The BBC are pretty keen to dissect anything to do with Christianity, not so keen with Islam, they are quick to disembowel the Tea Party….Paul Ryan suddenly comes on the radar and Ayn Rand is ‘rubbished’…but ‘Occupy’ is glorified and given a halo of respectability and moral authority.


Is it really leaderless, does it have a nice, heart warming for the good of mankind ethos as its basis, is it really all about equality and responsible capitalism?

No, not at all…..the vast majority…say 99%, are ‘useful idiots’ being manipulated to provide cover for the usual ragtag  bunch of anarchists and Marxist revolutionaries:

‘Neo-anarchists and other far leftists provided part of the core leadership of Occupy in a number of cities. They deserve credit for helping spur the movement—even if flash movements don’t require extensive organization or recognized leaders to make a bright and dramatic entrance and to have real effects.

There were leaders—yet OWS tended to deny they existed. Without any formal means of selection, they were there. They talked more, stayed around longer, filled the most important committees, and shaped decisions. To sustain and expand the flash movement these leaders believed that it was important to assert the primacy of its “mass” forms and to make a virtue of an alleged lack of leaders.

Many of these leaders, as well as a number of those who helped to get Occupy off the ground, were evasive about their views. What made the movement dynamic (and interesting!) was its link to the dismay and anger of many Americans about unfair inequality, bad economic conditions, and political inability to fix either. Yet anger at economic trouble, unfair inequality, and weak political leadership doesn’t lead toward approving the full agenda of the neo-anarchists and neo-communists. This agenda calls for undermining present forms of political authority, replacing market society (capitalism) with anarchist and/or communist economic schemes, and unmasking liberal institutions as coercive frauds. Asserting this agenda loudly and clearly would have distanced its advocates from the strong currents in public opinion that sympathized with OWS.

Within the left 5 to 10 percent of the American electorate, parts of the neo-anarchist agenda can get a serious hearing, without producing much support. More broadly these views have no real standing. People who believe them can help organize movements and be active in them, but this requires modulating or concealing their own commitments.

Affirming the virtues of a leaderless and unprogrammatic movement afforded room for maneuver for actual leaders, without requiring them to articulate and defend their political and ideological positions.

The Tea Party and of course Obama’s 2008 campaign overshadow OWS in political significance, but for the moment they stand together as three instances of a volatile and exciting politics that we are deep into without understanding very well.

If Occupy was mainly a vivid and significant flash movement that had a real effect on public debate, that’s important now and later. This experience signals new forms of political and social expression. Initiatives from outside the centers of political power can rapidly shift the terms of political debate and act.’

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  1. London Calling says:

    The 99% class war nonsense is good way to hide where within the 99% someone falls. The 2nd % and the 99th % have nothing in common., nor indeed have the 50th %. and the 99th %. It is like all Socialist mathematics – bogus. By even repeating the slogan the bBC is perpetuating the dishonesty. I reckon more than a few bBC presenters fall perilously close – may be the 2nd or 3rd %.


  2. As soon as NEO-Whatever enters into a piece you can mostly skip the content since it will be devoid of real arguments.
    It signals the writer tries to link historic events to modern ones in order to vilify by association and therefore is writing a rant.
    One can save a lot of time by doing a search for the word NEO in the text and if present just go on to the next piece.


  3. Big Ben says:

    I have just read the whole article, the first time I have ever been aware of the “Dissent” website from which much of it was taken. I must admit I actually enjoyed what appeared to me to be a serious piece of navel-gazing written from a self-proclaimed left wing perspective.

    Although “Dissent” includes several references to the Tea Party along with mentions of Ron Paul, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney it manages to avoid the side-tracking, sneering & sniping which would surely have been evident if the BBC/Guardian/Indy/NYT had attempted to write a similar piece. Compared to their standard output on the Occupy movement reading this was quite a pleasant change.


  4. George R says:

    Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin-Saudi King.

    In contrast to their hostility to Ryan, Obama’s BBC-Democrat useful idiots censor on this:

    “The Huma Abedin-House of Saud Connection Exposed”


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Who could have imagined?


  6. Leftie-Loather says:

    Who knows anyone that feels worried or threatened at all by Christianity?
    The bBC lives in another world. But it most definitely isn’t this one:!..