Harrabin, Back On Form, Or Is That ‘With Form’?

The Telegraph’s Met Office expert tells us (no link yet) that 1948 had similar weather patterns to ours this year…..with high temperatures and heavy rainfall.

In 1948 the highest temperature recorded was 35° c with rainfall of over 1200 mm for the year.(one of the highest)….and the driest year since 1910 was in 1933.

The early summer was very wet followed by a heat wave which was then followed by a very wet August……apart from August it’s sounding remarkably familiar.

And yet we are told this is a year of records and we’re still going to fry if we don’t build more windmills…Christopher Booker in the Telegraph calculates to meet the Ed Miliband inspired CO2 reduction  requirements we will need to build another 32,000 wind turbines.

We are also told that man made global warming didn’t start before the 1970’s….so what caused the heatwave in 1948 and in previous years?…and if it didn’t start until the 1970’s why are we supposed to be guilty about the Industrial Revolution?

Looking at the previously quoted Guardian rainfall record rainfall has stayed pretty consistent throughout the last 100 years…and you will find if you dig out temperature records that temperatures are pretty consistent over the last 100 years also.


And let’s look at how the BBC’s Harrabin has been reporting the latest revelations about the wind farm subsidies only being cut by 10%….

‘On the face of it this is a win for Ed Davey – angrily fighting off the chancellor who was under pressure from right-wing rural conservatives who don’t like wind turbines in the countryside.

Uncertainty over the direction of government energy policy has been criticised by the industry and has lead to delays in investment.

Wind farm company RES, which generates about 10% of the UK’s onshore wind energy, said the subsidy announcement showed the government’s commitment to renewables.’

Nothing perjorative about that then…and look…the government is committed to renewables?…despite evidence to the contrary…it’s the Liberals and Tim Yeo…the man with many ‘renewable industry’ financial interests, who are banging the drum.

In this report  Harrabin tells us that the UK body that represents the wind farm industry here will take the government to court if it cuts the subsidy by more than 10%….but nowhere does he mention that it is foreign firms that are getting the biggest slice of the cake when it comes to handouts of tax payers money…..which goes abroad to fill their government’s coffers whilst emptying ours.

Here’s the Telegraph being somewhat more honest and open:

Foreign energy firms pressured ministers to keep wind farm subsidies high

Ministers were “bounced” into retaining large subsidies for controversial on-shore wind farms by foreign-based energy companies who threatened to pull jobs and cash out of Britain.

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18 Responses to Harrabin, Back On Form, Or Is That ‘With Form’?

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    I suppose no one at the BBC reads scientific papers of any kind. So the morons with art degrees that do the political environmentalist activism at the BBC have no interest in science, so have not read anything on http://www.davidarchibald.info for the answer. Certainly not Harrabin .


  2. johnnythefish says:

    The 1930s were consistently hotter than at any other time during the 20th century or since. There are plenty of websites where this information can be gleaned but obviously they are on some kind of parental lock for the climate children at the BBC.

    Anyone around at the end of the 1970’s will remember the scaremongers warning us of another ice age because of the cooling effects of – guess what – CO2, following the falling temperatures observed during the 30 years after WW2. Then we had a period of warming, now it loos like we could be heading for another cooling period, with an overall trend of slowly rising temperatures following The Little Ice Age of the 16th – 19th centuries (you know, the one Mann obliterated with his ‘hockey stick’ trick).

    In other words, in climate terms, nothing exceptional: no Manhattan under water as predicted; no UK hot dry summers as predicted; no increase in hurricane activity as predicted; no closing down of European ski resorts due to warming as predicted (this could go on and on), so keep calm and carry on.

    And you alarmists/Agenda 21 fascists, take up masturbation or some other more worthwhile passtime. Oh, I see you already…. sorry, must be going…….


    • Ian Hills says:

      I think, rather, that they give other people a hard time because they can’t manage to enjoy one themselves.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      I did hear once, and perhaps somebody knows where to find the details, that scientists in Russia were predicting during the early 1930s that by the end of the decade the Arctic Ice would have almost disappeared due to the increasing trend in temperature rises at that time. The main difference between then and now is that the media had far more important things to concentrate on than whipping up hysteria over a perfectly natural climate event. And most of us know, from the history of WW2, what happened to the winter temperatures in Europe and the North Atlantic during the 1940s.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      There is a problem with this cooling. The cooling is caused by an increase in low cloud cover, but clouds also trap heat, therefore cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights. The Arctic nights last all winter, so there is no sun shining on the CO2 to produce heat in the winter, but an increase in cloud in the Arctic would trap more heat, so it could mean that the Arctic and Antarctic winters could be the only places that warm up during a mini ice age. So expect the warmist morons at the BBC to concentrate on the Polar winters in the next few years.


    • Tim says:

      Take up masturbation? Are you mad. Don’t you know that sperm counts are reducing due to increasing chemicals in the water. We are doomed I tell you. Doomed!


  3. DJ says:

    So, if Roger’s friends are opposed by ‘right-wing rural conservatives’ does that mean he’s admitting that they’re Metropolitan liberal elitists, or what?


    • silky socialist says:

      No we are multi delusional arse examiners-ooh look methane


      • An unemployed loser who spends all of his time watching adult movies and reading about UFO conspiracy theories says:

        speak for yourself!


    • johnnythefish says:

      It’s as good as admitting global warming is a left-wing construct if they’re going to bring politics into it.


  4. geyza says:

    Now that it has been scientifically proven that the temperature record in the USA has been manipulated to have the amount of warming from1979 artificially doubled, it looks like there has not been any “unprecedented” warming at all. There is no human fingerprint in the temperature record in the USA, which also happens to be the most industrial region of the world, with the highest output of CO2, over the stated period.

    More and more real, full open science is being published, with ALL the raw data and methodology too, (unlike the alarmists scientists who rely on cherry picking data, stitching unrelated data together to support their hypothesis and bullying journals and editors and relying on corrupt pal review to make their flawed case), the more is coming out which scientifically refutes the “alarmist scientists” of which there are only 75 in the world, out of 77 approached to get the “97% of scientists agree” quote.

    Actually over 10,000 scientists were approached in that now infamous survey.

    Of those only 3000 responded, mostly to criticise the methodology of the survey, and out of those 3000, only 77 were climate scientists and of those, the 75 who agreed with a very generalised statement that CO2 increases will lead to temperature increases, and these 75 rely on that being true for their income!

    SO 75 scientists out of 10,000+ is NOT overwhelming scientific consensus.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Here’s a link for Geyza’s excellent post. This should be dynamite amongst the climate science community. Let’s see if the BBC cover it and, if they do, which warmist they choose to debunk it with more lies and nonsense.


      Please keep your eyes and ears open for BBC coverage and report back if you hear anything.


      • Kanburi says:

        Well, we can live in hope, but I suspect the BBC will use its usual “nothing to see here, move along” tactic when faced with inconvenient research results.


        • geyza says:

          They will say it only applies to the USA and so NOT representative of the globe as a whole and so this is irrelevant. They will also claim that this new research places the temperature close to what models projected and what the IPCC claimed (which is not true) so we are still warming at an alarming rate.

          Whereas they still claim that the hockey stick is sound science despite the fact that only one tree out of twelve, in Yamal, reliably shows that global temperatures have been level for 1000 years and then suddenly shot up!

          Dendrochronology is USELESS at determining temperature in the past, but the alarmists still support that B.S. because it gave them the result they wanted. They also have to ignore all the earlier dendro studies and the big recent dendro study which actually confirmed the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age and numerous other properly peer reviewed literature which support the global nature of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

          The new study which was exclusively revealed on WattsUpWithThat, is a game changer, even of the big players who fix the game do not want it to change.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Isn’t this what Delingpole threw in Richard Bacon’s face a couple months ago? To which Bacon couldn’t respond.


  5. Arthur Greenwood says:

    When I were a lad in the early fifties bad summer weather was blamed on nuclear bomb testing. The way things are going in the Middle East we might be able to do a comparison.


    • geyza says:

      Indeed, although I was not around in the 1950s. I remember the scene in Carry on Nurse (filmed in the 1950s), where Kenneth Connor’s boxer character was in bed next to Kenneth Williams’ student physicist character, they were talking and Kenneth Connor said boxing was no worse than what you do, “dropping bombs and making the weather bad in the summer”

      I had wondered what he was referring to in that line. Thank you for clearing that up for me.


  6. LondonCalling says:

    The hope for the human race is not non-sensical carbon sequetration plants, or carpeting us with windmills. These are the evil consequences of scientific vanity and mendacity of a few little men, granthounds, scrabbling for pennies, the output from their crooked little computer models multiplied up millionfold to justify the political redirection of our lives. Our only hope is in unmasking the deception, for which we have a few brave souls who will not be given knighthoods or seats in the Lords like the government appointed whitewashers.
    The BBC will never be forgiven for its part in this vast deception, catastrophic man made climate change, the lie that is too good to give up.