The BBC has done everything to rehabilitate John Prescott in the past few years. He is never off their channels, posing as the voice of moral authority over Leveson.  So, wonder will the BBC cover this own goal HOWLER? 

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  1. David Hanson says:

    Absolutely priceless! Just think, If Blair had walked under a bus (if only!) this pillock would have been Prime Minister.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    What a poor excuse for a normal Englishman is mr prescott.


    • Buggy says:

      Not English: Welsh.

      Sorry, Wales. Not your fault, I’m sure, though you could have chucked the infant bloater down a spare mineshaft surely ?


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Oh FFS that slug is Welsh?
        mawredd mawr!!!!


        • johnnythefish says:

          Well, Prestatyn, which these days along with Rhyl is just about as English as you can get.


          • Buggy says:

            Oh no you don’t ! He’s NOT one of ours !

            Ho! Ho! Well, what’s this ?! ‘Tis a qoute from the very mouth of the beast itself :

            “In 2009, he said: “I’ve always felt very proud of Wales and being Welsh…I was born in Wales, went to school in Wales and my mother was Welsh. I’m Welsh. It’s my place of birth, my country.””

            No more muddying the waters my little chums ! We’ve quite enough home-grown scumbags without being landed with one of yours as well. He’s Ieuan ap Prwscott, a modern-day Owain Glyndwer.


  3. Buggy says:

    “However, a Labour source stressed that Lord Prescott had merely forwarded an internet link to a story making the claim without knowing whether it was factually accurate.”

    Well that’s all right then, isn’t it ? If Lord LardArse couldn’t even be bothered to verify the stroy before he shoved it out there then it’s clearly evidence of his jolly, non-Machiavellian nature and in no way indicates that he hasn’t enough brain cells to create friction.

    Look on the bright side, boys and girls ! Not so long ago the approach of August would have meant having this human gasbag temporarily in charge of the country. Seriously, LardArse at the helm + Ramadan ! We’d be part of the Claiphate by September, tops.


    • Buggy says:

      “Caliphate” obviously.

      “Claiphate” is a small village in Essex with (so far as I know) no pretensions to global expansion.


  4. I laughed when I read the statement from the Labour party explaining that Prescott was just re-tweeting something that was sent to him.

    Personally, I feel he would have been better of admitting that he was browsing the Thai mail order bride site rather than making himself look like an even bigger buffoon by implying that he just passes on claims without checking their veracity.


  5. Jim Dandy says:

    My guess is the BBC won’t cover this, because it’s not a news story.


    • David Hanson says:

      Unlike the Tweets of Tory MP Aiden Burley, of course! That was so un-newsworthy, BBC WM in the Midlands ran most of the 3 hour Saturday morning phone-in programme about it.


    • Glen Slagg says:

      Yes, you’re right. They need to leave space for real news:



      • Freeborn says:

        Hang on, that IS news – we do like to see where the EU spends our money. I can’t see why we haven’t yet seen the show put on by the Burkina Faso* (where?) project called “I Dance Therefore I Am”
        or the ‘flying gorillas’ dance troupe (£160,000) http://www.flyinggorillas.co.uk/thecompany/thecompany.htm

        *Burkina Faso is a landlocked Sahelian country . Bet you didn’t know that.


    • Jim Dandy,

      Why do you think this is not a news story?, surely the question of Prescott’s judgement is at stake?, after all do you really think that a prospective Police Commissioner should be making A) infantile jokes at what he thought was the expense of others, B) posting a clearly political jibe at someone is not the correct behaviour for someone who wishes to be considered for such a high-profile non-political position C) what sort of person allows themselves to be used as a vehicle to pass on lies & D) why did the Labour party step in to try and spin the story if Mr Prescott is supposed to be detached from any political party?.

      No, I’m sorry Jim Dandy, Mr Prescott’s actions need to be examined and it is clearly a newsworthy story that the national broadcaster must highlight.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Yeah, would be unthinkable the BBC covering it if the tables were reversed.

      About 5 consecutive days headlinging on TODAY id’ve given it ….


    • RCE says:



  6. LondonCalling says:

    I am sure Mr Prescott was merely googling for a Thai take away. Or perhaps looking for that nice man who worked briefly for Gordon, Mc Bride, and he had inadvertantly got “safe search” turned off. Give the guy a break. He had his phone hacked by NI. It’s a simple misunderstanding. Why are you people so horrble to our John?
    Yours sincerely
    Tracy Templeton


    • Buggy says:

      Sorry, Tracy. I’ll beat myself round the head with a rolled up copy of “Big ‘n’ Bouncy” after lunch as penitence.


    • London Calling says:

      PS . John was really helpful to achieving my fitness goal of a flat belly. Would that more girls had the benefit of his innovative excercise regime!


  7. Lloyd Reith says:

    Give the man a M& S trifle, or 20……..HUEEEEEEEEEEEE.


  8. johnnythefish says:

    “However, a Labour source stressed that Lord Prescott had merely forwarded an internet link to a story making the claim without knowing whether it was factually accurate.”

    Funny how much I’ve missed Labour’s canny knack of excusing any gaffe, calamity, general smearing or downright lie with shite like this. Well, at least they didn’t try and blame it on another John Prescott living in a parallel universe whose tweet crossed over via a cosmic wormhole (or something).

    And to think this buffoon held a senior post in cabinet. Shows how low we rapidly sank after 1997. Tweeting like D-list celeb. Gawd….


  9. uncle bup says:

    I always love how the (pretrendy) left eulogise Porky Prescott. Salt of the earth, solid Danny Boyle-esque working class stock, failed eleven plus, used to be a ship’s steward you know, dragged himself up by the steel toe-capped boot straps to fill one of the highest offices in the land.

    What a success story.

    Their encomiums never ever use the words ‘union patronage’ or indeed ‘corruption’.


    • johnnythefish says:

      The gaffe of them all for me was when he was attending one of the ‘climate change’ conferences a few years ago.

      Whilst in one of his stream of consciousness outpourings, he blurted that this was all about ‘social justice’ which we all know in world terms reads across as ‘redistribution of wealth’.
      Nailed the real agenda, John, but thankfully for the alarmists hardly anybody noticed.


      • Reed says:

        Then there’s this one…

        “The green belt is a Labour achievement; and we intend to build upon it”


  10. the sheep says:

    Fat , revolting pig , what sane woman would look twice at this jack Duckworth on a super size me diet. He punches like a girl and he cheats on his Mrs, great bloke.


  11. Richard Pinder says:

    Apparently, Prescott is favourite to win the plush job of being escorted around Humberside as its Police Chief. Regular police escorts across the Humber Bridge from the pie shops in dull Hull, grim Grimsby, scummy Scunthorpe and ghoulish Goole are planned.


  12. sam says:


    I live in west Hull…..a community that has been destroyed by the actions of Mr Prexcott and Ken Turner dad of Karl Turners MP who signed away the fishing rights in the 70s by the way it is claimed Karl turner MP is the godson of this baffon…what is even worse he is being supported by Unison who have no issues or problems with acting unlawfully lying cheating and deceiving the people of my City…..for the role of Police commissioner…..

    Instead of wasting public funds on this idiot it would be brilliant if someone can buy him a pie shop in Thailand….and get Pauline his wife good brief….