When the BBC produces such vastly distorted political propaganda as this from the Panorama team you have to start thinking that the time has come for  drastic  surgery  cutting out the gangrenous, festering, toxic, politicised heart of the BBC.  They have clearly decided to engage in an outright war of propaganda against ‘Austerity’, quite prepared to use lies and disinformation to spread ‘alarm and despondency’ amongst the population in the hope of inciting social unrest and a toppling of the Coalition.

Panorama is not alone….Victoria Derbyshire, Paul Mason and many others all raise the stakes by painting a picture of doom and hopelessness the only answer to which is taking to the streets…It is perhaps lucky for the BBC that their whole output is not examined closely by those with the power to take measures against them….the BBC should be the subject of an intense scrutiny that leaves no stones unturned, no places to hide…a rigorous investigation of its output to measure just how politicised it is…and then potentially close it down until it can be ‘decontaminated’ and can be trusted to be, not the voice of the people claiming to speak for them, but the source of accurate, impartial and reliable information wihout which no real democracy can function and which gives the people their own voices to speak for themselves and voice their own opinions.


Goebbels would be truly impressed that the BBC Panorama team have so readily and fluently adopted his methods and produced a jaw droppingly distorted piece of black propaganda designed to incite riots, violence and revolution.

It is an astonishingly blatant piece of half truths and lies mixed in with deliberately inflammatory and deceptive, provocative images which attempt build a cleverly constructed tissue of lies to point the finger of blame for the present crisis towards one person.

It is without doubt a shockingly politicised polemic that fabricates a completely false narrative of how we got into this economic mess and who is to blame.

Panorama’s view is that we have a lost generation now…..Youth on the scrapheap with no hope, no jobs and no aspirations.

It tells us that there is no confidence in the politicians…clearly meaning those in power now…to get us out of this economic mess.

The politicians are out of touch…another reference to ‘Old Etonians’.

There is an increasing sense that we’re not ‘all in this together’…another Old Etonian reference.

Panorama says ‘Clearly we’re not all in this together’

Well that’s fairly clear…it’s Cameron and the Bullingdon boys who are the enemy of the People! Hang ’em high!

Panorama tells us that there is growing inequality….its example?…footballers….well yes, they’re getting paid ridiculous sums but there is an even more egregious example of overpay and greed in the Panorama team’s own backyard….just how do they justify the eye wateringly high pay deals for the BBC’s own media stars?…maybe we aren’t all in this together as they say?

The whole premise of Panorama’s polemic is to scare us into believing that if we continue down the road of ‘Austerity’ the country is going to go up in flames as the youth, alienated, jobless and disenfranchised, go on the rampage.

In other words…stop the Austerity…adopt Labour’s Plan B….or else….

Otherwise we will go back to the 1970’s with mass discontent, destructive industrial action and another lost generation and mass disorder(so what did happen to the ‘lost generation’ of the 70’s then…no answer to that).

Who was to blame…well  ‘Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party in 1975 when we last had a double dip recession’….but hang on…she wasn’t Prime Minister…in fact it was Labour in power!!…ignore that, ignore the Unions crippling industry, ignore the bad management….carry on regardless…‘Her answer was to unleash the full force of the free market….and it is the bankers who have benefited.’

Oh…so Thatcher is to blame for the housing bubble, massive bank deregulation since 1997, Libor rigging and massive government overspending in the last decade? …no mention, strangely, of 13 years of Brown, Balls and Blair!…but we did keep getting subliminal messages with endless clips of Thatcher….look into my eyes…it’s all Thatcher’s fault your kids are jobless and will die in poverty in the gutter!

Panorama kept insisting that inequality has grown and we’re all worse off because of it. Really? When I look around I see an enormously wealthy country with ‘stuff’ that people wouldn’t have ever dreamed they could own in previous decades.

The truth is that yes the very rich have gotten richer but the vast majority of people have also seen their incomes and living standards increase enormously.

Why have the rich gotten so much richer? Is it really unfair tax laws or the rich manipulating the system to ‘do us all out of our rightful dues’?

The reality is that globalisation has opened up vast new markets and possibilities that weren’t available in the 1970’s to such an extent….In reality it is not (just) bankers who are so destructive of an economy but firstly business men who sack a British workforce and ship the factory out to Poland or China where Labour costs are so much cheaper…the business owners make more money as margins are higher and become even richer but Britain’s economy and its workers lose out….and secondly it is the ever higher wage demands of the British workforce…ie the unions…and costs imposed by government regulation….and living costs in Britain which force up wages.

Panorama bases much of its poisonous attack on the ‘facts’ of youth unemployment and high housing costs which apparently mean youngsters just ‘give up’…they lose both aspiration and then hope as they cannot buy a house…or have to move miles away from where they work.

The example given is a professional couple working in London who have to make a daily round trip commute of 3 hours because there are no affordable houses in London.

However, you might ask just how much of their choice of where to live is actually purely based on cost and how much on life style?…after all, their choice of home was a very nice country house with a garden in a nice location.

Panorama insists there are no affordable homes in London…..really? Well maybe it depends on the ‘lifestyle’ you want…..

Two minutes on Google and you get some very cheap homes…and not necessarily ‘dumps’.

A two bedroom flat for £50,000, a two bedroom home with ‘shared ownership’ for £99,000, a two bed for £105,000.

And there were lots more…and they were in London close to the centre.

As for a ‘lost generation’….well where do all the immigrants get their jobs? And where do they live? Millions of them…literally. There are jobs there…if people can travel from China and Africa to get jobs here…and not speak the language half the time…well…you know…on yer bike.

And how about the long list of products that have risen in price….coffee? Er…that has risen enormously because of bad growing conditions. How about vehicle fuel…..well that has fallen at least 10p recently…well what about heating fuel?…risen mainly because of green taxes and subsidies…..what about beef?….feedstuffs have risen because the price of corn etc has risen enormously…due to conditions outside our control…such as Russian stockpiling…and crops going for biofuel instead of food.

So the picture is somewhat more complicated than Panorama presents…in fact completely different.

Panorama adopt a philosophy of gloom and despondency…‘deep cuts(?), high unemployment(?), no growth and no hope…we’re returning to the 70’s.’

The question Panorama asks is can we cope with the new age of austerity? Should we have to choose between buying shoes or food? Its answer is clearly no…and the solution…..

‘We caught a glimpse of what such social unrest might look like last summer in Clapham.’

Of course…we’d forgotten those riots weren’t caused by a few anarchist minded yobs out for a good time but by a Youth alienated and forgotten, dumped on the scrapheap by an uncaring Tory government….if democracy fails them then they must use the resources they have to make their voices heard.


Panorama is taking a highly irresponsible attitude…one that is not just ‘forecasting’ social unrest but  inciting it, presenting information in such a way that it deliberately incites discontent, fear and anger….and aims it at particular targets…the Tories and bankers.

This is highly politicised Television designed not to inform but to poison debate and stir up hatred and violence.

There could be good ground for a closer look at this programme from a legal perspective…..let’s see how ‘ghetto’ the highly paid media bumpkins are when they have to share a cell with a rioter.

Don’t forget kids…no job yet, no mansion in Chelsea, no private yacht moored on the Thames?

You know what to do……




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37 Responses to STORM FIRST CLASS!!!

  1. the sheep says:

    I’ve never seen as much drivel in all my life as this programme. Not once were the labour party mentioned, just Thatcher, its all her fault apparently. At my place of employment there is a never ending conveyor belt of European workers, was this the case before labour were in power? Companies would have to employ british workers but not now, labour have forgotten the working class and in fact I think despise them. This blatant metropolitan, left wing, nanny state arsehole of a television programme should never have been shown due to its patronising attitude to the writhing class. Labour, nor the BBC care not a hoot for the working ‘person’ they are too busy trying to socially engineer, manipulate and brainwash it. The working class have no party that represents them , least of all the knob jockeys of labour/BBC.


  2. DJ says:

    And again, let’s play ‘Compare & Contrast’: the BBC justifies its ‘Muslims Fear Backlash After Tomorrow’s Train Bombing’ coverage by referencing supposed far right elements who are trying to stir up trouble by refusing the ascribe all bombings to Militant Beardists.

    If the EDL produced this kind of winking endorsement of mob violence, Television Centre would run out of kleenex.


    • Mice Height says:

      Galloway owned:


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Priceless video mice !!
        shows the scum in their true light.


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        Adolph Salmond of the SNP calls Galloway a ‘great politician’ with great values.

        Kind of sums him and his party up.


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          Yep, C4’s Dispatches is usually better. BritishBrainwashingCoward’s Panorama is just an indoctrinating biased leftie joke these days. Credible it fuckin ain’t! Just comically unbalanced lefte shite!


  3. Mice Height says:

    A truly bizarre programme. Not one mention about the huge impact that Labour’s deliberate mass-immigration policy has had on jobs, wages and quality of life.


  4. Mice Height says:

    Give a Labour voter a fish and he’ll want another one tomorrow, but give a Labour voter a fishing rod and he’ll sell it to buy a 50″ plasma.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Buy it?


    • Span Ows says:

      Give a Labour voter a fish and he’ll want another one tomorrow; give a Labour voter a fishing rod and he’ll take it to a march and use it to fly a flag/fly an insulting banner/smash windows/hit a policeman/talk to it (the rod being of equal intelligence)/similar


  5. Eric says:

    It was the hedge fund manager on £36 million a year that said something along the lines of “when the [economic] train stops, [they] storm first class” not the BBC so not clear why you picked this for a title. Linking the riots to austerity was dishonest though.


    • Merlin says:

      Personally, I would link the riots to the welfare state grossly over-nurtured, of course, by Liebour… also I blame a culture of victimhood that pervades ethnic minority culture, especially in East London (INNIT!)… again, a sense of entitlement fostered by the socialist Left.


  6. Merlin says:

    As I mentioned in my previous thread this blatant left-wing drivel is pretty much an advert for communism; it’s that simple.


    • Doggywoggy says:

      More like an advert for getting the hell out of this country.


      • LondonCalling says:

        But can you find one to emigrate to without any Socialists? So far I have come up with only Monaco.


        • Richard Pinder says:

          The Czech republic is OK, at least the president isn’t a brainwashed moron.


    • lillian says:

      The BBC panorama programme should be taken to task for blantant distortion of the truth and a manipulation of history, also of blantant untruths re the fact that Maggie Thatcher was NOT in power in 1975 which changed the whole programme.


  7. Prado says:

    That was an excellent article. It’s quite clear that the left (bbc et al) can smell blood at the minute and will be using every trick in the book to get their party back in power.


  8. Nick says:

    They are right in the conclusions.

    They are wrong in the cause.

    The cause is government debt. The BBC still makes the error about debt being the same as deficit. If only it were. 100 billion is chump change.

    Instead the debt isn’t 1,100 bn a reported by the government. That’s just borrowing. Include pension (and no future welfare), and its over 7,000 bn, rising with inflation.

    So last year it went up 350 bn for the debt, 150 bn in new borrowing (with funny money) 500 bn in total. Government tax take – 550 bn.

    It’s fucked.


    • John Anderson says:

      And when would the BBC ever dream about putting on a full programme about the TRUE scale of debt ? Even ignoring the causes (because they would ignore the real causes) – isn’t it the duty bof the BBC to “inform” its audience about the REAL scale of the mess we are in ?

      The BBC has lived high on the hog for recent decades – licence fees being increased above the level of inflation PLUS a growing number of TV households to pay the inflated licences, ridiculous levels of pay for “management” and “talent” in spite of declining audience levels eg for TV, overmanning at every level, premium pensions, little control on “expenses”, grandiose building programmes like Salford and the refurb of Broadcasting House. And along with all this we have had declining standards of output. How many decent films last week ? Wimbledon aside because it is legally reserved to the BBC – how much sport in the past month ? Crap coverage of much of the Jubilee. Dumbed-down rubbish on most TV channels – plus endless repeats.

      There ought to have been a real competition for the Director General job. “Tell us in broad terms what you would do with a budget of £4 billion per annum?” With all the bids made public for us all to comment on.


  9. LondonCalling says:

    Socialist do not understand wealth creation, only wealth redistribution. And when they practice it, wealth dries up. East Germany and West Germany anyone? Life is “unfair”. Someone will always have a slice of pie bigger than yours, get over it. Every vote for Labour is a vote towards greater poverty for all. Albania was probably a very fair country – equal poverty for all, except for the Party elite – a perfect model for BBC presenters , with their West London Dachas and fine dining at the Ivy.


    • Kanburi says:

      Spot on LC. I can do no better than P J O’Rourke:

      “Everyone knows that life should be fair and that governments are terrible for not making it happen. And if everyone gets hungry, broke, and dead – well, fair’s fair”.


      • LondonCalling says:

        My Hero PJ
        He claims he was once very left wing while a student. The interviewer asked him “What changed?”
        “I got a job”


  10. Wayne X says:

    The BBC and Islam like socialism/communism and the unelected bosses of the EU are anachronisms. They should not exist in a free, fair and modern society. They all believe in complete domination and will destroy any opposition by fair means or foul.

    One therefore has to ask why a democratically elected government is so tolerant of them, especially one that supposedly believes in free enterprise, but then if political parties select all of their candidates on the basis of future obedience and have whips to ensure compliance, or get sacked as has happened this week, then we do not have democracy anyway? We just have the illusion of democracy to still our rebellious hearts.

    The BBC is therefore safe in the hands of any of the current political parties to broadcast whatever propaganda it so wishes. Now, pay the TV tax or go to prison.


  11. Merlin says:

    A politically correct article from the BBC (below) touching on just some (understatement) of the reasons (can you guess which factor of the equation they’ve left out?) why a south London NHS trust has gone into administration – just one of several in the UK over the last few weeks! The BBC obviously feels that the topic of uncontrolled immigration is simply too sensitive to discuss whenever austerity, unemployment and crumbling public services are hauled in front of the MSM jury.
    Right, I’m off to pick up my prescription, the front label of which is interpreted into languages!


  12. johnnythefish says:

    Presumably no mention of the unions bringing the country to its knees in the 70s either.

    The Tories are fighting on 5 fronts – Labour, BBC, the unions, the EU and the left-wing establishment. Anyone who still thinks we still live in a democracy wants their bumps feeling.


  13. Demon says:

    Ths is the sort of thread I would like to see Mike Gregory commenting in. Not Dezzie or the Big donkey as they add no intelligent light to anything they say. Mike Gregory should have a look at this and relate his comments for good or bad.


  14. johnnythefish says:

    I did find a funny side to this, though (gotta larf, aintcha?), which is the BBC continually flashing Thatcher’s image up – in other words, their version of the ‘2-minute hate’ from 1984. I can just see their spit-flecked audience of dedicated lefties shouting their bile at the screen and stamping their feet in a red-faced temper tantrum. Heh heh!


  15. George R says:

    “Gordon Brown Dumped Britain’s Gold to Save Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan”

    -Note reference to BBC Chairman of the time, Gavyn DAVIES:-


    • Dave s says:

      It never made much sense to me . Now it does. A few interconnected lives .What a surprise.


  16. Dave s says:

    Basic capitalism- buying ,selling, planting crops, using natural resources making things- is a foreign country to the average academic/ media commentator.
    They just do not understand how it works and what motivates people. Their motivation is different. Not superior as they are wont to believe, but just different. Their monetary rewards are always paid second hand through taxation or some grant or another. If it comes directly from a capitalist enterprise then somehow they see this as different to the wages and salaries paid to most of us. This is why they often receive such high rewards. They have little appreciation of the value of labour or the importance of profit so cannot truly estimate their worth. They have a great deal in common with the bankers in this respect .Both groups live in an unreal world of their own devising. Austerity is something that happens to the little people. The bankers rely on us to pay for their mistakes. The academic/media elite needs to keep us paying more and more taxes to keep them in their comfortable lifestyle. The BBC is a classic example of an irresponsible quango. Without it’s tax income it would just not exist. I think they know this full well and this is why the BBC must always come down on the side of the big state. It needs it to survive.


    • LondonCalling says:

      You spoke it well. With the BBC its a sense of entitlement. ” I get all this money because I am very clever and good at what I do”. No sunshine, you haven’t competed for the customer who is free to choose pay for what you do, or instead, choose something else. Its why defenders of the BBC (like Cameron) insist its so good. Its OK to tax-fund it because, being so good, they are sure you would choose any way, so why bother. Except of course, we wouldn’t. I would pay anything to see those metropolitan chattering classes signing on the dole.


  17. Alfie Pacino says:

    I’m watching the repeat, right now, and the presenter is pretty much putting words intomthe mouths of Clapham locals.
    You would think from the narrative that keeping to a budget and not going on a spendfest was the worst thing in the world.
    I my be old fashioned, but what on earth is wrong with spending within your means?
    I lived through the 70s – we are nowhere near there.
    Utter rubbish, keep it coming Panorama


  18. James says:

    I have submitted a complaint to the BBC about the claims made in this show. It is available to read here:


  19. chrisH says:

    Been a good week for the BBC and its pet hobby horses.
    1. Bill Clinton coming down from Mt Olympus to put us right regarding futures-turns out we all need to be more positive a la “Spice up your life”…and Todays take on it was “well the middle class are endangering the planet”…I personally would listen to Monica Lewinsky more that Burglar Bill.
    2. Oh …the Rolling Stones…the Beebs dream of the good safe and hypocritical rebellion…strike a pose and go offshore.
    3. Not too much about The Orange Parades and the “unpleasantness” of yesterday, not too much about the abortion clinic enquiry…but plenty(of course) about the BBC leaving Bush House…talk about examining your own belly button and deciding it`s news.
    In short, another week of pet projects and liberal poses to strike…witness Rosie Millard “bigging up” the Olympics-but not announced as an ex-Beeb staffer. What the hell else would a Beeboid say about the Games”?…bought up lock stock and barrel, compromised but pretending that Islington is the East End….luvaduck doncha know?


  20. lillian says:

    I think everyone reading this and seeing the blantantly unfair propaganda generated through the Panorama programme should complain to the BBC through their complaints system However, there should be another system as this is like the BBC investigating the BBC. I think Ofcom should now become involved as the programme was full of blantant misinformation and innuendo and as we have a press complaints committee coming up that should include the BBC.