Hello everyone, just a quick post to let you know I have returned from the land of the Magic Money Trees, la belle France. I was staying down in Menton and had a lovely spot of weather.

But tired after all the travel today but wanted to sincerely thank Alan for all his excellent posts in my absence.

I haven’t tuned into much BBC when in holidays but did see their ODIOUS coverage of IRA Godfather McGuinness meeting Her Majesty, as contrived a piece of slimy political choreography as one could imagine. Did watch Sky when away, it is also grim viewing and the only saying grace is we do not HAVE to fund the trash they produce.

Will ease myself back into the saddle over the next few days but wanted to commend THIS EXCELLENT SITE to you if you are thinking of staying in a lovely Riviera location. It’s run by a friend who ALSO contributes to some of our debates on B-BBC, as NRG, and I thoroughly recommend it to you!

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6 Responses to BACK!

  1. Ontablets says:

    Welcome back DV 🙂


    • LondonCalling says:

      Endorse everything you say about Cotes d’Azur David. As most of France has stupidly put their trust in empty-headed Hollande and the anti-austerity PS, Provence Alpes Maritime Cotes d’Azur remains solid blue UMP (apart from Muslim dominated Marseilles)
      Like the South of England, the South of France, the last bastion of common sense against those who buy votes on promise of wealth redistribution – democratic socialism.


  2. Merlin says:

    Really glad to have you back Mr Vance! Hope you enjoyed your holiday and made the most of it. Nothing’s changed here mate; it’s as bad as ever- both the weather and the BBC’s Left-wing groupspeak!


  3. Alan says:

    Yes, Welcome back David….think you’ve still got a few readers for the site!

    And what a photo…would have been tempted to stay in France despite the socialist rabble in charge now.


  4. DavidMosque says:

    Looks glorious DV. Welcome back.


  5. Alfie Pacino says:

    Welcome back, DV and a great photo from your trip.
    It looks so much better than John Humphreys in Greece for a Panorama special – Life and Debt, attempting to tell a morality tale about failing states, kicking this all off with Bevan’s (him again) test being ‘want’, ‘disease’, ‘squallor’, ‘ignorance’ and ‘idleness’ and I thought that summed up the BBC perfectly, with the disease being the bias that sniffles out of every orifice.
    Welcome back to this nonsense.