Wonder if you caught this debate on the BBC this morning? It concerns the proposed third runway for Heathrow and the debate was between Tim Yeo (Dripping wet alleged Conservative) and Tom Brake (Dripped wet Liberal Democrat). ┬áRemarkably Yeo is NOW in favour of this proposal- but only because of spurious new EU carbon guidelines. But Brake was given the lion’s share of the time to reel out his opposition to the development and Yeo had little to say (Not necessarily a bad thing but where is the balance?)

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13 Responses to THE THIRD RUNWAY!

  1. Robin Rose says:

    Tim Yeo deserves to be bound, gagged, and left in an abandoned mineshaft to contemplate his greed and hypocrisy.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    That Tim Yeo is presented as someone we should listen to, given his rank hypocrisy and conflicts of interest over matters green, is the real scandal.


  3. Aerfen says:

    Would have thought Beeboid Globalists would be fully supportive of a third runway easing home travel for immigrants.


    • Mice Height says:

      Yeah, imagine how inconvenient it’d be for the residents of Southall if they had to get all the way to the other side of London to use Boris’ estuary airport. Although that one would be more convenient for Tower Hamlets.


  4. Earls Court says:

    People at the BBC are all alcking in common sense


  5. Old Goat says:

    Tim Yeo seems to know fuck all about aeroplanes – he went on about the big ones being quieter, without considering the fact that most short-haul feeder routes are operated by 737s, A319’s and A320’s, all of which have quieter power units, too. While we’re at it, he knows fuck all about the climate, too – only how to milk us dry and line his own pockets in support of stupid ways of “mending” it.


  6. London Calling says:

    As Delingpole has noted, Tim Yeo and Selwyn Gummer who wishes now to be known as Lord Debben, are the unacceptable face of Tory sleaze. Expect to see their faces a lot on the BBC. Its dog-whistle Tory hatred. When these troughers open their mouths, they spout green bolloxs, but can be exposed as Tory Sleaze at the drop of a hat. Mines a double.
    When someone intelligent like Redwood speaks, expect lots of “Dr Spock” references from sniggering beeboids.
    Google “Redwood + Vulcan” to see media assassination at work. . Beeboids have no fear of Cameron because they know it is Cameron that fears them.


  7. johnnythefish says:

    The BBC has its own agendas, as we know, and on this particular issue it would rather see the UK descend into the Beazer Homes League of economic competitiveness rather than have it increase its carbon emissions.

    Trouble is, they can’t see beyond their Pinnocchio noses. The less wealth this country generates, the less money there will be to fund their big socialist state. Oh to be around when the penny finally drops…..


  8. Ian Hills says:

    Neither politicians nor hacks seem bothered about local opposition to a third runway, and the idea of a new airport in the Thames estuary instead doesn’t seem to figure much either. The debate is being constricted by the powers that be.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Justine Greening was on Today and Nicky Campbell today to receive abuse over this issue.

    A comment at the Spectator by Maggie Lavan sums up her time with Naughtie nicely:

    Jim Naughtie didn’t ask her any questions about a third runway. Jim Naughtie didn’t show any interest whatsoever in a third run way. If there is a problem about the need for extra air capacity Jim Naughtie wasn’t willing to discuss it. He asked numerous questions about how Justine Greening thought her career would pan out in the future. He repeated the unsavoury opinions of back-bencher and recently exposed loadsamoney businessman Tim Yeo. He repeated something David Cameron said some years ago. But about transport there was nothing. We are none the wiser.

    As for Nicky, this from UlyssesReturns
    on the same thread

    I listened to 5 Live this morning and Nicky Cambell and some other oik firing questions at the impressive Justine Greening. They were rude and peremptory, constantly interupting her and attempting to score points.

    The echo chamber / tiny extreme minority view defenders of the indefensible claim this blog is seems to be spreading.


  10. Number 7 says:


    As guido says, it seems he has a “dog in the fight”. Of course there is no conflict of interest!

    If Camer(buffo)on does not withdraw the whip from these two he deserves all the bad press he is getting.