A Reader writes about Newsnight 1st August…

“A new low for the BBC.

Sean Rigg – well known mental health problem – died in police custody in 2008.  Newsnight presented no facts of the case, stated no cause of death; the BBC simply allowed the family to emote, angrily calling for officers to be criminally charged and/or disciplined.  There was no balance, no acknowledgement of the police’s difficult position in dealing with ‘crazies’……. something that is hard work and hazardous…… much so that Sean Rigg’s ‘loving’ family didn’t want him to live with them. Kirsty Wark was like a witch-finder, and the interview of the senior officer was an inquisition.  No facts, no evidence, just the verdict and the family emoting – appalling.

p.s. Yesterday was the funeral of PC Ian Dibell of Essex Police, shot by a ‘crazy’ whilst off duty. Why did the BBC not mention this?



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  1. Pounce_uk says:

    Why didn’t the bBC mention that? Becasue they have lots of work to do in which to excuse every f-ing idiot out there as a victim.

    I watched the new Batman last night (What a joke and almost 3 wasted hours) But what happens in Gotham city is something the bBC has been working towards for the past 20 odd years. I bet lots of bBC arseholes who watched that movie were wanking themselves silly (As well as tossing off their peaceful Islamic mullahs) as law and order was handed out by the thugs on anybody who had a job.

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


  2. Pounce_uk says:

    Oh yes any chance of a new board.


  3. Earls Court says:

    Its about time someone or some group legally challenged the BBC licence fee. The BBC is most Marxist broadcaster outside of North Korea.


    • Justin Casey says:

      I am very surprised that Rupert Murdoch has not started such a venture… He is afterall wealthy enough, afterall the BBc started the whole leveson thing and most of the accusations were found to be false… Surely there are some ex NOW employees who would be willing to help get some payback after so many of them lost thier jobs?? Afterall the BBC started the whole hacking scandal purely to ensure thier current stranglehold on the UK media remained… He could even question the morality of the BBC demanding license fees from subscribers to SKY… If anyone has the ability to contest the BBC monopoly and license fee it is the Murdoch empire…. I wouldn`t be surprised if his legal team aren`t already doing so, they`re probably only waiting for the right time ie: after all current legal proceedings have ended and the BBC are sitting smug and safe within thier ivory towers…. I hope so anyway….


      • Ron Todd says:

        Ultimatly the power to collect and enforce the telly tax is sanctioned by government. The majority of the population fully support the system. They could be challenged by EU. restraint of trade,monopoly, unfair advantage something along those lines. The EU though has largely the same socialist outlook as the BBC and must recognise the BBC as one of its champions in this country . If people the government care about become anti BBC then they might do something. As the BBC , the government the liberals and their client groups have a very similar mindset that is not likely to happen either. I cannot imagine the BBC doing anything againts Islam or South Asian culture, that would be like expecting them to make a police drama where the black guy turned out to be the villan.The only chance I see is if we ever get a proper Tory government with a PM with a spine.


  4. Phobic-ist says:

    The BBC (God rot their souls) absolutely hate the Police, just like the rest of the left leaning bastards that comprise most of the MSM. They only tolerate those (senior) officers that are of the same mindset as they, of which now there is an abundance. Ordinary coppers have been turned into uniformed bloody social workers always having to remember their ‘duty of care’ to the drugged-up violent little scrotes that they have in their custody. Whatever the officer does, it will be wrong. Don’t fret though, things will change, because the recruitment criteria is successfully weeding out any potential real police officer, so soon all officers will be leftie half wits like their leaders.


    • Justin Casey says:

      I took a little detour and checked out some of the other BBC news reports regarding this subject…. All I kept seeing was … “talented musician” …. “he died in Police custody” …. y`know the usual guff… Hardly any mention though of the man being a skilled martial artist along with such phrases as “he was physically very fit” and i only managed to find one report that mentioned the FACT that he did not in fact die in Brixton Police Station, he actually died at the local hospital and the CPR was performed on him en route in an ambulance… But somehow these little snippets don`t seem to be important…. hopefully Karma will one day strike at the very heart of liberal suburbia and they will endure first hand the misery and tedium of coming home from a fine days work tapping out yet another ill informed and arrogant column undermining the core of the Uk law enforcement establishment to find that a gang of `Yoofs` has stolen every movable item from thier domiciles and then smeared shit and phlem over the stuff that couldn`t be thieved, and that thier labradoodle has been rectally `challenged` by having thier ` Bevins Prize for outstanding investigative journalism.` forced without lubricant into it…. Alas until such a time, we will endure more and more reports damaging the morale of those who are there to protect us….. One more thing…. why did the hostel not phone the Mental Health Authorities first? It is thier job to assess the patient before making the decision to section in these cases. It is not the job of the police to make this kind of judgement and is possibly the reason why they took so long to respond, as they are not equipped to deal with such occasions…. When a bare chested black belt in karate has not taken his medication whilst in the care of a Mental Health Trusts supervision, it is up to a Psychiatric Proffesional to decide how to proceed with sectioning, or in cases such as this, perhaps someone who is Japanese???


  5. Jack says:

    May I strongly suggest that Kirsty Wark and a few others from the BBC be dressed in police uniform and sent on to a front line of a police operation dealing with directly with violent incidents… Just as long as the Police are not required to provide protection to the Kirsty Wark and co!!


  6. Fred Bloggs says:

    Well the bBC are in good company on this one. Being promoted by the MANY anti police pressure groups. The campaign is being bigged up the Socialist Worker. The campaign is promoting police victims like; Alfie Meadows, the demonstrator who was crocked by his own side, the Tomlinson group even though the criminal case found that Tomlinson died because of his alcoholism.


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      Now read elsewhere, Rigg contracted schizophrenia because of his LSD usage. Nice if the bBC where to tell me that!


      • Nibor says:

        So if there was a policy that was really, really unpleasant to drug pushers , stopping them ensnaring victims , would the BBC support it ? (or even mention it ?)


  7. Justin Casey says:

    The main point was that the guy was a `Talented Musician` … so talented in fact, he had been able to start his own record label and had released his own CD… This dude was like the black Beethoven… I wouldn`t be surprised if Oasis reformed and start ripping off his riffs as though the whole `Let`s be the beatles` thing never happened….. But it`s more likely that some urban artist such as Dappy or Dizzey Rascal will remix it as some kind of crap halfwitted tribute to his musical legacy…. Pfft!!!


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      This is along a lines of; ‘he was liked by everybody’, ‘he was kind to his mum’, ‘he would help anybody’., …..etc.

      These have seen these kind of tributes time and time again, the reality is almost always completely different.


  8. Ian Hills says:

    Well, at least this vicious animal is dead. There’s still some justice in this world.


  9. Jeff says:

    Hopefully some will actually gon watch the Newsnight report and discovered the description given is totally at odds with the actual report.

    Re. ‘ Yesterday was the funeral of PC Ian Dibell of Essex Police, shot by a ‘crazy’ whilst off duty. Why did the BBC not mention this?’

    Eh, cause it had nothing to do with it? Only a wild guess.