone say the BBC wasn’t biased any more?


    • Mat says:

      BBC no longer biased after biased new article ? hmm catchy !


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC News feature writer in the US, Daniel Nasaw, had this to tweet about Bill Clinton:

    Views his own, yeah. Note that the second part is for a JournoLista and far-Left writer, formerly of the openly partisan Think Progress, now of Slate (still partisan but no so openly). How cozy. Defenders of the indefensible are welcome to find me a tweet from a Beeboid endorsing a Republican candidate for anything other than trash collector or vivisection subject. How many of them are twitter buddies with Right-wing writers? Then tell me why it’s okay for them to openly endorse politicians but expect me to believe their bias doesn’t inform their reporting.


  17. LondonCalling says:

    The biased Broadcasting Corporation will often raise a false flag, throw in a token U turn, invite a Rightie guest. None of this excuses the daily diet of cultural economic and political Marxism and multiculturalism thrust down our throats for our own good at every opportunity. There doesn’t have to be a conspiracy. You just make sure you employ only people who think the same way. They can be relied on to promote the narrative without prompting. By their tweets shall you know them.


  18. chrisH says:

    I do wish that someone would do some grid type analysis of which stories get prominence at the BBC-and how much the Guardian weighting Index is. Got to be a correlation.
    In other words-why does Andy Murray winning a tennis game lead the news, leaving the deaths of kids/driver in a poor third place…would it have mattered more had it been Glasto, not Bestival that the coach was leaving for example?
    Secondly-if Murray wins his tennis…how come what Alex Salmond says about it takes priority over what a similarly inclined glory hunter in the Government thinks….what`s the betting that Labour or the TUC would have been quoted, had they`d tried to step on the bandwagon instead?
    Not that these stories matter-except for the coach tragedy…but it all says something about the Labour confederacy of dunces and cheerleaders , and their editing and filtering what is “news”…and in what order we need to take our Happy Pills or reach for our Angry Eyes.
    And-of course-how come all those Beebleeches are bedding down in Brighton, but unable to tell us anything about those T-shirts….if it was Hang Mandela at the Tory fringes, you can bet that would be national news for a few months to come.
    Who will finally rid us of this BBC?…


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So is the celebration of Andy Murray’s victory the kind of jingoism the BBC was supposed to tone down during the Olympics? I’m confused.


      • Demon says:

        The BBC doesn’t mind praising Murray’s success because he represents Scotland not Britain.

        If you’re not aware, Murray made some very anti-English remarks a few years ago, the sort that in reverse an Englishman would have had a BBC witch-hunt against him.


  19. +james says:

    As always the BBC believes that they are……..


    • London Calling says:

      Well Neil and Glenys were “all right” with their gilded E U parasite posts on however many hundred thousand a year each. Seem to recall Kinnock was put in charge of stopping EU Fraud and his main action was to sack his chief investigator for finding it. Kinnock is the most worthless piece of socialist scum it is possible to imagine. I will piss on his grave when he goes.


      • Alfie Pacino says:

        When you think that Joe Biden chose to plagiarise Kinnock speeches it doesn’t bode too well for the Democrats, either


      • Rare indoor Welsh lavatory says:

        They turned EU troughing into a family business. They are indeed socialist scum of the very lowest form.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Yet more socialists who have made themselves millionnaires from the public purse.

        Fat cats.


  20. Mice Height says:

    I expect the Communist, Nick Lowles, is selling these over at his ‘Hope Not Hate’ website . . . .


  21. Alex says:

    Off topic: Why is the BBC reporting this public sector propaganda drivel? Some in pie land are calling for longer holidays for Scottish teachers, even though the majority of school leavers are entering university unable to spell or operate basic arithmetic. Public sector = downright lazy, ineffective and parasitical.


  22. Henry says:

    The story is now up, and is the “most read” on the BBC site. They’ve already closed comments on the Torygraph piece (over a thousand comments in a few hours!)
    Big story – rightly. I pray people will see sense. If we can’t behave like civilized human beings then the fine words spoken by union leaders seem a bit of a waste of time


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Still the top of the “Most Popular” on the UK politics page. Yet it’s not featured in the actual news section. Sometimes the BBC doesn’t keep a story on the main page for a couple days due to its popularity.


  23. martin white says:

    Regarding the late appearance of the ‘ Thatcher hate shirts ‘ story on the BBC website, there is a subtle difference between the two articles. This appears in the Telegraph – “Last night outraged Conservative MPs called for Labour leader Ed Miliband to disassociate himself with the TUC and for the police to investigate.” The BBC in omitting this bit, declare their non interest in pursuing the Labour hierarchy for comment or condemnation.


    • Ben D Bus says:

      Don’t read the comments on the Guardian CIF article about this if unless you want severely elevated blood pressure.

      The ‘left’ really are hate-filled scum.


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The silence on this from our defenders of the indefensible is deafening. Come on, media pros, news room experts, tell us why there’s no reason for the BBC to seek a condemnation from Labour. Tell us why this is a non-story, worthy only of a single report which spends much of the time giving the viewpoint of Thatcher haters.


  25. Pah says:

    Little Nicky did a piece on this yesterday. He had on some far left troll and a UKIP (not Tory, but UKIP) MP to have a heated debate.

    It was the usual drivel but it was obvious that Little Nicky loved the idea and did his best to promote the idea of having a party on Mrs Thatchers death.

    Naturally Little Nicky didn’t point out that such behaviour has at its root a deep seated hatred. The last thing people need is people who hate in power over them. After all is not the Red Flag soaked in the blood of the workers? You know the one the left always manage to slaughter come the revolution …


  26. Jim Dandy says:

    ‘….they missed this story’

    No they didn’t: they reported it yesterday.