The danger of BBC bias runs deep at so many levels. Take this example flagged up by one of our many eagle-eyed readers;

“Just thought you’d be interested in this appalling brainwashing on the BBC Bitesize GCSE Religious Studies website. Please Note: compare the following entries for Islam, Christianity and Judaism within the War and Peace section of the site which looks at the role of waging war in each of the religions.

I have highlighted some salient quotes which go some way to conveying the BBC’s differing tone towards each – and guess which one comes out the more positive, peaceful and loving???? Judaism comes the worst, surprise, surprise…. I certainly hope this particular section of the curriculum doesn’t find its way into any Jewish households any time soon!

1)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/rs/war/islamrev1.shtml

‘Islam is a religion of peace in which fighting and war are seen only as a last resorts’

(Try telling that to your normal Israeli, American or Londoner!)

2) http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/rs/war/christianityrev1.shtml

Most Christians believe that war and fighting are wrong except in the most severe cases and they base their views on Jesus’ teaching about love’

‘Most’ – who are the odd ones out then???

3) http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/rs/war/judaismrev1.shtml

Jewish scripture and ‘Just Wars’

‘In the Jewish Scriptures there are examples of wars. Some of these were Holy Wars where the Jews were trying to maintain their religion when other people wanted to make them worship false gods. Others were perhaps ‘Just Wars’ but it could be argued that some of them were wrong and unjustified.’

‘Others were just perhaps wars’  –  Wow, what wonderful scholarship!


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49 Responses to WAR – WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?

  1. Biodegradable says:

    So Judaism is the only one of the three that sanctions war.



    • noggin says:

      thats it! … al bbc, biased broad cresent,
      and now for the news live from Mecca

      “Jihad – There are different levels of Jihad:
      Jihad means ‘to struggle in the way of Allah’.
      Greater Jihad is the way in which every Muslim makes a personal effort to follow the teachings of Allah (God) and to fight … ahem! EVIL 😀

      Lesser Jihad is when Muslims fight to PROTECT
      😀 their religion.

      When the Prophet,(… whose … prophet?) Muhammad was asked which people fought in the name of Allah, he said: “The person who struggles so that Allah’s word is SUPREME 😀
      is the one serving Allah’s cause”.
      This idea of Jihad is often misunderstood by non-Muslims who then see Islam as not being a pacifist religion” … ROFL 😀

      oh! and the 19,226 ideology inspired terrorist atrocities sine 9/11 ……well al bbc, anyone .
      ……….. sound of crickets.


  2. Beness says:

    Problem stems when the last resort has no precedent.


  3. Pounce_uk says:

    So as I have the week off work, its lazy Monday morning time, coffee, Dido in the background and the dread of the gym in the afternoon.

    Anyway I followed the link to the Christian site and this is how the bBC informs the masses about Christianity:
    The Old Testament

    The Sixth Commandment (from the Ten Commandments, given to Moses) says, ‘You shall not murder,’ but there are occasions when the Jewish people are told by God to attack people who oppose them


  4. Merlin says:

    Unbelievable! If this isn’t sufficient cause for concern over BBC’s loathsome groveling towards Islam, then I don’t what is.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Don’t forget who the BritishBrainwashingCowards head of religious programming is. – Aaqil Ahmed! ..Fuckin hilarious!


  5. DJ says:

    I guess that means that the BBC’s position on Islam is that War Is Peace

    Hey, why does that sound so familiar?


  6. Hawk the Slayer says:

    Hmm… Population levels in England and Wales rise considerably over the last decade, according to the BBC. No mention of the cause of this explosion; strange when you consider that indigenous families have seen actually seen a decrease in babies born and followers of a certain religion have the largest increase. Talk about selectivity!


  7. TomR says:

    From page 2 of the Christianity section:
    “In the past there have been many occasions when Christians have fought wars and when Christian countries have fought each other including:
    -the Crusades
    -the First and Second World Wars
    -wars in Vietnam, Korea, the Falklands/Malvinos, South Africa, and Northern Ireland”
    They can’t even spell their treachery right.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      “Christian countries” (?) have fought each other. I despair. The First and second world wars? Vietnam?!! Korea?!!!!. The ‘expert’ who wrote this crap is deliberately stretching a point. The Nazis were in no way Christian, neither were the secular communists in Vietnam and Korea. I love the misspelling of “Malvinos”, though it can’t compare with Obama calling the Falklands the Maldives. I am beginning to worry about who is in control of the BBC.


    • Biodegradable says:

      “the First and Second World Wars” were Christian wars?

      We live and learn. Or in the case of the BBC we live and grow ever more ignorant and brainwashed.


      • deegee says:

        Perhaps no one told the Arabs, Turks and Japanese?


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          Funny how it doesn’t mention anything about Hitler and the Muslims.
          See Google images for Hitler and the Mufti.


        • Biodegradable says:

          Certainly nobody told my father and his four brothers, all Jews, who served in the British Armed Forces during WW2.


    • noggin says:

      why did they see fit to include the two occasions, in “bitesize” where they consider jesus may have become angry?

      you know it is simply absurd, what a sinister agenda they have.

      shame on the bbc


    • max says:

      Absurd, especially when there are examples where actual christian nations fought other actual christian nations – The War of Spanish Succession, Queen Anne’s War and so forth. For the life of me I just cannot figure out the inclusion of Korea on the list – 3 atheist countries (China, Soviet Union, North Korea) with small christian minorities on one side and some countries with large christian populations but no official religion except for the nominally officially christian UK on the other doesn’t give me any way to hang this as being an inter-christian war, or even a war involving Christian countries.


  8. Earls Court says:

    All these BBC employees have brown tongues from all the arse licking they do to Islam.


  9. Just the usual biased BBC lefty PC bollocks!


  10. Invicta 1066 says:

    ‘‘’Islam is a religion of peace in which fighting and war are seen only as a last resorts’’

    I suggest that for further reading students are directed to the site TheReligionofPeace.com Once there they could read an alternative version under the heading Islamic Terror, scroll down to Through the Centuries and read of the massacres and exterminations of Jews Christians and other religions by Muslims.
    The student might then ask why doesn’t the BBC include this in it’s Bitesize history?
    Are the staff who wrote the BBC articles, ignorant or is there another reason why they have not told the truth? Can I ever trust the BBC ever again, is someone about to get the sack for this, will the BBC apologize for this deceit?
    An enquiring student might ponder on the absence of Muslim Nobel Prize winners in the fields of science and literature over the past 100 years compared with Jews and Christians.
    I wonder how the BBC would explain this? Probably blame it on having the wrong subjects.


  11. George R says:

    On war: Islamic jihad and Islam.

    Two books (among many) which will be banned by INBBC CoJo library:

    1.) ‘The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims’
    ed by Andrew Bostom;

    2. ‘Islamic Imperialism’
    by E. Karsh.


  12. bodo says:

    “Muslims may fight in self-defence but are forbidden to begin a fight”.

    So no mention of the 400 years of violent Muslim expansionism throughout the Middle East and North Africa and into Europe.
    No mention of the violence used to maintain the power of Islam and the death penalty for anyone choosing to convert from Islam.

    We’ve been here before haven’t we. Complaints made to the BBC about their biased coverage of Christianity and Islam. From memory the complaints worked and they changed the web site. Looks like it’s slowly reversing to the original bias. Anyone have links to the original complaints?


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘So no mention of the 400 years of violent Muslim expansionism throughout the Middle East and North Africa and into Europe’.

      And no mention of this by the BBC in their recent series on the Crusades. Islam spread rapidly from its inception by intimidation, murder and enslavement and became the predominant culture of the age, threatening to overwhelm Europe.

      The BBC’s version of history, doncha just love it.

      ‘Everything faded into mist. The past was erased. The erasure was forgotten. The lie became the truth’.


  13. alan says:

    The thing is, this is the BBC’s updated Bitesize religious section after complaints were made about the last one….seems that it still hasn’t quite got there yet.


    • Merlin says:

      The amount of typos would suggest that it was written by someone whose first language is not English (And may I be so bold to also propose that the author’s religion is, shall we say, from shores further afield from here…)


      • Pounce_uk says:

        But Merlin, according to the bBC. Islam is the religion of these fair Isles.


      • johnnythefish says:

        The words ‘asylum’, ‘lunatic’ and ‘happily being given the keys to’ come to mind…..


    • noggin says:

      but of course,
      “overall, all things considered, they feel they got the balance ……. about right”


  14. Ian Hills says:

    The beeb site even adds that jihad may be about fighting for democracy. Yeah, like the North African islamic spring.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Yes, Christians, freedom loving women, gays, bisexuals, people who like their heads, etc, all have absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about. LOL!


  15. Earls Court says:

    The BBC is like the Ministry of Truth from 1984.


  16. Barry says:

    ‘Islam is a religion of peace in which fighting and war are seen only as a last resorts’

    Lost for words.


    • Harry says:

      It’s vaguely true, but the ‘in practice’ definition for “last resort” is drastically different to what a child living in the UK may perceive. Judging by the Middle East, the definition for “last resort” is that “Jewish people live in a small part of it”. Such a shame.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It’s true if you consider “someone accidentally singed my book” qualifies as a last resort. Or “called a teddy by an inappropriate name”. Or “drew an unflattering picture”.


  17. Backwoodsman says:

    Read Thesingers’ Arabian Sands . Probably mid 1950’s.
    Thesinger is bimbling along on his camel and comes to a village. There are 4 young men there, with their right hands cut off. He asks why ?
    The answer is, that friendly old son of a gun ‘ Ibn Saud, creator of modern Saudi arabia and devout Wahibi had ordered it to be done, because they had been circumcised in ‘the wrong maner’ !
    The bbc admire some strange people !!!!!


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Thesinger is a strange man himself: an out and out anti-semite with a fondness for young men of a dark complexion, I’m not sure what it is that makes him feel so at home in a Muslim milieu.


  18. Dave s says:

    I read the “bites” . Childish rubbish. I would rather my children and grandchildren read a comic. “Thomas the Tank Engine” makes more sense.


  19. fitzfitz says:

    Leftist mendacity : step by step the BBC heads towards a crisis of public confidence — without the latter it will not survive …


  20. Ian Hills says:

    Ignorance is strength.


  21. the sheep says:

    Not really surprised. I console myself with the thought that the likes of jo brand, Russell brand,BBC numpties, the archbishop of Canterbury etc etc will disappear when sharia law finally comes into force.


  22. Edward says:

    This is my favourite extract:
    “One aim of Holy War may be to create a democracy where people are free to live their lives without beliefs and politics being imposed on them.”
    Disingenuous on both counts. Oh yeah, I’m misunderstanding Islam and the concept of Jihad, because unlike Christians, Jews (and indeed Hindus and Sikhs), Muslims don’t understand the concept of killing people to propogate their religion.

    It’s interesting how they use real life examples or wars for Christianity and Judaism, but when it comes to Islam, it’s all allegory (“struggle in the way of Allah”, or “fighting to protect their religion”).


  23. Harry says:

    To be fair, there is a lot of violence in the OT, just like the Qu’ran. The difference being once is descriptive and the other is proscriptive. Small difference, massive impact.


  24. Amounderness Lad says:

    So those of the Jewish Religion are nasty vicious warmongers who will fight back when they are attacked and will oppose attempts to destroy either them or their religion. Of the three religions the Jews are the only ones who do not try to convert others to join their faith and neither do they start wars to try and convert others. Can either Islam or Christianity say the same thing? Despite that it would appear that only the Jews would ever engage in “unjust” wars and that neither Christians or Muslims would ever consider doing such a thing, except the Christians might just consider waging unjust wars.
    Definitely no signs bias or of spreading propaganda there, then, is there?


  25. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I remember when Sarah Montague was attacking and demonizing…sorry…interviewing Geert Wilders back when he was banned for his film. When he tried to assert that there were general calls in the Koran for violence and war against infidels, Montague tried to counter that by quoting something from Deuteronomy.

    Funny how the BBC forgets all about that kind of riposte when trying to show that the Jewish religious texts call for violence and war.


  26. john says:

    The not so subtle biased is achieved by for Muslims explaining what “Islam” says and for Christianity explaining what “Christians” do. If it had any integrity it would have said Muslims and Christians have both fought wars for their religion but that Christ never spoke of war and Mohammed only sanctioned it in certain circumstances. That the BBC has done this with our taxpayers money is truly shocking


  27. drake says:

    ‘Most Christians believe that war and fighting are wrong except in the most severe cases and they base their views on Jesus’ teaching about love’
    oh so is this why they sent away 9 CRUSADES to war about 1500 in each crusade??