Hullo Hullo Hullo What’s All This Then?

Interesting snippet from Inspector Gadget about a ‘well known radio journalist’ and a fake ‘police’ blogger.

Gadget Note: I love this story because just after the retail-riots, a well known radio journalist suggested to me that Winter’s stories were far more  human and sensitive’  than mine, and that this fact made him more appealing to the public and more realistic’  than Inspector Gadget!

Now Who is a well known radio journalist?  Nicky Campbell…yes…or how about the more likely suspect….Victoria Derbyshire who just loves those riots?

It is exactly what you might expect her to say.


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15 Responses to Hullo Hullo Hullo What’s All This Then?

  1. johnyork says:

    Well he was in prison at the time, but given G4S’s best efforts he’s probably around at VD’s as I write impersonating Nicky Campbell.
    How can the BBC’s coverage of the London Olympics possibly go wrong ?
    And who will win the 4 minute riot relay ?

    Team Arriva GB (but not by way of the M4 or T5) ?


  2. Beeboidal says:

    According to the Times, ” Ward, who is originally from Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire, was later contacted for advice by BBC drama producers who were making a radio play about the riots.”

    The Beeb will no doubt take solace from the fact that he also wrote a blog for the Telegraph.


  3. As I See It says:

    Caught, band to rights…

    ‘Such was the impact of his storytelling, BBC journalist Rosie Westwood wrote to ask if he could help with an ‘anonymous’ piece for BBC Radio 4.’

    Read more:

    I expect the Beeb will put their hands up and come quietly. Just kidding


  4. DJ says:

    Silly Alan! The BBC spends its days insisting on it’s rights to carry out a full prostate exam on the police, the Army and anyone else on its enemies list, but don’t ever expect to hear what goes on in their publicy-funded offices.

    It’s the ‘Independence’, doncha’know?

    Besides, given their response to the John terry thing, they’ll probably still go ahead with featuring the appealing and realistic Inspector Winter on Panorama. He can pretend to be a cop and Dame Niki can pretend to be a journalist.


  5. Izac Hunt says:

    Off topic: is anyone else getting a little tired with the BBC (Garth Brooks in particular) and the Guardian with their continual moaning about the John Terry/Ferdinand case? – to them it’s the end of the world! I’m sick of hearing from the PC ‘all-white-English people-are-racist’ brigade trying to make every white person in Britain feel guilty about an incident which Terry has been acquitted of! It was the same with the BBC’s infantile and wholly unfounded accusations and scaremongering over the non-existent European Cup racism and fascist accusations; these politically correct SS squads are looking for racism everywhere, trying to terrorize the whole population in the process. They’re very quiet though, when the likes of Dianne Abbot tweets racist crap!


    • jarwill101 says:

      Can you hear the beeboids sing? I can’t hear a fracking thing. Just the slippery sound of metropolitan media elite handwringing. Solly Campbell’s Panoramic Flying Circus didn’t get a result in the Polkraine, & now a rightful verdict for JT. BBC 0 ‘White Waycists’ 2. Oh my word! We’ll see you all outside.


    • As I See It says:

      Oh no! Why didn’t Nicky Campbell and the 5 Live crowd warn me about this …?

      ‘(Tour de France leader Bradley Wiggins)…yellow jersey was singed as he and his Sky colleagues forced their way through fans brandishing the flares popular at French rugby and football grounds….’

      ‘“I’m covered in yellow stuff at the moment,” admitted Wiggins afterwards. “I got hit on the arm with a flare at 25k to go. It burnt my arm a bit, but other than that it was all right. There were quite a few guys running up the hill with lit flares in the peloton. It was pretty dangerous and I’m sure those guys are nursing a few wounds tonight because there were quite a few bottles thrown in their direction from the peloton.”

      The Tour has a long history of unruly crowd behaviour from the earliest years when spectators covered the road with nails or tick-tacks, and there have been actual physical assaults on riders – Alberto Contador had to punch his way clear of a protester’

      The Beeboids might have said something, afterall they gave Sol Campbell airtime to warn black fans they would come home in body bags from the Euro footie?


      • johnnythefish says:

        No chance – France is the BBC’s socialist dream country (or a close second to Cuba, maybe).


    • DavidLamb says:

      Lip readers during the Terry trial giving evidence. But they could not lip read the tone could they? Just to keep the BBC and anti-racist witch hunters busy, I note that there is a row brewing over the pond involving one sportsman calling another a Monday. Yes folks, Monday is a very bad racist word. The urban dictionary compares it with the N word. It refers to the first day of the working week, which nobody likes. You have been warned.


  6. Ron Todd says:

    Caught the start of Newsnight yesterday (Frioday 13) I was just off a late shift, my least favourite shift, so not btotally mentaly alert but it did sound to me like the presenter was starting with the assumption that Terry was guilty what ever the court decided.


  7. Big Ben says:

    The BBC report includes the following John Terry profile which refers to his prosecution for attacking a nightclub doorman (acquitted).

    Due to an obvious oversight the Anton Ferdinand profile failed mention his own prosecution (also acquitted) for ABH and affray against a bloke who looked at his watch in a nightclub.

    In the interest of balance here are the details as recorded in Wiki.


  8. michael holloway says:

    I had another letter from (CAPITA PLC) today they tell me action is required, i prefer inaction that way i don’t support private share holders with public money.


    • Izac Hunt says:

      I enjoy the benefits of inaction as well, especially when it concerns the TV Licensing fee!


      • Ian Hills says:

        In keeping with the beeb’s campaign against tax cheats, I refuse to pay the beeb’s tax-cheating senior personnel.


  9. Big Ben says:

    I see that Rio Ferdinand has been making an idiot of himself by concurring with the views of a fellow twitter user that Ashley Cole is a “choc-ice”. This stupidity/hypocrisy has been ridiculed by just about every newspaper and media outlet – all except for the BBC site which is studiously ignoring it.