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  1. George R says:


    “Barclays bank chairman Marcus Agius to resign”


    Peston omits one fact abour Agius: he’s a BBC Director.

    Will Agius resign from that post, Mr Peston?


    • George R says:

      Apparently, AGIUS’s ‘cultural’ standards are so lacking that he has to resign as Chairman of Barclays Bank, but not resign as Director at BBC.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Only have the author’s word for it, but it does get recounted a fair bit so no reason to doubt…
    ‘a woman from Radio 4 phoned me up to see if I would be keen to go on Woman’s Hour, to talk about young men’s attitude to feminism. We had a chat, in which I tried to explain why, though I believe men and women should have equal opportunities, I’ve always been suspicious of political feminism.
    Obviously, I didn’t impress, because they never called me back.’

    It is inevitable one supposes, but still a neat summary of the way the BBC shapes what it shares at every turn. In the pre-pro they dictate who will be brought on to complement a pre-determined slant, and then, if the person chosen does not conform, they are dropped. If live and inconvenient they can always be talked over and of course removed from reruns in the edit.
    That… is power. And when abused it needs holding to account.


  3. As I See It says:

    The Beeboids give their sympathy to the police.
    Yes I know, odd isn’t it? The right on chaps and chapesses who grew up chanting at Maggie’s Bootboys are suddenly all for the plod.


    Nicky Campbell and his playmates can’t help but support an organisation facing 20% cuts. (Now where did I hear that before?).

    ‘Some 130 officers police took part in the LSE-Guardian newspaper study.’

    I know, LSE-Guardian!

    ‘An in-depth study into the experiences of police officers caught up in last summer’s riots reveals that they were woefully outnumbered, leaving many in fear of their lives.’

    And there was me thinking that at first the police deliberately backed off. When they do act forcefully and in numbers the LSE and Guardian will complain. As will the BBC.

    This issue is about Tori Cutz. What a terrible woman she is! This Ms Tori Cutz is at the very root of all our woes!


  4. Guest Who says:

    One wonders if the BBC will be running with this lead from the Guardian?
    Must be tricky deciding, impartially, what gets left in… or out.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Nick Robinson ‏@bbcnickrobinson

    But why do they/you want a referendum on Europe ? Replies please to my blog http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18668860
    One might have thought, given it directs to an interactive blog, simply opening the thing to comments may have been more sensible and open than trying to redirect things to twitter. What could be the appeal? Well, there’s the absolute control on what is RT’d. Then the option to block anything not fancied. Restricting anything to a 140 character soundbite…


  6. As I See It says:

    You know they are obsessed when….
    BBC 5 Live and an interview with a guy who promotes drug testing at work.
    In between raving about the Stone Roses, by the way. Irony is not the Beeboid forte.
    We would all be worried if our bus or train driver turned up for a shift with a drug hangover.
    Right at the end of the interview we get a nice BBC touch – ‘do you get many clients from city trading firms?’
    Agenda, what agenda?
    Remind me about BBC staff drug testing….


  7. will says:

    Robinson on “Today” bigs up MilliEd, after he was ahead of Cameron on phone hacking, he is now ahead on the LIBOR issue. You would never get the impression that he could have been so far ahead that these matters were dealt with nearer the time of their commission, i.e. when Labour were in government . Surely all these events were on the Tories watch?


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