I was delighted to see that Obama got a bloody nose in Wisconsin but it’s OK, BBC has it sorted. A B-BBC reader writes;

“So a Republican Governor in a state which has voted for Democrat Presidential candidates in every election since Reagan took a greater share than either Obama or Hollande managed in their head-to-heads, beating his rival by close to 8%. Spot the difference in reporting.


Some great excerpts here….

1. The headline and narrative uses the term ‘survives’ making it sound like ‘skin of the teeth’ stuff.

2. Republicans have suggested the result may carry significance ahead of November’s presidential election.

Those damned partisans… Before the election, commentators from across the board labelled this as significant.

3. There should be a good-sized health warning over the result of Wisconsin’s bitterly contested recall election. The lopsided campaign spending – 7-to-1 in favour of the Republicans – was peculiar to this race.

It’s all about money. Voters are sheep too stupid to decide for themselves how to vote? ”


Before the results were in, this was a dead heat and it was a key test… lol…





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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I enjoyed reading the BBC finally admitting the truth up front. At long last, they say “public sector unions” right at the top, rather than portraying Walker as an enemy of “workers” in general. I also liked seeing the BBC finally admit that Walker’s policies have balanced the State budget. Why have they never said this in previous reports, I wonder? Wouldn’t want the readers to think there might be another reason for people to vote for him besides bourgeois union hatred, eh?

    Walker needed to outspend his opponent to balance out the power of the media and celebrities like Jesse Jackson, Al Shartpon, Bill Clinton, and Michael “This is war” Moore.

    The BBC still forgot to mention that Walker’s reforms gave the public school system a budget surplus, which was the whole point.

    Lastly, what’s with Jonny Dymond’s BS about how “The passion was peculiar to the politics that Scott Walker introduced in 2010”? What a biased statement that is. Was the violence and vandalism of the Unions and Democrats last year his fault as well, and there hasn’t been any violence or vandalism by these people anywhere else in the country? Is the Occupier violence now Walker’s fault as well?


    • John Anderson says:

      Did the BBC everf show any of the violence at the Capitol ? Did it report the childish trick by a lot of the Dem members moving out-of-state so they could avoid votes and deny quorums on Walker’s reforms


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Oh, they covered the initial protests, alright. Plenty of bias and dishonesty and censorship to be found in the BBC’s coverage there. Links to examples are in the Sources list in my audio report on Sunday.


  2. Earls Court says:

    The left are always sore losers. Micheal Moore the champagne socialist. Lives in a mansion in a gated community which is all white. Never done a real days work in his.life, just a spoilt rich kid.
    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton if they cared anything about blacks in America. They would do something about black abortion in America for example, half of all black babies are aborted.
    Bill Clinton a draft dodger who had no problem sending US soldiers to fight and died in wars.
    The left just as stupid as ever.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Forgot to mention this other example of bias by omission:

    But Mr Walker’s campaign was aided by huge sums from big business and strong organisation on the ground, our correspondent says.

    The correspondent being Dymond, of course, who for some reason doesn’t want you to know that the DNC spent $14 million on the cause, and nobody knows how much national unions spent busing people in, or how much money the Democrat organizations in other States spent busing people in. Instead, you get a one-sided perspective. Poor public sector victims, eh? Oh, the humanity! Big business crushing the workers as always….


  4. Umbongo says:

    A brief and informative essay can be found here on the background to the BBC’s Democrats’ disappointment yesterday. As usual, the lack of any semblance of integrity together with sheer thuggery in the Democrat’s and public unions’ tactics shines through. As David Preiser observes, this same lack of integrity was reflected in the biased reportage of the generality of the US media and of our very own Jonny Dymond.


    • David Vance says:

      A Dymond Geezer


    • TPO says:

      From your link I fished this out:
      “What had the unions most up in arms, however, was a reform that ended mandatory dues for members. Wisconsin unions were collecting up to $1,100 per member per year in these obligatory payments, which they then spent on getting sympathetic politicians elected. In the last two elections, for instance, the state’s largest teachers’ union spent $3.6 million supporting candidates”

      I had no idea that this was the case in the States, but it encapsulates everything that is wrong with undemocratic union influence.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        It’s only certain States, but it’s not uncommon. I mentioned on Sunday that half of public sector workers dropped out of their union after this.


  5. TPO says:

    Apart from 50’s black & white B movies gangster characters, who on earth calls their child Jonny Dymond.


  6. DB says:

    Newsniffer (which is once again picking up BBC articles, btw) shows the way the article was changed to suggest that only the GOP saw the poll as significant:

    The poll is seen as a key test ahead of November’s presidential elections.

    Changed to:

    Republicans have suggested the result may carry significance ahead of November’s presidential election.

    Changed to:

    Republicans said the vote would boost their prospects in Wisconsin in November’s presidential election.

    Meanwhile, Katty Kay is downplaying the result:

    Although she too is keen to highlight the money angle:

    On message as usual.
    That sound you hear? The angry grinding of teeth emanating from the BBC’s Washington bureau.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yep, nice one, DB. As usual, the BBC simply refuses to accept that there are any legitimate reasons to oppose far-Left policies.


      • Doggywoggy says:

        What is it about the left which makes them like screwing money out of the working classes to give to profligate Union Barons to waste as they see fit?


    • Demon says:

      No empty champagne bottles this time, just the bottles of sour grape juice.


  7. The BBC still manages to only tell half the story, this result was not only a slap in the face to the Unions but also to the President with the electorate of Wisconsin sending President Obama a message. What he does with that message will dictate how well he does in the Presidential elections.

    Without doubt this result was the worst possible outcome for the Democrats / Unions and to add further fuel to the fire the rest of the recall votes also went against the Democrat candidates:

    Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch also survived her challenge from Madison Firefighter and union leader Democrat Mahlon Mitchell.

    Republican candidates in state Senate recalls also defeated their Democratic challengers: Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton and Jerry Petrowkski all won by large margins.

    As of midnight Tuesday, the contest in the 21st Senate district between incumbent Republican Van Wanggaard in a rematch with Democrat John Lehman had not been decided. With roughly half the districts reporting, Wanggard led Lehman 55 to 45%.

    Clearly the BBC has not been completely candid with how bad the results were last night, and by not mentioning that the Democrats lost every single one of its recall challenges the article is seriously flawed.


  8. DB says:

    Not on the BBC: Kill Scott Walker.


    • DB says:

      Check out the demographic of the people tweeting those death threats against Walker and his family.


    • Demon says:

      I’m ever so relieved that the left reassure us that they are never violent in word or deed. We can all sleep peacefully in our beds.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Other news censored by the BBC:

    Not just Wisconsin: California portends bad news for public-sector unions

    While most of the nation’s attention was focused on Wisconsin’s recall elections, other local governments were taking important steps toward breaking free of public-sector unions, as well. Scott Walker’s victory shows us that, despite all the noise, unions are in decline in traditionally Democrat-leaning Midwestern states. But, in some ways, two local elections in California may portend even bigger things for the reformists.

    When you’re looking for public-sector union carnage, there is no better place than California, a solidly Democratic state where pension-plan funding for government employees is more than $500 billion in the red. Gov. Jerry Brown’s tepid 12-point pension reform plan hasn’t gone anywhere in the state legislature, but two of the state’s — and country’s — biggest cities dealt unions major setbacks Tuesday.

    San Diego, with 20% of its general fund going to the union retiree kitty, passed a measure to stop union control of pay and benefits on municipal construction projects and allows for actual competitive bidding.

    San Jose, with 27% of its general fund going to the union retirees, passed a reform making public sector workers contribute more to their own retirement, or switch to another plan which gives a pension more in line with the private sector. It also ends union retirement bonuses. Oh, and the city is run by Democrats.

    BBC: Remember, kids, the Wisconsin result has NO RELEVANCE to the rest of the country.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Okay, you knew there had to be one:

    Hitler finds out that Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election”


  11. John Brown says:

    I always thought that 53-47 was a crushing victory a la Hollande – Sarkozy.


  12. Owen Morgan says:

    From the linked article: “Critics gathered nearly one million signatures to force the recall vote.”

    Around half of whom are actually still above ground, a quarter of whom can find Wisconsin on a map of Wisconsin and an eighth of whom genuinely live in Wisconsin.


  13. lojolondon says:

    Typical BBBC – the headline says the candidates are deadlocked.
    The second sentence reads :
    “With more than 20% of the vote count in, Mr Walker had 61%, ahead of Mr Barrett with 39% of the vote.”


  14. Richard Dale says:

    The 7 to 1 spending is simply a lie. If you include union spending it is 6 to 5; if you include help from union and other left-wing organisations, Walker was working against the gradient of money.


  15. Jacky B says:

    Well done Wisconsin!