Wilful Blindness N° 3

Importing Poverty  

In 2007 the Sunday Times had a story entitled ‘Despair of 3,000 Poles sleeping rough in UK’.

It related how the homeless charity ‘The Passage’ had to stop its ‘open door’ policy and turn immigrants away because the numbers were unmanageable…‘the queue never got any shorter’ even after 18 months.

(However like all Left wing organisations they don’t see the contradiction in their position…they close their doors when they run out of money but complain when the government shuts up shop for the same reason…need a Plan B obviously)

Not quite the rosy picture of immigration that the BBC likes to present with Mark Easton sat on the comfortable BBC sofa getting out his charts and showing us all the economic benefits and the fabulous cosmopolitan nature of London…unless you’re in the vicinity of the Somali or Turkish or Iraqi gangs roaming the streets….but no, we don’t mention the crime….there’s always some fringe elements who don’t represent the majority.


In 2007 the BBC did report this from a Croydon homeless charity telling us about the essential work being done to rescue poverty stricken immigrants:

Thirty years on, the charity is finding its workload has grown substantially. Over the last decade, its client group is being continually increased by those suffering from poverty.

“We’re appalled and of course there’s tremendous pressure on our resources … we set up as a homeless organisation …. what we’re now operating as, is a maintenance organisation to help people who are in extreme poverty”, laments Jad Adams the charity’s chairperson.


However the BBC doesn’t seem too keen to report what the Nightwatch charity now says  as it is less than enthusiastic about mass, uncontrolled immigration and its effect in taking away resources from the poor who are native to the country:

Homeless charity ‘swamped’ by eurozone migrants

A homelessness charity has called on the Government to restrict immigration, saying it is being “swamped” with destitute people fleeing the eurozone’s troubled economies.


The Nightwatch charity in Croydon say it has seen a huge rise in jobless and homeless Europeans.

Chairman Jad Adams said the charity could collapse if the Government did not stem the flow of immigration as the Eurozone crisis deepens.

He said the charity, which receives grants from including the National Lottery and Croydon Council, cannot increase its capacity “endlessly” and its finances are now under strain.

The right of free movement between members states of the European Union agreed under treaties is being abused, it claims.

“I fear that many people we see as clients are not exercising their treaty rights to come to look for work, but it is simply more attractive to be poor in this country than in some others.

“The free movement of poverty is putting unacceptable strains on charitable work.”

“Indigent arrivals from other countries would put an unacceptable strain on ourselves and other charities dealing with the poorest people in society.”

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20 Responses to Wilful Blindness N° 3

  1. bodo says:

    Easton is in full flow [pro-immigration?] today on the BBC web site, citing a report called “The UK National Ecosystem Assessment” from an organisation that is new to me (seemingly a Labour creation) called “Living with Environmental Change” – a collection of public sector organisations.

    The conclusion, and header of his article.. “The great myth of urban Britain”.

    There follows a summary of extremely dodgy statistics which seeks to prove that England is not overcrowded, in fact it’s barely built on at all because… (wait for it), 98% of the land is still in the natural state! A few of the commenters pick up on the dodgy analysis, e.g. the grass verge on a busy motorway might be by their definition “natural” – but it is certainly not unspoiled.

    Easton finishes with his trademark rhetorical flourish, which usually means painting those who question his analysis as either evil or mad. “Quite simply,” he says “the figures suggest Britain’s mental picture of its landscape is far removed from the reality.”
    Yep, anyone who thinks we’re overcrowded is out of touch with reality, and possibly, he sneakily implies, “simply mental”.


    • bodo says:

      forgot the link;
      The great myth of urban Britain


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Seriously delusional Easton’s the one who’s a complete and utter certifiable fairyland fucktard! His brain lives in a utopian world that’s simply never going to be this one.
      We managed to cope reasonably okay with immigration numbers in the 26 years between 1971 and 1997. Then in just HALF that time, just 13 years between 1997 and 2010, common sense went out the window and immigration DOUBLED!! – Sheer leftie fucking LUNACY!!


      • johnnythefish says:

        In fact, it QUINTUPLED (circa 40k p.a. to 200k p.a. in less than 2 years.


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          Maybe you’re right, johnny. When I said doubled I wasn’t even including any of the absolutely shit loads of illegals that also got in!


          • johnnythefish says:

            The rise was so huge and so quick it can only have been the result of deliberate action by the government (unless, of course, the hordes had been biding their time for Labour to get elected – their passport to the promised land).
            So why is the question never asked? (I won’t say by the BBC for obvious reasons). The only clue we’ve ever had was the leaked memo from some Labour apparatchik which talked of ‘rubbing the Right’s nose in multiculturalism’ (or words to that effect).


    • alan says:

      Try going for a pee in the country…guarantee half way through someone will appear out of nowhere!

      Britain is one of the most crowded lands on earth.

      Population /Sq Km

      UK 248
      Germany 231
      France 112
      Indonesia 120
      China 139
      India 345

      Hong Kong is famously crowded…but would anyone want to live as they do…anyone seen pictures of Kowloon walled city?

      Easton just making a case for more immigration as usual. should be sacked.


    • alan says:

      The ‘Quite simply’ says it all about his attitude…casual arrogant assertion of superiority…he’s right everyone else is stupid.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Except, of course, when it comes to building new roads and the same group of (eco) lefties say ‘Have you never looked at a map of Great Britain and seen how it is absolutely covered by roads?’ (Jeremy Vine show, countless occasions.)


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Quite simply, the figures suggest Britain’s mental picture of its landscape is far removed from the reality.
      That’s quite a statement, especially from a BBC entity, where trust in the corporate newsspeak takes a further dive when one sees the phrase ‘figures suggest’ being spun for the narrative. Maybe we’re all crazy not to take what they speak at us at face value in such circumstances?
      It would appear the BBC will not be happy until every square foot of soil is concreted over with ‘affordable housing’ paid for by the taxpayer but lived in by those less able to contribute, at which point they can ‘ask questions’ about urban decay, flooding & water shortages all at once.


  2. George R says:

    “Number of immigrants in some UK ‘hot spots’ has doubled, according to revised figures.
    London’s immigrant community is 16 per cent higher than thought – at almost one million.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165787/Number-immigrants-UK-hot-spots-doubled-according-revised-figures.html#ixzz1z70QkLya


  3. Reed says:

    The left have encouraged mass immigration with a size and pace far beyond the nation’s capacity to accommodate, and now both immigrant and native is sufferening the consequences. As ever, those responsible will never accept the error of their ways, but will lay the blame squarely on the put upon public for their narrow minded failure to enthusiastically embrace the wonderful enrichment being offered them. Even though many of us, especially those of us on the right, have been against this open-door policy from the start, it’s increasingly evident failures are all our fault, especially those of us on the right…but they meant well, except we now know they didn’t, so even that last resort for leftist failures won’t wash (if it ever did).


    • Earls Court says:

      Instead of putting immigrants in areas such as the East End of London, why not Islington and Hampstead Garden. I think all these middle class white british people who live there and think mass immigration is great should have it in their areas 24/7. Imagine instead of reading about the religion of peace in the Guardian you could have it next door to you. Its culturally enriching.


      • bodo says:

        The ‘liberal elite’ will not be happy until everywhere in the UK is like Hackney – at which point they will all flee to Tuscany.


    • Reed says:

      Did I actually typist ‘sufferening’. I really need to double-checkify before postering. 😳


  4. Reed says:

    This ‘Willful Blindness’ theme could run indefinately! 😯


  5. johnnythefish says:

    It helps fulfil the great leftie Internationalist/redistributionist agenda, so you won’t win the argument with logic.